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Special Notice: 2-25-2023

Greeting everyone, are sites are under construction, please be patient through this process. No, there is nothing wrong with your computer.

Salude, Celest and David

And please, so many of you are currently or going to be experiencing “sleepless nights” because of all the “crap” going on.
There is nothing wrong with you. Try “releasing energy” as both ourselves and Blue Star and God have taught you. If you do not know how then ask. And remember to say the “Christ Consciousness” Mantra.



When beautiful minds have beautiful thoughts

One of our brightest stars who is part of VOICES of Cyclical Changes is sharing some very pertinent thoughts every person on this planet could benefit from. This is a case of the more you know the better off you are. When magnificent and accurate information is given to you for you to benefit from you should say “Thank you God!” Read it, assimilate it and bring it to life in your life. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. We suggest that after you read it print it out and carry it with you in your purse or wallet and have a few copies siting around in your home to inspire you. The information is priceless. This is knowledge that can not be bought or sold and the writer “Elisa” is sharing it with all of you. She is doing the right thing for the right reason. She IS taking a STAND!

Telepathy and Awareness

To expand awareness, I think that it’s important to train ourselves to notice what we tend to overlook in our surroundings, in our minds, and with our bodies. If we can become aware of the subtle and small sounds, thoughts, movements, feelings, and changes in energies, and then bring them to the forefront of awareness, we should be able to more easily sense telepathic messages or to better pick up on the nature of what is going on around us. Over time, we could achieve a constant state of being in awareness, one where we can instantly recognize particular sources of sensory information when it occurs.

In my personal experience, I think I have reached a high state of awareness of my surroundings, that is, in my home and neighborhood. I have worked on this mostly for my safety having lived alone for many years. I take notice of all the regular and occasional noises around my house, like vehicles coming and going, roof construction, people talking, duck hunting on the nearby lake, and so on. I’m also aware of the usual bird calls and animal noises on the property, and immediately investigate any new sounds no matter what I’m doing in the house.

Here are some exercises to start raising awareness:

Listening: Listen to what you hear when in a quiet place. Listen to the softest sound when in a noisy place. Listen to the farthest sound when outside. Listen for other small voices in your mind.  Learn to listen to the small, faint subtle sounds. Listen like you do when you hear a strange, unexpected noise in your home late at night. In that moment, you are completely present and all senses are heightened. Listen for sounds outside, like a certain birdcall, far-off car, sound of an insect, the postal delivery truck. Notice this specific sound every time you hear it, no matter what else you are doing. In a time of normal noise of life, listen and discern the smallest sound you can hear. Focus on the sound and identify it. This will bring it forward and the louder noises will fall back some. Then, always listen for this sound. Sit quietly and listen, within your mind, to a sound that arises, be it a buzz, ringing, pulsing, pinging, a voice of someone you knew (deceased or far away) or others. Identify what you hear, ask who may be speaking. Learn the sound. When you hear it again, stop and listen to it. Think of it as a call to pause and learn what it means to you or what message is being conveyed.

Seeing: Pay attention to small movements, quick peripheral movements and images. Focus on mental images and visions when eyes are closed. Watch the skies. Observe what may be between and beyond the clouds, the moon, birds and airplanes. Close your eyes. Look at the blank movie screen behind your eyelids. Focus on shapes that may begin to form images, words, videos. Take time to look closely at the small things in nature: small spiders amid the leaves of a shrub; find what makes a movement in your peripheral vision; look at a tree and notice the one leaf that moves with much more energy than all the others. Is there something that catches your eye in your periphery like a little spark of light, a quick movement of something wispy, an aura of some kind? Consider it a sign of something wanting to communicate with you. Pause and pay attention.

Feelings: Observe physical sensations, environmental energies, and emotions. Notice what touches your skin: the chair you are sitting in; the breeze across your arm; the texture of your clothes; the pliability or stiffness of a piece of paper. Notice the type of energy present when you walk into a room, store, theater. Try to see if you can identify who or what is controlling or influencing the energy. Is there an argument going on? Is there calm music playing? Are there energizing colors in the décor? Is there dark energy present? Are there Light beings present? Notice internal sensations. Is your stomach calm? Can you feel or hear your heart beating? Focus on an area of pain to understand it. Consider the source of emotions experienced that are not aligned with what is going on in your life or how you normally feel. What might these emotions be connected to?

This is just a start.

Love, Elisa


The current “Blue Star Transmission” is

“The Predators vs the Travelers”


The previous “Blue Star Transmission” was

“Battle on the Homefront”

It is indeed refreshing to see many peoples actually understanding with clarity what so many of us have been teaching you since “forever ago.” What is disheartening though is the millions and millions of people who could not struggle their way to the top because so many of those others who were sent here to teach people truly lost their own way on these harrowing journeys to life here. So, it has been because so many who lost their way and could not teach “advanced” truths and realities have now found themselves reaching out for those teachers who did survive the journeys here. These ones have had to double up and thus work ever so much harder than had been anticipated.
I also have more current and into the future news as well. – The very nano-moment…


It is also time for all of you to learn about the dark emergence of who we call The Sundowners.

“Living within the Soul Matrix”

One of the many reasons these pages came into existence
is because of the dream Celest had a few months ago.
There are many more, this is but one example of all that is transpiring

Here is my dream of 7am Tuesday morning Oct. 25. The Creator called out to me, I was then instantly taken to stand alongside of Him. We stood side by side on air, levitating far, far above the Earth star planet. He pointed to Earth and said “Look My child; see what it is that I have had to do now.” …

Bitter Harvest

“Now, as you rapidly approach “an Autumn to remember” I can now tell you that millions of tests had been given to you ones this year. These were Universal tests; although … “

The Nature of Things amid the Clash of the Titans and They issued The Call – The Call has been Answered

“For the last 30+ years I have taught you all repeatedly that change is constant. Were that not so this wonderous Anastasis would be placed in stasis causing her not to be able to exist anymore and neither could any of you ones exist either.
Can you not yet understand that all things must either evolve or … “

Now, because humanity as a whole has pushed and pushed and pushed all situations, all environments, all of everything to the final point of destruction, the nature of ALL things must change. Whether you approve or not … “


Ethereal Transformation


People make strange Bedfellows which causes Fatal Attractions

(Special Note: A message from God: “For all those of you who do not remember “The Song of God,” I asked Blue Star to include it in this Blue Star Transmission. Read it, memorize it, print it out and share it with others.”)


Update Notices


Quantum Thoughts – “Nobody Ever Told Them


“No Boundaries and Unchartered Waters”


“The Ice Mammoth Cometh And the Neverenders”


1-19-2022 The “Christmas Soul Dance” A personal message

“A Christmas Soul Dance” Event

This is an “ongoing” Event which originated on Friday December 3rd, 2021

This is the “Christmas Soul Dance” Mantra:

We are calling in our Soul Clusters, We are calling in ALL Souls of ALL goodhearted people and ALL the Soul Saints Marching in and asking ALL of them to connect their Soul energies with our own and dance their way into the Souls everywhere who desperately need our Spiritual and emotional support.

Dance the dance of the invincible Soul and sing and dance as you never have before. Sing and dance away fear and sing “The Song of God.”





A new Dimensional Shift is occurring right under your nose yet but a few of you ones see it, let alone honor it! Terra is reforming on a raid scale rate of changes needed and altering changes that should not take place here on the Earth Star Planet. Terra, after rendering due consideration for all the goodhearted peoples here is NOW reclaiming the planet. Excerpt from the October 2020 “Blue Star Transmission”

Note: The most recent “Blue Star Transmission” and the previous Transmissions for this year contain vast amounts of “Revelationary Information” about much that you do not know. So please pay attention.

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The “Blue Star Transmission”

The Diamond that comes out of the top of a nut

“Sacred Trust”


11-13-2021 NEW: VOICES of Cyclical Changes – “Unity of Purpose” – More New submissions were added to this posting so please take time to read them.


9-17-21 NEW: VOICES of Cyclical Changes – September 2021, some “VOICES of Cyclical Changes” teaching moments


9-17-21 NEW: Lessons From the Animal Beings – “A Very Small Hero”


6-12 to 9-25-2021 The “Blue Star Transmission”

This is “Revelationary Information” – read carefully!

The Eclectic Nature of the merging of Higher Dimensions that are happening NOW as Anastasis welcomes them and their Cyclical Changes


“The Musical Oracles” A Universal-shaking Event

Special Note from Celest and David:

If you were unable to partake in “The Musical Oracles” Event … You still can. And we encourage everyone to merge their energies with ALL of Divinity.  

Please Remember, remember, remember what we taught all of you when we first began teaching everyone how to Perform a “PUSH Movement” along with how to use the “Golden Force.” And yes, again we are Here and NOW “CALLING All Good Souls to Unite NOW.” Do you recall when we taught you that YOU CAN be in two places at once AND that You CAN send your energetic contribution to take part in the EVENT both before during and after the original timeline “The Musical Oracles” Event has occurred. Remember we are Creating “A Cosmic WAVE” and it will grow and be hastened by the contributions from everyone in every time zone. AND yes YOU MAY in the future continue to enhance this WAVE by adding more good thoughts and higher vibrational energies to this massive wave at ANY and ALL times you wish to. Please REMEMBER, You are ALL Cosmic BEINGS. So Spread your Wings and DO what you are HERE TO DO, what YOU agreed to do, long before your feet ever stood yet once again on Anastasis’s (Terra’s) (Earths) Fertile Ground! Now stop thinking small, STOP making excuses and hike-up your britches. It IS Time to Grow into Your Soul. NOW, “Damn the Torpedoes – FULL SPEED ahead.”


“The Cosmos is Calling” Carols Astrological Perspectives


Project PUSH – How to perform a PUSH Movement


It has been deemed necessary to repost this information.

“Checking Sources and Aligning Energies” and “Bridging the Gap”

It has also been deemed prudent to remind everyone about

“Letting Go in order to Receive”


The “Blue Star Transmission”

The Saga continues and other Feather-Ruffling information, and The Calm before the Shift-Storm.


The Blue Star Transmission

“Innocence Lost as a new storm is abrewing amid id-Castration”


The Blue Star Transmission 12-16-2020 to 2-25-2021 is

This message contains information that affects everyone on this planet so please read it carefully.

“The Hand of God has been set into activated motion as the hatred among humanity continues at a frenzied pace”


10-15-2020 – the Blue Star Transmission

Welcome to the new Dimensional Shift as escapism and true realities collide and False Prophets reel the peoples in as lunacy tries to rule.

A new Dimensional Shift is occurring right under your nose yet but a few of you ones see it, let alone honor it! Terra is reforming on a raid scale rate of changes needed and altering changes that should not take place here on the Earth Star Planet. Terra, after rendering due consideration for all the goodhearted peoples here is NOW reclaiming the planet.


Worthy of revisiting

8-21 Blue Stars current Transmission is

“Blinded by the Dark”


“Voices of Cyclical Changes”

From Celest and David

2-20-2021 – Please NOTE; we have posted updates to this message on the Blue Star Speaks website…

Original date of this message 8-21-2020

Every cycle in life is in search of completion and must be a reflection of and in the timelessness of the continuum. Then the next cycle can begin. In other words, all occurs within spatialness for linear time does not exist. This new project we are beginning is a collaboration of the changing voices on topics that need to be heard, discussed and ultimately understood in order for people to live their lives in the new NOW. But to do so in a better way in order for people to begin using the Power of Mind exponentially. We feel that by people working together to not only Create a better world but a better way to live life we can all do something wonderful for ourselves and for others. Many people will begin using ancient as well as new knowledge to enhance their understanding of how to continue to evolve and they will go on to teach others how to live a better life in a better way.

We will be having occasional conference calls throughout each year which would allow people to call in, speak with others on the calls, ask questions they may have relating to various topics and offering their own perspectives on different issues that may help them as well as others.

Some of the topics we will be discussing may be:

Living in multiple dimensions, gloaming, speaking with your Spirit Guides, protecting your psyche, telepathy, checking your sources, walking with one foot in each world, dimensional doorways, Soul matrix, speaking to Gatekeepers, Avatars, Master Teachers, how cycles of life are influenced by human beings behavior, the cause and effect of free expression, understanding bodily changes relative to new environments, forming Soul unions consciously, Soul Clusters, missions, understanding symbolism and recognizing signs. Soul voice keeping you on your path, Migrating to other locations. And many other topics which people on the conference calls can introduce to the group.

We can only offer this “Voices of the Cyclical Changes” program to people living in the United States. In order to be considered for possible inclusion in this new program please email


and in subject be sure to write the word “VOICES.”  People who will be part of the group will be given a call-in conference call number and password. It will be set up on the “no cost conference call” system. When we schedule a call we will give much advance notice and we will be asking people to let us know if they will be on that call.

It is going to take us a couple of months to set everything up because we too must prepare for the soon arriving winter. But please feel free to send your email and we will respond as soon as we can. We will remain in touch with those accepted into the program and can answer any question you may have about the program.

Salude … Celest and David


“A Telling Moment”

In Autumn of 2020

Today we had to send out some rejection notices to people who would like to participate in one of the next steps in their continual evolution, The “VOICES of Cyclical Changes” conference calls.

If you received one of these and IF your first response was ‘anger’ ask yourself “WHY?”

If you felt hurt or saddened, again ask yourself ‘why?”

Anger is but another clever guise “fear” uses when it raises its ugly head. And no “fear” is natural, IT IS a learned response. Our intent is not to cause you anger or pain, it is to bring attention to undealt with issues you have held in close proximity to your intellects self-preservation center. Which by the way was trained by WHO? If you were just taken back and had to think about what we just said for moment instead of instantaneously knowing then perhaps you need to re-visit your studies.

These are but simple examples of the basics in knowledge understood of what is required, needed, and necessary in order for anybody to be able to graduate from “The Earth Star Walk.” Hmmm, does ANYONE wonder why there are so many people on the Earth Star planet at this time… hmm, former schoolhouse planet – overpopulation… Yes we know, this is not something we have talked about publicly, somethings need to be intuited or figured out on your own.  Again, if you do not understand then perhaps you should try to and not regress and enter into a shell or stick your head in the sand. Believe it or not there are more people than you can imagine who will skim past or simply ignore what is not understood and move on with their jolly lives centered around intentional bliss of self-gratification over all else.

If the shoe fits… Stand up to it, own it. “Take A Stand,” if not now… then when?

What does it mean to BE a true human being? Do you remember the difference between being human and hu-man?

We have been dutifully helping everyone to ‘remember, remember, remember’ for over 31 years. WHY, because we are all connected. Remember what “ALL That IS” is? How about “GOD I AM?” Do you remember what THE LIGHT in Lightworker stands for? Basics, basics, basics. Sometimes the need arises to revisit the basics and when or if the need arises whose responsibility is it to recognize what needs to be remedied? WE can not do it all for you nor will we. How can you help others, how can you teach others if you don’t take care of yourself, your SELF? IF you have not found your own center (forget about being in balance) and have learned to walk with one foot in both worlds at the same time, especially now… your time is running out. Again, do you understand this as well?   

This lifetime is full of blessings and another another chance to get things right while playing out our/your roles in this Life of Lives that The Creator and The Creation Processing generously offers to each of us by allowing us the blessings reincarnation keeps “Gifting” us with. Do you understand?

Love is unconditional, what you do with what has been given to you… there’s that darn personal-responsibility again!

Each of us READ our Soul Contracts BEFORE we signed them, we reviewed “The Movie of our upcoming lifetime” over and over and over again before we RE- incarnated this time around. ALL is KNOWN by you, WE are just trying to help you to remember, remember… remember!

And the chiming of bells rings out IN ALL Universes

“And you give Birth to Wisdom”

Salude, David of Arcturus

Bluestarspeaks.com Awakenedhearts.com Godumentary.com

AND… “Happy Anniversary” to all those truly special Starkeepers who remained here on Earth when the Mother Ship arrived on October 7th 2007! Damn the Torpedoes – Full Speed Ahead.


6-15-2020 Blue Star requested that we post this current Blue Star transmission as soon as it was ready.

“Your Life in retrospect – NOW play it Forward”

4-19-2020 Note: This may well be the most important message you have ever read, PLEASE take your time when reading it. Blue Star the Pleiadians “Blue Star Transmission”

“The Best in People … The Worst in People … In the NOW NEW NORMAL Life on the Earth Star Planet”


Worthy of revisiting “Mining and the Stock Market”



Quantum Thoughts – New Light Messages 2019 – 2020


“Harlequin Masks”


“Freak Accidents, Fillers and Self-Reflection, Rules of Conduct and Life on Schedule”


The Greater Group and Vibrational Frequency

“And so the Quietude begins its Dance of Resurrection”


Please take Note:

Below is an excerpt of the information regarding the proper wording  of the “Jesus The Christ Consciousness” words of protection that we ourselves use, God and Blue Star the Pleiadian and others have so often spoken about throughout the last 30 years. Write it down, memorize it, test yourself on your ability to recite the “EXACT” wording. It is your responsibility to REMEMBER and use these words. Thank you Nargiza in Australia for reminding us to remind you. Salude, Celestial and David


If you are not on the “New Book Notification” email list then email us at earthstar@awakenedhearts.com


It has come to our attention that far to many people still do not understand what is happening with the magnetic changes affecting this world or even how magnetics play such a critical role in the well being of the human body, this world itself and how it affects the evolutionary process. So Master Kato has requested that we draw your attention to one of The Masters earlier messages.


Note from Celest;

The people who are part of the Gatherings are people who are learning they can be in contact with others all over the world. It is not about myself or David, it is about them coming together as the Advocates they are and sharing ideas, experiences and inspirations and forming an unbreakable bond with one another while strengthening the Collective Consciousness through their thoughts, deeds and actions. We were on a conference call with one group a couple of weeks ago and it is wonderful to see the changes in the people.

This website continues to research and explore various realities and myths that are commonly known as “Paranormal.” Although we contend that these things are quite rational and normal… for the most part. We are dedicating this website and our time and work on it, as an ongoing effort to Awaken the Hearts of all people to the truth behind the events occurring on this planet…because we care. These discussions on this website will be for those who need to know, those who already know, but NOT for those who don’t want to know.

 Contrary to some peoples beliefs, This website is “NOT” for entertainment purposes. Salude.. Celest and David