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We would to like to say a special “Thank YOU!” to all of you who have helped us. Your help is appreciated and yes, needed. If you can help out we would appreciate your donation. We are working to help humanity, and Terra (Earth) as we transition with Terra into Her new Galaxy and ultimately the higher dimensions. But by the same token we need to have some help ourselves. We know that we or anyone else can do it all on their own. It is time for us all to come together and take a Stand. Celestial has been tirelessly teaching those who would listen for over 30 years, David has been for the last 19 years.

IF you can not help out financially, we ask that you continue to learn, to expand your consciousness and to share the knowledge you receive with others who are ready to learn. Help us with our many projects, with spreading the word of our teachings and our books so that others benefit from the sharing of knowledge.

We do thank you one and all and we do so appreciate your help. Journey well, Celest and David

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