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New Light Messages August 2014

New Light Messages

August, 2014


Yes, greetings, we do join you in this sacred circle. In these days you do see ample cause for prayer. That which is the House of Abraham is torn asunder. All within suffer. Now you do also see the need for prayers for the young ones, indeed, for all creation. For that which is now visited upon the House of Abraham shall extend its reach, even unto this land, for choices have been made. The warbirds have been given free latitude to do that which they deem necessary. Know this: The spilling of innocent blood is never necessary. And so the Purification does continue. Yet we do weep, weep for the House of Abraham, and we do weep for the young ones, and for your Earth. So many do yet sleep, inattentive to that which does unfold before them. The Way of the Heart is sullied, sullied with the blood of innocents. As given, this time that is before you is marked by rivalries and ancient karmic wounds. The Hand of Grace is sorely needed.

For this reason we do remind you that each one, each one must step forward and be a messenger, for each, indeed, is a messenger to all you encounter, to every soul, every creature, every space that you fill. You do carry forth with you the message of the coming time, the time wherein the soul shall awaken, the heart shall open to give and receive the healing balm of love. You carry forth the message of a humble return to the way of nature, and you do carry forth the message of the time of peace, yes, even in the House of Abraham a time of peace, where the Purple Sun does shine with benevolence upon each and every one. This is your role as surely as it is a role of this one. Yield not to despair, for when you do, you do steal away a small part of hope from all who suffer the pain of the Purification. You must hold the Light in the heart, in the mind, in the soul, the body; you must hold true to the path you have chosen.

It shall come hard in these weeks to come. It shall be nearly unbearable to see the suffering. Focus, focus upon your intent, your task, that you may bring into manifest form the promise of the time of the Purple Sun, yes, the promise of fulfillment of the healing, the awakening, the realignment of soul to the Spiritual Source.

These things will come. They must be aided, you see, by those who serve the Light of One. We do beseech you: Do not fall under the spell of forgetfulness, under the spell of heedless comfort. Be aware of that which does unfold. But at the same moment in space and time, you must be aware of the time that you do approach. It is now, as has been given: joy in one hand, sorrow in the other. Yet what has not been given is that in-between two hands is an open heart, glowing, glowing with the light of a new Sun, a new Sun.

Recall: Of this reality you each are a messenger. As you do approach the Equinox, the fierce spiral of events shall appear frightening indeed. Remain in the calm. Remain in the conscious awareness of that which must be. Remain ever in the Eye of the Storm, that you may be an anchor for those who seek understanding, strength, hope, and above all, comfort, the comfort of an open heart.

We do say: This coming three to five weeks shall be tumultuous within your world. Again we say, “Move with caution. Heed well each sign given, but hold forth the Light and hope of the knowledge that this time shall lead inexorably to the time of the Purple Sun. Let that be your guiding star. Let that be your comfort. Yes, patience and compassion are your leading guidelines now.

We take our leave with this final message: “Be cautious, cautious, for there is indeed a rising tide of infectious agents that shall extend into every area. Many shall meet extreme challenges to life force as a result. Use all that has been given to support your world, your health, your being, your body. Some [infectious agents] have been unleashed purposely, some by accident. Be aware, cautious; become attentive to detail.

Go now upon the path of the Prince of Peace with a light surrounding you, filling you, guiding you with each step. Know that you walk among those who have also chosen to serve the Light, to serve the One Source, Giver of the Sacred Breath, imparting to all the Sacred Fire in the Divine Heart of Love. Yes, this is your destiny. Claim it, fulfill it, for your sake, for the world. May the blessing of the Holy One go before you, behind you, each side of you, above and below you, as you go upon the path of the Prince of Peace, now and evermore. Eloheim, Eloheim, Eloheim – we are.

Visions, Messages, & Roundhead

More sinkholes everywhere; more sinkholes opening in the earth. Fluctuations, massive fluctuations in atmospheric and electromagnetic fields. Grounding will be necessary. The trees are endangered, under attack and need prayers, help.

Roundhead’s here, but he’s far away. If he comes too near he’ll try to stay; can’t do that today. Neglected dancing shoes, oh yes, they have the blues. Neglected dancing shoes.

Must celebrate in gratitude all the good things that come to you!

That was lovely, just now. I was infused with a golden white light, a golden white light.

I feel Roundhead; he has much more to say, but he must come on another day.

Ah, yes, that was a gift; that was the light of Melchizedek [the golden white light mentioned above].

I want to send Roundhead to help a very sick whale. It’s trying to get to the north Pacific. It’s been in the northern waters of Japan. It can heal if it gets to clean water, but its stuck in-between now. Send Roundhead to the rescue. Roundhead says, he’s on his way. Thank you. This whale won’t die today. Go Roundhead (laughs)! He’s got a big satchel; he’s got this big medicine bag strapped across his shoulder and across his chest.

I heard something that I must pass on – the mantra for this week must be: May the Hand of Grace erase karma and replace it with love.

Transmissions received by Shamaan during her weekly gathering of like-minded individuals.

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