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New Light Messages Jan 2014 #2

New Light Messages

January 19, 2014

Yes, greetings, we do join you in this sacred circle. Many do wonder at our use of the word brief. Know this: Our life span is far, far different than that which you do experience. Yes, we knew as saplings those trees you refer to as giants ­­– ancient ones – sequoias, redwoods, and bristlecone pines. Our life span does exceed many of those you call centuries. And so, ‘brief’ it is for us. Yes, know this: In coming days and weeks you shall experience a great intensity in that which you refer to as ‘energies’. Many shall be undone by these energies. We do caution that you pay heed, you see, to that inner voice within. But if you offer a smile, indeed, a hand of kindness to one who does greet you with a scowl, you will know the power of the co-creator firsthand.

Yes, there shall be a toll upon the physical body. You would do well to avail yourselves of the frequencies of the earth and the light of twilight and dawn, you see. As you approach the full moon you shall note within those around you an increased anger and discomfort; agitation, as you do call it. There are many who now succumb to the intensities of this time. Do not be among them. Take your time to sit within the Light; give your heart freedom, freedom to feel happiness even in the face of these energies. Yes, it can be; yes, it can be so. Think on those things that bring you joy, peace, and love, indeed, LOVE.

The Hand of the Great Awakener proceeds undeterred by efforts to manipulate that which does unfold. There shall increase volcanic activity and earth tremors in this time. Those who yet sleep now begin to awaken, but in a sluggish manner, as you do say, without awareness of that which does unfold.* (* “that which does unfold” is a reference to the ‘purification’ of the Hopi and other prophecies.)You may be a voice of understanding and balance. Take heed in your movements. Remain connected to your physical form. Let not the mind rush you. In all movements, take heed.

Yet know this: In many places upon this Earth the vile poison that has been released in the form of nuclear power, nuclear waste, nuclear bombs, or radioactive toxins do affect thousands of children and the yet unborn, among many others. This is the great calling of your time, for the soul to bring an end, end to the poisoning of life wherever it does occur. This is a portion, and we do say portion, of the task of your time. Your souls that have been called to the Light in service, service to life, the Way of the Heart, must accomplish, assist in, the ‘great cleansing’ – the ‘purification’, you see.

You see the Way of the Heart must, must come into being as the guiding force for all. For that which does occur unfolds within the mind, does run amuck. If it is the only power that motivates choice, then great suffering does come to the whole circle of life, to the entire cosmos and beyond – for all indeed is One.

We must take now our leave, but we do remind you to be aware, cautious. If nothing else in coming days, as you go toward the full moon, the new moon, and the full moon again, wear a smile. Yes, do go forward on the path of the Prince of Peace, knowing that you, too, are assisted, guided, and comforted by the Presence and full Blessings of the Holy One; and we, too, shall be with you, now and evermore.

Eoheim, Eloheim, Eloheim. Peace unto you.

The Lady of the Blue Light

(Hands out, palms up; hands cupped, and she appears to drink the sacred water; then hands over heart.) Thank you, My Lady, thank you. Yes, yes, She asks that you remember daily, daily, your prayers for the children, for the young ones of all species, of all species that are now so challenged, so challenged for survival. (She drinks the sacred water again, and her hands rest on her heart afterward.) Thank you, my Lady, yes, She offers Her Grace, Her Blessings of the Holy One to all. Thank you. Each one may receive Her blessing and Her Grace for the coming time as a special protection.


Never fear,magic is near,

And in all the work that you do,

Yes, be sure to make it come true.

But don’t neglect the magic in every moment.

Visions & Messages

Oceans much in distress. The turtles are dying. The ocean is radioactive in their nesting places. (Send prayers and Light to creatures of the oceans.)

Egypt, poor Egypt. Now many of those who live in the land of the Pyramids would choose to have Mubarek in place [of the current government].

Crucial; I’m hearing that we must hold in prayer the image of the Tree, the Dove, the Crescent Moon & Star (of David), and the Rose. These are the elements now unfolding a mighty force of destruction and conflict in the ancient lands. They must be met with prayers and images of healing of heart and soul for the sake of all mankind. They must be brought into the reality of the Way of the Heart.

The Pacific: pray, pray for the Pacific Ocean and all who dwell within it.

I see the new moon that waxes will bring just a flurry of stuff. Can’t get it clear. Some of it is nice.

Roundhead (again)

Roundhead wants you to use music and song a lot for the next two weeks – between now and the next full moon. He wants music and song and smiling faces and chocolate trains.

Tell everybody to stay well in this time.

 Let laughter ring like a bell,

Just to stay well in this time,

And dance.

Transmission received by Shamaan Eagle

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