Archangel Michael – On a serious note

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Archangel Michael

On a serious note

I come to you today to speak my mind about some events that are troubling to not only me, but to others whom I consider to be my brothers and sisters. I am, we are, pleased that so many of you are beginning to renew your telepathic connections and are seeing firsthand the benefit to utilizing this Universally accepted form of communication. However, many of you are wandering into unknown territory and falsely believing that you can surf the Spiritual eddies with “the best of them” without first learning the basics. Although everyone has this ability, few among you have chosen to freely exercise this option in your current lifetime. Those that have, well let’s just say that more than not they are not using discernment and are being active participants in the promotion of the very things they despise. YOU CAN NOT COMMUNICATE WITH HIGHER SOURCES UNLESS YOU KNOW HOW TO CHECK YOUR SOURCES FIRST.

We are also distraught to see so many Earthizens reaching for the stars metaphorically speaking, not realizing that there are stars in closer proximity to you at all times. “What?” You say. Take it from me when I tell you that many, many good Souls at the level we ourselves are on are enthused by the fact that you are reaching out to the stars. We ourselves can be considered to be stars; for we shine on and are always in correct alignment, correct conjunction. I myself have hundreds upon hundreds of newbies reaching out to me all the time. Although it is a pleasure to speak with them, I assure you that not all who are reaching out to me or others such as myself are actually making the connection they think they are. Earthlings, well most of them, seem to want to attract someone who is on the top of their “A” list. By A-list I am speaking of familiar well-known entities whom they may or may not erroneously believe are special or above others. Everyone is SPECIAL!

It is time to stop segregating the camps and instead unite them. I can assure you that within your own realm the guides and teachers you have with you, are more than capable of reassuring you and confirming or denying questions that you are wrestling with in your minds, at any given moment. They trained for this moment, this lifetime of yours, just as you yourself prepared for this incarnation long, long before you ever reentered the Earth Star realm. If you understand this then it should be no shock to you to know that you paired yourself and grouped yourself with the best teachers, the best guides, the ones most suited to service your needs on the level you are on. They are the ones who understand you far better than you currently do yourself, and they are your first best hope for attaining the knowledge and wisdom you aspire to here in the present. If you do not believe this then you do not put much faith in yourself, because it was you and THEY who personally chose one another to be active participants in your human life experience.

So where am I going with all this? First you should know that we recognize that there are truly goodhearted people there on Earth who are trying to make subtle or blatant differences by sharing what is given to them in the form commonly known to you as “channeling.” What they fail to realize simply because they are in such a pell-mell thought process to do something great, to share something they erroneously believe to be above themselves, that they forget to question the information that is being received by them. Anyone from any Universe can whisper in your ears. Not all are of or from the Light. Check your sources, if you do not know how then for goodness sakes it is high time you learn. If I am offending any of you reading this then I say, good… for my message this day will remain in your mind. Whether you choose to follow through is as always, completely up to you. I hesitate to fathom a guess on who among you will become casualties of the misinformation war. If you are not among those who currently feel they are able to connect to inside sources for information, then I caution you that what applies to the ones who are, summarily also applies to you as well. If you can not use discernment and check the information you are reading on the internet and elsewhere, then you too are twice the fool. I am sorry if you believe I am being harsh here, however many of you may not know what I and others of my brethren know and this is that you have such little precious time left to “see the Light,” no pun intended, and recognize that the dark cleverly tries to hide in plain sight within the Light.

2012 is no longer knocking on your doorsteps, it has arrived and with great fanfare from this side of the veil. The choices you make each and every moment of the days to follow this one will define your very existence. If you are not mentally balanced and do not have a firm grasp on what IS truth, what IS reality, then you will be spun off course, I can assure you of this. Each of you has had many, many lifetimes, some of you hundreds to thousands of lifetimes to prepare yourself for “this one moment in time.” Are you ready? Are you sure? If doubt is creeping into your minds then it would be sensible to say that you need to find out where this fragmentation of fear is coming from. Odds are you have become complacent or perhaps even a little disillusioned because much of what YOU expected to have had happened by now, has yet to come into materialization there in the physical realm. More often than not this is due to reading information that is incorrect and listening to people who should not teach what they do not know, and you have inadvertently set up an obstacle for yourself. And it is up to you to recognize when this occurs and to do something about it. No obstacle is so monumental that it can not be overcome, remember this well. This lifetime is merely a blink in your eternal Soul. So stop being so serious during the times when you should be happy. You may miss out on opportunities that present themselves. Happy is as happy does.

The shadow riders and even your own intellect can feed you false information. The intellect can especially if it has not been well trained. It is a muscle, use it but do not rely solely on it. When faced with challenges first verify that they are real and not illusionary. Receiving new information, either directly or through others, is to be considered a challenge as well. If you feel they, these challenges, are verifiable then by all means do what you need to, to move through them and then permanently place them where they need to be, a distant memory in the past that no longer is deemed to be worthy of attention. Have you ever heard the expression, “do not make a mountain out of a molehill?” All obstacles are little; plant this firmly in your mind so that you never, ever begin to doubt it again. When faced with new to you challenges decide for yourself if they are worth confronting, if they are then by all means, go through them, over them or around them. Do whatever it takes for you to feel you have successfully navigated these unchartered waters. The more proficient you become at this task the greater the challenges will become. Many will come in the form of tests that will be set in front of you. Rest assured of this. You are climbing onto new plateaus, you know. And your Soul wishes to know if you are ready for them.

Much of what I am saying may seem to be repetitious, but out of necessity it must be so. There are many false prophets to contend with and many of them are using my name and the names of others who are like me, to promote their hate and discontent and imposing illusions upon the unstable, the unwise, as well as the innocent at heart. This will of course come to a conclusion in the future times of NOW, but not without many casualties of this war we are all fighting. The Illuminati doctrine that has been imposed upon Earth and her inhabitants since the beginning of the beginning is finally beginning to crack.

Some people learn, yet fail to teach others what they know. Newcomers to this new way of Spiritual thinking are floundering. This is happening because there are not enough of you teaching them TRUTH. The new ones are not learning about discernment, passionate detachment and everything else that goes along with living life as a true human being. This facsimile of life that so many people live must end, it will end. Do not allow yourself to among the fallen, captivated by sugarcoated visions of splendor. Learn to expect the unexpected and understand that all will not be as you wish for some time to come. These mountains of obstacles to forestall human evolution were not built in a day, nor will they be torn down, dissolved or transformed in one day either. You are helping to build a brand new world, do it right, do it for all the right reasons. Leave no stone unturned in your quest to root out evil and the tentacles it has placed deep within the hearts and minds of generation after generation of mankind.

Now, since I have said my piece and hopefully just because a channeled message is posted for you to read, you will read it, understand it and know it is true. Be wiser while you still can, for there is so very little time left for you to do otherwise. Your children’s children will benefit from the actions you take this day. If you do not know how to check the authenticity of information presented to you then…. Learn how. If you do not know what “remaining in the eye of the storm” means, then find out. If you think the Winds of Change only apply to others then you may wish to reset your Spiritual compass. If you still believe that the God Child NESARA is only here to bring each of you financial independence, then you need to check and see why it is you believe the way you do. If you think an apocalypse is the end of all life then you have been listening to too much rhetoric being espoused by end-timers and religious fundamentalists. If you think God is going to save you from yourself then think again, He expects you to know better. After all, you are half God, half man or half woman. If you have yet to comprehend that you were chosen to be here now and that this choosing requires, demands your fullest attention and dedication to service then learn to understand this now. I would love to tell all of you that it will be all downhill from here on out and that your lives will be easy, uncomplicated and unchallenged however that would not be the truth. Great change requires that the chang-ees be prepared to walk through, glide over or circumvent when need be, all obstacles that come before them. Each epic moment of change in every civilizations’ history, human or not, required great fortitude on the part of those who carved out the future of their planet as well as of their civilization. The Human Race will be no different. Try to see past the choices you do not understand and trust in the wisdom, sincerity, intent and unblemished love that The Creator and The God of this Universe has for all of you. Trust that the changes that are wreaking havoc upon this world are for the best. The world around you may appear to be in the throes of disorganized chaos, but it is not! You may be in that type of chaos, but this world is not. We know that you are all tired, but now is not the time to let up. Keep the momentum going; even if that means you have to make sacrifices.

The continents will continue to shift, mountains that have appeared inactive will have their voices heard once again. Oceans will rise and fall; weather patterns will continue to test both your patience and endurance. Many crops will fail, many species will cease to be and many others will evolve into finer expressions of themselves. Take nothing for granted; be aware of your surroundings at all times. Water will become a much sought-after commodity, do not be foolish and believe that just because you have a good source now that it will remain that way. The pinpricks into the Earth’s crust (drilling wells, siphoning the Earth’s blood) by this current generation of humans has destabilized the terrain both above and below. Know this, you are a stone’s throw away from having all you desire for Earth, our dearly beloved Terra, and all forms of life there, human or not. You just need to get there from here and you are all up for the challenge whether you know it or not. Those that doubt will be leaving much sooner than they had originally anticipated. Not to fret, Nirvana has room for all who tire, those who give up and those who pass over from choices that are not of their own making. Each Luminescent has seen to that.

Be the Gods and Goddesses, the Kings and Queens you all are. Know that you are special, but no more so than any other. Use your power wisely and rule yourself with a feather, not a whip. Be wise, be compassionate, be understanding when another asks you a question that may seem mundane or trivial to you. Kindness that was shown to you, show to others. Judge not lest you are prepared to judge yourself for it later. Reach out to all of us when you feel the need to, but know that the best guidance you need or seek, is to be found within or close at hand through the Spirit Guides you chose for yourself. I can, we can, answer your questions but we ask you to remember, we speak in God Code as well. Till next time I would like to thank David for taking the time out of his busy schedule with God to share this with you.

I Am… Michael, an Archangel of the Creation, beholden to none, beholden to all.

Received by David

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