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When Remarkable People give a Remarkable Gift

When Remarkable People give a Remarkable Gift

The Christ Consciousness IS Christmas Day every day.

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“The Gift” A Christmas Day Event

Updated 12-23

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If you are still unsure about “The Christ Consciousness” or Jesus and “The Coming” you might wish to read/re-read

“The Incomparable Beauty of the Interfacing of Soul Magnetics AND The Quietude”

We ask that we all dedicate this day (today) as “Christ Consciousness” Day. And since each and every day, every moment of every day is “NOW” as it exists within the Continuum of The Creation and “The NOW,” each and every day from here on will respectfully, honorably and most favorably, be celebrated by us as “Christ Consciousness” Day. Now … let the celebration of Life continue!

Approximately ONE YEAR AGO we were all Gifted with “The Ancestral Procession” spearheaded by The Creator Himself. The Luminescents (Gods and Goddesses from all of the other Universes) and so many of the most Ancient of “The Elders” from each Universe entered into this realm. They entered this world as was agreed upon at a predetermined time, to continue to expand upon and enhance the good works each of us has begun with our unified commitment to BE, To BE of Service to The Light of ALL Lights, to the greater I AM, to make a difference by BE-ing the difference… remember? This was promised by all of us long, long ago per our Soul Contracts with “the promises made promises kept,” agreement. It also included the amendments and addendums contained within our individual as well as Collective Advocacy Agreements.

We wish to send a special “Kudos” to all “The Gatherers” who participated in The Creation of the Dimensional Doorways which interconnected THIS world, THIS Universe and all other Universes through the Matrix. This Matrix was lovingly tended to, nurtured and Created by Gwendonela and the other Avatars within “The Valley of The Ancients” as well as the Starkeeper forces from all Universes. This included  all of The Luminescents, those from The Angelic Realm, The Spirit Realm and all other aspects of The Creation Processing. Working in unison we Created and birthed into manifestation an Event once only dreamed about by fertile minds. Fortunately, The Creator in His infinite wisdom saw to it that there would be ample amounts of hutzpah contained within The Matrix of each Soul.

For those of you who have noticed as well as those who STILL have not, Planetary and Celestial Events are occurring in rapid, well-organized and definitively unqualified fashion and synchronicity right now. Terra (Earth) has regained most if not all of her Soul momentum and is guiding and gliding serenely, meticulously, methodically, peacefully and decisively at times, maneuvering Her Self within the depths of Her new Galaxy, Her NEW Universe. The Golden NOW has peacefully, albeit painstakingly at times, replaced the former Linear times we Earth-walkers were out of necessity living with as a means of buffering or limiting the human races until such time as they could function without a regulator reinforcing their lives.

Remember, it was not all that long ago when the 60’s permeated this world with its unsustainable peace, love and flower power. It was not that long ago that the dreaded Y2K (year 2000) came and went without much fanfare. Then so many were waiting for 2012 to come and sadly Light Workers found themselves experiencing futility because of what they perceived would be the outcome of this Mayan prophecy. WOW, we lost many a good Soul and many dedicated Light Workers when the Continuum did not SHIFT overnight and make everyone’s dreams come true.

SO, in the present NOW yearend each of us has a decision to make, or not make, about the Gift you want to send to all other Good Souls, all other true Advocates for Justice on world and off world as well. Why not think carefully and consider what the best Gifts are that you can share with others and remember to share all your good thoughts, your inspirations, your aspirations to all those who given so much and ask for so little. Even if you have not walked a mile in their shoes… yet, surely your empathic abilities and your role as part of the Collective Consciousness will direct you to give from your heart this year while being mindful that we are “All Related.”

Open your hearts, clear your minds and have the foresight to see beyond the veils of illusion so that you may share your joys and love others without condition. Think of it this way, if you were in the place of others, of walking in their shoes, what feelings, what compassion, what understanding would you need the most? Do not judge others by your perception of their shortcomings. After all you have each had to learn many lessons yourselves. What does The Christ Consciousness mean to you? Why not send those wonderful feelings you may have to those less fortunate?

This is the time to hone your telepathy. You formulate your thoughts and then direct the Power of the Mind to send them out for you. For those who may have trouble visualizing the power of the mind try this; imagine that a beautiful, highly evolved four-year old child is waiting in the power of your mind to send forth all your thoughts and your wishes to others.

God said “Think of it like this; A Child will lead you.”

Our wish for all of you is – the arrival of the day when none of you have any more wishes.

 No go and celebrate your life and all life.

And Merry Christmas and Merry Consciousness to One and All!

Salude, Celest and David


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and we will post them. Put the word “Christmas” in the subject.


~ Other Remarkable Peoples Gifts ~

Updated 12-23

Dear Celest and David,

Thank you for that wonderful Christmas Season message!

Wishing indeed all the Light and Love in everyone’s heart to shine and burst forth to action.

The Jesus the Christ Consciousness in us to spread, and spill over into this world.

Defeating the darkness, and overcoming insecurities and fears as witnessed around us.

Wishing for Terra to keep the course and more people to be mindful of her Soul.

Sending healing energy to all Earth’s residents and may there be more awakening taking place.

May more people be led to Godumentary and the Awakenedhearts websites

With God all is possible as we traverse along in the progress of The Golden NOW.

Looking forward to good health and continued well-being in the next New Year!

Holding on to The Eye of the Storm,


NOTE; Wiesje is the author of “Kids Corner” on the Godumentary website


My Christmas Gift is the promise of my complete acceptance of, and unconditional love for, each and every Being currently living in the illusion of separation, including at times myself.
Love Lyre




The Gift – A Christmas Day Event

“The Gift”

A Christmas Day Event

When: 7:00 P.M. in all time zones on December 25th., 2017

  • (Note: Another submission was posted on 12-19 and one at 6.30 p.m. on the 25th)

NOTE” The newest submissions listed after the others

On November 10, 2017 as we were preparing to sit down and log in to the “Pacific North West Pipeline Gathering” conference call, God and all the other Luminescents appeared and said They would be listening intently because there was information They wanted us to share with the people on the call. They announced that They wanted to have a Special Event that would spread across this world and touch the hearts and minds of all good people. They said, “It will Create a wave with a crescendo that will be heard and felt around the world and throughout all Universes; the result will be remarkable and will be aligned with a special conjunction in the sky that will also take place.”

This spatial event is the conjunction of Venus and Saturn. “Venus” has long been called “the planet of love;” she is actually a planet of such serene beauty and uncompromising pure love that when she appears aligned with another Superior planet, they combine as a force to be reckoned with. “Saturn” is known as “the planet of Karma” and “The Great Teacher.” He is a planet whose energies assist in separating the energies of the wheat from the chaff. This truly is a magnificent GIFT in and of itself which will spread their combined energies across this world … especially on Christmas. When Saturn enters into a conjunction that is only separated by 1 Degree from Venus, this is when the Great Teacher begins to issue final homework assignments to some people and yet assists other people in climbing the spiral staircase which shows them their DESTINY.

Those who are a part of the Collective Consciousness will benefit greatly by participating in this “Gift” event.

The Luminescents went on to say, “Peace on Earth is a rite of passage. Those who truly want this passage must first find peace within themselves. A truly magnificent way of finding this is to inspire yourselves by inspiring other people.”

Realistically define to yourselves what thoughts and inspirations you can send to other people that will inspire others’ minds to free themselves from the feelings of helplessness, hopelessness, sorrow, lack of motivation and dismay. We wish to remind each of you that when we work together for a committed goal it is a win-win situation. Here is what we are asking each of you to do. We ask that each of you listen to your hearts and your minds and find the words that resonate with what you are going to “Gift” to other people. The Luminescents then said, “Remember, every thought you have during this Gift Event is being transmitted to the minds of others through a spiraling force of telepathy.” For some reason very few people understand that sending their thoughts out to others whether they know the other people or not, IS a form of telepathy. Telepathic thoughts will connect with open-minded people; they can not connect with close-minded people.

Remember the “Power of Thought” is what you are gifting to other people. Define to yourselves what are the most relevant, most wonderful loving thoughts, you would like to bless others with. Keep your mind clear and use as many words, as many phrases, whether it is a sentence or a paragraph, in order to relay that to people across the world. The more people who participate in this special event the greater the success will be at the end of the event. And we are being reminded to tell you that all the Luminescents, the Masters, The Creator, every one of them will be working alongside all of us at that special time. We would like you to know that all the good thoughts each person has during Christmas will be combining with all the thoughts we will have at the appointed time of 7:00 P.M. in ALL time zones December 25th., 2017. We suggest you may want to recite “The Christ Consciousness” prior to the event to assist in paving your way.  If you do not remember this mantra we are writing it here: “I here and now command in the name of Jesus The Christ that if there is any entity, any energy, that is not of the most evolved form of the Jesus The Christ Consciousness, that is not of the most evolved form of God I Am, then they are to here and now disappear and cease to exist. This I command in the name of Jesus The Christ. “

You can visualize your thoughts and send them out to combine with all the others who are participating. You can perform a “PUSH” movement or “The Golden Force” movement if you feel this is the best way to send out your Gifts to others. You can spend one minute, ten minutes or one hour doing this. This is completely up to you. Please connect with everyone you can and share this information with them. Use your social media, email lists and whatever other means you have of spreading the news of this event.

We also wanted each of you to know that this “Gift” event is being aligned with all the other events which will take place in 2018. God and the other Luminescents spoke about these other events in, “Avatars in the Valley of the Ancients.”

The message we ourselves are sending out on Christmas is: “We are sending you unconstrained, uncompromising, unconditional love and healing energy to your hearts and your minds and directing it to bring you enough measure of calmness and tranquil thoughts to allow you to see beyond the veils of illusions and deceits. It will allow you to have a better understanding that no matter how difficult things may seem to be to you, there are millions and millions of other people who are in more dire straits than you are. We are also sending you energies of empathy which are empowering reminders to each person that whether you understand it or not, “YOU are all related.” Live as a true human Being and you will do no wrong. Though we may never meet in person we will never stop assisting you.“

Remember, the greatest Gift of all is happening to you. Don’t be selfish – share the Gift. Also remember you are each a conductor of telepathic energy; yet most of you do not realize this.  And PLEASE, do not forget to Re-Gift this to others.

“Everybody is invited, it IS a party of an Infinite Kind!” … God

Salude … Celest and David


Here are some of the Gifts that are the heartfelt thoughts that some other “Gatherers” will be sending out across this world on December 25th 2017 at 7 p.m.


We have grown exponentially, individually and collectively, as we have shared our thoughts and ideas with each other to expand the consciousness of all of us throughout the study and practice of these books and words given to us by the Luminescents of the Universes.  Once obtained the brotherhood Creates within us feelings of belonging to each other as a collective of like-minds and hearts.  We feel free to be, You and Me.



Go within your heart and find one thought. JOY for example. Thoughts are like a pebble being thrown into water. It Creates one circle that turns into another and yet another. Just like our thoughts one is connected to another. We are all connected through our thoughts. A joyful thought can Create a smile, a memory. A feeling of gratitude. What we think about matters. We are all connected one thought at a time.

May you be filled with Joy, Peace and Gratitude.  P.M


The Love and Light of God fills the air with a sparkling that is seen with my heart. As I consciously fill my lungs with this sacred, sparkling air: all that is left inside me is Peace… Love… Joy… Harmony… for All… is One.

I Am in God’s Love and Light! Katherine Louise


This is my strong “knowing” since I learned this as a song in Dutch

“Nu daagt het in het Oosten, Het licht schijnt overall, Hij komt de volken  troosten die eeuwig heersen zal”

So often the words popped in my mind. Here the best interpretation/ translation.

Now this Christmas:

The Day is breaking in the East, The Light is shining everywhere, It comes to comfort all Earth’s Nations.

It comes to reign eternally, the darkness will disappear from this centuries long night.

A new day of unending days will glow with unspeakable splendor.

The sun’s rays, to which the nightly darkness yields, shall triumph in Christ’s eternal Light!

Already day is breaking in the East, The Light shines everywhere, It comes with Love to reign for ever and everywhere in all folks and all nations’ heart.

Namaste, Wies


The Gift that I am sending to all those in need is FREEDOM. Freedom from fear. Freedom from hate. Freedom from the lies long told. Freedom from the feelings of loneliness and sorrow. The gift of freedom in your heart from the knowing that you are not alone, not now, and not ever.

Like the Golden Beacon of Light shining from the treasured shores of home, shining ever so brightly and calling to those long lost in the dark murky seas of fear and loathing… Love, Light, Truth and Freedom will set you free and light the way home for one and all.

Love and Light, Travis


There is a saying that is used around Christmas time that goes like: “It is better to give than receive.” This Christmas let us change that saying to: “It is better to give AND receive.” And the Gift to give and receive is LOVE.  Love is the greatest gift that a person can give to another. God has given everyone an unlimited supply of Love; you just can’t exhaust the amount of Love that exists in the Universe(s) that is available to everyone to send to another. This Christmas use your Power of Thought to send out Love to the four directions, to all people everywhere in the world. That Love will circle the world many times and be re-gifted to you. Love is the greatest Gift that can be given and received, so be a part of the Giving and Receiving this Christmas and every day beyond. Through giving and receiving Love, WE can change the world.

I send my Love to All, Dave B


“I just want people to know how awesome it is to love yourself. God loves us all. No matter how you feel about yourself or how you judge yourself. Love is always there. So let your light shine. Just BE. Be thankful, Be kind. Be who you came here to Be. Let your star shine! “

For quite a while now I’ve been hearing a little bit of the song, “Good Morning Star Shine” and I wasn’t sure why.

Now I know! Thank you Celest!! I love you guys.



I Am joyful and most grateful to send each and everyone a healthy meal (through POWER OF THOUGHT), with ingredients and a recipe card to assist you in Creating your –

Step by Step Foundation Layer Cake:

#1 Energy (supports health and well-being)

#2 Calm (supports emotional stillness during storms)

#3 Focus (supports ability to direct attention to desires)

#4 Vitality (supports Creativity, Spirit, passion)

Mix these in Equal portions and snack on throughout the day. By the Power Of Thought they will replenish if you keep using or sharing them.  We are each here as an expression of God, when we make peace within our own cells, we can embrace our other selves around us and unite as ONE.  This is Self Empowerment.  Thank you for taking your power back.

Janet Zimborski


I remember a song from childhood that goes like this:

This little light of mine, I’m going to let it shine,

This little light of mine, I’m going to let it shine, let it shine, let it shine, let it shine

Hide it under a bush, Oh! No! I’m going to let it shine,

Hide it under a bush, Oh! No! I’m going to let it shine, let it shine, let it shine, let it shine

My gift is for everyone to let their Light shine. When babies smile, giggle and laugh, they are letting their Light shine as they exude a love to everyone around them.  Let us all once again become like children and let our Light shine as we freely send our love to everyone both near and far.  And, may the love we send be re-gifted back to each of us and out to all of humanity.



I wish to Gift a new world, one where all people recognize each other for their Divine selves.  Where we hold all people dear and worthy.  Where we strive for justice, peace and equality.  Where all people are cared for and all needs are met.  A world in which all people and animals communicate and work together with good intent. A world in which all people hold the Earth Star planet in sacred love and respect.

All people Create beauty and love from the heart.  Love is our guiding principle and our relationship with God, Jesus The Christ and all the Illuminaries (Luminescents) is as normal as breathing.  This is the Gift I wish upon humanity.



You have never been alone and you never will be.  You have always been loved and you always will be.  Because we all are ONE and because we all are God, there is nothing that we all cannot overcome.  So cast out your fears and dry your tears.  Let’s all work together through love to get God’s good works done.

John C.


We are infinitely grateful, overflowing abundance, eternal compassion, freely forgiving, ever-expanding joy and love. ONE.



Know that you are a gift. So love yourself and trust in God. Don’t rush, just go with the flow while enjoying the present moment. Be still while living gratefully. Bring God’s Golden Light to you and let the energy lead the way to your Soul’s journey.



Through all the heartaches, tough and hardest times that you have endured and or maybe going through right now, know that it shall pass. You are never alone in facing anything. You are given love, guidance, and protection each and every day. Ask for help and it shall come. Have kindness and compassion for all living Beings as you would want for yourself because we are all ONE.

Merry Christ Consciousness, Starlight


Submissions added 11-30-17

Let kindness prevail! It lifts up the hearts of the giver and receiver.

A smile, a compliment, an encouragement or helping someone in need

May influence the receiver to be more joyful, peaceful and more positive.

It is a win-win situation for giver and receiver.

Christina M


That is awesome guys.

I will be there in mind and Spirit.

Thank you!

Steve. I am now in Columbia South America tracking the truth 😉

(Note: Steve is the author of “Stone Triangle.” Information about his book is located in our “Recommended Reading” section on the Awakenedhearts website.

Steve has recently been doing further research in Vietnam, Cambodia, China and now Columbia South America. He like all of us is looking for answers. We look forward to hearing more about his discoveries and revelations.)


12-11-2017 Dear David and Celest,

This is one of the emails I sending out …

On Christmas Day, December 25, 2017 at 7pm your local time, good people are joining together in offering the Gift of the Power of Thought.

United heart to heart, we will think of what it is we wish to see as our future with Earth. By joining together, what we vision as a group is what we get, what WE manifest. You may have heard “Mind is the builder”. Majority does rule, for by uniting in positive thought, we become the majority group in Creating our reality.

This is our gift to each other and Earth Mother.

Begin to think today of what you wish to see and work with stating this as positively as possible. Maybe you wish an end to war. This can be stated as seeing all people working together in peace, harmony and cooperation. Maybe you wish clean water. See the water as clean, clear, sparkling, free flowing, thirst quenching water. Maybe you wish an end to homelessness. See all people living in beautiful, climate appropriate, comfortable, pleasant, well maintained housing. Whatever you wish, state it in a positive manner. Feel free to add whatever you desire to see.

Join with all on planet Earth, and all of Creation who are helping Earth at this time, at 7pm local time, on Christmas Day evening. If you cannot physically join in at that time, set your intention to join in at 7pm, for third dimensional time is an illusion.

Share this with family and friends. Share with all you remember. Invite each and all to join us in creating a wave, a crescendo around the world as with “The PUSH.” (Project PUSH)

For more information, feel free to contact me and/or see

May you and yours have a blessed and Merry Christmas, the birthday of the one who showed us how to walk in Love.

Light & Love, Maureen

12-19-17  My Gift

What we experience is based on our frequency, literally. If your TV is tuned to a news channel, you see and hear news. When we tune ourselves to the higher frequencies of love and joy, then loving and joyous experiences come into our lives.

These high frequencies that more and more of us are emanating are helping raise Earth’s frequency, ultimately to the frequency where Heaven-on-Earth exists.

To go along for this ride of all lifetimes, ALL we need to do is be loving and joyful.

We ALL can do that, because we are ALL ONE. Rejoice!
Lynne C


12-25-17 at 7:00 P. M. Eastern time

 For anyone who is stagnant in a cloud of negativity, darkness, unsureness or unfaithfulness, or who just need a reminder, remember God’s Golden White Light is always with you, and it’s power is your command.

In times of duress or lack of motivation, call the white light to you. It is your compass, your all-seeing eye, and most importantly it is your guide. It is abundant as it is infinite, so don’t hesitate to surround yourself in a shield of golden luminescence…. JJ.


An aspect of the Gift I am  sending out to everyone, to every life-form, to this world herself is to infuse all the waters of this planet with The Light of ALL Lights, The Jesus The Christ Consiousness, and in so doing I will be asking everyone to assist in this process. In doing so all the water in and on this planet will be infused, this means every molecule, whether it be in the sky, the waterways or with the human body, all life-forms bodies. This also includes any thing that has any water particles within it. In so doing we will infuse the Light into all aspects of this world and we will show all the other Universes that we are still Standing!


If you wish to have your own “Gifting” thoughts added to this website then email us at


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The Power of Thought

The Gifts of Experience

The Power of Thought

Message #10

(Note: Phil and his wife are such beautiful Souls and have so much to share that we asked them to start writing down some of their vast experiences so that others may learn from them… Enjoy!! Celest and David)

“A penny for your thoughts.”  I’m sure that most of us have heard this expression more than once, either being directed at us or at another person in a group.  I don’t recall who the individual was who came up with this, but surely it was a long time ago.  Why?  Because a penny doesn’t have much value these days and it was at least a couple hundred years ago when it did have some buying power.  Ever wonder how much a thought is really worth?  From a spiritual standpoint I believe a thought is worth more than a penny even if you go back a thousand years.

Now a thought has limited material value in the third dimension world of illusions no matter how far back you care to go.  But from a spiritual perspective it has a value beyond the ability to contemplate.  You can go back as far as you want to go, even to the beginning of the cosmos, or you can just consider the thought you had a minute ago.  A thought has a power that is hidden from the third dimension eyes of the average person who lives and exists in this world of illusions.  And that is why some thoughts can be dangerous if they are developed in a negative vein.  We just continue to dig a deeper hole for ourselves from a spiritual evolving standpoint if we generate thoughts of negativity.  And then we have devolvement and we now have more spiritual ground to make up.

But a positive thought can have unlimited power when generated from the heart, with a sincere intent, and when it is for the benefit of the common good.  Positive thought can also be utilized for a personal benefit, but I don’t think that means you can generate a very sincere thought about winning the lottery so you can enjoy a life of leisure.  But I do believe that you can have thoughts about how you will live from day to day or how you will be able to obtain a replacement vehicle for the present vehicle that is on its last legs.  You don’t have the cash to get a replacement vehicle but you just put the thought out into the universe and it seems that something comes up that allows you to take care of the situation.  It may not happen immediately, and it can happen at a later date when you don’t even make the connection to the thought requesting the action.

Almost twenty years ago, my wife and I heard about a concept called a God Jar.  The premise was that you wrote down what it was that you wanted to have take place in the future of your life and then let God take care of it.  I think this concept is somewhat in the same vein as the phrase, “Let Go and Let God.”  Now the God Jar wasn’t for the immediate future but for a much longer time horizon.  Well we both got a jar and wrote down items of a somewhat specific nature to put into the jar.  Then we set the jars on a shelf with the idea that we would periodically check the contents to see how things were going.  That was the intent, but when you are both working long hours (Kaye was a math teacher with a lot of prep time and then grading papers and I was a CPA working in the corporate finance arena), you sometimes let things slide for a period of time.

Well it was about 15 years ago when we bought a very modest place in the country that we used on weekends and eventually became our retirement home.  During half of that 15 year period, we were still both working day to day as we developed the “farm” to include additional out buildings and equipment for brush clearing that included a tractor with a loader and a bush hog.  It was years later that we again came across the jars.  Since I had forgotten what I had specifically written down, I took out the pieces of paper and read them.  When we compared what we had requested in the God Jars with what had occurred, we found it was very close except for minor details.  Now I am of the belief that the notes we put into our God Jars can be considered as thoughts that were transcribed into writing.

Now earlier I mentioned that from a spiritual perspective, thought is a very powerful force and I said you could go back to the beginning of the cosmos.  It is my understanding that the Creator used thought to create the Cosmos.  Coming forward in time, you have the God of this Universe using thought to create the Earth Star Planet.  Now God used a little more specificity when making Terra than what I used when putting my notes in my God Jar.  Let me give you just one extremely small example of how specific and interrelated God was in his design.

I viewed a program on National Geographic some time ago that showed the relationship between Alaskan trees, the salmon and Alaskan brown bears.  As many of you know the salmon spawn in the rivers of the world and then at some point, depending upon the species of salmon, the young salmon make the trek to the oceans where they stay for varying amounts of time.  Then as the salmon return to the place of their beginnings they migrate up the rivers to spawn, sometimes in excess of 2,000 miles of river.  The brown bears await the salmon runs and gorge themselves on the fish.  They take the fish up on the river banks and into the forest along the rivers to consume them.  Parts of the fish decompose on the forest floor and then also the bears leave droppings that contain the digested remnants of the fish they had eaten.  Both of these sources provide nutrients for the trees and the trees flourish to a greater extent along these rivers than do trees much further inland.  The trees in turn filter the rain runoff to keep the water pure in the streams where the fish spawn and also provide shade for the fish so that the water doesn’t get too warm and destroy the salmon eggs.

Now scientists have studied the content of the leaves from the uppermost reaches of the trees along these Alaskan rivers and have found evidence of certain nutrients in the leaves that could only have come from the far reaches of the Pacific Ocean.  You think God had a plan when developing the Earth Star Planet?  Wow!  There are literally billions of examples like this of how everything is interrelated and that you must live in harmony with nature.

(Everyone should take the time and study how nature, when left alone by humans, continuously balances itself by not letting any-one part of the equation to get too dominant.  All of nature works with all of its parts to keep this balance.  So why can’t humans, sooner rather than later, learn from nature and decide to work with all aspects of the human races?  It will happen, God said it will.  So why not begin in earnest right now, rather than waiting for someone else to start!)

The National Geographic piece went on to state that due to polluting of rivers, damming of the rivers and overfishing that we are in danger of losing this life cycle miracle.  Already the Atlantic fisheries in Europe and the eastern United States have been extremely depleted.

When using your power of thought you have to be sincere, it’s true, but I believe you also have to be specific about what it is you wish to accomplish.  There is a saying that goes like, “Be careful what you ask for, you just might get it.”  I think this might refer to thoughts that haven’t been completely analyzed or maybe thoughts that aren’t always in a spiritual vein.

Now the reader may ask what does the writer mean by, “thoughts that haven’t been completely analyzed”.  The reader may say that his thoughts just come and go, sometimes at such a rapid rate that he has difficulty keeping up with them.  Well, I don’t mean the general volume of random thoughts that we all are “saddled with”.  I mean the thoughts that we generate when we desire to make changes in the way humanity exists in this world.  This is similar to the thought that has been and is being put into what we wish to state while performing the Project Push.  (For those of the readers who are unfamiliar with Project Push, you can find a description of the project, how some participants developed their part and summaries of the results of the project on Awakened

I believe all participants in Project Push made many efforts to specifically develop what they wanted to say while performing the Push.  I believe we should all take the same tack to develop what we wish to say mentally (thoughts) to the Universe on a more frequent time frame.  David and Celest made a comment, in response to an inquiry, that the “push” technique can be used at any time.  So why not have many mini pushes where we continuously develop new thoughts that we can put out into the Universe on a periodic time frame.

There are literally billions of subjects for our thought generating process.  Think of the example of the Alaskan salmon, the bears and the trees.  Developing thoughts that would prevent the situation that has occurred in the Atlantic from becoming a reality in the Pacific with regard to Alaska would be a good place to start.  Some of the issues behind the decline in the fisheries are due to the damming of rivers, unrestrained pollution from industry and the decline in the forests.  Now there are many valid reasons for river dams so how about constructing fish ladders to help the fish return to their place of birth.  The reason it isn’t done is because the fish ladders are too expensive to build.  Too expensive for who?  And how expensive?  More than the cost of an F-16 fighter jet that is now mothballed in the Arizona desert?

Unrestrained industrial pollution, even when done in accord with EPA guidelines, is the responsibility of the management team of the companies that are polluting.  I know it costs money to do the right thing.  But what are the hidden costs that company management never considers or knows about but hides from the public.  What happens down the road because of an action taken today?  There are always “hidden costs” that are kept secret or ignored when justifying why we can’t do something for the greater good.  If the general public knew what the hidden costs were they would, “hopefully”, create such uproar that the company would have to make allowances to curb the pollution.  Remember these companies will not do it willing of their own accord.

Forest decline is also defended by the idea that we continuously need more and more building materials.  I understand the need for more materials, but how about a thought that would involve developing new materials that would replace wood.  Maybe the discovery of a new building material is just waiting for a nudge from the Universe to be discovered.  We don’t have to know or suspect what the material is, just that we ask for a material that would replace wood.  It would also be nice if the material was more cost effective (just like God – be very specific).  Additionally land owners can adopt a program that would reforest areas that are in desperate need because of soil erosion and disappearing habitat for our friends of the forest.

I was watching the beginning of a movie titled, “We Were Soldiers”, when I had to stop about 30 minutes into the movie.  It is a story about the first US troops going into Vietnam.  I don’t like to watch movies of this kind anymore, because I don’t believe that there is any reason to go to war.  Now I will tell you that I didn’t always think like this.  I am a four year veteran who served in the early 60’s and was discharged before the Vietnam War really got going.  The only thing going on during my enlistment period was the Cuban Missile Crisis.  I was stationed 90 miles from Cuba at the time.  And I was a “Hawk” in my beliefs regarding war.  But now I know the How and the Why wars are conducted.  And it makes me sick to see all the young people who have died or been disfigured by being involved in “somebody else’s war”.

Some years back I sent a letter to each Senator from my state and told them that I didn’t want the U.S. to be in any more wars.  I went on to say that we should have taken all the money spent on wars and instead develop, or more correctly stated redevelop, the problem areas of the world.  Humanity would have benefited greatly from such a course of action.  It took awhile but I did get a reply from both Senators, probably from a staffer, who thanked me for my letter and in a nice way told me that the congress was going to continue to make sure the country had a strong military force to protect the citizens of the U.S.  Did the writing of the letters do me any good?  It probably just got me on somebody’s list somewhere.  It was of interest that a few years later one of the Senators decided not to run for reelection.  No I don’t believe it was because of my letter, but that might have been nice too.

IF YOU DON’T WANT ANY MORE WARS, THEN DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!  Tell the Universe that you don’t want to see the country you live in involved in any more war or civil strife.  Do it with sincerity and often.  Somewhere down the road the overwhelming tide of thoughts will diminish the desire of those who like to start and conduct wars.  If we just keep to ourselves, the warmongers won’t stop their activities on their own accord.  Be concerned and be active in your thought generating capability.  You have “The Power of Thought”!!!

Until next time, Phil

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Project PUSH June 25th 2014

Project “PUSH

June 25th 2014

6-14-14 Special information on the upcoming PUSH: Please scroll down to find some important updates we have added to our original message.

Greeting everyone, we have been asked by God to initiate yet another Project PUSH. This time it is to be one of the most massive efforts that the “collective” is being called upon to participate in. Please understand that this PUSH of all the PUSHes to date is the most important. This will affect the present and the future. Also it will assist in the return of true human qualities to humanity and have major influences on all generations of young people today and all those who are yet to be born or Walk-In to this world. What we have been told is that specific configurations will occur with this upcoming PUSH. Configurations that will help to align Terra’s magnetic core with the new higher frequencies and the ever changing vibrations necessary to aid, maintain and stabilize life on this planet. All good Souls here will be affected. Obviously we can only speak for the good Souls who are staying their course. Those others who are caught up in the eccentric world of materiality and illusions can not benefit because they do not believe. This matter is to be taken very seriously, yet we ask you each to have FUN with this PUSH and be relaxed but focused when PUSHing.

The magnetics of the PUSH this time will be among the highpoints of your life, far more intense and Light filled than the ones you previously experienced. You see, as you are performing this version of PUSH you will be reclaiming your birthright and the magnetics you need to assist you in this venture will be sent to you to help solidify this PUSH in a more massive manner than before. This time all magnetics will be felt shifting across this world. This will impact upon the hearts, the minds and the Souls of all good people everywhere on this world. All lifeforms, flora, fauna, animals, even a simple blade of grass will benefit because the magnetics will help lessen so much of the toxicity affecting them all.

Two days after PUSH there will be a New Moon; all that we accomplish with PUSH will be amplified by the incoming energetics of the New Moon conjoining with the PUSH momentum. Every time Moon changes her phase, before the new phase is visible to you, she begins to affect this world 3 days prior to her new phase. New Moon is always symbolic yet actual of new beginnings.  Typically what is Created during the New Moon phase cycle is carried forth and amplified by the next Full moon which then carries the energies into the next phases of Moon. People everywhere should understand how the magnetics of the Moon affect the tides of the oceans as well as peoples’ mental states. Moon is also very instrumental in influencing your dream states. She is far more than just a beautiful entity; she has many functions most people know nothing about. Celest’s father Blue Star spoke in great detail about the affects the Moon has upon this world as well as the dreams each of us receive each night. Perhaps you should consider rereading this when you have time. It is in one of his books “Blue Star the Pleiadian – My Teachings through Transmissions” We have been told that these magnetic exchanges will assist in tempering the volatility of some of the planet’s restructuring going on at this time. This is vitally important to all life.

We recently found out that during the December 2013 Project PUSH there were over 5000 Japanese people living in Japan who came together and PUSHed right along with everyone else. They are to be commended for such a massive outpouring of Love, Light and PUSHing for the right reasons, they too PUSHed for just cause. Now we have found out that Project PUSH – Japan will take place on June 26th, 2014. We are asking everyone in the United States as well as all other countries to help us combine all of our energies and assist Japan and the Japanese people with our intention of restoring balance to this world and to all other good Souls.

Here is what we have been asked to do: on June 25th 2014, regardless of what your time zone is, at 7:00 P.M. we are having the most magnanimous, the most illuminating PUSH movement to date. There are a few differences with this particular PUSH. God has suggested that we work very seriously with the magnetics of this world. He and all other Luminescents will work with these magnetics at the same time as all of us will on the 25th in every country. Japan’s Project PUSH will have a culminating effect. This is because all the other countries’ PUSH magnetics will immediately be swept to the Japanese who will continue to do as all of us have done to sweep it across the world in an unbelievably massive wave.

Will YOU join US? Will you send out notices through social media, your email addresses, your websites, and contact others any way you can? We ask that you copy this message and send it out so there is no misunderstanding of what is taking place.

10 minutes prior to the designated time we ask that each of you put a tiny pinch of Sea Salt under your tongue. 5 minutes prior to the designated time of 7:00 P.M. before you begin PUSH,  please stand up straight with feet slightly apart, extend your arms directly out in front of you with fingers splayed apart slightly. Make sure your mind is clear and then focus on the figure “8” (eight). Do this for a few seconds and then swing your arms straight out to both sides of your body, like wings on a plane. And then slowly lower your arms down to the sides of your body and then try to balance forward a bit on the balls of your feet, but only do so for a few seconds and then return to your normal upright position. Now, inhale and exhale slowly three times.

Now, relax for a minute and focus your mind on the figure “8.” Now begin your normal Project PUSH movements. The difference this time around is that we ask that each of you during the circular motions of your arms, when you are collecting the energies together, to do your circular motions more than three times this time. How many circular motions you perform depends on how many more you feel you should do. This will increase the velocity of the magnetics you will be bringing into Project PUSH, individually as well as collectively. Also, try to extend your arms out wider in your efforts to pull together your magnetic energies you are about to PUSH with. While doing this think to yourself at least 3 times, “8,” “8,” “8.” Remember the number “8” (eight). Picture it, see that it is a perfect shape that intertwines upon itself and it is the mark of infinity. It is the comprehensive and all inclusive energies of all the good Souls on this world and off-world. Remember you are collecting energy that is being magnified, being amplified in a greater fashion now.

Please remember, you can go onto the website and watch the PUSH movement video again if you need a refresher on how to PUSH.

Salude… we will see you on the 25th, wherever you are. Celestial and David  

Note, Blue Star will be speaking more about this PUSH movement in his upcoming transmission which we will post on the 23rd of June instead of the 25th .on the website.

The original text describing how to do the PUSH technique can be found by going to  

To view the PUSH hand technique video please go to

Project PUSH / / / /


6-14-14 Special information on the upcoming PUSH: For clarification purposes we want to address a few questions some of you have had about this particular PUSH movement. The main idea is to amplify your intentions, to magnify the magnetic energies you are collecting and then PUSHing all these energies in a broader upward and outward fashion during the actual PUSH project. You will be giving a new meaning to “as above, so below.”  That phrase is but part of a Universal Law describing what we call, “Karmic Vibrations.” You will be releasing old Karmic issues this way also and yet bringing in newer versions of Universal Karma which will assist humanity as a whole, but will especially assist our beloved Terra. The first part of your actual arm movements is separate yet remains a combined collective effort in reinforcing All That You Are with the rest of the PUSH movements which will follow. If it helps, we ask that when you are stretching your arms out further to gather more energies, please visualize your arms becoming longer, more elastic, capable of reaching out further and further. Some of you will be able to sense that you are in no way restricted to only reaching as far as your body is physically able to; more so you will be able to visualize yourself stretching out into infinity with no limitations imposed. You are after all eternal Beings, you are Gods and Goddesses in your own right. Use your Creative abilities and simply visualize the elongation of your arms.

Secondly, when you are performing the actual PUSH, when you are circling your arms around so that you are collecting energies, you may circle your arms around as many times as you feel comfortable with. Many of you will discover that the more you swing your arms in the circular motion, the more you will feel the awesome power of the motions bringing the energies into a focused point. We ourselves feel we have gained “full momentum” with around 3-6 rotations. For some of you it may be different and that is ok. DO what feels natural to you, you can do no wrong. Your intents and desires to BE of service is what matters the most. We further suggest that you give serious thought to sending magnetic currents to ALL the Luminescents and to all Universes. God has just said “that there will be a core of magnetic exchanges which will take place between all of these Divine Beings and all PUSHers.” This literally means that we all will be giving and receiving extremely high energy to one another!! He just suggested that everyone should practice all their intents a few hours before PUSH. You do this by simply thinking of what you want to be changed. THEN in PUSH, when we actually perform the movements, all we have to say is, “we do this for the illumination of all humanity and the lumination of the Earth Star planet.”

We are so proud of each of you, you who truly are our brothers and sisters. If you have any other questions or comments feel free to email us at earthstar (at)

In service of Eternal Love and THE Light of All Lights, Celestial and David


Holding Our Spiritual Focus

The Gifts of Experience

Holding Our Spiritual Focus

Message #8

Now this is one issue that I have struggled with, for well I guess, most of my life.  As I have stated in a previous article I am a recently awakened person.  Since that occurred, keeping my focus on the true spiritual path on an everyday basis seems to be more challenging.  Some of the reasons for this situation relate to the increased attention paid to a newly awakened individual by, as God calls them, “the children of the lesser gods” or the “shadow riders”.  Or you could refer to them as the “dark side” which I believe is the same as the absence of Light.  Now we can’t blame all that we think about on the shadow riders but I believe it makes up a noteworthy part of it.  We also have to give credit to our unrestrained free expression.  I know God gave us free expression, but I also know that He would prefer we use good judgment when we utilize it.

I have a past where I did things that I wish now I had never got caught up in.  What I don’t know is how much of it was due to pre-birth agreement or how much of it was my own free expression.  Regardless of what the reason is, I know that I must put it behind me and forget about the past and move forward.  I learned from the experiences and I sincerely desire not to repeat them in this lifetime and in future incarnations.  I suspect there are many readers out there who have similar situations.  We all must leave the past in the past.

But a problem arises when the shadow riders sneak in and plant thoughts and images into your conscious mind when you become weary and unfocused and/or become embroiled in the illusions of everyday life.  I have read that the shadow riders can only implant images and thoughts that have actually occurred in the past and do not have the ability to create new ideas and thoughts to implant into our conscious minds.  Many of the shadow rider intrusions relate to those actions of long ago.  At least I believe that my understanding of this situation is correct.

So how do we combat these intrusions into our thoughts?  My belief, first and foremost, is to learn to recognize the intrusion quickly and then deal with it and stop it.  Think about the last time you thought of a situation that caused you some distress.  Maybe an argument with another person or some product that you bought that you weren’t satisfied with.  You mull it over in your mind and pretty soon you are recreating the situation with thoughts of how you would have liked to have handled it.  You could be directing thoughts that aren’t that charitable to the person or the company that made the product or provided the service.   As you really get wound up, your blood pressure rises and your agitation increases.  You keep this scenario going until it runs its course.  And the shadow riders are sitting on the sidelines smugly laughing at your expense.

Now what have you accomplished?  Let’s review for a moment.  How many negative thoughts were generated and sent out into the universe?  A substantial amount depending how long the mental rant lasted.  And keep in mind that any new negative thoughts that you added to the situation are now fodder for the shadow riders to use against you in the future.  Am I casting stones at the readers?  Absolutely not!!  I struggle with this daily!  But I can hope and believe I am getting better at recognizing it when it starts so that I can stop myself.

So how do you stop the intrusion?  This is a really good question that I have worked with for a long time.  I can only relate what sometimes seems to work for me.  I stop the negative thought with trying to remember a time when there were positive events going on where friendship or love was in the air.  But it isn’t easy, especially when you are in that in between state of sleeping and fully awake.  Then as I wake up I place my sight on something on the wall and think about it until the negative intrusion dissipates.

Another time when we seem to be susceptible to shadow rider implanted thoughts and images is when we are in that state between wakefulness and being asleep.  Then what has worked for me is to imagine myself being in a transparent cylinder.  The cylinder extends far into the ground and goes upward into the heavens.  The cylinder is filled with golden light that swirls around me and through me.  Then I make a statement that the only thoughts, images and positive streamers that can enter the cylinder must come from entities that are of The Jesus The Christ Consciousness.  Furthermore that images, thoughts and dark streamers from the shadow riders cannot penetrate the walls of the cylinder.  I ask for protection.  Immediately the shadow riders seem to leave me and go off in search of another target.  I find that I must remember to do this every night.  I also need to remember to start performing this activity at the start of every day.  My wife, Kaye, creates a view of extremely white light to focus on and ask for protection while she sleeps.  And such is how we learn to change the little things in our lives to make our present lives better.

There are other actions that can help to maintain focus.  The best one that I have found is to take the time to consistently read books and materials on web sites that allow you to gain spiritual knowledge.  It doesn’t seem to make a difference as to the quantity of the material you read, as it does to read consistently.  Sometimes it is only a chapter or two and then sometimes it is only a page or two.  It is just to keep you attached to the spiritual.  Rereading the God Books that were written by David and Celest has helped me considerably to maintain my focus.  When you drift away from reading and learning, and we all do, it is easier to wander off of the path we want to be taking.

But how do you keep focus at the end of a hard workday while you watch the evening news with the full complement of news spewed forth by the media?  Well that isn’t really easy unless you have the constant ability to look behind what is being broadcast to see what hidden agenda is being displayed for the unenlightened.  Then you process what you have just viewed and discard that which does not fit into the truth you live by.  This is much easier said than done but is worth the effort.

My wife and I have been retired over six years and this lifestyle has given us the opportunity to learn and grow spiritually.  I remember how hard it was to make the time to read while I was in the workforce because I was what you would call a workaholic.  More reading and learning during those years would have benefitted me greatly but it is what it is.  We all have a moment in our life plans where we are prodded to make changes and take a different path.

Now have you ever had one of those days when you feel off?  You may be reading, browsing the internet or just plain doing nothing.  You get a feeling of doubt that you truly are an awakened personality.  You begin to feel the lack of confidence that you really can do something to help the world.  I get that feeling occasionally and then I struggle writing these articles and wonder if I can really get across a message that will make a difference for someone.  The idea for this paragraph was developed after reading a book written by one of the presenters at the Transformation 2012 conference in Pagosa Springs.  While reading this book, it dawned on me that this feeling of doubt must be another intrusion into my intellect by the “shadow riders”.  I have been told that these articles do strike a chord with some readers and therefore the “shadow riders” would like nothing better than to get me to stop.  Could it be that just by reading a book about the author’s experiences on his spiritual path brought this sudden realization to me?  I believe it did.  And that realization further supports my statement earlier that you have to stay committed to reading and learning and growing in your spiritual understanding and evolvement.  I had only been reading for a few minutes, but the author’s message seemed to ground me to see what was happening.  Maybe, maybe not, but that is what “came” to me and I felt I needed to write this paragraph.

Years and years ago I used to ask for help in all aspects of my life, both business career and everyday life.  I would ask God and the folks on the other side to help me get over some hurdle or solve some problem for me and for others that I was concerned about.  When the situation hit a critical mass I would really beg for assistance.  I did not know then that the perplexing issue could have been something that was a part of my life plan or just something that my free expression got me into.  It could have been something that I just needed to experience and learn from.  Now days I don’t ask for help as much as I used to and one day I wondered why I didn’t.  It seemed to come to me, that I could, and was actually doing more looking inside of me for assistance and not depending on God to do things for me.  Now maybe it’s the reading I have recently done that has led me to understand that we all have the ability to do anything of value we seriously desire for ourselves and for the greater good.  Now I know that help from God and my guides and teachers continues to come to me, but I believe I have to take the initiative and start trying to solve the issue myself.

At times life seems to really be a struggle.  But then there are many more times when we realize that we really do enjoy being here.  We are doing what we came here for and that is to help the world.  Regardless of what is happening from day to day, we asked God or God asked us to be here during these times, and I for one am very thankful that I am here.

Until next time, Phil

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