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This Website updated Stardate 12-18-2018




12-11-18 (updated 12-18)

“When Remarkable People give a Remarkable Gift”

“Spirituality 101”

A Guide for those who have “Forgotten”


10-24-18 – The current “Blue Star Transmission” is

The Incomparable Beauty of the Interfacing of Soul Magnetics And The Quietude

8-25-18 The “Blue Star Transmission” was

Quid Pro Queue and Quantum Levels of Soul Magnetics


9-14 18 “Do You Believe in Miracles?”

9-17-18 Gifts of Experience “Past Present and Future

9-17-18  2 new “Kids Corner” posted


6-30-18 “To Live AS a Life Lived Well”


6-24-18 The previous “Blue Star Transmission” was

The Movie and the Mind Field


4-23-18 The “Blue Star Transmission” was

Expect the unexpected all the time NOW


Stellar Message Board


“Everyone is invited – It IS a party of an Infinite Kind” – God

“The Gift” experience was profound and life-altering for so many who participated. And what occurred in the days and weeks to follow was even more profound. Doorways were opened and The Ancients from all the Universes entered into the Earth Star Realm. Evidence of this is going on all around you. If you were not able to join in you can still contribute your thoughts, emotions and epiphanies any time you wish. Just remember that time is an illusion and use this knowing to send your wishes into “The Gift” anytime and every time you wish to. Salude, Celestial and David


2-25-18 The “Blue Star Transmission” was

The Faces of the DECISION

12-22-17 The Previous “Blue Star Transmission” was

As Heaven and Nature Sings and Worlds Collide

We intentionally posted this Transmission ahead of time due to its importance


NOW Available

“Avatars in the Valley of the Ancients”

Book 8 of 8 of “The God Book” series

Paperback, PDF and  Kindle E-book versions now available



“Winter People Dream Journal”

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Available in Paperback only


~ NEW Postings ~


11-30 Recommended Reading “Stone Triangle


A Radiant Collective: ARC


The Gifts of Experience – “I said… She said… and then They said…


Timing is everything


The Universe IS Always on Time

It is time to revisit the past to see how applicable it is to today and how vitally important it is we all pull together as one united race of Beings while there is still time.

WE ARE “The New People of The New Earth.”

WE ask, Please really listen to the lyrics of this song. In Service … Celestial Blue Star of the Pleiades and David of Arcturus


Welcome to The Golden NOW.

As the NEW People of the NEW Earth you each are Terra’s (Earth’s) “Advocates for Justice.”

Join us now as we SING “The eternal Song of God” together and elevate this world and all of her inhabitants into a new existence, ONE unlike anything anyone here on Earth has ever seen or envisioned before.

The TIME is NOW. Dream yourself awake and remember, remember, remember. Remember WHO YOU ARE and WHY YOU ARE HERE … NOW!

We will be waiting for you in

“The Valley of The Ancients.”



~ Important NEW Postings and updates ~


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SPECIAL NOTICE: It has come to our attention that far to many people still do not understand what is happening with the magnetic changes affecting this world or even how magnetics play such a critical role in the well being of the human body, this world itself and how it affects the evolutionary process. So Master Kato has requested that we draw your attention to one of The Masters earlier messages.

The Masters – “The Destabilization of Magnetics


8-24-17 The “Blue Star Transmission” is

Truth is a Bombshell and is an elixir for Life


6-29 Let the Gatherings Begin “Gatherings 11


Note from GOD

If you want Me to help you help yourselves, every once in awhile you need to turn of your electrical devices so you can HEAR ME THINK!


5-28 Chako Priest’s New book

The Faces of Ascension

5-28 Blue Star – Marriage and Communicable intent

“The Gatherings” Contact List

The Gatherings Contact Information


5-1 2017 “Question – Do dark souls evolve?”


3-22-2017 NEW to the Godumentary website

“Kids Corner”

You may also wish to revisit the information on the Godumentary website we posted long ago under the category “Celestial Thoughts” entitled “Talking to Children who Talk to God.”


12-9-2016 A “Letter from God” – I AM


Notice of 2-21-2017

As you can see we have been upgrading our websites. We have finished the “Blue Star Speaks” site and are working on the others as time permits. The new formats are now “mobile friendly” and we have also upgraded ALL our sites so they are now https enabled.

What does https mean? Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) is the secure version of HTTP, the protocol over which data is sent between your browser and the website that you are connected to. The ‘S’ at the end of HTTPS stands for ‘Secure’. It means all communications between your browser and the website are encrypted.

We have also updated our storefront to a new format as well and placed it on its own “secure” website which is the link you now see as “Ethereal Transformation.“ As this is an ongoing process we ask you to let us know if you find any “glitches” we may have missed during this transition phase. So please take some time and look around the Blue Star and Ethereal Transformation sites so you can familiarize yourself with the new formats.

Salude and may you always walk in joy, Celestial and David



The “New Light Messages” are now concluded.
We wish to thank Shamaan Eagle for all the great assistance she has been to humanity. May she now enjoy her future.


Note from Celest;

The people who are part of the Gatherings are people who are learning they can be in contact with others all over the world. It is not about myself or David, it is about them coming together as the Advocates they are and sharing ideas, experiences and inspirations and forming an unbreakable bond with one another while strengthening the Collective Consciousness through their thoughts, deeds and actions. We were on a conference call with one group a couple of weeks ago and it is wonderful to see the changes in the people.

Please click on the tab at the top of this website to find

 “The Gatherings” Bulletin Board


The Gatherings – Another First Step

“A Clarion CALL for THE GATHERINGS to begin”

More useful information about “The Gatherings”

“The Gatherings” – Manifesting in The Golden NOW


1-25-2016 – Let the Gatherings Begin

Spiritual Friends of Awakened Hearts


Symbolism from Visions


 Project Golden Force

You may submit your questions for the next Online Walk-In and Starseed Summit by emailing us at

Please put the word “Summit” in your email subject line.

Access the previous Summit(s) by going to


God Book 7 for website

Book 7 of “The God Book” series

“Winter People who Ride the Wind”



Where yoiu are giong


One Wish to make2



A Special Notice – Project PUSH has been an incredible success every time it has been performed. Each time individuals perform PUSH on their own for whatever reason, we have been told that their successes have been magnificent even if the PUSHers don’t know this.

God… there is a time to hold a person by the hand, to walk them through the gate and then the time to say… now go and do it on your own. Take what you have learned and continue keeping the momentum going. Over the next 6 to 12 months I will be calling upon the collective who will come to together to do a collective PUSH. I will have Celest and David post the information when and as the need arises. For now, do what you do, what you have learned to do and make a difference by being the difference during this crucial Autumn Equinox.”

All pushers, now is the time for each of you do it on your own. You can gather in groups, use social media contacts, connect with friends or simply do so by yourself. Nothing can stop you. Nothing will mitigate, nothing will lessen your success. We are going to spiritually continue to do our own PUSHes when we feel the need to do so. JOURNEY WELL!!!


God’s 6th book, “Advocates for Justice


Climate Change and the resulting effects on Humankind

Karmanistic Events and the Consequences of being Wrong


Its all ok

 Attention Light Workers: “It’s NOW or Never,” and Disclosing countries’ leaders agendas


Worthy of revisiting

The Four Horsemen of the Golden NOW

“A Telling Moment” – The Masters Message #1


Beyond the Journey – Life in the Hereafters


This website continues to research and explore various realities and myths that are commonly known as “Paranormal.” Although we contend that these things are quite rational and normal… for the most part. We are dedicating this website and our time and work on it, as an ongoing effort to Awaken the Hearts of all people to the truth behind the events occurring on this planet…because we care. These discussions on this website will be for those who need to know, those who already know, but NOT for those who don’t want to know.

 Contrary to some peoples beliefs, This website is “NOT” for entertainment purposes. Salude.. Celest and David

This website will be updated as we have time. All current postings to all three websites are listed under “Update Notices

All of “The God Book Series” and the “Blue Star the Pleiadian” Series of books

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This Website began in Earth Star Date 2001