“The Musical Oracles”


“The Musical Oracles”

A Universal-shaking Event

Occurred when? Friday, June 11th, 2021 all over the world

Note: This is a Vibration Raising Event

Special Note from Celest and David:

If you were unable to partake in “The Musical Oracles” Event … You still can. And we encourage everyone to merge their energies with ALL of Divinity.

Please Remember, remember, remember what we taught all of you when we first began teaching everyone how to Perform a “PUSH Movement” along with how to use the “Golden Force.” And yes, again we are Here and NOW “CALLING All Good Souls to Unite NOW.” Do you recall when we taught you that YOU CAN be in two places at once AND that You CAN send your energetic contribution to take part in the EVENT both before during and after the original timeline “The Musical Oracles” Event has occurred. Remember we are Creating “A Cosmic WAVE” and it will grow and be hastened by the contributions from everyone in every time zone. AND yes YOU MAY in the future continue to enhance this WAVE by adding more good thoughts and higher vibrational energies to this massive wave at ANY and ALL times you wish to. Please REMEMBER, You are ALL Cosmic BEINGS. So Spread your Wings and DO what you are HERE TO DO, what YOU agreed to do, long before your feet ever stood yet once again on Anastasis’s (Terra’s) (Earths) Fertile Ground! Now stop thinking small, STOP making excuses and hike-up your britches. It IS Time to Grow into Your Soul. NOW, “Damn the Torpedoes – FULL SPEED ahead.”

inspired and being Spearheaded by

“The VOICES of Cyclical Changes”

We are excited to be Creating with “The Musical Oracles” a new Project, and we are inviting everyone to participate in this Universal-shaking event.  One aspect of this project is about Creating Cyclical Changes to help Anastasis (Terra) purge Re-Creation energy and to help save the lives of all good-hearted Souls who are here. Furthermore, as the project evolves, other Creation ideas can be built upon to expand, elevate, and give birth to other macrocosmic energies.

We invite and welcome everyone to not only participate by whatever means that you can contribute, but to also share in suggestions and ideas to how we can all make Cyclical Changes even greater. It’s all about Creation, and we are Creative Beings so bring out our Luminescent Selves.  Quoting from our Wise Teachers, “We have been training for literally thousands and thousands of lifetimes for this current lifetime – – – THIS IS THE LIFETIME!!!, “YOU CAN DO NO WRONG” We encourage you not to hold back but put forth your highest intention for the maximum good of all.

We will be joined by The CHILDREN as Celest was telling us on the last call, “They will be playing their bells and chimes.”  We are sure other Divine Beings, Star Keepers, and Stellar Families will want to participate; thus we encourage everyone to invite them to join us.  We are scheduling this event for Friday, June 11th at Noon, in your time zone.  Given the fact that we all live at different time zones and different locations all over the world, we will all be sending continuous, tangible energy waves which will alter intangible energy waves of Creation energy around and through the planet and throughout the Universe.

Participation can include: (Do what it is that your heart calls you to do)

-Always begin by reciting the Jesus The Christ Mantra First (Mantra information available on Godumentary.com)

-Perform a PUSH MOVEMENT (as many as you would like)

-Use GOLDEN FORCE (PUSH and Golden Force information can be found on the Awakenedhearts.com website)

-Fire Ceremony

-Burning Sage, and/or Incense

-Lighting of Candles


-Playing any Musical Instruments that you may have around the house whether you know how to play it or not (drum, piano, guitar, keyboard, ukulele, cymbals, triangle, maraca, bells, chimes, etc.)

-Tap on your kitchen table

-Use your pots and pans

-Create your own song or tune


-Play any music with high vibrations that uplift you, sing along


-Use the Atlantean Wands (Please do not use the black (warrior) and blue (healing) wands together)

-Use Crystals to amplify your intention


-Pray/Talk to God

Prior to starting, we would suggest for everyone to start out by putting a pinch of sea salt under your tongue and drinking lots of water.  Take slow deep breaths and breathe out slowly at least three times to relax. Relax and have fun.  It’s a celebration for Anastasis and all good Souls everywhere.  Those Souls need all the help we can give them.

Ladies and Gentlemen of this Universe and all Multiverses, we give you, The Musical Oracles!!! Let the Music play! Create…Create…Create.

When you are satisfied with all you wish to do, no matter how long or short it was we would suggest that you perform a final PUSH Movement and send it around the world.  Remember to give thanks to all Divinities, Star Keepers, and Stellar Families as well as yourself.  Don’t forget to shake your wrist and hands to disconnect from the energy.

At this time, we would suggest for you to take a few moments to relax and quiet down to be fully in this Present Moment NOW and enjoy what you have Created.  From this time period to our next Voices of Cyclical Changes call later in June, open up your Clairs, your (clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience).  Pay attention to your senses and take notes on how you feel, and what you are picking up from your surroundings and the Universe, write down your visions, dreams, signs, telepathy communications and other thoughts and impressions that may be coming to you.  We would like for everyone to document and share your experiences, if you have any, and if you are comfortable sharing, email those to us and when we have the next VOICES of Cyclical Changes call we will share them.

We would like to thank everyone for Be-ing the VOICES of Cyclical Changes.

To quote God who gave Carol this message to give to us all, “You are all an integral part of the Divine Plan… live in your heart, there is no Greater Calling!”

By the way, this is what Celest and David received at 12:12pm on May 23rd, 2021 from God.  “The VOICES of Cyclical Changes, presentation of The Musical Oracles is about the VOICES using their Power of Mind, their dedication and their energies and directing them to the goal we will be focusing on.  This is the most important, the most powerful and the greatest way that we will be counteracting malicious terrorism of the highest level, ON the highest Level.  This is about the real world not the fallacies of the human world.  It is not about the philosophy of the human mind; this presentation defines the continuation of the Souls and their levels of immortality.  This is going to shake, rattle, rock and roll this entire Universe.”

Love to All

Inspired by Iroh and Myka, two of The VOICES of

“The VOICES of Cyclical Changes”


Salude, Celest and David

P.S. Remember to bring your “Dancing Shoes!”






We are inviting all “VOICES”, all “Gatherers,” all Light Workers and Light Weavers, all Starseeds, Earthseeds and Walk-Ins from this from all over the world to join in with StarKeepers from everywhere as we raise the Vibrations and Frequencies of this World, and all Universes everywhere.

This IS your Birthright!


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