Nobody Ever Told Them

~ Nobody Ever Told Them ~

Quantum Thoughts of Celest and David

For a long time now we have quietly watched the myriad shenanigans taking place as people scatter to and fro searching for the answers that they already have. Sounds illogical? Sounds like a contradiction in terms? Yes, to both questions. There are pivotal degrees of the Scales of Justice at play here; we are speaking of Karmic Justice, not the watered-down, misplaced human version of Justice. True Justice is not blind, she is a Deity in her own right, as well she should be. Oftentimes people receive half answers to the questions/issues they have. There is a good reason for this. When people are searching for answers, they have a tendency to "forget" that receiving the answers from Divine Sources is easy BUT, the answer is not always as it appears to be when first received. Often, more so than not, the answers are "coded" and it is necessary to read between the lines.

This is what causes so much doubt and insecurity within the minds of those here who are not a part of "mass consciousness," these are the people who are experiencing their own private and personal advancement into true knowing. Mass consciousness at least for now, is far too caught up in third-dimensional trivia to give a crap. But the men and women struggling to find and maintain a foothold on all that is occurring in the "now present moment," miss the FACT that one of the applications of "The Law of One," clearly states that all must learn "to fish," that it is incumbent upon each individual here to learn WITHOUT reliance on answers to their issues from other Sources. Consider this to be a Cosmic Interplay of Truth, Consciousness and the rite of individual sovereignty. This is the RITE of free expression that cannot be compromised!

Far too many people think if they are "good" Souls and walk their path that their path will be unencumbered. Not true. A major part of treading this path is to expect the unexpected. Literally stated, consider all the implications of not merely hearing/listening to truth, but discerning what part of the truth is an illusion or a conclusion predicated upon another’s belief. If you dig deeply into what you hear/read/believe/used to believe, you shall find nuggets of gold, or you will find deceit and lies. People have made the errors of judgment in "believing," because they REALLY want to, that men and women claiming to walk this road less believable are actually not walking at all; they are "trapeze artists," swinging to and fro and spreading whatever gospel the Seeker wants to hear. Are these others really bad? For the most part, no. The ones who really are… are REALLY BAD! This path of which we speak is fraught with known and unknown dangers that await the weary traveler; hoping to catch that person(s) unaware. Far too many times, it is a successful capture.

You see, in the deepest recesses of the mind, heart and Soul of the travelers, lies a true yearning to once again experience the Oneness of Unity with the Divine. To many it is at such an umpth degree that they blind themselves to the misanthropes walking in human guise. So the off world mentors lay traps through their earthbound counterparts in order to cause permanent damage to the psyche of the weary and naïve travelers. It is in this manner that Spiritual carnage ensues. People, who continually evolve/move upward in personal consciousness, feel a natural "high" that no illegal drug can compare to. The downside to this "fallout effect," is that when that state is entered into, the "trust factor" can become its own anomaly. In the inchoate state, people tend to trust TOO much, they do so because they no longer are clearly sensing the subtleties in their surroundings. They forget that they are not "home" where all exists in its natural state; where all beings really are as they appear to be. They forget THIS IS PLANET EARTH.

Herein lies a major debacle; too often the individuals who find themselves under attack from off world minion as well as from the humans who cannot tolerate the sudden changes in the forward movement of the individuals(s), become fretful. Fear and anxiety emotions rear their ugly heads. A significant number of them begin to feel betrayed. Betrayed by God, betrayed by their Spiritual Guides and betrayed by their off world families. As to "why," we shall share the answer with you, however if you are among that group then you probably won’t like the answer. Too bad! In the persons’ zest for communion with Infinity, they overlook/do not know, that just because they are moving forward does NOT make them immune to the slings and arrows of the unholy. The more Light you emit, the bigger target you make. We have listened to soooooo many weeping and angry people beseeching their Higher Sources to tell them WHY things did not go according to HOW the people thought it would. They question the WHY certain situations continue to occur in their lives in spite of the fact that they are "good" people.

We ask them what did they do to change their situations; we ask others why they are sitting back and acting as if all they have to do is to believe that all will be well, without indulging in the necessary work required by them to be PART of this Continuum. Many are simply "awaiting signs." To these we say, "do NOT hold your breath!" Does anyone consider that God in His Wisdom is awaiting signs from you? Are you understanding the term, "Quid Pro Quo?" When things go right, people thank God, when things go wrong, people either blame God or reprove/revile Him for his "failure to carry through." Earthizens can be very strange! What they do not know or in many cases WANT to know, is that they are entwined in an amorphous life; until such time that they change this, they cannot expect more changes. Then too, Light Weavers who have so diligently worked to better their own previously held con-ditions and con-victions have but one large,…..enormous….stumbling block to eradicate. One that has been a part of their life experience for as long as they have endured this third-dimensional dross.

This is "THE BIG ONE." It is Fear. It is all the covert and subtle shadings of fear that can and will destroy not only the masses, but also those who walk our path. WHY? A couple of months ago Blue Star the Pleiadian asked Celest to issue a warning from him to humanity; one that was "in your face truth." No subtleness with this message!! It is because fear is being promulgated among all cultures to a greater degree than ever before. Those who you might think would know better than to fall into that trap, are the first ones to fall. It was around that time that a man known for his web compilations sent an urgent request to a good friend of ours .He, who should have known better, wanted her to have a warning issued immediately and tell everyone that a major Tsunami was going to hit the east coast of America, further he wanted her to tell people to move 200 miles inland to avoid death and destruction. Wake up people!!!! As many times as father, Hatton and many others have stated that climatic conditions are being controlled to prevent many major types of catastrophes, it only took that one ILLUSION of truth to shake the foundation of many Light Weavers’ worlds.

They FORGOT what they had learned; they FORGOT the snares and traps awaiting them, they FORGOT that people will always be physically WHERE they should be at any point in their lives. NOBODY EVER TOLD THEM that psyche attacks will always attack your Achilles Heel, whatever it may be. The list of "victims" of fear is darn near as long as the list of the Illuminati names. Spiritual teachers who are not conducting their good works in the manner they should be are the ones who do not make the time to explain that the advancement of trials and some tribulations, always intensify the more a person evolves. To our own chagrin, we have met many teachers who are totally unaware that this will happen. Why do they not know? NOBODY EVER TOLD THEM.

In the linear world itself, psychiatrists, psychologists and medical personal, with very few exceptions, simply follow the dictums written by undiscerning and un-Spiritual hands from long, long ago, in order to appease the ill and gain prestige among their colleagues. Even though so many of these "esteemed people," are hearing new old truths about the real medicine for the body and the medicine for the mind, they cannot logically accept that as the truth that it is. It would ruin their lives, in their eyes. So they continue on as they have been ALLOWED to before. Many Healers who are now becoming a loud voice on Earth are performing great healings on people, YET at least half of them are in "unawareness" of the Universal Laws governing healing. They cannot have successful PERMANENT healings, unless the patient is someone who has eradicated the root cause of the illness. Without that eradication, "healing" is but temporary, leaving both Healer and patient wondering what went wrong. We have encountered so many really good people who are natural Healers but DO NOT KNOW they must protect themselves from the attachment of illness that the patient is carrying. This is a case where the Healer then must heal themselves and figure out the WHY did this happen!

Far too many Light Weavers want everything to materialize and manifest NOW, meaning, "I want it and want it now." They want what they want, when they want it. Even acknowledging that linear time does not exist beyond the Earth’s grid does not in any way slow Light Weavers down from trying to change some rules. Applicable rules are:

1-You get what you get when you get it.
2-If you do not detail…what it is you want, you won’t get it.
3-If you know what you want but it belongs to another…then it is not yours to have unless that person willingly CHOOSES to give it to you
4-If you say that you want a man or woman in your life and end up with a drunkard or worse, then you got what you deserved. Remember the fine print…details are important
5-If you feel that you are one of "the chosen ones," define what that means to you personally and Spiritually.
6-If you are unsure of what it is that your life works entails, refer to sentence #2
7-think about how much you expect from God and how much you expect from yourself, there should be a balance there you know.

This brings us to the oft used and abused term, "special people." You may want to use your own power of discernment with this issue, if you have none, well…get some!

Statement #1-"Everyone is special."
Statement #2-"no one is special."

Now which one of those statements is an illusion? What does "special" mean to you as an independent entity living within the Earth Star’s present confinements? Will your opinion change in the "no time" continuum? Why would it be different than now? Careful now, you will be tested on this as you pass into a Higher Level of understanding.

Many people feel it is better to know than not know, about truths and illusions; many others prefer to know only their daily work and family situations, to the exclusion of all else. Which are you? All people should better understand that for every action of their own, there is one of equal impact from the Cosmos. There is no true polarity complex at work with this situation, think of it as "opposites and equals still do attract." They contain miniscule particles of great matter that is magnetized by both thought and action. Things may not always turn out the way YOU decide is best for you, but all The Creative Forces gift you each with all that you truly need and DESERVE. If Divinity has informed you that an opportunity shall present itself to give you what you asked for and it turns out to be a bit different than you thought, remember that whenever a probable circumstance can offer you something better than you asked for, then THAT is what you shall receive, in spite of yourself.

What is your "God view?" Many still believe that God is a vengeful, angry "smoting with the sword," Deity. Why? What bathroom wall was that written on? Fortunately for humanity, God has a tremendous sense of humor and a great sense of the ironical nature of the human being. Why was this stupendously depraved lie begun? Who is responsible? Why do all religions promulgate this lie? Who wins with this manipulated lie? Ummm we see another test coming up. We shall give you a hint…"Fear" is the mother of the great fornicator. It is the dark illusion that cunningly scatters all seeds of discontent, insecurity, disbelief, controlled hyperbole, dis-ease and all the rest of ITS matrix. Why do people not know this? Same answer every time! Why is it that people do not know that FEAR wears many hats, many disguises, it is the Grand Illusion of Truth. Too many are trapped in the erroneous zone; and there they may stay if they do not begin to "question" old programming. We said ERRONEOUS zone, not EROGENOUS zone…although come to think about it, many are trapped there too. More’s the pity.

When we all gathered together to plan our future life experiences little did we know that curveballs would be sent our way as a means of testing our resolve. Have you ever passed any grade without first proving that you had learned the material? Have you ever been given something as a gift and the simple act of that giving left you without the respect and care needed to accurately cherish and honor said gift? Would you think that life would be any different? Would you expect nothing less from your children than to learn the lessons at hand that you were trying to impress upon them? The same goes universally; with every test that is either passed or failed is advancement or a setback to another grade or level. The universe did not set these tests for you, its time to wake up, everything you are experiencing or not experiencing, is due to choices that you alone have made along the way. In most every message we have on our websites does it not stress the need for personal responsibility? Does it not say that you are the creators of your own destines? Long, long ago when the challenges were laid before you, you all knew in advance of the times coming that we are currently living in, right here, right now. Do you not remember, "YOU VOLUNTEERED FOR THIS MISSION." Will it help you any to know that no mission is "mission impossible?" in order for Earth to ascend to Her rightful place? No stone can be left unturned; no vestige of darkness will be allowed to remain. Will this mean that your loved ones will not make the journey with her? You may as well get used to the fact in the coming days, months and years, that many of those whose "choices" are not in theirs and the universes best interest will be leaving this planet. To them we say, "you wrote your lesson plan, you knew the risks and challenges ahead of you, you believed in your ability to overcome not only the illusions but also yourselves." Let us repeat, there is no one on this planet who did not volunteer to be here…

Now we wonder why it is that no one told you about the need to be true to yourselves, has no one yet realized that without themselves intact, they can help no other. Did no one ever tell you that you must first be your own "Best Friend" before you can honor another? So many who wander this planet shouting "Love and Light" have no true idea what true love is, nor what "light" is truly about. Do you not perhaps think that it is time to find out? How many, many people we meet who believe that the human body is mainly composed of water; guess again, it is electricity. This is a clue to the question above about "Light." Far too many people were never told that the true essence of a human being is GOD in physical form.

Let’s look for a moment on the "Astrological" aspect of things. We don’t believe in horoscopes, how can anyone tell me my future without knowing my chosen path? Far too much labeling of people comes in the form of astrology. Have you ever been asked, "What sign are you?" To them your correct answer should be "I AM ALL SIGNS." Why would anyone want to label themselves as only capable of fulfilling the ambitions of a certain sign? The true human being will be able to BE all signs and walk all paths. There should never be a separation between the two, there should never be the separation between the Spiritual and the physical, yet it exists, if only in your mind’s eye. This is probably a good time to correct another misnomer, far too many people believe they are of either the masculine or the feminine energies at any given point. What they do not teach you in your sacred textbooks is that everyone is androgynous, a perfect balance between the two Creative forces. Again, never allow yourself to be labeled, by yourself or any of your peers, what they may perceive may only be a mirror image of themselves, think on that for a bit.

Have you ever heard the expression, "Kids say the darndest things?" Have you ever noticed how animals are attracted to certain people and dislike others? This is because young kids and animals exist in the NOW moment. They have no illusions or boundaries set in front of them. They know by instinct what most "light workers" are trying to figure out, it has not yet been muffled or suppressed in the "young at heart." Who do you think came up with the expression ADT (attention deficit disorder)? It was those who intend to suppress a child’s natural abilities of creation and discovery. Their imaginary friends are not merely an illusion.

We sit outside and marvel at the night sky, admiring all of its beauty and feeling a strong sense of belonging. How many people do you imagine have not noticed the different placements of stars in the skies above? For a number of years now the stars have been relocating their positions, the moon is out of time. At least that is when it is where it should be. Has anyone ever noticed that at times there are two Moons? The Earth, "Terra as She is Universally known," is transforming herself back into her natural state of being, yet so many are worried about global warming. The Earth is shifting Her axis. This is a natural occurrence, just as the polar ice caps melting are a natural occurrence. This is also why the arc of the moon and the sun have altered. When Earth returns to Her pristine self she shall be habitable in every area.

Part of honoring all things as an aspect of God, is to honor everything acknowledging that all are live sentient beings. Have you ever heard the natives speak of "Listening to the Trees?" Have you ever heard of the "Stone People?" Have you ever thought of flowers you delight in so much, as another aspect of God and therefore a connected part of yourself. This would be true if you believed that everything is connected. Now consider for a moment that since everything is connected, would it not be the honorable thing to do to "ASK PERMISSION" before taking a rock home, picking a flower or even choosing a new pet? The list is truly endless if you consider the possibilities. In honoring another you honor yourself. In simply "taking," are you not working in a persona of power? Is not the true test of a human being, "HOW THEY HANDLE POWER?" So much is taken for granted, yet with the use of our five senses combined with the natural abilities to listen, to reason, to know truths when they are presented should not all we have said above make sense?

Have any of you traveled to the Astral Belt? Have you taken the proper precautions? Do you know what they are? If you cannot answer yes, perhaps you have not been told of the pitfalls of venturing somewhere that is NOT safe. How many of you are finding you own abilities to hear telepathically, have you learned the proper way to check your sources? How many of you are beginning to experience the natural gift of Creator to "See Clearly?" How many of you have ever practiced the art of "Remote Viewing?" Do you know the proper way to protect yourselves for becoming a STATISTIC? Have you ever re-learned the State of Psyche Defense? To those who have, we salute you. So many ask us questions about the many topics listed above, yet fail to recognize that "once you have asked the question," it is up to you to follow through and use the knowledge that has been handed down to you. This is what is meant by "TAKING PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY."

We hear so many people complain about the injustices of their relationships with their families. Many tell us, one of life’s biggest injustices is that you can pick your own friends yet you cannot pick your own relatives. To them we say, "hey, you wrote the script." Would it surprise you to know that you did indeed pick your relatives and current experiences WELL in advance of being here? If you are still not happy perhaps next time around you should write a different script. What humans fail to realize is that they all have spent many lifetimes here, many with the same partners. This time around perhaps they chose their relationships in order to clear up past karmic debts to themselves and others. Does anyone remember us telling them that right here; right now, you have the unique opportunity of clearing up all past karmic debt? "How you say",,,,we have already given you that answer, repeatedly. We have also told many that it would be worth it and that you would have yourselves to thank for it later.

We wonder how many listened. Part of living up to one’s destiny is being ones destiny. Many times this means leaving loved ones behind. You may consider that to be the ultimate sacrifice, perhaps you are actually doing them and yourself a favor. Have you ever picked someone up after they had fallen? Did they learn from the lesson or did you simply set them back a step? Would you hold yourself back from your true destiny and evolvement simply because your Better Half wasn’t keeping up? If your answer is yes, perhaps you will be one of the ones who get to repeat this life experience. To those who continually move forward despite all odds and obstacles we say, welcome to "OUR WORLD." We hope you do not fall into this category; one individual we know who considers himself to be a Light Worker still believes that when you die you can bring one thing with you. He himself is bringing his horse, of course the horse is the one he never had. To what end would such a thought give anyone balance. In a universe where everything is manifested by thought, why would anyone limit themselves with such opportunities abounding? Another such individual who believed herself to be very knowledgeable, still believes that the Illuminati are the Illuminated ones. The deceptions run deep.

We have encountered many in the past who are still trying to change the dark ones’ ways by sending out Love and Light into areas they themselves have no business being in. More than once we have had to go in to "rescue them." Believe me, that is not our responsibility. Has no one ever told you, sending Love and Light towards those who wish you harm only Pi…sses them off. How can they possibly be receptive towards something they cannot relate to?

When talking to God about the problems in the world around you, remember your roles as Co-Creator. Should we mention it again, "Taking Personal Responsibility." Have you ever heard the term, "Don’t Cast Your Own Shadow?"

Special Note***

As an addendum to the "Celestial Chronicles" article "Things that Go Bump in the Night" David is giving you his version of the events that transpired a few months later after Celest’s experience.

In this particular linear time period of my life I had just cut all my past ties, I was working hard on acknowledging and letting go of all my current and past karmic lessons. I had re-acquired my natural gift of "Seeing Clearly," some refer to it as "remote viewing." I can tell you from personal experience that precautions are not only needed, they are important for your survival while "traversing" the universal dimensional information gathering freeways. One day while sitting outside looking over the Columbia River, I started to meditate. During the course of this experience I had the desire to "See" into the forests that were abundant on the other side of the river. I do this quite often as some of my favorite journey spots are into the lava tubes inside the Earth and also spending time with the life within the seas, when I am not soaring throughout the galaxy. This particular day I was traveling through the forest when I came upon a steep rocky embankment. As my sight turned upwards I came upon an outcropping with what appeared to be some type of reptilian-looking claw, foot, paw, whichever you choose to call it. The interesting part was that it only had three toes, with scales going upward on its LEG. Yes I said leg, as there was only one and it was holding down a small animal it had caught as its prey. As I journeyed upward to see its full body and face, I was genuinely surprised when it turned and looked at me, so much so that I quickly pulled myself back and opened my eyes. In my mind I believed the experience to be over. WRONG!

You see, what I had come upon in that forest was the same entity that had some time back been knocking upon Celest’s motor home. What I had not learned from my CIA trained "Remote Viewing" teacher, was the utmost importance of severing the connection after traveling. Shortly thereafter I found I was having an insurgence of psyche attacks. A few days after that Celest and I went for one of our adventure walks down along the river bank about 10 miles upriver. We were collecting (after asking permission of course) some new family members (Stone People). As we journeyed along the river bank, we suddenly had this eerie feeling that it was time to leave, you know, that intuitive feeling when something is not right. "Family above" chimed in and told us to "Get Out, Get Out Now." Turning around to retrace our steps we looked down and were shocked to say the least. There were the same footprint(s) that Celest had seen by her motor home. Now mind you, they were not there when we walked along the beach and there was only one print, one right after another following our own. After skee-da-de-ling up the embankment to our waiting vehicle we preceded to start driving out of there. I remember Celest encouraging me rather strongly to go faster. What I could not see because I was driving, but Celest was watching was that the entity was not only chasing us, in fact it was pacing us down the freeway at 50mph.

My point to all of this is, psyche attacks do exist and are real. If you are not properly trained do not venture where you should not be. Always sever the ties from your experiences, the energetic trail is like any DNA, it can and will be followed back to its origins. Be sure when remote viewing to ground yourself before doing any traveling, you want to make sure you can return back into your body. The life you save will be your own. The other point is, if I had not encountered this strange being myself, I am not sure if at that stage of my REMEMBERING if I would have believed Celest’s story or not. I am still here today to be telling you, I know it was true. I was there.

Celest and David

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