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New Light Messages December 2013

New Light Messages

December 8, 2013 

Yes, greetings, we do join you in this sacred circle. It is indeed as given: The Purification does proceed, as the Great Awakener moves across your world. Yet however difficult, challenging these times may be, there are greater yet to come. Your resilience lies in your spiritual attunement; your fortitude lies in your commitment, you see. For know this: The challenges that you do face you may meet victoriously. Do recall: You are privileged to be held within the Eye of the Storm. You may meet, indeed, endure many challenges, discomfort, and be victorious because of the role that you do play. It is necessary that there are many of those souls who have chosen to serve the Light of One in this time. You are among them and must remain attuned and committed. Let not your courage falter; be confident even in the face of that which is yet to come. Yet know this: The hand of the Great Awakener is made much more destructive, harsh, by the manipulations that are carried out by those who serve the shadow. Recall – we are by your side and provide assistance, relief, whenever possible.

The great warbird grows more emboldened, and will not hesitate to go further. Those within his own land, who stand for peace, are at this time the only restraint. Yet through your prayers, your spiritual work, you may multiply the effectiveness of those who stand for peace, and increase the influence they may have on him.

As given, you may work with the elemental forces to assist in maintaining balance. At this time, great danger, great danger, we do say, grows steadily beneath the waters of your oceans. Fissures open as result of activities within the sea. [Shamaan believes this is referring to tests and practice exercises conducted by the Navy using sonar and other weapons, such as HAARP.] If it is accelerated by your surface activities, that which is released will bring great upheaval to your atmosphere. Even those who do now seek to control the blue-green serpent shall be astonished at its thrashing about, and the destruction it shall bring. Bring calm through the Blue Light of Grace, holding to the Light in the Eye of the Storm.

Let not your concerns of daily difficulties, frustrations, deter you from your task. Many, many lifetimes have led to this privilege; use it well, that your souls may rejoice at the end of this journey, this journey.

Know this: As we do assist this one, we do assist each and all who serve the Light of One, for it does also express our task in serving the Light of One.

When peace does prevail, the beauty and harmony of creation is magnified greatly. Thus you see, all do benefit, ALL.

Turn now your attention to the waters, that they may be cooled, calmed, and given the healing of the Blue Light.

Yes, we do now take our leave. Know that we may be called at your request to assist you in all ways, ALL WAYS. Go now upon the path that does lead to a new peace, healing, indeed joy. We do follow, as well, this path of peace, and walk with you toward that new dawn. The blessings of the Holy One be FELT with every breath you take, and every step you make, now and evermore. Eloheim, Eloheim, Eloheim.


Trust, acceptance will always win. Keep going, it’s a strong wind, but your wings are stronger. Keep going.

Received by Shamaan Eagle

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New Light Messages November 2013 #4

New Light Messages

November 2013 #4

Greetings, we do join you in this sacred circle. It is necessary, you see, that we be exceedingly brief. Yes, many directions, many forces do converge to a crucial point. As you do see, [there are] daily attempts to create divisions, divisions; [and] to thwart efforts to create peace as manifested by the image of the tree, dove, crescent moon, star, rose – these things do have power, yet are not sufficient. Action, as well, may hasten the Time of the Purple Sun. And so we say, the time does soon arrive for the Vigil, whose focus of spiritual energy may be directed, as always in these days, toward the House of Abraham. For indeed, that land that was once Persia also shares the House of Abraham. The great warbird does continue to press forward, guided by forces, elements outside the House of David. Yes, he does seek absolute dominion within the House of Abraham. You do now see the fruits of your previous vigil unfolding. It is now, now we say, crucial to contribute greater spiritual force, that the hand of the great warbird may be stayed, that many more shall come to support that which brings peace.

Indeed, the entire month (of December) will be rife with dangerous circumstances. Those who seek war to justify, justify, you see, their own fear will seek to sabotage efforts that have been, or may yet be, successful. These elements have been sent out, called into action by the great warbird and his minions – those who are of the shadow force.

And so, on the first day of the new month, you shall hold vigil. Your usual gathering (Sunday, December 1st) shall be longer and begin sooner, you see. Yet it shall be only one day, one day. We do request you begin individual prayers, sitting in the light of dawn of the first day of the new month, and that you end the day even after you have gone your separate ways. End the day with prayer and sitting in the Light.

Yes, when you do gather you shall hold the ceremony of the sacred pipe, for it does hold the presence of generations, generations that extend back through centuries, of that frequency of consciousness which is attuned to the highest thought patterns and spiritual soul patterns of those who sought peace, who sought harmony with nature and one another. And so, you see, as with other ceremonies and other traditions, it does indeed generate power by connecting soul to soul through the centuries of time and aligning to the divine consciousness of all that is of the Creator, in whom we all exist.

Further instructions will be given to this one. The opportunity, the opportunity to serve the Greater Good lies before you; it is the path, the work your soul has chosen. Go forward now with confidence that the blessings of the Holy One and Creator go with you each step, in each breath, in each moment, you see, as do we.

Know this: Great danger does yet surround this time. The warbirds do operate from a kind, as you do say, of insanity. It is called paranoia, and from that state great chaos and destruction may arise. As we do say often, judge not, yet do offer your prayers, your spiritual energies toward healing ALL. See them standing before the altar of transformation, and turn your prayers, your focus, your intent for the Greater Good. Beseech them who stand as their guardians to soften, to rise above and to climb upon the altar of transformation. In this manner, all may share in the Time of the Purple Sun.

Yes, know this: These are the days for which others before you did hold the ceremonies and offer the prayers that these days may see the greater force of the Light, of the Way of the Heart, thus to turn this time in your world toward peace, healing, harmony between nations and all souls who seek the Light of One. We walk with you as you follow the path of the Prince of Peace. Blessings of the Holy One upon you, now and evermore. Eloheim, Eloheim, Eloheim. Visions & Messages Do not worry; do not cloud your mind with worry about finances. The next door will open when you are ready, and in time.

Yes, yes, remain true to the Way of the Heart, though trying and difficult it may be at times. As you do that which is before you, you bring such beauty and healing into the world. The Lady’s heart is grateful; the Lady of the Light is grateful for your service.

Partake of more water in the next few days. You will find your body craving this, needing it to cleanse.

Oh, the children. She asks again for your prayers for the children who suffer so much in war zones and in places of want, of need.

Again raging waters and earth disturbances of magnitude.

The Descendant of the Pharoahs does face danger. Send the Blue Light to surround him, protect him.

Many miracles, many miracles multiply. Just when you’re about to say, “Oh, my, oh my,” many miracles multiply and whisk away your fears. Makes you younger by years. So does the gratitude dance; doesn’t matter if you ever have before, just do the gratitude dance and polish that floor! Yes, yes, polish that floor.

I keep seeing an image of Roundhead doing this strange dance, a special dance, ­the gratitude dance. Delight, delight, delight: Live in a state of delight. So many reasons to feel delight, so try it with all your might!

Received by Shamaan Eagle

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New Light Messages May 2013 #3

New Light Messages May 2013 #3

Greetings. We do join you in this sacred circle. Though it may seem far off, know this: The weakness of the Descendant of the Pharaohs in responding to his persecutors does set the stage for one who does serve the shadow to gain the seat of power in your land. That which many do fear – oppression, suppression, use of military and law forces to quell any resistance to measures of control taken – shall make life very difficult for those who are not among the wealthy. For the time does approach, you see, of great shortages, of necessities – of food, and indeed the elixir of life, water. A great many will suffer from these shortages, for distribution of supplies shall be uneven, unjust. This may yet be averted. But the one who now occupies the seat of power must strengthen in his resolve to serve the Way of the Heart! At this time a great deal is in flux, and he does yield when he should stand firm, you see.

The land shall continue to be scoured by great winds; precious soil shall wash away and fall away. The earth beneath the crust is being weakened. That which does grow shall wither from lack of water. This scenario is now beginning to draw much energy, and therefore, greater potential for coming into form. Those who have chosen the path of Light, the path that does lead to the Way of the Heart, must act now to call for strength for the Descendant of the Pharaohs, and to make their voices and choices known. For know this: If the seat of power does go to the one whose heart is closed, and whose will is set on dominion through the forces that do now seek absolute control of all resources of life and all manifestations of abundance, then the Time of the Purple Sun will be greatly delayed. Then the Great Awakener will need to turn to the most extreme and harshest blow, and much will then pass from this world. If it is to come to pass.

We do impress upon you in this year of your time that the solstices, equinoxes that remain present an opening that shall soon close. This is the time that your prayers, your commitment to the spiritual path you have chosen, the use of your spiritual power and gifts must be practiced and fully expressed, you see. In the times allotted in which much difference may be made. You have the summer solstice; you have the autumn equinox; you have the winter solstice. These are times of great power, of alignment, you see, with the natural forces of the universe; alignment with the spiritual powers of the ancestors who have walked the path of Light that you now travel. It is also the time of alignment with us, with our purpose to save your planet.

Know this: the rulers who serve the power of greed, of force; they draw closer to positions that will enable them to dominate in their land and many others (Shamaan heard the words, Putin’s successor). There is but one force that they fear: That force is the voice of multitudes raised in service to the Light of One, in service to the Way of the Heart, and in service to the balance and beauty of Nature, that which does generate abundance to all. This alone they do fear, you see. You must go about your work of awakening others. Go about your work in growing stronger in spiritual expressions of one who does walk the path of the Prince of Peace. Go about your work with diligence. Know that it does indeed make a great difference. Do not cease or turn away from difficulties. Hold firm, and as you do, pray that the Descendant of the Pharaohs does also hold firm and does not shrink away in the face of those who throw stones.

Do not be dismayed at the trembling of the mountains, raging winds, false skies,[1] the earth falling away, and other indications that the work of the Great Awakener accelerate. Celebrate the Sun’s awakening (solar flares), for only in the face of the power of nature will many, many awaken. Heed well your thoughts, prayers, and your own inner alignment with your Spiritual Source. We do walk with you on the path of peace with the Prince of Peace; the Lady of Grace goes before, bearing the Blue Light of Peace. Know this and be comforted, even in your travails. Blessings of the Holy One do now and shall evermore pour upon you. Eloheim, Eloheim, Eloheim.

Lady of the Light

(Appears to drink the sacred water from cupped hands, then hands over heart. Said with reverence:) Yes, My Lady. Many souls of great beauty, evolved beings, have chosen to come in this time to sacrifice. Many are children, many are children; by their sacrifice, hearts are moved, old karmas erased. But the suffering is great. Your prayers are needed to assist in the awakening of hearts that must turn toward compassion and love, you see. You may help soften the burden with your prayers. Do this daily. Much karma will be lifted and replaced with love. Thank you. She blesses each one with the Blue Light of Grace. May you know the joy of reuniting your soul with the Source of all wonder, beauty, and love. Blessings to you now and evermore.


More, more, scuff up that floor.

A-dancing we will go,

A-dancing we will go,

Hi ho a-merry-o,

The more he wants to see.

Loving that asparagus, yes, yes. The hunters have done well to stalk the stalks. That is the game, yes! (It’s wild asparagus season here in south-central Colorado).

It is time still to use caution in your movements as you go about. Be mindful not to let them be motivated by a pout.

Missed connections can be opportunities for recollections. Contemplate, contemplate when you find yourself needing to wait. Contemplate, contemplate.

Call upon the true wind, the true wind that will bring real rain again.

He must go; just one little thing he wants you to know: In times of difficulty, doubts, and fear, remember, remember who you’ve got near:

You’ve got Roundhead, You’ve got Two Bear, You’ve got MAGIC, Who can ask for anything more?

Scuff up that floor. He’s dancing, he’s dancing; no matter what, you must make that butt glow. Okay (she laughs), he’s doing the Firefly Wiggle. [Roundhead sings:]

Yes, yes, practice, practice, practice[2] makes it happen, true. Practice is powerful, so good for you. The wakeup smile is your energizer. Nothing you could do would be any wiser. It stays with you all day long, And keeps your heart singing a song!

Yes, contemplate while you wait. The time comes for the mountain home, but many skills you still must hone. One is trust! [Laughs: He, he, he, heh.] Bye Roundhead. He’s laughing.

Visions and Messages

This moon, this full moon is really strong. Watch the skies; last days of the month – this one (May).

Oh, great heat will boil much of the land in many places. Attempts, attempts to control the winds, rains, water are failing in so many places, fouling the sky.

Treasure your wine now. It may soon be hard to come by. Funguses (fungi) multiply among the plant kingdom.

Oceans sway. (Shamaan saw a big shift in the conveyor current in the ocean off the Pacific Coast.)

*** You must remember: The Light is stronger. And the Light is Love. The Light expands and multiplies itself; the shadow contracts and devours itself. Never forget: That is the saving grace of life.

[1] Shamaan believes this refers to geoengineering of the weather by spraying aerosol chemicals from planes, i.e., chem-trails.

[2] May 24th, Friday: Shamaan asked, “Practice what?!” Roundhead said – “Everything: meditating, dancing, praying, playing, contemplating; everything is practice if done with heart! It’s your practice that keeps you from falling apart!”

Transmissions received by Shamaan Eagle

New Light


New Light Messages May 2013

New Light Messages May, 2013

Greetings. We do join you in this circle; it is indeed a sacred circle. We do come together with you to share the Light of One, in which you become as a Light Center that does function to enhance the power of the Light of One, of the Blue Light of Grace, of Peace, within self and within your world. It is the greatest calling you could achieve in this lifetime.

Now you do see the hand of the Great Awakener as it does fall heavily many places. Yet the hand has been weighted in no small part by activities, actions that are carried out by those who serve self only. They dwell in the shadow unknowingly.

That which does continue to disturb electromagnetic fields within the Earth’s crust shall bring great damage and destruction in many areas, for it does accelerate that which is already underway ­- the shifting of the magnetic poles. Many, many are unaware of the grave consequences of hastening this change; there are dangers brought about by the shifting. As well, many, indeed most, are unaware of the grave danger brought about by that which does scour the skies; the lies of the manipulators shall be seen in coming days. Yes, there are great increases in mysterious ailments.

Know this: Immune systems shall be brought to the very verge of breakdown for many who continue to follow destructive habits, you see. It is necessary to bring about a deep change in direction for those who have refused to change.

You must meet accelerated mutations by maintaining an altered, responsive approach to strengthen the immune response.1 In this time, and for several months, you shall find those oils of oregano, olive leaf, and astragalus root. ______________ 1 This refers to changing tactics -­ i.e., health aids used­ to better respond to the rapid mutation rate of viruses, bacteria, etc.

Yes, as given, many do now go over the edge as the increase in fear and anxiety grow. Yet know this: The growth of those who turn to the Light, the Way of the Heart and the path of spiritual awakening, grows ever faster. Though you may not be shown this truth, know this: It does grow stronger and faster than those who succumb to the shadow. Light continues to increase in the Eye of the Storm, and the actions of those who serve the shadow only strengthens, indeed, resolve of those who choose to live in the Light of One for the sake of peace and the healing power of Grace. Know this and be comforted. And also be strengthened within your own resolve to do all that you can to further the Way of the Heart.

Watch the skies in coming days and nights. Know that the power of the Sun shall increase dramatically. Do recall, as given: You, through spiritual attunement, may act as assistant to the elemental forces; you may assist in bringing about harmonious interactions between the Higher Consciousness and the Elemental Forces, and you may assist in bringing about true balance with need and that does aid regeneration rather than destruction. There are many ways that you may counterbalance the actions of those who bring chaos and disruption. We beseech you to continue to develop those abilities, for they will do much to save many.

As you have seen, the beginning of growing that which is needed -­ whole food -­ has increased through your focused work with the elements; you may help balance this condition. It is the way of those who recognize the ancestors of all life, the oneness that is experienced when the earth arises and soul assists through spiritual attunement to purpose of higher self, higher consciousness, as guided by Divine source of All.

2 ____________ 2 Shamaan and others believe that this section is referring to the rise of farmers markets and the increasing reliance on locally produced, healthful food (personal opinions).

We do say in this time: You must continue your prayers for healing of the House of Abraham; for a transformation of the Hungry Dragon by Higher Power; and also an awakening of multitudes, multitudes to that awareness that shall bring about the Time of the Purple Sun. The time of higher consciousness is victorious even in ever-challenging difficulties in physical realm. Victorious is the Way of the Heart. Compassion, we do say, tolerance, love, patience do characterize the Way of the Heart.

The waters shall continue to be disturbed, engulfing much; the winds have been altered, and the Blue-Green Serpent below ocean waters is being shifted too quickly, too quickly. Know these things, and through your prayers and conscious attunement to your spiritual gifts, assist in bringing balance.

We are of you, you are of us. Together we walk the path of the Prince of Peace. The blessings of the Holy One pour upon you, now and evermore; and may you know the peace of the Lady of Grace, within and without. Eloheim, Eloheim, Eloheim.

(Appears to drink the sacred water, followed by hands resting over heart)


Okay, so much to say, but cannot stay.

The water falls short, but asparagus is coming; it will come.

So he says, he must repeat: he has not seen many dancing feet, not very many dancing feet during difficult days. It helps, it helps to remember to play.

Message for all: heed well your dreams. Roundhead has secrets to help you, to keep you from falling apart at the seams, things that you need to meet unusual needs in unusual times.

Please, please, wiggle your toes; rub your feet. It will help your nose.

You can’t mope. Dance a little jig; keep on the toes; it’s the way of the people of the Earth. They know what a good dance is worth. They dance around the fire or under the moon. Tear up the rugs, but dance soon, dance soon.

Bye Roundhead.

Take your dancing shoes off the shelf, even if you have to dance with yourself. He’ll be with you, and he’ll dance too.

Bye Roundhead.

Visions & Messages

Oh, major troop movements. The Bloodied Hand is cut off; no more death will it deal. Damascus, the bloodied hand of the one who rules Damascus will fall, but at what cost to all.

Greece brings greater woes to the Euro. Italy is not far behind.

Healing miracles take many forms. Do not confine them by holding on to expected forms.

Messages received by Shamaan Eagle

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February 2012 New Light Messages

Israel, warbirds, House of David, House of Mohammed, water, seas, oceans, radiation, co-creators, wind, fire,

New Light Messages

February 5, 2012

Greetings. We do join you in this sacred circle. We do assist this one. [Pause] We shall proceed.
It is as given: The House of David has been consumed by the warbirds, while indeed, the House of Mohammed prepares. Yet little do the warbirds of the House of David realize the consequences that shall unfold as a result, you see, of their saber rattling. All shall suffer. For much radiation levels in your atmosphere will be such that illness, indeed death shall be for many, even those not caught up in the chaos. Your world will be forever altered. We do say that possibility appears likely to prevail, though miracles do yet remain possible. Co-creators you see, must now come to the forefront without hesitation and embrace fully their role, their gift to assist in creating that which can greatly mitigate the damage, the suffering that would unfold were the House of David to proceed. Know this: It will not be as limited as Netanyahu does believe. Exchange of weaponry will extend far beyond the two Houses of Abraham. The sun itself will respond.

Note from Celest (the sun will send down its beam, and conflict with the radiation and things will heat up, the sun will send down its own heat and its own radiation and the two will collide….)

In coming weeks you shall see the seas, the oceans, rising up, that more may awaken to the irrefutable damage that is now being wrought daily, daily we do say, upon your most precious waters. There is yet time – to heal the waters.
The vigil that must be held during the time of the vernal equinox [March 20th] will be most critical. If it [nuclear bombings] may be held in check until the fall, there may yet be a resolution that would dissolve the danger. Yet those of the Pachyderms, who serve the shadow, may seek to seize upon the opportunity to gain power and turn many against the Descendent of the Pharaohs [Obama] at a critical time [elections]. For it is so: while he was not prepared, he has become more prepared, and at this juncture, you see, he does stand ready to hold the peace. You may assist by maintaining prayerful action, by visualizing that which you do wish to see unfold. And by assisting that vision to become manifest in the material world, you see. In many ways this may be done – you would do well to inquire what should be your way.
There is much to be given, yet we must be brief. We do implore you – hold to your post. Know that you are the doorway through which miracles may enter your plane. You and others like you who hold forth in the Eye of the Storm by holding steady the Light, perform a task that will impact many, many generations to come. There will be those [generations to follow you] if you are successful. Thus the path of the peacemaker is far greater in courage, in strength, in honor, than the warrior. For when one does make war to achieve positions of power, one is spiritually weakened. Go, hold, find, seek peace within and without. Be the standard bearer of a new time – a time when the flowers and the creatures of air, sea, earth, and spirit will celebrate you and your kind.
We do now take our leave. We call upon you to keep the image strong, true – the image of the tree of life, bearing the dove, revealing also the crescent moon and Star of David, giving shelter to the growing rose. Go now with the Prince of Peace ever at your side. We are with you and call upon the Holy One to send forth blessings of love, life, and the entire universe to pour upon you as the sweet rain pours upon the field, now and evermore. Eloheim. Eloheim. Eloheim.

Great winds, great winds tear apart false stabilities, roaring winds, fierce winds in many places. Europe. British Isles … storms. Wind, water, fire, trembling earth – the Great Awakener moves forcefully to give time, time, yes time to those who still hold tightly to false security – time to awaken to the True Source, time to learn to draw from the True Source to guide decisions, choices, and actions. More Light-Bearers will then be available to help create the future, the Time of the Purple Sun.
Yes, I see it. [Shamaan raises her hands and drinks the sacred water.] Yes, my Lady. Yes. Thank you. [Shamaan’s hands come to rest over her heart.]

A dance or two will be good for you no matter how you feel. Dance a little before a meal. Dance! Your food will do more than ever before.
Blossoms early – will have everything squirrelly. Tend to the little ones. Everyone, all the creatures – they will need your help. [Laughs] You help more than you know when you dance. Yes, you can even help the trees grow. You see, a dance or two is good for more than you know.
There are too many people who don’t believe that war is indeed imminent.

A good green will come at the Time of the Purple Sun, rich with life.
I see an image of Native Americans in deerskin costumes dancing around the fire. Anthropologists thought they were simply celebrating a successful hunt, but in fact they were practicing quantum physics – through their shamanic dancing.

Transmission received by Shamaan

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