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New Light Messages January 2016


~Celestial Blue Star and Shamaan Eagle~

New Light Messages

January 2016

Yes, greetings, we do join you in this sacred circle. Yes, we would have you know: Although this year does bring, indeed, many challenges, yet the door may open to opportunities unexpected, you see.

This one shall be returned home safely, though much challenged by bombardment of those frequencies destructive to life. There is indeed an awakening, AN AWAKENING in process. A great many more do become aware of the many manipulations of the shadow force and its continuing grip on that which is deemed as their power. It is not power; it is indeed a self-destructive, even suicidal drive, yes, suicidal drive to satisfy wants, to satisfy desire for material gain. This drive does bring a great many into danger. You shall soon see how extreme are the lengths the shadow force is willing to go.

Know this: It is as given: self-destruction is the way of the shadow; as it does proceed it shall be clear that the force of Light does arise, not in opposition to the shadow,  but rather in place, in place of it. It [the Light] shall replace in many areas that which is destructive to life.

You have yet to grasp the power of the image you have been given. It is imperative that you continue to not only hold in vision this image, but to repeat it, to MANIFEST a physical form, whether in drawing, or construction, or paint; you must MANIFEST the image of the tree, the bird (i.e., the dove), the crescent moon and star (of David), and the rose; for more powerful than words is ACTION, action that does arise from the vision of the Soul’s purpose (i.e., hope for peace and healing of karmic patterns between the envisioned elements).

In coming weeks we shall give greater insight into the year that you have entered. Yet know this: Many doors shall open. Be aware and prepared, for those who have come to your world to bring forth a Light will assist all Light-bearers and impede the shadow force that appears to begin to multiply in number by those who have been stirred by the one who embodies anger, fear, indeed /greed/ for power. They [the shadow elements] shall dissipate.

The one who seeks victory with anger and fear shall dissipate and recede back into the shadow, and shall be replaced by the legions of Light who seek the Way of the Heart. While it shall appear improbable, it is so.

We do entreat you once again to bring forth a manifestation of the image given; to learn its power; to learn how such an image can begin to grow in the hearts of those who have no hope, who have fear, and who yet plead for peace, you see. For peace, PEACE, to allow life, life to rise again into heights of consciousness that will spare multitudes. Your ability to be a holder of this image in The Eye of the Storm is crucial, crucial. KNOW THIS and continue to walk the path of the Prince of Peace, as we do walk with you. And so, together, we shall find the Time of the Purple Sun brought into being by those who follow the Way of the Heart.

Though challenges shall do come to each one, know this: We are with you and do assist EACH ONE to overcome the difficulties of physical life that now beset your world. We do assist in ways that you do not recognize; were it not so, your existence would be greatly reduced. We do stand with you in The Eye of the Storm. Be comforted and rejoice, rejoice, we do say.

We do now take our leave. Eloheim, Eloheim, Eloheim – We Are.


Make it a dancing year, he says.

Can’t stay, but it’s okay.

Trust, trust, trust till you bust.

Trust, trust, yes.

He’s saying “Trust, trust, trust till you bust.”

Shamaan saysSomething wants to come through, but I can’t quite get it. Okay, they say they’ll give it to me tonight. Tonight they’ll give it to me. [Note: A message came, of the Earth exploding with multiple disasters, one after another.]

More Messages

DANCE, but more than ONE.

You need to dance the message to have some fun.

Overcome the darkness with laughter and fun.

This year will be a challenge for each and every one, but it’s the joy and laughter that allows the Light to come!

Challenges, big ones will sweep through this year, and you cannot yield your mind to fear.

Remember, remember that which is most dear:

The love in your heart is what will make things clear.

Comfort when it’s needed; laughter and fun will bring your wishes to come, wishes you want to manifest in the world AND in your lives this year.

Move the body through dance.

Laugh, laughter is the balm; and then pray.

Get the mind out of the way!

You will get better results that way.

Pray for Shamaan to get through without any injustices, with inspiration and encouragement to act for those generations to follow this one. Imagine a road to the future … bring a road to the future by praying, hoping, and wishing for the world. What do YOU want for the world?

The next few days you may find yourself more intense, more reactive (due to a solar coronal mass ejection).

Transmissions received by Shamaan Eagle

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