New Light Messages

New Light Messages

Who are the Messengers?

We are the Eloheim; we activate the 13 cells (strands) that are still operative that all inherited from a part of the DNA of our Star ancestors. These ancestors are from all planets, all ancient civilizations. We are the Watchers, the Helpers and Guides but we cannot intervene in your choices.

Introduction to the “New Light Messages”



For those who are not familiar with the Blue Star Vision and the New Light Messages, here is a brief summary:

On Dec. 31st, 1986, I went into an altered state of consciousness while doing a presentation to an audience of about 50 people. While in that altered state I had a powerful vision in which I was transported into deep space, where I witnessed a giant blue star explode. As the brilliant blue particles of light streamed past me at a phenomenal speed I ‘knew’ that each light particle was a conscious Star Being, and I heard a voice – that sounded as one would imagine the voice of God would sound – speak these words: “We are coming, We are coming to help. We will change ALL life on Earth.” This was followed by a profound sense of relief and deep gratitude.

Then on Feb. 23rd, 1987, scientists and astrophysicists the world over detected a ‘new light’ particle bombarding the Earth. It was discovered that a giant blue star had gone supernova (exploded), and its light first reached Earth on Feb. 23, 1987 (see National Geographic, Feb. 1987). This event was dubbed ‘Supernova 1987A’ by astronomers. I refer to it as the coming of the ‘New Light Messengers’.

Since that first vision of Dec. 31st, 1986, I have received thousands of ‘messages’ during weekly meditations with a group of ‘lightworkers’. (This group has been invaluable in supporting my process of receiving and transmitting the messages.) These messages have provided us with encouragement, vital information pivotal to our survival and higher evolution, as well as, rich insights into the multi-dimensionality of our existence. Some examples of recent messages are (note the dates):

• NLM Dec. 17, 2006 – “…Honeybees, Honeybees need your prayers, plant-pollinating honeybees, a mite eats them. Pray for the honeybees – your prayers CAN help!” An article in the New York Times entitled “Honey Bees Vanish, Leaving Crops and Keepers in Peril,” by Alexi Barrioneuvo, appeared on Feb. 27th, 2007.

• NLM Jan. 21st, 2007 – “…The Bears run rampant!” (When the messages refer to ‘the bears’, it is a reference to the stock market – as we’ve had similar messages in the past.) This message was followed by the sharpest one-day stock market drop since 9/11. The market lost 416 points on Tues., Feb. 27th, 2007.

• A couple of earlier messages – such as the following – have only very recently been supported by scientists:

May 6, 2001 – “… deep within the oceans – every ocean – great challenge does now take place …heat does rise from the ocean’s floor …it does increase shifting of continental plates ….” March 2, 2003 – “I see great heat rising from beneath the sea, great fissures opening.”

Interestingly, on March 2nd, 2007, an article was published by Sally Williams of the Western Mail describing a massive gap – fissure – in the Earth’s crust on the sea floor between the Cape Verde Islands and the Caribbean on the mid-Atlantic ridge. The article states, “Welsh scientists are to undertake a 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea-style mission to investigate a huge hole in the earth’s crust on the sea bed.” Dr. MacLeod (part of the scientific exploratory team) said, “The oceanic crust is usually 6km to 7km thick but the Earth’s crust seems to be absent in this area of the Atlantic … instead we have a window into the interior of the Earth, that simply shouldn’t be there ….” He explained that the “missing crust” could provide a new way of understanding the process of plate tectonics.

Four years to the day another of the New Light Messages has been validated by scientific findings. While I don’t expect all of the messages to appear in news articles or in science reports, after all there are thousands of readings, we continue to see validation of much of the information on a nearly daily basis.

Our experience is that mundane and practical information, such as the above, is given to help us trust – and therefore use – more esoteric information. For example, a message given on Sept. 4th, 2005, is one that is given often – …“Do recall: each prayer is as a life line to hundreds; each act of kindness is a balance for much sorrow and suffering. Know this and go about your task with gratitude, for it is a GREAT HONOR to be of service in this time.”

With this in mind, let us go forward as the ‘Lightworkers’ we came here to be, and lend our life-force to the task of lifting this world into a new and higher expression of what it means to be a human being. This is what the ‘New Light Messengers’ who came with the Blue Light of the supernova known as Supernova 1987A have come to help us accomplish.

Shamaan Climbing Eagle