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New Light Messages June 2014 #3

New Light Messages

June 8, 2014

Greetings. We do join you in this sacred circle. As you have gathered, so shall we.

Know this: There are indeed many who would join you, and in this time it is indeed necessary to gather those who have come into this plane in service to the Light of One, in service to the future. Yes, it is indeed necessary that many gather in this time. Do you accept that which is given to you – that which is to be carried out in service to the Light of One? Do you believe that it is a coincidence that you have seen in this day darkness as though night has fallen in mid-day? [A severe thunderstorm with some hail occurred earlier in the day and dramatically darkened the sky.] In so many circumstances the multitudes miss the signs. Multitudes miss that which is given to awaken the souls, minds, and hearts of all who do walk upon the earth at this time. For it shall appear as if all is as it should be to those who do not recognize the signs, who do not recognize the hand of the Great Awakener. You must not be swayed by their blindness. Do not mistake: it shall be given again and again – that the multitudes might awaken.

You shall see an ever-quickening pace of the destruction of the natural cycles upon your planet, manifesting in such a manner as to create in the minds of many a great fear. Let it not be in your minds, nor in your hearts – for the greatest circumstance to fear is that which would unfold if the current path in this world were to continue. That indeed would be a circumstance to regret – for it would mean souls lost, multiple souls lost because of neglect, neglect, you see. Far too many neglect to heed the signs and to acknowledge that which is before them. We do say – proceed with all preparations; recognize that your greatest service at this time is to assist others in awakening to the need to prepare. Do not prepare for survival, but prepare for that which would be a massive transformation of your way of life. For much, much shall fall away; much to which you have become accustomed shall fall away – as it must be. For change, transformation, you see, is indeed your only hope for survival. We do not speak of survival of body – we do speak of survival of your planet.

Know this: The ever-quickening pace of the hand of the Great Awakener will soon begin to bear results. There shall be a clamoring at the gates of great mansions; there shall come angry multitudes to the seats of power in every land; and there shall come a deepening of understanding of just what is unfolding in your world.

Those who have sought to retain their grip on the reins of power shall find themselves sinking into the abyss of chaos. It is not the multitudes who shall un-seat the despots; it is the Great Awakener – the world of nature – that shall unseat the despots in every place in every land of your world. It shall be so for the sake of the children, for the young ones of the future – for as we serve you, you serve those who are the Light of the future. Know this: in the midst of disintegration there may yet be unity, as you have demonstrated on this day. There may yet be unity among those who have come to build the Time of the Purple Sun. In the midst of destruction there shall arise an upwelling of joy, an upwelling of community, an upwelling of the Way of the Heart, and this shall be joyous; this will be your legacy. This, and this alone will save the generations that follow. Know this and maintain your course even as darkness falls, whether at sunrise or at sunset. Know this and allow your soul to light the way. We do hold the Light steady that you may go forward, you see, with much courage, with courage and firm commitment to the path of the Prince of Peace.

We do leave you with this: Remain ever alert, alert, you see, to the opportunities that will come to you to enlighten, inform, or assist others in coming to understand that which does unfold – for you are emissaries for the future, of the Time of the Purple Sun. Fear and confusion shall envelope many. Understanding may dissolve fear. Love and compassion may dissolve confusion. Know this and go forward into your world as emissaries of the Light that will bring hope, understanding, and indeed an opening of the Divine Heart of compassion and love for all life. We do now take our leave, and yet we do also commend you for maintaining the sacred circle, that you may be of greater power, greater service, and achieve greater evolution of your own souls. May the blessings of the Holy One be felt by you in each step that you take upon the path of the Prince of Peace. We walk with you, now and evermore. Eloheim. Eloheim. Eloheim, We are.


He can’t stay, but just has to say: “Where have your dancing shoes gone?!” You must find them and put them on – more dancing, more dancing – now, more dancing. It’s not for show – it’s to keep every part of you a-glow, a-glow, a-glow.

Message from Roundhead: The sun, the sun has been quiet too long – but now, now it will burst forth with its own force for change. Yes, you shall see the sun conduct its own symphony. Forces beyond this solar system shall excite particles and stir the sun.* No false cloud (chemtrails) will remain when this storm is done – not for long, at least.

Roundhead must go.

But before he does, a warning or two: Don’t let the blues or the shadow get you.

Gratitude, gratitude

That’s the only attitude

When others have faded all away,

That will always make your day.

Gratitude, gratitude – That’s the only attitude

Message from Roundhead: Many will find greater need for water, water within this following week, and beyond. Do not disregard this need; do not disregard this need. He says it is important. Bombardment of your atmosphere will draw much moisture from your body. Pay heed to this need! Move with caution, move with caution this and the following week, he says. The unexpected will occur with frequency the next two weeks, double weeks. He says move with caution in mind and body.


Such great winds, such great winds. I’m seeing raging winds and raging, raging waterways. I keep seeing violent oceans – strong, powerful oceans. A London bridge in England takes a beating. Many do not believe they will live – be here to see the difficulties of the earth. Those who ignore and deny all that unfolds in the earth are the very ones that will return to meet it.

 __________ * An emerging model called The Electric Universe (see, which calls for the integration of electricity into the gravitational paradigm, predicts this electrical/plasma connection between our sun and the galaxy, and our galaxy and other galaxies.

Transmission received by Shamaan

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New Light Messages May 2013 #3

New Light Messages May 2013 #3

Greetings. We do join you in this sacred circle. Though it may seem far off, know this: The weakness of the Descendant of the Pharaohs in responding to his persecutors does set the stage for one who does serve the shadow to gain the seat of power in your land. That which many do fear – oppression, suppression, use of military and law forces to quell any resistance to measures of control taken – shall make life very difficult for those who are not among the wealthy. For the time does approach, you see, of great shortages, of necessities – of food, and indeed the elixir of life, water. A great many will suffer from these shortages, for distribution of supplies shall be uneven, unjust. This may yet be averted. But the one who now occupies the seat of power must strengthen in his resolve to serve the Way of the Heart! At this time a great deal is in flux, and he does yield when he should stand firm, you see.

The land shall continue to be scoured by great winds; precious soil shall wash away and fall away. The earth beneath the crust is being weakened. That which does grow shall wither from lack of water. This scenario is now beginning to draw much energy, and therefore, greater potential for coming into form. Those who have chosen the path of Light, the path that does lead to the Way of the Heart, must act now to call for strength for the Descendant of the Pharaohs, and to make their voices and choices known. For know this: If the seat of power does go to the one whose heart is closed, and whose will is set on dominion through the forces that do now seek absolute control of all resources of life and all manifestations of abundance, then the Time of the Purple Sun will be greatly delayed. Then the Great Awakener will need to turn to the most extreme and harshest blow, and much will then pass from this world. If it is to come to pass.

We do impress upon you in this year of your time that the solstices, equinoxes that remain present an opening that shall soon close. This is the time that your prayers, your commitment to the spiritual path you have chosen, the use of your spiritual power and gifts must be practiced and fully expressed, you see. In the times allotted in which much difference may be made. You have the summer solstice; you have the autumn equinox; you have the winter solstice. These are times of great power, of alignment, you see, with the natural forces of the universe; alignment with the spiritual powers of the ancestors who have walked the path of Light that you now travel. It is also the time of alignment with us, with our purpose to save your planet.

Know this: the rulers who serve the power of greed, of force; they draw closer to positions that will enable them to dominate in their land and many others (Shamaan heard the words, Putin’s successor). There is but one force that they fear: That force is the voice of multitudes raised in service to the Light of One, in service to the Way of the Heart, and in service to the balance and beauty of Nature, that which does generate abundance to all. This alone they do fear, you see. You must go about your work of awakening others. Go about your work in growing stronger in spiritual expressions of one who does walk the path of the Prince of Peace. Go about your work with diligence. Know that it does indeed make a great difference. Do not cease or turn away from difficulties. Hold firm, and as you do, pray that the Descendant of the Pharaohs does also hold firm and does not shrink away in the face of those who throw stones.

Do not be dismayed at the trembling of the mountains, raging winds, false skies,[1] the earth falling away, and other indications that the work of the Great Awakener accelerate. Celebrate the Sun’s awakening (solar flares), for only in the face of the power of nature will many, many awaken. Heed well your thoughts, prayers, and your own inner alignment with your Spiritual Source. We do walk with you on the path of peace with the Prince of Peace; the Lady of Grace goes before, bearing the Blue Light of Peace. Know this and be comforted, even in your travails. Blessings of the Holy One do now and shall evermore pour upon you. Eloheim, Eloheim, Eloheim.

Lady of the Light

(Appears to drink the sacred water from cupped hands, then hands over heart. Said with reverence:) Yes, My Lady. Many souls of great beauty, evolved beings, have chosen to come in this time to sacrifice. Many are children, many are children; by their sacrifice, hearts are moved, old karmas erased. But the suffering is great. Your prayers are needed to assist in the awakening of hearts that must turn toward compassion and love, you see. You may help soften the burden with your prayers. Do this daily. Much karma will be lifted and replaced with love. Thank you. She blesses each one with the Blue Light of Grace. May you know the joy of reuniting your soul with the Source of all wonder, beauty, and love. Blessings to you now and evermore.


More, more, scuff up that floor.

A-dancing we will go,

A-dancing we will go,

Hi ho a-merry-o,

The more he wants to see.

Loving that asparagus, yes, yes. The hunters have done well to stalk the stalks. That is the game, yes! (It’s wild asparagus season here in south-central Colorado).

It is time still to use caution in your movements as you go about. Be mindful not to let them be motivated by a pout.

Missed connections can be opportunities for recollections. Contemplate, contemplate when you find yourself needing to wait. Contemplate, contemplate.

Call upon the true wind, the true wind that will bring real rain again.

He must go; just one little thing he wants you to know: In times of difficulty, doubts, and fear, remember, remember who you’ve got near:

You’ve got Roundhead, You’ve got Two Bear, You’ve got MAGIC, Who can ask for anything more?

Scuff up that floor. He’s dancing, he’s dancing; no matter what, you must make that butt glow. Okay (she laughs), he’s doing the Firefly Wiggle. [Roundhead sings:]

Yes, yes, practice, practice, practice[2] makes it happen, true. Practice is powerful, so good for you. The wakeup smile is your energizer. Nothing you could do would be any wiser. It stays with you all day long, And keeps your heart singing a song!

Yes, contemplate while you wait. The time comes for the mountain home, but many skills you still must hone. One is trust! [Laughs: He, he, he, heh.] Bye Roundhead. He’s laughing.

Visions and Messages

This moon, this full moon is really strong. Watch the skies; last days of the month – this one (May).

Oh, great heat will boil much of the land in many places. Attempts, attempts to control the winds, rains, water are failing in so many places, fouling the sky.

Treasure your wine now. It may soon be hard to come by. Funguses (fungi) multiply among the plant kingdom.

Oceans sway. (Shamaan saw a big shift in the conveyor current in the ocean off the Pacific Coast.)

*** You must remember: The Light is stronger. And the Light is Love. The Light expands and multiplies itself; the shadow contracts and devours itself. Never forget: That is the saving grace of life.

[1] Shamaan believes this refers to geoengineering of the weather by spraying aerosol chemicals from planes, i.e., chem-trails.

[2] May 24th, Friday: Shamaan asked, “Practice what?!” Roundhead said – “Everything: meditating, dancing, praying, playing, contemplating; everything is practice if done with heart! It’s your practice that keeps you from falling apart!”

Transmissions received by Shamaan Eagle

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