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New Light Messages May 2013

New Light Messages May, 2013

Greetings. We do join you in this circle; it is indeed a sacred circle. We do come together with you to share the Light of One, in which you become as a Light Center that does function to enhance the power of the Light of One, of the Blue Light of Grace, of Peace, within self and within your world. It is the greatest calling you could achieve in this lifetime.

Now you do see the hand of the Great Awakener as it does fall heavily many places. Yet the hand has been weighted in no small part by activities, actions that are carried out by those who serve self only. They dwell in the shadow unknowingly.

That which does continue to disturb electromagnetic fields within the Earth’s crust shall bring great damage and destruction in many areas, for it does accelerate that which is already underway ­- the shifting of the magnetic poles. Many, many are unaware of the grave consequences of hastening this change; there are dangers brought about by the shifting. As well, many, indeed most, are unaware of the grave danger brought about by that which does scour the skies; the lies of the manipulators shall be seen in coming days. Yes, there are great increases in mysterious ailments.

Know this: Immune systems shall be brought to the very verge of breakdown for many who continue to follow destructive habits, you see. It is necessary to bring about a deep change in direction for those who have refused to change.

You must meet accelerated mutations by maintaining an altered, responsive approach to strengthen the immune response.1 In this time, and for several months, you shall find those oils of oregano, olive leaf, and astragalus root. ______________ 1 This refers to changing tactics -­ i.e., health aids used­ to better respond to the rapid mutation rate of viruses, bacteria, etc.

Yes, as given, many do now go over the edge as the increase in fear and anxiety grow. Yet know this: The growth of those who turn to the Light, the Way of the Heart and the path of spiritual awakening, grows ever faster. Though you may not be shown this truth, know this: It does grow stronger and faster than those who succumb to the shadow. Light continues to increase in the Eye of the Storm, and the actions of those who serve the shadow only strengthens, indeed, resolve of those who choose to live in the Light of One for the sake of peace and the healing power of Grace. Know this and be comforted. And also be strengthened within your own resolve to do all that you can to further the Way of the Heart.

Watch the skies in coming days and nights. Know that the power of the Sun shall increase dramatically. Do recall, as given: You, through spiritual attunement, may act as assistant to the elemental forces; you may assist in bringing about harmonious interactions between the Higher Consciousness and the Elemental Forces, and you may assist in bringing about true balance with need and that does aid regeneration rather than destruction. There are many ways that you may counterbalance the actions of those who bring chaos and disruption. We beseech you to continue to develop those abilities, for they will do much to save many.

As you have seen, the beginning of growing that which is needed -­ whole food -­ has increased through your focused work with the elements; you may help balance this condition. It is the way of those who recognize the ancestors of all life, the oneness that is experienced when the earth arises and soul assists through spiritual attunement to purpose of higher self, higher consciousness, as guided by Divine source of All.

2 ____________ 2 Shamaan and others believe that this section is referring to the rise of farmers markets and the increasing reliance on locally produced, healthful food (personal opinions).

We do say in this time: You must continue your prayers for healing of the House of Abraham; for a transformation of the Hungry Dragon by Higher Power; and also an awakening of multitudes, multitudes to that awareness that shall bring about the Time of the Purple Sun. The time of higher consciousness is victorious even in ever-challenging difficulties in physical realm. Victorious is the Way of the Heart. Compassion, we do say, tolerance, love, patience do characterize the Way of the Heart.

The waters shall continue to be disturbed, engulfing much; the winds have been altered, and the Blue-Green Serpent below ocean waters is being shifted too quickly, too quickly. Know these things, and through your prayers and conscious attunement to your spiritual gifts, assist in bringing balance.

We are of you, you are of us. Together we walk the path of the Prince of Peace. The blessings of the Holy One pour upon you, now and evermore; and may you know the peace of the Lady of Grace, within and without. Eloheim, Eloheim, Eloheim.

(Appears to drink the sacred water, followed by hands resting over heart)


Okay, so much to say, but cannot stay.

The water falls short, but asparagus is coming; it will come.

So he says, he must repeat: he has not seen many dancing feet, not very many dancing feet during difficult days. It helps, it helps to remember to play.

Message for all: heed well your dreams. Roundhead has secrets to help you, to keep you from falling apart at the seams, things that you need to meet unusual needs in unusual times.

Please, please, wiggle your toes; rub your feet. It will help your nose.

You can’t mope. Dance a little jig; keep on the toes; it’s the way of the people of the Earth. They know what a good dance is worth. They dance around the fire or under the moon. Tear up the rugs, but dance soon, dance soon.

Bye Roundhead.

Take your dancing shoes off the shelf, even if you have to dance with yourself. He’ll be with you, and he’ll dance too.

Bye Roundhead.

Visions & Messages

Oh, major troop movements. The Bloodied Hand is cut off; no more death will it deal. Damascus, the bloodied hand of the one who rules Damascus will fall, but at what cost to all.

Greece brings greater woes to the Euro. Italy is not far behind.

Healing miracles take many forms. Do not confine them by holding on to expected forms.

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