2012 Some of the Myths and Realities

"Some of the Myths and Realities
and The God Code"

We have been silently listening to all the different ideas that people have regarding 2012 and the Golden Age. We understand why people are confused; they are because there is so little understanding, really, about what to expect in the years ahead. 2012 is the continuation of the overlapping of cycles which are currently in progress. It is also simply another date in time. Everything that is happening now will affect the future, so the future is going to be whatever you make of it. In other words, nothing is written in stone. The Golden Age is vastly misunderstood, it is in actuality the "Golden Now;" however people do not understand this, yet.

Let us examine the term, the Golden Age. This term was given to people to simply define a new cycle that was beginning on the planet and It originated well over a 100 years ago, to let people know of the coming, present tense, time. This means that the times would change, all that was untenable would have to be altered in a new and better fashion. People fail to understand that all time is simultaneous. This is the big problem. The past, the present and the future are all integrated into a present-meaning a collective continuum of all time frames. This is synchronized into one cohesive moment without end. People fail to realize that this part of A continuity of energy. They don’t know this because nobody tells them. It is not what they have been taught about life. And yes, this is another area that needs to be addressed in the years ahead as teachers relearn the true realities and the old text books are discarded and rewritten with truthful information. In time, this will happen.

The Golden NOW epitomizes the return of The Jesus The Christ Consciousness. It is representative of the God Force that is the matrix of the Golden Now. BUT PEOPLE LISTEN, IT HAS ALREADY BEGUN. The term NOW is your "key" to understanding this. The Golden Now is a progressive movement of Divine God energy that cannot and will not be stopped. It is because people think in terms of numerical ages that they segregate themselves from the Golden Now. The Golden Now is sweeping across the planet; what began as a subtle energetic wave is now a massive formation of Golden Light. It is of the highest frequency and purity because It is Divine. The year 2012, first received much notoriety because of the Mayan calendar. However although the Mayans understood their calendar, the white races completely misunderstood it. As did other races who tried to interpret it. It is odd that some of the people on this planet that we would have expected to know better do not know the truth about this. The common belief due to deleterious misinterpretation is as follows: The world will end, everything will stop and become static, all life will cease to be on this planet and the poles will reverse themselves in a blink of an eye etc. etc. None of these interpretations are correct.

The reality of the Mayan calendar is: In March of 2012 the former times that the Mayan had charted for many years, ceases and an entirely new time-ing of this planet is born. This is how they defined the serpentine energy which their Spiritual elders have long awaited. They have been waiting for her to finish her travels across the world, knowing when she did that, the new time of God would be fully present and there would be no misunderstanding of what had taken place. Think of it as cause and effect. The cause is the termination of the former way of life. The effect is the new energy of The Jesus The Christ Consciousness and of The God Matrix fully and unequivocally established on the planet. Oddly enough people do not think to ask the Mayans the truth about the Mayan calendar and YES, the Mayan councils know this and have been steadily working for years to assist in this Spiritual growth.

The Golden Now is a process. It is a processing of all that has not been good on this planet and recycling the matter, or transmuting the old energies. This is so the stable energies that are benevolent are able to integrate and complement the new wave. Those that cannot be changed are destroyed. This is also a part of what the vibrations and the frequency of the Golden Now is assisting in accomplishing. Is it really difficult to understand the dawn of a new way of life? It really is this simple. Life will be much smoother for everyone if they stop making everything so complicated.

God sometimes speaks in what we have come to term, "The God Code." This means that He does give you the answer however it is not always the complete answer. He graces us with two very special gifts. The gifts are as follows: As part of our own growth He encourages us to seek and find the completed answers to issues and questions. Even more so He challenges us to come up with the answers by ourselves, without His Divine intervention. In other words He watches to see if we are "Walking Our Talk." This is in part due to His desire for us to take personal responsibility for ourselves and seek within our hearts and our Souls for the answers to the questions at hand. Below you will see an example of this taken from the "2012" chapter in His book, "And Then God Said… Then I Said… Then He Said…"

David – Thank you God, however you "forgot" to mention the completion of these changes by 2012.

God – David, I know what you are fishing for here and it is timely as well. Will everything return to their once pristine state? No, they won’t. This too will take time. Will there be no more work to do? That My dear ones will never cease for you are evolving and evolvement requires change. I would like to add that you are all up for the challenges that lie ahead. Embrace them with passion and a zest for life and let us not forget to put a little pizzazz into it as well. This is new phase in the tapestry of your lives that you are Creating here. Weave it with love and cherish each moment as if it were your first. Be the artists of Creation that you each are.

This brings us back to "The God Code." God in His Infinite wisdom is not giving all the answers as you can see by the above excerpts. Although we knew the rest of what He was NOT saying, as you can see He left it up to the individual readers to read between His lines. He expects people to take a simple excerpt, use that as a springboard and then expand upon it by broadening the excerpt with the information that they know within their hearts, minds and Souls. This is one manner in which God walks among mankind, by prompting everyone to expand the confines and the limitations of their knowledge, look into their hearts, minds and Souls and behave as God. How do you behave as God? By always striving to seek the answers through understanding the foundation that you have been given. Can you think of a better gift to have bestowed upon mankind? No, you will not be given a secret handshake or a special decoder ring when this occurs. You will know it and so will He and the Heavens will shake with applause. God does not really work in mysterious ways, those that really believe that, do not understand the foundation they have been given. Those that do are what we term, "Veterans of the Earth Star Walk."

Here is a simple example of the "The God Code." Jesus was not born on Christmas nor was He born in a manger. In God’s infinite wisdom He does not correct people about the wrong date. There is a reason. It is on that one day a year when millions of people around the world pause, even if it is only for a little while, and they give thanks for the arrival of The Messenger. That is what Jesus is. His messages were and are of Divinity, of love and of the people’s innate ability to break the fetters of the unilluminated rhetoric which has always been foisted upon them. We feel that God was absolutely correct in letting Christmas be celebrated on any given day. The true essence of Christmas is celebrated even though the birth date is wrong. When two or more are gathered in God’s name, or in Jesus’s name, the larger the gathering, the more joyful and loving the celebration, the more the Soul soars. As the Soul attains new heights and amasses more of The Light, that Light then in turn ascends throughout the dimensions as it gathers more light beams together. This is accomplished through the magnetic force of the Light. As a result the expansion and continuation of the Light of each Soul then causes more of the Light to shine into the darkness. Energy in this sense denotes Brilliance. The amassed energy of the Light of all people can then be seen throughout the Universe. If you pay close attention, you will find many examples of the "God Code" evident throughout all aspects of life.

Some of the foolish beliefs that people have about 2012, are going to lead them astray at a time when they need to be focused. Here is one important example. This actually happened while we were being interviewed on a radio program; however we do not want to embarrass the host by mentioning any names. The host said, his understanding based on what a great many people had told him, (these were individuals who were supposedly learned people,) was: "When 2012 comes around there will be such grand prosperity for everyone that everyone will have two houses and four cars each." Then he asked what our position on this statement was. Here is our reply: "Stop to look at the logistics here, if everybody here on this planet had 2 homes each and 4 cars each, where would they park everything? The houses would have to be built on top of one another. This planet isn’t big enough to contain all that." This is just one example of the foolishness that people are believing about 2012. We are sure that each of you reading this has heard similar foolishness.

Here is what we know about 2012. Please, this is on the Q.T. so keep it quiet. You see we know the best way to get information out to the public is to tell someone it is "a SECRET."

Much of what we will speak about here is already evident in the mainstream media, some of it is not. However here again is an example of the people’s need to be reading between the lines where the media is concerned. The infrastructure of established governments, all political machines, worldwide pharmaceuticals, religious indoctrinations, academic institutions, banking and everything else the economy depends on needs serious attention because it is flawed. These are time-honored institutions that most people have grown up to believe are honest, even though they are not. The old foundations must collapse, fall and implode. Restructuring of worldwide economic and political systems, all forms of technology and major beneficial environmental changes, will then replace the old way of life. There will be no more need for any war machines. Other countries and their new governments will be in favor of more peaceful pursuits. No, not all of this will take place in the years leading up to 2012 and it certainly will not all happen in 2012 either. A few years ago when the handwriting was still on the wall and people still did not bother to look, did not change the fact that this was all going to happen anyway. It took the last 100 years in particular, to create such havoc and instability on this planet. How can anyone expect everything to be repaired until everything that is not in the best interest of this planet and humanity as a whole, is torn down? No, we are not trying to burst your bubbles, we believe that if we are to survive the present times we each need to be informed of the truth so we can all deal with it on a personal level as well as on a planetary level.

New governments will be built that are truly in the best interest of the people and they will be built of and for the people. There will be many teachers to teach of a better way to live as well. Many of these teachers are already here, the rest are chomping at the bit to jump in and assist when their timelines arrive. Ok, before we start receiving massive numbers of email, that we cannot answer, we shall address the most obvious questions we hear from within the silent screams that are cascading around the planet. "What about all the help being promised by Star Keepers?"And the big one, "We were always told that there would be great prosperity, what happens to that?"

To answer the first question, first of all, they are here, they always have been. If they had not been here, this planet would have ceased to be a very long time ago. They promised that they would never leave us alone and they held true to that promise. Secondly, they are not here to do it all for us. We are responsible for allowing all of this to happen and it must be "WE the People" who take corrective measures to rectify the problems at hand. This means everyone on the planet, every country, every nation, no exceptions. The Star Keepers will continue to support us, guide us, teach us, and protect us from outside intrusions. When a specific timeline has arrived then they will be here on the planet actively engaged in assisting in the nurturing of God’s new garden. Please do not misunderstand; they are doing everything they currently are allowed to by the God of this world to help stabilize the planet. If they were not, the ongoing Earth changes would be much, much more severe.

Question number two, "Great Prosperity." People who believe this are doing so because they have been receiving misinformation as well as from their own fears, fear of losing everything they have. Fortunately, what we have seen contradicts many of these beliefs. How can everybody have great prosperity unless there is a fair distribution of funds allocated to every person on the planet? In order for that to happen people would first need to realize that we are all connected and that no one should have more than their share of the Earth Star planet’s Wealth. For all of that to take place, it would necessitate that illicit funds held by every government on the Earth, every politician, church, the cartels and all of their affiliates would have to be seized with some type of worldwide distribution plan already in force. Otherwise it would just revert back to the government coffers and not to the people of the planet.

Do you not think that the poorest person in Africa does not want to also have a piece of the pie? How many years do you think this would take to accomplish? We say, MANY, so please keep that in mind when placing your hopes and desires on a lush and green monetary future that requires the cooperation of everyone on the planet. First everything needs to be being turned over, and then everything needs to be torn down and the removal of all the old root systems must take place. Then all the seeds that we have all been planting, and The Divinity has been planting, will start to become visible. If you are paying attention, this has already begun, but has a long way to go. Once this is accomplished, then the process of the creative building of good infrastructures can replace the unstable and inequitable economics that used to be considered acceptable. Then in time, there will be a fair abundance for everyone to cover everyday needs and people will not feel constrained or fearful about their monetary lives. It does not mean that there will be the wealthy and the poor; it means a fair and equitable distribution of all natural resources for everyone. Do not forget that prosperity wears many forms.

Please understand, the more the planet changes the more the unilluminated people will leave the planet. It will be a case of oil and water, the good and the bad cannot exist together under these circumstances. This will not all be finished in 2012, but, the Golden Now which is already in progress will have been spreading across this planet and bringing new life and new energies by the end of 2012. Please understand, the continuation of the upcoming changes is a progressive movement. The gross injustices are not going to just disappear overnight, it will take time. No there is not an end to the world, but it is the beginning of a brand new beginning.

Prepare yourself for 2012 and beyond 2012 by preparing yourself for today. Each person needs to examine their beliefs, their strengths and weaknesses, their true motivations; many more may need to readjust their aspirations in life. We understand that many of you feel alone and isolated, this does not mean that you cannot convene with other people who do share your beliefs, who do want to be part of the great change and are willing to alter their lives in order to do so. We do not know how to tell you strongly enough that everyone needs to "Stay Out of Fear," and concentrate on participating as the voices of planetary change. We know you can do this, you will find out eventually that it was well worth the effort. LIVE AN ORDINARY LIFE IN A NON-ORDINARY WAY. When in doubt, check your determination meter and see how you are doing. You and only you can be the judge of that.

Embrace change, do not become afraid of it, without change everything would be static. It would mean there would be no growth; there would be no planetary changes, no evolution. That is too high of a price to pay. 2011 is a make or break year on a personal level. Everything that is already set in motion will strengthen many people by that time. Those who cannot or will not accept change will CHOOSE not to remain on the planet. The time of contradictions will be ended by then. It means people cannot bluff their way, con their way, buy their way, or say one thing – but do another. In other words lip service will no longer work. The reason for 2011 as the make or break year is because people have had since 2007 to seriously start making their changes, not that they couldn’t have before, but most didn’t. This is what personal responsibility is all about.

"The Instability Factor." Lately many people are ensnared in this self-debilitating act of feeling and acting out unstably. Peoples’ insecurities on a personal level are causing self-doubt now more so than ever. Far too many feel as if they are on the right path, yet they doubt that they have what it takes to complete their journey. Peoples’ emotions are running amuck, when they allow their emotions to rule their lives. They forget that life is an adventure; that it is a learning experience. This is an experience that is forever without end. There are peaks and valleys in every life. Fear is the causation of the problem and FEAR is a GREAT FORNICATOR. If you start to feel fear, stop yourself, examine that emotion, see what caused it and then change your attitude about whatever the issue is. Fear is self-propagating. It mutates and then takes on a life of its own. This can only happen if you allow it. Now here you go, you are back to taking personal responsibility again. For those that refuse to do this; there is no hope in this lifetime for them. But, that is their choice. Those who do accept accountability for their actions, or non-actions, will weather all these planetary situations and live to love and enjoy life for many, many a day.

"The Waiting Game." This is a worn-out process where people are waiting for others to save them. People are still waiting for the economy to change itself, they are waiting for politicians to become honest, waiting for religions to tell the truth and waiting for change to take place without them needing to lift a finger to be part of the change. Hard to believe, however there are still those out there who are waiting for MANNA from Heaven to fall into their laps. People are still waiting for a miracle and not realizing that miracles have already begun. Life itself is a miracle. Many people are waiting for destiny without doing anything for themselves to achieve their own destin-ation.

This brings us to the infamous, "Ostrich Syndrome." There are many people who are still burying their heads in the sand, closing their eyes, covering their ears and saying, "I don’t want to know, I don’t want to know, it’s all going to go away." All we can say to them is "buck up soldier." As long as their heads stay in the sand, they are without life. There can be no tomorrow for them, for they have no today.


In our further quest to enact "The God Code" here on the planet we shall remind you right now, any questions you may come up with are yours and yours alone to solve. So please do not email any questions to us as we simply do not have time to answer any email.

Celest and David