Written by Etaoqua

Economy: Debt slavery or ABUNDANCE? Our choice.

Current system: Debt slavery

Democracy = Capitalism = Slavery. Democracy is a bullying tactic using Money to enslave. A debt system enslaves all. “Haves” lending money to “have nots” is a tool to control the money supply, to control people. Central banks are private corporations controlling all governments. Wage earning is servitude, limiting creativity and destroying dreams. This system does not work.

Desirable System: Abundance

We are here to experience and to help each other. We are here to experience things, things that make us happy.  Earth is a planet of abundance without money. Earth provides everything we need. There is NO need for money, no need for a financial system, for a form of exchange.

Create a people system where people do everything and money does nothing.
Community is an extension of family. Create communities of abundance. It is time to heal.


Move to a people system where people do everything. Money does nothing
A transitional period is needed, and perhaps a global catalyzing event. Ubuntu can be a blueprint.

Use current system to replace itself. Money’s function is to destroy opposition. Use money carefully to free us from money. Without fighting anyone, take existing system and gently convert it so it benefits humanity. Heal all by modifying ways of thinking and speaking.

We are the ones we have been waiting for. We are responsible for cleaning up our own mess, for coming up with solutions, co-creators of our own reality, sovereign.

Forgive self, and others for what has been done up till now. Start focusing on similarities rather than differences, and begin to unify with others.  Fight no one. Decentralize government. Eliminate hierarchies. Shut down the Federal Reserve – create people’s banks as interim – tax free, interest free. Put into place community projects, public works.

Begin projects that benefit the entire community. Communities already exist. Small towns and villages can become models of abundance. Create beneficial community projects with everyone working a few hours a week. Abundance does not require a self sustaining community. “Self sustaining” destroys community by exclusion. Bartering skills, however, can be an interim tool.

A system of abundance does require political support. Create a political party. Elect the mayor/manager/supervisor and governing body. A mayor can change a whole town. Use the Achilles heel approach. Target smallest towns. Promise one benefit, such as free electricity for all, in return for working 3 hours/week. Eliminate taxes. Establish a public bank. Provide “free” labor to local businesses with 1/3 of benefits [profits] to the business; 2/3 to the community.

Restore tribal council(s). This can be an elders council using collective wisdom to decide policies best for all. Councils of peers, such as in M’hican system, is another option. Implement a minority ruled system. The number of minorities is infinite. Taking care of each minority benefits the whole community. In a minority driven system all are equally important, with each person respected.  Human nature is to create. Each one has a dream. An inclusive community allows dreams to manifest. Consensus is not needed if all are taken care of, reserving it for “big” issues where all have a stake.

Create a model that all can see working.

Eliminate competition which creates scarcity, prevents release of new technology, promotes secrecy. Turn competition into cooperation and collaboration. Develop symbiosis. Build unity consciousness, sharing & caring for each other. Resonate together, share knowledge, pool resources so everyone has everything needed.  No bills; free energy; free food [replicators], etc.

3-18-2017 Light & love, Etaoqua,

Etaoqua… IS a facilitator of “The Gatherings.”


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