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New Light Messages June 2014 #4

New Light Messages

June 15, 2014 


Yes, greetings, we do join you in this sacred circle. We must be brief, you see, yet we would help in the preparation for the vigil, that which is of the Solstice. As you do see, many areas of your world are inflamed. These questions we do put to you:

1. Can the flames of war be quelled? 2. Can those who live by the dictum of greed be transformed? 3. Can the multitudes, as you do say, multitudes awaken to the devastation that does befall your Earth, your Planet? These are the questions that define your quest, your vigil, you see, for the Solstice. For these are indeed the barriers that you must cross to enter into the time of the Purple Sun. Commitment or convenience; comfort or clarity – these are choices that each must make, guided by the light within, arrived at by the guidance of the soul. Clarity of insight, of understanding, of direction is rarely comfortable, you see. Commitment to one’s choice of lifepath, commitment to service to the Light of One is rarely convenient, yet each must choose. Again, and again, and again, each must choose, and it is the choice that determines the soul’s growth, the evolution of Higher Self, you see. Each vigil, each opportunity to serve bears with it some inconvenience, some discomfort; it is not punishment, yet many, many do determine it as such. It is opportunity, opportunity, you see, to transcend any obstacle in the path of one who has chosen the spiritual essence of life. And so, we do say, this vigil that you approach must deal with these issues, for the time that does come will bear many opportunities to transcend.

The evening of the 19th, do gather in meditative state. Gather that you may focus with intent upon the question: Can the flames of war be quelled in this time? And so it [the vigil] shall proceed. On the 20th, in the evening, gather and do contemplate the second question in a meditative state. On the 21st of Solstice, you will hold the ceremony of the sacred pipe. It will not be in contemplation; it will be an act of prayerful co-creation. The third question shall be met. As co-creators it will be answered by the soul force. You will be joined by those who have gone before you, who have served the light with full commitment, who have transcended all barriers in exchange for clarity of the light within their souls. You shall join company with these. It is an honor; it is indeed a great privilege that you shall join them in the ceremony of the sacred pipe. You shall join them as co-creators of the Light, and live by that choice. Yes, we do say, live by that choice.

A great many, most in your world, have no understanding, no idea how exceedingly close your world is to destruction, to the demise that has come to every civilization your kind has created. It all [your civilization] appears so normal. It all appears that life will proceed as it is. However, as has been demonstrated many times in the history of your planet, it is not so; it cannot be, for life cannot continue when all is  SEVERELY out of balance, out of balance, we do say.

Know this: There has been in recent days a very dramatic increase in those particles that are radioactive exuding from the island world of Japan. There have been further releases that have not been made public, you see. The blue-green serpent of ocean and sky do carry them, yes, even across thousands of miles and across mountaintops. All life is being changed and altered, as it must be that many might awaken.

We do beseech you: Remain steady at your post in every way possible. We shall be of assistance, yet you, you are the Eye of the Storm. Ever mindful of this, go forward, allowing the choice that your soul has made to be your compass. Yes, we do stand with you and shall be ever-present. As you walk the path of the Prince of Peace, we are ever-present. Go now, firm, firm in your commitment, at peace with the clarity of your choice. Blessings of the Holy One pour down upon you, now and evermore. Eloheim, Eloheim, Eloheim.


A week without dancing is a week without magic. Magic, you know, only comes when both ends glow. It’s not just your feet that keep the beat; it’s also the channel between crown and seat.* He says I must come back, for he doesn’t want us to get off the track of dancing.

Dancing in the morning,

 Dancing in the evening

Dancing at noontime.

Lady of the Light

(Appears to drink the sacred water from cupped hands, then hands over heart chakra.)

Melchizedek Visit from Melchizedek – she felt a blessing given.

_________ * This refers to the chakras, i.e., the channel between the crown chakra and the root chakra (base of spine).

Transmission received by Shamaan

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