“A Christmas Soul Dance” Event

A Christmas Soul Dance

This is an Event that will take place on Friday December 3rd, 2021

We are once again issuing The Call for ALL Good Souls to Unite NOW.

Everyone’s participation is essential.

Greetings, this is Celest and David. We are sharing time-sensitive information with all of humanity once again. On October 19th this year (2021) at 2:00 AM Celest was just preparing to go to sleep when the whole bedroom filled up with Luminescents, Angels and other Divine Beings. God was speaking for the Collective and told Celest “There is something very important that We need and want all of you Good Souls to do.” He spoke of Calling all good Souls to unite and truly assist one another NOW and to address the world and do everything possible to bring all Souls the help that we can give them. He went on to say that in a very short time all Souls are going to need all the help they can get.

So, we Created “A Christmas Soul Dance,” which is designated to actually bring all Souls together spontaneously and to connect with one another. Instead of everybody always asking God or any of the other Luminescents for help, it is YOUR turn to give back and BE the help. All right everybody, this is where you put what you believe in and your Sacred Truths to work on everybody’s behalf, not only your own. You place your Truths and Beliefs where your mind and your VOICE are. You will also benefit from this Sacred enterprise. Keep in mind you are doing this without any hidden agendas and without expecting any recompense. Please read below and truly become a part of who and what you say you are. 

“A Christmas Soul Dance Event”

When:  Friday, December 3rd, 2021 when it is Noon in YOUR time zone.

This IS a worldwide Event. Let your VOICES be heard.

Here is how you can participate: remember you are Soul talking to Soul so please keep things simple and completely heartfelt.    

Think about what it is you “really” want to say, what you want to “send,” to ALL those other Souls ALL over this world. Obviously, we suggest you send them each your unlimited emotional and Spiritual support. Think about what else you would like to say to those you truly love and care about. Remember there are Souls you will never meet in this lifetime; you do not have to know them personally. Your Soul contact is precious. Cherish the Soul that you are and now start cherishing the others as well.

Think about what you would want someone to send to you. Your words and thoughts are priceless. You may never again have another opportunity like this one to work with people all over the world. Make the most of it and BE all you can be. Many depend on you; they depend on your Power of Mind and your ability to speak with them through your mind and Soul. This IS the time you have been waiting for.

We repeat, remember this is about Soul to Soul contact. Use your various power abilities. Use your clairvoyance, your clairsentience, clairaudience or use the Power of Mind and Call in your Soul Clusters whether you know who they are or not, they know who you are. So, ASK them to also join you in this Event. Be sure to also invite all those wonderous Souls who watch over you, who guide you, who protect you. You do your part… they will do their part. Visualize connecting with Souls all over the Planet and beyond.

Visualize dancing, arms around/extended to ALL other Souls. Play your favorite music and you can dance to it if you want to. You can do no wrong, this is a  win-win situation. AND it does not cost you a cent.

Soul to Soul, Heart to Heart. Your intentions should come from the Heart for it is Soul linking to Soul linking to Soul on an unlimited scale. Read below to learn the Mantra.


This is the “Christmas Soul Dance” Mantra:

We are calling in our Soul Clusters, We are calling in ALL Souls of ALL goodhearted people and ALL the Soul Saints Marching in and asking ALL of them to connect their Soul energies with our own and dance their way into the Souls everywhere who desperately need our Spiritual and emotional support.

Dance the dance of the invincible Soul and sing and dance as you never have before. Sing and dance away fear and sing “The Song of God.


Please memorize this Mantra written above, print it out and carry it in your pocket so that you have it at all times. You will soon realize that very often you will need to recite it when you need help yourself. Especially in the upcoming times.


Some suggestions: Five minutes before noon drink a glass of cold water, put a pinch of Sea Salt under your tongue. Recite the Christ Consciousness Mantra. You can perform one PUSH movement and one Golden Force movement. But only one each, save your energy for your work. 

This is a worldwide event; this information is available on all of our websites and we will be sending it to people around the world. We ask that you send The Mantra and include this information to other websites. Please send it to your other contacts, forums, social medias and so forth. This IS important.

We will all be taking a STAND; we ourselves will be with you at all times.

*Remember to keep things simple, this is to be a high energy event. Allow no distractions to get in your way, The Christmas Soul Dance can be as long or as short as you want it to be.

Feel free to repeat performing this Christmas Soul Dance on your own in future times whenever you want to.

And yes, “This IS going to be Soul much fun.”


NOTE: Please mark the date on your calendars so you do not forget.

For those who are new to learning how to perform PUSH and Project Golden Force movements, that information is posted on our Awakenedhearts.com website.

Salude, Celest and David



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