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world war

New Light Messages August 2013 #2

New Light Messages

August 18, 2013

 Yes, greetings. We do join you in this sacred circle. We would have you know this: It is indeed as we had hoped it would not be, yet the House of Abraham is aflame and there are many, many who even now gather to join the ranks of those dedicated to the peaceful way. At this time we do not see an end to the conflagration, the upheaval. But there are things that you may do as an effort to prevent greater uprisings, as an effort to prevent the flames that now consume the House of Abraham; yes, to prevent the worst destruction. We do say this: As Egypt devolves into inner torment and violence, the entire House of Ishmael follows. The remaining opportunity to mitigate, perhaps deflect, this danger that shall indeed engulf the whole world is with the Equinox that you do now prepare for.

We do advise and repeat: That you would do well to gather that which will not perish in storage, for events do escalate apace.

Miraculous intervention is the only impediment to great suffering. As co-creators you may call upon this miraculous intervention; yet in doing so we would have you add a request, indeed a vision of a great awakening. Call for an awakening to that which is reality, an awakening to Higher Consciousness, awakening of the many souls who sleep during this critical turning point. You will see an escalating awakening that shall cause multitudes to rise up and say, “No more war”, “No more war.” And so you must continue preparing the path towards the Time of the Purple Sun, towards healing the House of Abraham. We would have you begin now, this night upon retiring, a continuous prayer that forgiveness sweep away centuries of karma and replace the empty space that was occupied with love, love, love, that your world may be spared a painful reckoning.

[It would be such …] A painful reckoning in which all, all shall be caught up. We do continue to assist as allowed in turning the tide away from conflagration. Yet there must be many others, many more others with whom we may work to send out the call to the highest level, that others who serve the One will now join you, and together we may turn the tide toward healing the soul and lifting the burden of karma. Know this: If there is containment of bloodshed before the next new moon, hope is reborn. Remain at your posts within the Eye of the Storm. We remain with you and do hold the Light of One that all may know joy. Go now upon the path of the Prince of Peace. May your burdens and discomforts be eased by blessings of the Holy One, now and evermore. Eloheim, Eloheim, Eloheim.

“Time, time,” they say, “not much time.”


Oh how he enjoyed the dance. You must create even more chance.

Oh where, oh where has asparagus gone? Remember, remember the asparagus song.

Asparagus, asparagus

Blessings to you. Yes, be careful, be careful, it’s the full moon. Don’t let it make you swoon. High energy, but it doesn’t have to burn.

Yes, soon, soon, the tide may turn. No more now, for he must go.

Patience, patience, wins the game, you know.

Bye Roundhead. He says he must go.

Visions & Messages

Fire, fire, fire – in so many places.

Poor, poor Japan.

Ask and you will receive; it will bring relief from worry, worry, worry.

The instrument, HAARP is destabilizing Earth’s axis. Not good, not good. Pray that this instrument and its manipulators will be brought to the Altar of Transformation. Soon!

Transmission received by Shamaan

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