New Light Messages 2019 – 2020

New Light Messages

2019 – 2020


Yes, we do join you in this sacred circle. We shall be brief, you see. It is, as given, long ago, long ago, before your world was tainted by the dark force with such intense intention, you see, to be the dominant force. Now it must be seen how many shall sell their Soul, you see; therefore, before your world does collapse. There is, indeed, a need for much to collapse, for you have built a world changed, much changed, and now there need be a return, a return we do say, to that which does nourish the Soul rather than destroy. You must know, once again, the Way of the Heart.

Know this: It shall come hard, but there are many who do, and can do, that which will block, block the intentions of those who have sacrificed their Souls for the sake of owning so much more than others.

We do say: You and others like you who gather to hold the Light must not fail to maintain your focus. There are many more like you, and it is essential that you now come together to increase the Light, the Way of the Heart; to increase Love among all who dare to have a world that has been cleansed, cleansed we say. For the cleansing has begun, and shall be the way of life for many; yet the multitudes will suffer before choosing that path. You may help ease their suffering through prayer, through hope, indeed by example.

We must take our leave at this time, yet we do encourage you to maintain your belief, your peace of mind, and indeed, your contribution to the Way of the Heart. Know this: We do stand with you and all others who have chosen Joy, Love, and Truth. We take our leave at this time.

Elohim, Elohim … and Elohim.

Visions – Upside down, upside down, so much will appear upside down for some time. Yes. Maintain, maintain your path and you will reach your soul’s journey.

The Wheel of Life. Pray, pray, pray that many, many more will join the Wheel of Life, of Light, of Healing, of Healing the Heart, the Soul. Your prayers, your prayers can help many, many who are confused at this time, and fearful; sweep away the fear, sweep away the fear.

Oh my, someone … it’s one of those who carries the Blue Light and has spoken, and said, it is for this time that they have come, to remind us why we have come, why we have come. They came to help us restore that which is being stolen, even now, by those who have followed only the rule of abundance, an abundance of greed. I saw this Being again, a Being of radiant, radiant Blue Light, shimmering, transmitting mentally a message: “We walk with you the Way of the Heart … now and always. We are your protectors, your allies and guides. Be comforted by the Light we share.”

Received by Dr. Shamaan Eagle from the Elohim. 

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Note from Celest and David; Shamaan does not receive many messages these days. When the Elohim speak of “The Cleansing” know this done in great part by the contributions so many of you have given by “Issuing the call for ALL Good Souls to Unite NOW” and for stating why you are doing so. As well as to all those Good Souls who assisted us in all the PUSH movements and in assisting The Avatars and others of The Creation Processing in Creating the myriad of “Dimensional Doorways” that are now gracefully interconnecting the thousands upon thousands upon thousands of Universes and micro-Universes together which has allowed for “The Elders Procession” and so many of the Luminescents Themselves to enter into this realm. We told you many many years ago that this was going to be “The Greatest Show on Earth.” Can you know see? We thank you, we Salude YOU for all that you do and the fact you do so “because you can.”

If you are new to these websites and do not know what we are speaking of then you may wish to read/revisit the “Blue Star Transmissions” on the bluestarspeaks website beginning from at least Autumn of 2017. ALL the information contained within these websites and all of our books is “timeless” and every person on Earth can benefit from the knowledge and wisdom contained within our teachings.

If you do not know who “The Avatars” are we suggest you read the 8 books of “The God Book” series where The God of this Universe and ALL the Other Luminescents from all the other Universes share Their wisdom with each  and every incarnate Soul living on Earth at this time and well into what is perceived as the future. They have done so as part of Their agreement made with each of us LONG before we incarnated this lifetime. Thus, fulfilling one crucial aspect of Their Agreement with each of us when we all gathered together in The Crystal City long long ago.  “Promises made, Promises Kept.”    

Blue Star the Pleiadian speaks in more detail about this “Cleansing – Purging” as well in his transmission “The Greater Group and Vibrational Frequency” 10-25 to 12-25-2019 which IS posted on the Blue Star Speaks website.

To all Earthstar Walkers who are actively pursuing their own P.H.D.s in LIFE, we Salude you, you walk in good company.

Celestial Blue Star of the Pleiades and David of Arcturus