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February 2012 New Light Messages

Israel, warbirds, House of David, House of Mohammed, water, seas, oceans, radiation, co-creators, wind, fire,

New Light Messages

February 5, 2012

Greetings. We do join you in this sacred circle. We do assist this one. [Pause] We shall proceed.
It is as given: The House of David has been consumed by the warbirds, while indeed, the House of Mohammed prepares. Yet little do the warbirds of the House of David realize the consequences that shall unfold as a result, you see, of their saber rattling. All shall suffer. For much radiation levels in your atmosphere will be such that illness, indeed death shall be for many, even those not caught up in the chaos. Your world will be forever altered. We do say that possibility appears likely to prevail, though miracles do yet remain possible. Co-creators you see, must now come to the forefront without hesitation and embrace fully their role, their gift to assist in creating that which can greatly mitigate the damage, the suffering that would unfold were the House of David to proceed. Know this: It will not be as limited as Netanyahu does believe. Exchange of weaponry will extend far beyond the two Houses of Abraham. The sun itself will respond.

Note from Celest (the sun will send down its beam, and conflict with the radiation and things will heat up, the sun will send down its own heat and its own radiation and the two will collide….)

In coming weeks you shall see the seas, the oceans, rising up, that more may awaken to the irrefutable damage that is now being wrought daily, daily we do say, upon your most precious waters. There is yet time – to heal the waters.
The vigil that must be held during the time of the vernal equinox [March 20th] will be most critical. If it [nuclear bombings] may be held in check until the fall, there may yet be a resolution that would dissolve the danger. Yet those of the Pachyderms, who serve the shadow, may seek to seize upon the opportunity to gain power and turn many against the Descendent of the Pharaohs [Obama] at a critical time [elections]. For it is so: while he was not prepared, he has become more prepared, and at this juncture, you see, he does stand ready to hold the peace. You may assist by maintaining prayerful action, by visualizing that which you do wish to see unfold. And by assisting that vision to become manifest in the material world, you see. In many ways this may be done – you would do well to inquire what should be your way.
There is much to be given, yet we must be brief. We do implore you – hold to your post. Know that you are the doorway through which miracles may enter your plane. You and others like you who hold forth in the Eye of the Storm by holding steady the Light, perform a task that will impact many, many generations to come. There will be those [generations to follow you] if you are successful. Thus the path of the peacemaker is far greater in courage, in strength, in honor, than the warrior. For when one does make war to achieve positions of power, one is spiritually weakened. Go, hold, find, seek peace within and without. Be the standard bearer of a new time – a time when the flowers and the creatures of air, sea, earth, and spirit will celebrate you and your kind.
We do now take our leave. We call upon you to keep the image strong, true – the image of the tree of life, bearing the dove, revealing also the crescent moon and Star of David, giving shelter to the growing rose. Go now with the Prince of Peace ever at your side. We are with you and call upon the Holy One to send forth blessings of love, life, and the entire universe to pour upon you as the sweet rain pours upon the field, now and evermore. Eloheim. Eloheim. Eloheim.

Great winds, great winds tear apart false stabilities, roaring winds, fierce winds in many places. Europe. British Isles … storms. Wind, water, fire, trembling earth – the Great Awakener moves forcefully to give time, time, yes time to those who still hold tightly to false security – time to awaken to the True Source, time to learn to draw from the True Source to guide decisions, choices, and actions. More Light-Bearers will then be available to help create the future, the Time of the Purple Sun.
Yes, I see it. [Shamaan raises her hands and drinks the sacred water.] Yes, my Lady. Yes. Thank you. [Shamaan’s hands come to rest over her heart.]

A dance or two will be good for you no matter how you feel. Dance a little before a meal. Dance! Your food will do more than ever before.
Blossoms early – will have everything squirrelly. Tend to the little ones. Everyone, all the creatures – they will need your help. [Laughs] You help more than you know when you dance. Yes, you can even help the trees grow. You see, a dance or two is good for more than you know.
There are too many people who don’t believe that war is indeed imminent.

A good green will come at the Time of the Purple Sun, rich with life.
I see an image of Native Americans in deerskin costumes dancing around the fire. Anthropologists thought they were simply celebrating a successful hunt, but in fact they were practicing quantum physics – through their shamanic dancing.

Transmission received by Shamaan

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