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  • The Cosmos is Calling

    “The Cosmos is Calling” Carol’s Astrological perspectives Carol – one of many “VOICES of Cyclical Changes” Earthstar date 2021 “We are at a threshold of understanding reality in new ways not yet defined by the masses.” – Carol After all we have lived through the last year and a half: the restrictions and devastation of […]

  • New Light Messages 2019 – 2020

    New Light Messages 2019 – 2020

    New Light Messages 2019 – 2020 Elohim Yes, we do join you in this sacred circle. We shall be brief, you see. It is, as given, long ago, long ago, before your world was tainted by the dark force with such intense intention, you see, to be the dominant force. Now it must be seen […]

  • When Remarkable People give a Remarkable Gift

    When Remarkable People give a Remarkable Gift

    The Christ Consciousness IS Christmas Day every day. If you wish to re-visit or have not read last years wondrous event please go to “The Gift” A Christmas Day Event Updated 12-23 Scroll down the page to read other Remarkable Peoples “Gifts” If you are still unsure about “The Christ Consciousness” or Jesus and “The […]

  • Abundance

    Abundance Written by Etaoqua Economy: Debt slavery or ABUNDANCE? Our choice. Current system: Debt slavery Democracy = Capitalism = Slavery. Democracy is a bullying tactic using Money to enslave. A debt system enslaves all. “Haves” lending money to “have nots” is a tool to control the money supply, to control people. Central banks are private […]

  • Symbolism from Visions

    Symbolism from Visions This is a true story As God would say,”OK now,” here is where understanding symbolism in order to enrich your own understanding of such which enables you to teach others about symbolism comes into play. On Wednesday afternoon, Oct. 28, I (Celest) went out to the front porch and cut all of […]