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New Light Messages September 2012

New Light Messages

September, 2012

Yes, greetings, we do join you in this sacred circle. We are among you. We shall be brief. It is as given: You shall see the shadow force does accelerate, yet it will be its own undoing. In coming days, weeks, it will appear as though the shadow force is victorious. Know this: It is not so. Yet much does lie with the co-creators­, those who dwell in the Light, those who serve the Way of the Heart, ­co-creators who have chosen spiritual expression as the fulcrum of life. It will be seen by many: the world of nature is out of order. In many places the earth shall tremble, indeed, open up (Shamaan has a strong image of a huge chasm-like sinkhole, with long cracks running north/south). Where once the ground cracked, there shall be flooding, even next to fire. There are those who believe they have power over the Earth, the elemental forces. Know this: the true power does come from within the soul’s union with the divine source. You may act as instruments of co-creation through the elemental forces, yet it is indeed the wise soul that does inquire of the Source what is needed for the greater good, you see.

The time does approach that Netanyahu and others, others who would see an expansion of violence, of war, of terror, indeed of hatred, will act. The shadow forces do prepare to undermine, you see, indeed undermine that which is unfolding – whether the choice is made once again. The machinations that are being created by the shadow forces will backfire. Much will be revealed as to what takes place in the hidden folds of the veil.

Many do now seek a foothold in Damascus where the olive groves bleed with the people. The Descendent of the Pharaohs [Obama] is indeed chosen to assist in regaining balance in that area of the world. Yet the flux, the great flux of events, may tip the balance further. You and other Light-bearers holding forth in the Eye of the Storm are the hope. You are indeed the stabilizing force that will allow the Light to ascend. Though much does remain in question, Netanyahu believes fervently that he can supply the answer. If he is allowed to do so, great tribulation will be visited upon the world. So we do once again say, “Your focus must be upon Netanyahu and those warbirds who would take advantage of chaos and change. Do recall, holding forth in the Eye of the Storm often does require holding one such as Netanyahu in the Light, and Ahmadinejad, the poet of Persia, as well.”

Now, indeed, there will be a flood of unusual illnesses (Hanta virus, West Nile, rare bacteria, etc.). Many will become confused and gripped by fear. Do not be among them. You have been given, and will be given, assistance in remaining clear of these illnesses. But it will require vigilance. Use well that which is given. More, as needed, will be given. Do not be discouraged. Hold fast in the Eye of the Storm. We shall be among you. Know this and be comforted.

As the season turns, the danger grows greater. Increase your prayers, morning and night. Hold forth the vision of the tree, the dove, crescent moon and star – all in harmony, at peace. We now take our leave with this blessing: That you will feel the presence of the Light and support, and the blessings of the Prince of Peace with you, now and evermore.

Yes, Melchizedek offers his gift: “Strength and courage be yours.” Eloheim, Eloheim, Eloheim.


Where the fires and great heat burned, floods return; great winds, too. Powerful.

Careful, continued caution required in movement; care taken through the 19th and beyond of September.

Many will have restless nights; yes, it’s the astral field. I don’t quite understand it. They are showing me a field of energy. It may be a dimensional astral field; agitated by a collective consciousness surrounding the globe. I see it, but hard to explain. There is an interplay between the Earth’s magnetic field and forces of energy particles released, bombarding, created by human beings. The interplay is weakening the field of Earth’s magnetic field as the Sun prepares soon to intensify its activity. This is very different.

The Lady of Grace sends forth Her healing touch and blessing to ease the way in these difficult times. She always is with you, and offers succor.


Even though the tunnel looks scary, you can still be merry. Yes! though it sometimes gets a little tight, but you’re still alright. Shift, shift, imagine with all your might, you can do it. (Shift mood and attitude.)

Spinach, kale, and asparagus. All three are important right now; not for just one, but all. No, not together (eat separately).

Dive in, have a swim in the Blue Light; it will help you win. Yes! Thank you, Roundhead.

Chocolate train has been a little late these days. Whoo hoo, all aboard. Not too late.

He offers this advice: Make sure you focus each day, twice. It’s important now. Hold the light in the middle of your brow.

Bye! He dances off into the wind, strong enough to make him spin. Bye Roundhead!

More Visions

Oh my. More people are going over the edge, with guns.

Ships in trouble. Outbreaks on ships.

It was a different level, a different frequency tonight. I heard, “Watch your dreams; information to be given.”

The second full moon of the month, a Blue Moon. Energies will be extraordinarily intense as we come closer to the time of decision.

Some who participated in 9/11 are planning something that will create dissension, conflict; both in this country and other places. It hasn’t taken shape, but it’s being created, and it must be stopped, it must be stopped, or the world will descend into absolute chaos; AND IT CAN BE (STOPPED)!

Something’s happening in the Land of the Tulips. I don’t know what that is, though.

Lots of trees blowing down; lots of trees blowing down. (We will soon see the loss of many more trees.)

Message received by SHAMAAN

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