Symbolism from Visions

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Symbolism from Visions

This is a true story

As God would say,”OK now,” here is where understanding symbolism in order to enrich your own understanding of such which enables you to teach others about symbolism comes into play. On Wednesday afternoon, Oct. 28, I (Celest) went out to the front porch and cut all of the cherry tomatoes off their vines and brought them into the house. We grew them in a large “Grow Box” on the porch to see if it was still ok and possible for them to grow because we planted them late in the season. We had a hard freeze coming that night and we knew they had to come inside. Even though many of them were still green we knew we could place them in large casserole dishes inside and let them sit in the sun and they would quite naturally ripen on their own. So we did.

On Saturday Oct 31st. Halloween, about 8am, I was lying in bed wide awake and had a day vision which repeated itself. Remember this was Halloween. What I saw was that we were both, David and I, standing in the living room and “somehow” we knew that we had to OPEN THE FRONT DOOR so we did and standing there on the front porch was a “tomato tree” that was LOADED with tomatoes. It was 2-3 foot high, nice thick trunk and the bottom of the trunk had not been sawed level, there were angular type shaped bottoms of the tree. I saw very little leaves; instead they were all bright red tomatoes. We picked it up and carried it into the house and set it down. That vision was repeated to me a second time immediately after the first time.

It is time for another “OK now,” We mused about this on Halloween and put the pieces of the vision together. Halloween-“trick or treat”-I was shown the tomatoes because: they were the last thing we PLANTED that we needed and wanted for ourselves and we removed them and brought them inside. Symbolically-God used the tomatoes we removed for ourselves and gave us a “tomato tree” which symbolizes what we need and want for ourselves and intentionally gave it to us on HALLOWEEN. WE have entered into our TREAT time! The front door being opened by us-we were receptive to new opportunities and we OPENED THE DOOR to bring in more of our destinies. Healthy trees live long lives so He did not send us any tomato plants on Halloween, He sent us a TREE. This is also the “fruit of the tree.” It is also the fruit of our labors. So, “when is a tomato not a tomato?” That is what God asked us. We responded with, ”When it is symbolic of something else.”

P.S. This does not mean “that the tomato does not fall far from the tree.”

We offer this “Vision” to each of you to use as an example so that you too may continue to expand your awareness, your consciousness and use your own sentience’s when deciphering your own visions which you receive both in your awakened as well as during your dream states. Remember, seeing “Windows” or “Doors “ in your dreams are doors opening for you or windows of opportunity which has come knocking in your behalf. Divinity loves to use symbolism and deciphering the meanings can be quite an art form.

Note: We use the “Grow Box’s” for growing our vegetables each year, they are multifunctional, extremely simple to use and if necessary can be utilized all year round inside the home in a sunny area. To find out more about these you can just do a search on the internet for “Grow Box” or “Earth Box.” These we ourselves were “led to” many years ago and for so vastly many different reasons completely understand why.

Salude, Celest and David

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