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war birds

New Light Messages November 2013

New Light Messages

November, 2013

Yes, greetings. We are among you in this sacred circle. We shall be brief, yet you do ask, what is brief? Relative to your time, our brief is not so; yet relative to that which must be given that you may find ease and guidance along your way, in our span it is indeed brief, you see.

It is as has been given. These indeed are difficult, trying, as you do say, times. You have been prepared. Indeed, the shadow does continue to engorge itself upon chaos and conflict. Know this: as the year does approach the end, and you begin a new cycle of the Sun, greater upheaval in every corner shall manifest itself. This is as it must be, you see, for the Purification must indeed make way for a new time, a Time of the Purple Sun, when greater harmony, greater peace, greater cooperation shall be upon your world. Yet you have been given the Eye of the Storm, yes, for a reason you see: As your soul has chosen, you have been chosen to hold fast to the Light within the heart of the Creator. It is this Light out of which the Way of the Heart is born, for the Way of the Heart shall be your only salvation, your only support, indeed the only direction that will lead you from chaos to calm, from destruction to healing, from war into forgiveness, and therefore peace, you see, peace.

Yes, do know this: the great warbird (Netanyahu) does yet plan and prepare to take advantage, you see, of the growing dissatisfaction, growing chaos and fear generated by the machinations of the shadow force. The danger has not yet been defused. Do not yield your post to despair, to doubt, to fear, for many, a great, great many would happily trade places with you.

We would have you know this: Great disturbances are being created by those machinations intended to alter your atmosphere, you see. There are rifts being created within the earth itself, and most importantly, within the upper atmosphere, being directed into the earth through ocean waters and increasing fault lines, instabilities; and so you shall see increased rapid shifting of land masses, tremors within the ocean.

In many island places there shall be increased volcanic activity resulting from these disturbances, you see. These instabilities shall give rise to that which is molten earth from within the sea floor, increasing water temperatures. This shall be seen as also increasing disintegration of ice shelves in many places. Flooding shall hasten the Purification. Yet know this: These earth disturbances shall manifest within physical bodies as well. Electromagnetic flux shall be strong. You must take measures to stabilize self in all ways, in all manners – physical, emotional, and spiritual. Use what has been given to you – much. You must allow body to restore by touching earth, and that which does arise from earth – stone, tree, plant. Many have neglected the Light of dawn and twilight. Know this: it shall be exceedingly important in coming weeks. These disturbances shall interface with other frequencies that are contrary to the harmony of life, you see; those which emanate from your technologies. Many will not be able to withstand the bombardment, and shall act out in their fear and frustration. Be cautious and aware in your movements. Yet, know this: you are still in our keeping; you are still within the Eye of the Storm. Be aware, not fearful, for we will stand with you in all circumstances, even difficulties, you see.

Remember well the power of the Light to transform and transmute any and all things. Your prayers, your prayers are the vehicles for the Light to travel upon. Direct them without fail to all in need, yet especially to Egypt, to Israel, to Palestine, to all of the House of Abraham; and to that one who is the descendant of the Pharoahs. For a great transformation is yet possible. Were it not, there would be no Eye of the Storm. Hold fast to that which you have chosen. BE the instruments through which Light may manifest harmony in your physical plane. And recall: We do walk with you; we serve the Light of One with you. We are of you; you are of us. Maintain your vigil with this knowledge always before you. Blessings of the Holy One, the Divine Source of All, go with you now and evermore. Eloheim[1], Eloheim, Eloheim.


Okay, don’t say goodbye to a day without a little play, a little play. Take the child within for a little spin on the dance floor. Yes, he wants more, more. You haven’t even dented the floor. Remember: when you go to bed at night, think upon some delight that you had during your day; and don’t go to bed without a little play.

What’s this? (Laughs) I don’t know that one. He has his buckets ready. He’s twirling, twirling.

Magic is all around you,

Don’t be blinded, Just look and see.

Magic is all around you,

All around you and me.

He’s twirling in and out around trees, picking up golden leaves. No matter the season, it’s time for joy. (Laughs) He says, no matter the season, it’s always time for joy. Just pretend you’re a kitten with a toy. He enjoys the new little one (kitten), who will teach you how to have fun. He’s sorry he cannot stay; he just wants to remind you to play.

Bye, Roundhead. He’s dancing with a chocolate rabbit, twirling round the trees among the falling golden leaves.

Magic is all around you,

Don’t be blinded,

Just look and see.

Magic is all around you,

All around you and me,

And bunny.


Water problems. More troubles at sea, more troubles at sea.

[1] In the Old Testament of the Bible, the word, “Eloheim” is mentioned 2600 times.

Received by Shamaan Eagle

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