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New Light Messages April 2014 #2

New Light Messages

April 13, 2014 

Yes, greetings, we do join you in this sacred circle. We shall be exceedingly brief, you see. Yet we would have you know a very great many do, in this time, experience physical discomfort, limitation, as you do say. There are many forces constellated against physical balance. Yes, know that these are indeed critical times; it is the time of the closing of the Great Cycle in preparation for opening to the new cycle. Too few do prepare, for your world is gripped, you see, in that which is mundanity – concerns of an inconsequential level. It is greatly regretted, for there is indeed a need for those who are awake, aware; aware of your spiritual nature, your spiritual task. Rather than this, we do see many warrings over beliefs, beliefs that have nothing at all to do with spirituality. And so you do have those of the House of Abraham turning one against the other, and you do have others seeking positions of domination, where power is used to oppress the multitudes.

While many do run roughshod over the natural world, dismissing that which does represent the balance, harmony of nature, it is an imbalance that cannot last, an imbalance that must lead to demise, you see, demise. And so you shall see an increase of many things falling into decline. There will be indeed difficulty in growing that which is needed for sustenance, and difficulty in obtaining those resources necessary for life at many levels. The decline is not restricted to the human form but to all levels of life. Very soon all life will face extreme challenges. Know this: as your old world does decline, indeed, collapse, there are those, and you are among them, who do prepare for the new world. All who participate in creating the pathways that lead to the time of the Purple Sun shall be acclaimed as saviors of your species, and many others. Yet many more species shall disappear from your world, and we shall mourn their passing. For it is not well understood by your kind how very valuable, very important, other species are to the greater whole, indeed, to your own existence. And so we do beseech you to go forward in creating beauty,1 ensuring the new time, the new world. For without your work, much will not survive to be part of the new world. Know this, and do not be dissuaded from the great opportunity to generate the energetic blueprint that your new world will have that shall contribute to the resuscitation of your planet.

Yet, know this: This one is forerunner, as you do say, a scout. That which does challenge the life force shall occur more frequently for multitudes. Where there is no understanding, no preparation, indeed, no acceptance, you shall see a burgeoning of those who shall pass from this world long before their souls’ chosen time, you see. It need not be! Yet too many remain asleep, unprepared. That which is given to this one, and others who hold the Eye of the Storm, shall be of great service to others who choose to awaken to the difficulties and challenges constellated against life in any form.

Each will require adjustment to that which is needed by their own individual body-soul, yet much shall be able to be transferred to others who share patterns of both genetic and soul experience. Each will find that there will be difficulty in accepting that which is necessary to sustain the life force, yet it is part and parcel of the soul’s journey to learn to trust that which serves the light, life; that which does emanate from the Source of life itself. Know this: For each of you is needed in body, as this one is needed in body at this time. For we who serve the Light of One, the Holy Creator who is life, is love, cannot operate fully without those in body with whom we cooperate in bringing about the Way of the Heart – that which generates healing of the soul, the heart, the earth. There must be a coming into harmony with your spiritual origin and the very nature in which it does exist. You are needed; remain, as we do beseech this one to remain, in body, in the Eye of Storm. Together, yes, together we may create the new world, the new dispensation. Know this: hold firm to your choice. Go now on the path of the Prince of Peace. Choose the Light; choose service to the Greater Good. We do go with you now and evermore. Eloheim, Eloheim, Eloheim.

________ 1 Beauty is love, harmony, balance, compassion, and peace.


Oh, my, what could it be? How is it that he doesn’t see any glowing butts? How is it that he doesn’t see? No matter how hard life gets you, you can’t allow yourself to just sit. There’s a dance going on, don’t you know. It’s the dance of life. Get in the flow. Dance in the morning, dance in the evening, …. Doesn’t matter: waltz, tango, or the old soft show. Dancing is something you must do! Dancing can be medicine too; not as good as elderberry, but it will do. When the hard times come, you’ll get through. Okay, okay, celebrate, have some fun, even if there isn’t any sun. Yes, your light can still shine bright, bright, bright. Your light! Remember: what doesn’t get bright, you’ve got a friend; and he’s got a friend who can make it right.

You’ve got Roundhead

 You’ve got Two-Bear,

You’ve got Magic,

Who could ask for anything more?!

But don’t keep your dancing shoes on the shelf. No matter who’s around, it won’t help if they’re on a shelf.

(Laughs a lot) He’s in a zoot suit. He’s swinging a gold chain. Pointed shoes. So smooth, no matter who’s around, you can still boogey-down!

Okay, Roundhead. No, I’ve never seen you quite so hip. He can be anything he wants, as long as it’s dancing. That’s what he wants. Dance for life, you’ll feel it eases times of strife. Dancing makes your soul feel light, your heart-soul feel light – the soul of the heart, the higher part. Well, dance to light. He has on yellow pants and blue shoes and a hat to match. Going to dance shoes. Even a few minutes, even a few minutes a day can help you want to stay. Okay. He’s swinging his gold chain, even if he’s the only one dancing – but he’s not: There’s a party waiting at the Bo Tree!

Visions and Messages

Too many messages at once. I can’t catch them all. Many more earthquakes, many more.

Pray, pray, pray, pray that the Hand of Grace erases karma and replaces it with love. 21st, 22nd.

Something is building, not good.2 Defuse it, any outbreak of violence, with prayer, blue light, grace – transforming all karma with grace. This is our work, which we can do this week.

Powerful earth movements. Electromagnetic energy coursing powerfully beneath Earth’s crust. It’s moving up toward Alaska. (I feel it, rumbling beneath my feet.) Going up toward Yellowstone, then left to Alaska.

_____ 2 This has to do with Russia – Ukraine and the angry Bear of Russia.

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