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Notices Updated 11-3-2017

Note; “The Gatherings Bulletin Board” update notices are posted after the brief introduction on this page so please scroll down. Celest and David


If you wish to know about what each of you as Advocates for Justice accomplished through your intents and thoughts and by participating in “The Gatherings” we suggest you read

The “Blue Star Transmission”

The Becoming and Periods of High Strangeness



A Clarion CALL

For “The GATHERINGS” to begin

Earth Star date 2016

Note: these Gatherings are in many ways an extension, but not a substitution, for “The Summits” we began many years ago.

For a very, very long time now we, Celestial and David, and so many others like us have been issuing the clarion call for “All Good Souls to Unite NOW” and for “All Good Souls who are meant to Unite with us now to do so.” This message has been echoing and reverberating throughout all the Universes. This message has not only been received, it has also been responded to by Divine Beings from all civilizations from All Universes. Those Beings are the ones who are incarnate as well as those who are discarnate. Yes, this includes portions of humanity also. Every timeline, every gridline intersection PREDESTINED is important to the continuously contiguous evolution of all lifeforms and the overall expansion of the Collective Consciousness here on Terra (Earth.)

And so The CALL has been issued… again.

On these pages you will find useful information on how to start your own “Gathering” as well as updated information, as it becomes available to us, about the individual Gatherings and how you can participate. We look forward to hearing from everyone.


The Gatherings – Contact Information


The Gatherings” Bulletin Board

Updated 11-3-2017

These pages will host anyone’s messages they wish to post to the public or other Gathering Facilitators about any events or “Gatherings” they will be hosting at any given time. We will update this Bulletin Board as the occasion calls for and remove any postings which are beyond the posted dates.

Salude, Celest and David


A Radiant Collective, ARC

The start of a NEW “Gathering” group

in November, 2017

A Radiant Collective, ARC, is the name of the new conference call Gathering group that will be meeting on a conference call on Thursday evenings.  The frequency of this calling group will be every two weeks similar to the present calling group known as the Pacific Northwest Pipeline, PNP, except that it will be on the off week from PNP’s call timing.  The time window for the calls is tentatively set for 7 PM Central and 8 PM Eastern time.

As some of you may know PNP has a schedule that meets on a conference call at 1 PM Eastern, 12 Noon Central, 11 AM Mountain and 10 AM Pacific time.  The PNP group has been very successful but we have realized that not everyone can meet on a call in the middle of the day unless they were retired or had the ability to control their work day.  Hence the evening call group is being established. The middle of the day call timing seems to work for the PNP group when dealing with four time zones.  Four time zones will not work in the evening for the ARC group.  So the time envelope for the calls was set for their ease of participation.  However anyone in any time zone is free to call either group or both.

The mix of participants on the PNP group includes those that have a good familiarity with the Awakened Hearts, Blue Star Speaks and Godumentary websites as well as ‘The God Book series,” the Blue Star Transmissions and to some extent the Matthew Books.  In other words the participants have the ability to follow with ease any of the dialog s that can come up on any of the calls.

The ARC group wishes to explore the possibility that there are individuals who may regularly visit the websites to read the contents of the web sites but may not have the same knowledge base that the PNP group may have.  They may have limited exposure to “The God Books” and the other books mentioned above but they know that they desire to speak with like-minded people because they have no one near them to talk with about Spiritual concepts.  Therefore we would like to invite them to email any one of the following to discuss being able to participate on the Thursday evening conference calls.

The ARC group may develop to be more of an educational group that will catch up by beginning to read the God Books and the other sources of information found on the Awakened Hearts, Blue Star Speaks and Godumentary websites.

Please contact:






The Pacific Northwest Pipeline Gathering Group and the Spiritual Friends of Awakened Hearts Group from Texas are meeting in the Pacific Northwest the middle of September 2017.

If you are interested in joining them in Western Washington State contact Rita, Melanie or Dave and Cyndi for more information.

BUT HURRY, the time is rapidly approaching for this Gathering event.

Their contact information is on the Gatherings Contact List.


6-29-2017 – Dave and Cyndi’s “The Gatherings 11


4-22-2017 – Etaoqua has submitted

A Special Project PUSH for 2017


3-22-2017 Note from David and Celest

The Gatherings are continuing to gain momentum and are proving to be quite beneficial for those who have chosen to take part in the connection they have made. The “Pacific Northwest Pipeline” group meets every two weeks for a one to two hour conference call which we ourselves participate in as our time allows. We are hearing from people all over the world who are initiating their own groups and are sharing with us their successes at these encounters. The one thing that rings through loud and clear is that when they are coming together they find that each of the participants becomes the teacher as well as the student through the sharing of information which each has garnered together throughout their journeys in this lifetime. These Gatherings are an invaluable teaching tool to everyone and serves as a support group as well during these most interesting times. We encourage everyone to contact all the people on this list whether you wish to be a facilitator or not and embrace each other. You may be separated by distance, do not let that stand in the way of your continued evolvement up the Spiral Staircase. Journey well.


11-9 Note from Celest;

The people who are part of the Gatherings are people who are learning they can be in contact with others all over the world. It is not about myself or David, it is about them coming together as the Advocates they are and sharing ideas, experiences and inspirations and forming an unbreakable bond with one another while strengthening the Collective Consciousness through their thoughts, deeds and actions. We were on a conference call with one group a couple of weeks ago and it is wonderful to see the changes in the people.



Notes from Celest and David

Here is a brief update about how well the “Phone Call Gatherings” are preceding. Last week we had the pleasure to join with Melanie, Allison, Rita of “The Pacific Northwest Pipeline” and Dave and Cyndi from “Spiritual Friends of Awakenedhearts” in a conference call which lasted over 2 hours. During the course of this we shared information with each of them and exchanged knowledge, laughter and felt such an intense sense of love emanating from each of them. As is often typical of God (The Luminescent of this Universe) He stepped in and shared a message through Celest to be shared with all of them. Although the beneficial aspect of these types of interactions and communications is clear to us the others now have had the experience firsthand. And they are willing to expand their Gatherings to others so you may also join in and share with each other.

We will give you an example of the vast amount of information which was shared by all. Below are just a few of the topics we had time to discuss.

Patriarchal society and its influence on stunting humanities growth.

Feminine and Masculine energies

The Golden NOW

The Co-Crearchy

The New Book of Revelations

The importance of these Gatherings

The Advocacy and The Advocacy Program

Walk-Ins and how they enter into the Earth Star realm

The 100’s of thousands of Beings from all Universes who are arriving here on Earth

The times we are living in

The 40 Year Arc

The power of thought and how to properly apply it singularly or collectively


The basics of energy work

To name a few. So we ask you, do you yourself wish to take part in these calls with some or all of us from time to time? Would you like to host calls like this yourself? There is no limit to what can be accomplished when we put our hearts and minds in alignment and join forces.

If you wish for your name to be added as a Facilitator for these types of calls please contact us and we will put a special notation by your name on the Gatherings Contact page on this website.

If you wish to take part in some calls yourself but do not wish to become a Facilitator, contact any or all of the Facilitators of “The Gatherings” and contact us as well. We can not do it all for you nor should we. But we would be more than happy to do our part by helping you to connect with others. This to us is one important aspect of our being of service during this lifetime.

Salude, Celest and David

Email us at

The “Gatherings Contact Information” page is

Contact Us

Note; We will be adding more new names to the Gatherings Contact page in the next few days so please check back.



NOTE; This posting will remain on “The Gatherings Bulletin Board” until such time as new information is available and in need of being shared with each of you. It will however remain available on the “Let the Gatherings Begin” portion of this website.

~ Gatherings ~

Spiritual Friends of Awakened Hearts

Written by Dave (Phil) and Cyndi

(A special message from Dave and Cyndi about their recent expedition to meet in person with others who, like them, are a part of “The Gatherings.”)

Back in January of 2016, when Cyndi, Katherine and I (Dave) were working on the January 25th posting for the beginning of the Gatherings, I had the vision that we would receive many requests to be a part of something that was described in the January 25th Blue Star transmission as a process that would continue forever.  The start of the Gatherings didn’t occur as I had envisioned and I felt a mild form of disappointment that like-minded persons didn’t respond to the invitation.  There were responses and they came from all over the world, but not in the numbers that I had envisioned.  However many of the respondents have taken the initiative to expand their circle of people that they have met on line through emails and such.

So why have some begun and others have not?  I think in the latter case, people don’t really know how to begin and even though they wish to become part of a larger picture, (the non-ending picture) they hesitate to begin as they may not know how to start out to accomplish the task.  And they don’t want it to appear to others that they don’t quite know how to begin.  Isn’t this the way that we have generally conducted our lives to this point in time whenever we wish to try something new and different?  Think about how you felt when you thought you needed to take a new job but were hesitant to explore the new possibilities that may have been available to you.  Questions like; were you making the right choice or were there other better choices out there that you were not aware of.

Then you either jumped into something different or you stayed in the safe environment that you were used to and just stayed in the same job.  Maybe down the road you regretted the decision to not make the change because events proved that the other position you passed on would have fitted your skill-set much better.  Life is like that.  You just don’t know for sure where you should be at any time.  However, I believe in what I have read that says that you will be where you are meant to be at any given time.

So why would making a decision to pass on a job that would keep you in a place that you were meant to be, be the right choice when future events proved that the job you passed on would have fit your skill-set better?  Maybe the personality needed the experience of observing that it should have taken the chance to make a change so that when future choices come about and they do, that the personality will have a better discernment on how to go about making a change.  And when that new job becomes available, it indeed will be a better experience that the Soul wanted and hence the second job opportunity was the better choice.

So what is the writer trying to impart with this mumbo jumbo about taking a job or not?  TAKING CHANCES is what we are to do in life.  But don’t forget to use your discernment and intuition to evaluate the chance.  (Going off halfcocked willy-nilly and see where the chips may fall is not what I meant either.)  Playing it safe is very easy and we don’t really have to put much effort into staying pat in our lives.  And we can spend another incarnation just wasting the opportunity to learn and make a difference.

Cyndi and I took a chance by announcing on the Awakened Hearts website about the route for a trip that we were taking to visit relatives in the Northwest U.S. in August of 2016.  If we had decided to pass on the opportunity, it would have been easier to plan the trip as we had done the preceding three years and no one would have known the difference.  No one!  However that was not our choice and so we were delighted when we received a number of responses from people who wanted us to stop and have mini-Gatherings.  What difference does it make if there are two, three or more; it is still a Gathering.  God has said, “That whenever two or more are gathering in My name….”

How did agreeing to meet with other like-minded people change our trip?  Well it did extend the trip as it took six weeks and 6300 miles of driving, but we have never had a road trip like this before.  It was just wonderful and we made new friends at every stop that we made.  We have learned more than we could have ever hoped for.  We talked and listened in some of the most beautiful settings on this Earth Star Planet.  I really just marvel at the beauty that we were allowed to be in and I thank Terra for her wonderful landscape.  We hope to be able to travel again and meet with like-minded people in the future.

Now what was it like to meet with people we had never met and have a Gathering?  Somehow we never thought that we would be hesitant as some reading this may be thinking they would be if they were in our shoes.  As it turned out most of those we met have been on the spiritual path longer than we have.  Some were accomplished at things that we can only marvel at as to how they do what they do.  Did that intimidate us?  No, we just used the opportunity to learn from them and it was a wonderful experience for us and I believe for them also.  Most people really want to help others learn and the experience is good for both parties.  In all Gatherings on this trip, we wished that there was more time to spend together, but we are grateful for all who invited us and took the time to meet with us.  It was truly an experience that we will remember.  We have been involved with six Gatherings so far since January 25, 2016.  Each and every one has been a truly enjoyable experience and we felt that those that we met with had the same feeling.

So dear readers are you ready to take a chance and meet with others? I know most readers can say that there aren’t that many people near them and that they can’t travel like Cyndi and Dave do because, unlike Cyndi and Dave, they have to work to make a living.  Work does have its requirements and we do have a real advantage being retired with a certain amount of means to travel.  However we don’t fly because the expense is too great for us and that is why we always drive.  And also by flying over this beautiful planet you don’t get to see the beauty that Terra offers in her varied landscapes.

Now there are persons who have requested that their contact information be listed as Gathering contacts on the Awakened Hearts website.  And people interested in a Gathering can contact these people to express their interest.  I believe there may be some hesitation by some who aren’t making the contact because they may feel that they don’t have the ability or maybe the time to meet with someone who could be a fair distance away from where they live.  And so these people just pass on making the contact.  But there IS a way to make contact without the time and expense of physically traveling to attend a Gathering.

The group known as the “Pacific Northwest Pipeline” has come up with a method that worked well for them.  They set up a conference call program and they use this method for Gathering. Cyndi and I met with each member of this group individually before they had even met each other in person.  During the summer months they had some scheduling issues due to differing vacation schedules.  But they each said that they were ready to set up new schedules once all the summer travel plans for each had concluded.  Folks this Gathering method works very well.

Now for those who have their contact information listed on the website, you might consider requesting that your contact information be listed under a banner of “Conference Call Gatherings”.  In this way you are indicating that you are open to establishing a conference call arrangement for establishing Gatherings in your area.  Please contact Celest and David to have your contact information grouped with others under a banner that would indicate that you are open to establishing a conference call arrangement type of Gathering.

Respondents to the contact information could then begin an email communication that may eventually lead to a conference call arrangement to conduct Gatherings. This is a way for people of like-mind to make email contact which could lead to developing phone relationships within the conference call program and maybe someday have the opportunity to meet in person in the future. This would take out the hesitancy of traveling to meet others that some may be feeling at the present time just because it does takes time and expense to do so.  Good relationships may be developed to a point that the time and expense would be worth it to meet and Gather in person.

The conference call Gathering is a proven method that the Pacific Northwest Pipeline has formed in this fashion.  And as I mentioned earlier we met with each of the three in their home environment even before they met each other on a personal visit.  They make it work and have invited us to be a part of the conference calls in the future if our schedule permits.

Now those of you readers who frequently visit the Awakened Hearts website who have not responded to any invitation to join in on the Gatherings because you felt that traveling would require too much time to meet with other like-minded people might now have a different idea of how to establish a connection with others in the form of utilizing the conference call method of contacting.

So what did we talk about in our Gatherings?  Anything and everything would about cover it.  All of us told about how we began on the Spiritual path and what sources we have come in contact with during that time period.  We related the timing of our awakening and the materials that we utilized during that period of our lives.  It was interesting that most had used materials early on and then when new materials were found the older materials were put aside.  Not because they weren’t good materials that should not have been used, only that they were replaced by better material to better fit to the level of experience that the individual required.

My belief was that this was a very beneficial part of the conversation for all parties.  Were any of us intimidated by any of the others because someone had the perception that they were conversing with a more evolved personality?  There was no intimidation apparent to us even though upon reflection after the Gathering, I would now say that Cyndi and I were probably not the more evolved personalities in the conversation.  It didn’t make any difference to any of us; we just thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Did we help each other by being the teacher at times and at times being the student?  YES!  Did we realize it at the time that this was happening?  I’m not sure about that because I can only answer this question for myself and the answer is that I did not realize it at the time.  It was only upon reflection after the event that I realized that I had learned a great deal and that I hoped that I had helped the others in some small way.  And this is the real value to the Gatherings.  Learn by being the teacher at times and being the student at other times.

Until next time, Phil, aka Dave


The Gatherings Bulletin Board

The Gifts of Experience /

Let the Gatherings Begin


Note from Celest and David;

If you would like to be a part of “The Gatherings” in this aspect or wish to start up your own “Gatherings” please email us at

and we will do our best to share your contact information with those who have already stepped forward to be facilitators. YOU SHOULD ALSO contact the individual “facilitators” directly; all their contact information is posted on the Awakenedhearts website.

Any facilitator who has a desire to expand their groups by adding the option for voice communication to their ever-expanding “living as a true human Being” life résumé PLEASE contact us and we will put a note by your name and appropriate contact information expressing your willingness to do so.

Remember, time IS an illusion (everything happens in The NOW, here-forth eternally and fondly referred to as The Golden NOW) and distance as well can be viewed as an illusion if you take into account the advances in technology, which we should all use as the “tools” they were intended to be. Also the fact that most people these days have free long-distance calling on their phones “Bridges the Gap” of perceived physical limitations. Likewise those who “live across the water” can utilize the vast reach of the internet and utilize phone services such as Skype or other “free conference calls” phone-lines and websites which are now becoming readily available. So you see there really is no reason why any of us should feel alone when we are all merely a thought, or a click, or a call away. There is no need to wait to connect with one another during “The Party of an Infinite Kind” we will all be attending once this current incarnation is over to once again be united together. Celebrate life for the “GIFT” it truly is. Learn to “Live in the Moment, not for the moment.” Most of those whom we call our dearest friends we met through the internet and over time have forged relationships with which will continue into infinity and last throughout eternity. The fact that we may never meet in person during the course of this life-experience does not negate in any way the fondness and closeness we feel for each of them.

WE OURSELVES will also be willing to take part in these “calls” as our time allows.

So what are you waiting for, the multidimensional UNIVERSAL Time Clock is tick, tick, ticking…

Salude and “Gather” because YOU CAN!



10-01-2016 – Note from Celest and David – More Food for Thought – A suggestion for those of you who find yourself unable to connect with others in the physical. You may wish to consider setting-up/installing Skype on your computers or tablets or I-phones and then you can Skype call or text each other. Skype calls to other Skype numbers are free. Last time we checked you could add up to 30 other people on one call if you were desirous to do so. There are also FREE teleconferencing phone lines available which could also be utilized. These are available for both local or international calls. Do a search on the internet for “free teleconference calls” on the internet to find out more about this. A personal note from us is “WE will also be willing to participate in the Skype calls as our time allows.

10-17-2016 – Do not forget to say HELLO and WELCOME and THANK YOU to all those who arrived from the Mother Ship 9 years ago and all those 100’s of thousands who have arrived since then to take part in “The Greatest  Show on Earth” as we all contribute to the continued evolution and ascension of Earth and ALL of her life-forms, be they human or not.

6-17-2016 – Also:

In case any of you have been too busy to notice, The Mother Ship is back and is sending out/ issuing her “musical” clarion call to all of us once again. No, that droning noise or overture music in your ears is not a wax buildup! Have fun and wave and send them your hello’s and salutations.

And Blue Star the Pleiadian wishes us to remind each of you:

“There is a valley where the Spiritual stands on one side and the Religious stands on the other side. In the middle walks the Creator and the Creation. In time, ALL shall be as ONE. I shall meet you there.”



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