Arcturian Perspectives

Arcturian Perspectives

 Greetings to all my fellow Earth Star voyagers.

I am here upon request by the Great Gestalt. I traveled here in hopes of furthering not only education, but also to fulfill my destiny. I have been and always shall be a seeker of truths. I am Arcturian, I am also human. I like so many others who walk upon this planet at this time am here to assist humanity into their next step in evolution, the co-joining of the physical with the spiritual. Please note; this is not only for humans, it is for all life forms. It is for the planet itself. Once again this planet has tolerated the negative energies flowing from everywhere. It is at this time in history that the planet will shed itself of all that is not harmonious, loving, expanding and growing with it in favor of its new matrix. It is again, much like the ancient times of Atlantis and Lemuria, that the technologies have outpaced humanity. Upon the final transition of this planet to its destined place within the higher vibrations, humans and all other inhabitants will co-join and act as one within the parameters of universal law. It is at this time Earth will join the rest of their families amongst the stars. It is for this, which I am at service here. May all who read these writings take a little something with them. If so, my time is well spent. At times there will be messages from my fellow Arcturians included on these pages.

I am David – I am all signs -I walk all paths

 I AM that I AM

Q-” What can you tell the readers about the planet “Arcturus?”

A-” When the Divine Force of Creation set about to form spheres of habitation for other expressions of HimSelf, He centrally located some of them as part of the Divinity of Integration. “Centrally,” means they were fashioned to align to a specific coordinate point, so that each sphere would receive reflective energies from others that would be on the same vibrational energy wave. This was presumed by the Council of Elders to meet the most prolific guidelines for not merely birthing life forms on planets, but to also allow each one to exchange advanced forms of technological information without any hostile intrusions. I was not the same being that I am now at that time, I was what today is known as an “orb.” Within the Akashic Records though is the compilation of the early Creative Forces.

These records are quite thorough in their “dictated form.” Each planet was to allow the most serene atmospheric conditions; each of the first 6 was to function as “outerplanetary” way stations for space travelers and evolved teachers. It was clearly understood that the atmospheric conditions would reflect the emotions and mind thoughts of its inhabitants. Arcturus was one of the spheres designated as a teaching planet. This also included the further research of the space harmonics. Some of the greatest teachers and some Avatars whose place of origin is Arcturus now have converged on the earth star planet. Arcturian’s possess great integrity and stupendous energy for correcting mistruths and misbeliefs that are so prevalent in this world.

Arcturian men and women are humanoid in appearance…for the most part. Some bear a distinct resemblance to Pleiadian’s. This is in part due to their inner-marriages over the centuries. Both races share a commonality of belief systems; their credo is “justice for all, never sacrifice the many for the few.” The Arcturian sky is resplendent in its many hues of blue and gold, the moons and suns shed a radiance not seen on the Earth Star planet. Many of the aquatic life forms still inhabiting the earth star planet were deposited here by the Arcturian peacekeepers. In our realms, Arcturus has become legendary for its ability to attract extremely evolved Souls from other spheres. Arcturian’s are one of the races here that suffer the most grievously, when bearing witness to the continuous slaughters of the innocents and the madness of the earth people who have succumbed to the Illuminati.

The Arcturian’s do not have any remorse about their decisions to migrate to the earth star planet. Their presence and their abilities to peacefully adjudicate “wars in the making” is awesome! A few had once fallen prey to the dark forces because of their naive belief that all of that horde could be persuaded to extricate themselves from that devious energy. They paid dearly for their vain efforts. However, it did serve as a reminder to other Arcturians, “when on earth do not always do what the earthlings do.” All those from Arcturus, who are on this planet, are carefully monitored just as those from other planets are. When it is possible and permitted, we can assist them in the understanding of the human mind. Arcturians do not just arrive here with total recall. They do know they are here to teach by example. All data is transmitted to the “Watchers” of the Arcturian conclave. They in turn add all the new information about events transpiring and the names of the humans who are the greatest malefactors on this planet. Of course this is added to the Akashic Library as well. If you vow to stop evil you must first understand it and all the nuances it induces, that humans for the most part do not hear. Arcturians have learned their lessons well. ”

Excerpt from our Interviews with Commander Theda posted on our website