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More useful information about The Gatherings

The Gatherings 2

More useful information about The Gatherings


The original posting about “The Gatherings” can be found at


Hello, Celest and David here. It has come to our attention some people are desirous and want more direction on what to talk about, what to do and how to do it during their Gatherings so we have come up with a few ideas and suggestions which may be of use.

You can talk about philosophy, love and kindness and acceptance. Talk about personal responsibility and passionate detachment. And discuss things that you as a group can do to accomplish your goals. If you do not have any then toss around ideas and see if you can find that which you feel you have within your power to change or empower. If you have The God Books you may choose to read a passage and then see where the conversation takes you. Talk about life, talk about death, reincarnation and what happens after a person leaves their mortal existence. Share your thoughts on why we are all here and what our collective missions are as well as to help other find and define what their individual missions may be. Talk about current events and help others to see and understand what is occurring, what is in need of change and why. You may choose to keep your Gatherings strictly on a Spiritual level or you may want to diversify your subject matter to help others to build a stronger Spiritual foundation in their everyday practical lives.

Teach people about finding their center and being able to maintain this even as the world around them seems to be spinning out of control. Teach them how striving to find balance in their lives is incorrect and why they should have been focused on finding their center. Think about this for a while and you will see how it makes sense to readjust one’s outlook, one’s perception, one’s beliefs to find their center, rather than to be trying to balance the different aspects of their lives instead of eliminating the balancing act altogether and place everything front and center. The center is much like being in the Eye of The Strom. And as you have all learned from what God and the other Luminescents have shared, is that God IS, the Luminescents ARE the Eye of The Storm. How does one find their center? Can one survive by being whole and complete, not dependent upon others for self approval? Can one live without drama in their lives? Can one be their own best friend first and attend to your own best interests first and not feel guilty about doing so? Teach people about the power of words and thoughts and how to properly focus them to do the most good. You can also discuss how planetary and Universal energies and the collective consciousness affect people. You can also come together and perform PUSH movements. The list goes on and on.

Other suggestions for subject matter may include: Nirvana and Life in the Hereafters. What, why, and who are Advocates for Justice and The Advocacy Program. Indelible fingerprints, Understanding I AM, understanding The Seasons of the Soul.

Teach about often bandied about but not truly understood terms such as Love, Light, Spirituality and the need for people to find their own purpose for being and how there is no need to be mimicking others. In other words, how our unique individualities define and unite us and how collectively we complement and enhance each other.

You can teach people how to quiet their minds, how to find, maintain and strengthen their own sentience and learn how to listen to their Soul Voice and to start trusting their intuition. Explain how their intuition is Soul Voice speaking to them. You may also want to discuss what is happening in the environment. You could teach each other how to grow your own vegetables and how to store them properly. With the unpredictable nature of the world’s economies, the political arenas, the ever-changing weather conditions there are many things to be considered. Teach others to understand their dreams, how to decipher them and how to properly ask for information to be given to them. Think about things you yourself have over time come to understand and share your revelations no matter how small or seemingly insignificant. Everything is important if the information is presented properly. Show people how they may be inadvertently contributing to the disorganized chaos through thoughts and everyday actions which they may not have ever considered before.

There really is no limit to what can be done with your gatherings. Maybe you are into song or art or other forms of expression and can help others to find other means to express themselves. Teach people about their new Light bodies and how it is a naturally occurring event and why they may not need to dwell too much and wonder if they are changing. Conspiracies are great IF you only use them as a catalyst to show others how to see behind the scenes and decipher truth from illusion. Teach them how to understand GOD CODE and how it is not only used by God but by all others in Divinity as well as in the visions everyone has during their dream states.

Your Gatherings can be held in your home IF you feel comfortable doing so. Or you can choose a neutral place to come together. During the sunny days you may want to consider meeting in a park or at a coffee shop. We do suggest you pick a place where others will not be able to overhear your conversations. This could be counterproductive if others do not share your perspectives.

You may also choose to use other types of venues available to you which you either feel comfortable with or those you feel may be the most effective. If you are not able to gather in groups physically you may choose to use alternative means to contact others like yourself. There is Skype to consider and other options like Skype. There are internet conferencing as well as internet radio programs which can also be utilized. We are not a big fan of Facebook or online forums but many others are and use them regularly and they be quite effective IF you monitor the responses, the exchanges and moderate or block the  “unfriendly” or those who are trapped in illusions and dramas and are causing disruption in your sharing, in your Gatherings. If you belong to other groups share with them the new Gatherings you are Creating or belong to. If you have websites or know others who have a website ask them to share the information with others.

And please choose an alternative email address which you can use for your communications, one that is separate from your everyday communications. This is important. There is no need to send information to people who do not understand or believe as you do.

We know that to some of you this is all new and you may be feeling a little bit nervous about stepping forward and taking a Stand and this is ok. Moving into unchartered waters is not always easy. Not everything in life is. We will also remind you that nervousness is another aspect of fear and fear is NOT a natural response or expression of Soul. So we encourage everyone to EXHALE and think, “I am calm, serene and tranquil. I, as the expression of My Soul can  learn anything if my intents are pure and unbiased.” Now, do you feel better?

Whichever directions you choose to go with your gatherings believe in yourself, in your ability to make a difference and in your choice of direction. God is saying “Believe it, feel it… own it! You will do no wrong.”

Let us know if you have any other questions or have comments which may be beneficial to others. We will post your updates and email contact information as you share them with us.

Salude, Celest and David






A Clarion CALL for the GATHERINGS to begin

The Gatherings 2

A Clarion CALL

For the GATHERINGS to begin

Earth Star date 2016

For a very, very long time now we, Celestial and David, and so many others like us have been issuing the clarion call for “All Good Souls to Unite NOW” and for “All Good Souls who are meant to Unite  with us now to do so.” This message has been echoing and reverberating throughout all the Universes. This message has not only been received, it has also been responded to by Divine Beings from all civilizations from All Universes. Those Beings are the ones who are incarnate as well as those who are discarnate. Yes, this includes portions of humanity also. Every timeline, every gridline intersection PREDESTINED is important to the continuously contiguous evolution of all lifeforms and the overall expansion of the Collective Consciousness here on Terra (Earth.)

And so The CALL has been issued… again. We ask you, “is it better to know than not to know?” Do you believe that being forewarned is being forearmed? Are you willing to consider coming out of your comfort zone to work with others of like-mind and teach them and share with them all the kernels of wisdom you have accrued through your own trials and tribulations? Are you each ready to speak of your individual successes and accomplishments as well as your disappointments and failures? Do you understand that each of those events have brought you to the level of understanding you now find yourself STANDing Spiritually and emotionally centered upon? Are you ready to show others how every perceived setback, failure or rejection they too have experienced or borne-witness to may well have been the catalyst which opened their eyes to the Truth which has been hidden behind veiled eyes?

Illusions run rampant here on Earth, this is nothing new. What is new and so exciting is that “the veil is being lifted” and illusions, delusions and everything based on, created by or brought into this world through dark intent or fed by ill-born desire and foisted upon humanity is being revealed in The Light of ALL Lights.” The “ages” humanity has gone through as a learning arc and continuous cyclic patterns are over. Either people have figured it out or they have not. The Creator’s gift of reincarnation has offered every opportunity for humanity both individually as well as collectively to evolve into finer expressions of themselves. There will be no more “ages” here on Earth for everything and everyone who remains will be living in the NOW, the Golden NOW, where everything happens in the moment and The Moment will be cherished for all it has to offer. Nothing will be taken for granted, no one will do without, and no one will be considered as being better than another or considered privileged and beyond or above having to adhere to Universal Laws. So many of those people in the past who have erroneously neglected these Sacred Principles never knew they were doing so. Sadly, it was not until they left their mortality that they remembered what they as Soul had known since their inception.

This is the precipice which many people of today currently find themselves standing on. So many people are struggling to maintain their Spiritual focus now. This is occurring for many, many reasons right now. It is for this reason that the islands of us, the individuals, are in need of reinforcement, of validation that their beliefs are not misconstrued or misguided. They need to understand that being a Spiritual Being is easy, living a physical life more often than not is much more complicated. They need to learn, TO REMEMEBER, that being, living as a Spiritual person is simply understanding “The connectedness of ALL That IS.” ALL That IS, is simply that; everything is connected, everything and everyone is impacted directly or indirectly by everything, every thought, deed or action or inaction of everyone else. It is and always has been the intent for ALL That IS to be a harmonious symphony of expression ensuing in continuous motion.

This is what these gatherings are all about’ to remember, remember, remember what IS and what will be. Understanding what has out of necessity had to have been allowed to transpire up to now to reach this pivotal moment in Earth’s history where re-creation, where lackadaisical recreation and senseless pattern-making will finally cease to be. Pattern-makers will be replaced with pattern-breakers who will permeate and imbue the essence of the fluid-like perpetual, transcendental, uncomplicated, multifaceted, Creative Process within the Crearchy. Each of us who are incarnate now are the catalysts for this to occur. How fast this happens is quite dependent upon the actions and intents of those who choose to take up the gauntlet and issue their own “Clarion Call.”

Everyday more and more StarKeepers, Ascended Masters and other Divine entities, who are Beings from all the Universes are arriving. Many who are here now are here to lend a helping hand in their many varied capacities as a means to smooth humanity’s and Earths transition out of dankness which has penetrated this world for far too long. Transmuting the energies, extracting diseased, dark dank and evil roots and extricating the shadow riders’ tentacles is an awe-inspiring job. No, it will not be done overnight, but with every LIGHT filled thought, every kind word spoken, every outstretched hand to someone in need, alters the vibrations and frequencies just a little bit more.

We have known all along that we could not do it all on our own. We also knew it was NOT our responsibility to try to do so. This however did not stop us from letting God know once in a while that we felt we could be doing more. Yes, He heard us muttering once in a while and reassured us that we WERE doing what we were here to do and often times we were doing much more when it was requested of us. No, we did not balk or question; we knew our time here was limited as all Earthly incarnations are and were determined to do what we could, to be the catalysts for change even when it was not the popular choice or “fashionable” to do so. We do what we do because we can. And so can many others.

So now we ask you, we say to you, does it not feel right, important and timely to take a STAND and unite those of us, those others like us, others who are or were just like you, searching for answers, who are here now? Moral support, comfort, someone to listen to, someone to share our thoughts and inspirations with, lessens the feelings of aloneness, or at times feelings of helplessness while trying to change things which are wrong can be, can feel overwhelming. BEARING WITNESS to events is not always easy, but it IS what we in so many cases are here to do. But we no longer have to do so all alone. Like THE Creator”s GIFT of Free Expression and reincarnation we all cherish so dearly another gift has been bestowed upon all Lightworkers and Lightweavers. The gift is a gridline intersection which has occurred that allows us to unite the once isolated Islands of our Selves.

And yes, to quote from the first posting about these gatherings when Katherine, Cyndi and Dave originally stepped forward and announced they would be willing to start a group in Texas:

“All of this was predestined long, long ago when we all gathered together in the great halls with God and all the other Luminescents, all the Masters and others of Divinity and viewed this current “timeline”  in Earth’s history when all good Souls would be needed to unite once again for just cause and Take a Stand as ONE. It was determined that during this Spatial time of coming together, uniting the islands of ourselves, would be pivotal in swinging the scales of justice in its predestined direction. We all agreed to do our part in fulfilling our personal as well as planetary missions. Starting these gatherings and holding Summits IS what we each agreed to do. Will you do what you can to be part of the solution now when you are needed most? Start your own groups. Start a Spiritual tsunami; the likes of which have never before been seen on this world. It is time for all of our diverse selves to come together and unite as one.”

We have begun to hear from some people who are willing, or interested in hosting some of these gatherings. No, the gatherings do not need to be large, but they can become so. God is now saying to us what HE has said so many time before, “When two or more are GATHERED together in My name.” We guess that about sums it up. For ourselves it has been an honor to be the scribes for His books as well as to have the chance to once again walk upon The Earth Star Planet and sow our indelible fingerprints and footprints into the ever-changing, constantly expanding, glistening and every so real melodious TAPESTRY OF LIFE.

Now, so far we have heard from people in or near Spokane Washington, San Angelo to Dallas Texas, Meridian Idaho, the Philippines, Australia, Janesville Wisconsin, from Rahway NJ north to Plattsburgh NY and east to Boston Mass as well as the Greater Kingston NY area, centered in Rosendale NY. There are those who live in Virginia as well as near Virginia Beach Virginia who would also like to come together.

If you would like to be added to this list or would be interested in meeting others in your area please contact us at”

and we will do our best to connect you with others in your area. You can assist us in this endeavor by using your contact lists, your social medias, or groups you already attend, to bring others together as well. Use your imagination. God and all the other Luminescents certainly gifted all of us with the best of the best of those.

If you live in or near Texas you may contact Dave, Cyndi and Katherine at

And feel free to ask them questions. They have spent considerable amounts of time exploring the possibilities, probabilities and directions their gatherings may, or will, take.

We will continue to post updates as they come in here on this website. We will add your email contact information here as well as you send them to us.

There, we have done our part, now go forward be fruitful and reinforce your personal as well as planetary grids, by uniting your strengths and Co-Creater-nesses. We encourage you to take your roles as Caretakers for The NEW People of The NEW Earth respectfully. You have not now nor will you ever… walk alone.

Salude, we are Celestial Blue Star of the Pleiades and David of Arcturus presently residing on a planet we fondly, reverently and respectfully call HOME!

Journey well.


P.S. If you are considering starting your own Gathering we suggest you create an alternate email account which you will use solely for your gatherings and other types of Spiritual communications. This will alleviate any unnecessary or accidental communications with others who are in your everyday email address books who may not be of like-mind. Everyone has enough to deal with as it is without having to try to explain your beliefs to someone who is NOT READY to understand what you do. In other words it is better if you do not accidentally stir up some unnecessary and quite avoidable dramas from beginning in your life.

The Gatherings /



PUSH: A New Collaboration

PUSH: A New Collaboration

When: Winter Solstice December 21st, 2013 at 7:00 P.M (your time) in whatever country you are in.

We will be building on the momentum of the Winter Solstice as been suggested by God and desired by many people who have been contacting us. We will be working with the solstice to firmly solidify the continuous outpouring of the energetic movement originally Created during the Autumn Project “PUSH.” Together we can better help ground the coming year of 2014. With the original PUSH movement we started an energy wave effect that is still ongoing and picking up speed, so it makes perfect sense to keep the momentum going.

The difference this time around is we are asking everyone to have clearly defined concepts of what they want to bring into manifestation in 2014. No broad unrealistic ideas;  concentrate on what you feel are the most meaningful changes, which means personal as well as planetary, that you resonate with the most. Yes this will also aid in further removing dark energy streamers because dark cannot tolerate the Light. So, because of the massing of heart, mind and Soul of those who participate, you will be each shine a broad spectrum of Light throughout the planet and beyond.   

You each learned from the initial PUSH movement the hand motions, the composure you need and the dedication to make a difference by Be-ing the difference. We suggest that you spend quality time between now and then to read the original text which accompanies the video showing you how to perform the movements. This will ensure for you that yes you are doing it correctly and also allows you to flow more with the motions. This will increase your self-confidence and be a catalyst to expand your higher form of consciousness. You will not make a mistake and you can do no wrong.

We are asking everyone who participates to use your share button on Facebook, Twitter, your websites, your email contact list etc. and connect with others who also want to bring in the best of the best of changes for 2014 and beyond.

We want you to understand that this will accelerate organized chaos across this world which will also help to expose the dark people and dark plans, organizations,  places and events to the Light. Much will come into public awareness when the masses finally realize they have been duped for centuries and centuries. So you see, the purpose of “PUSH: A New Collaboration” is multifold.  

The difference this time around is that we ask you to use your PUSH technique to clear away any and all obstacles that you foresee which may try to dampen the impact. Once you have successfully PUSH-ed them away, THEN bring in your intents. You may take as much time as you desire this time around for defining what you feel is important to be added into this movement.

Be relaxed with what you do, there is no pressure being placed upon you. You are each the Masters and Mistresses of your own Destiny. So become comfortable with yourself. If you are in a public place at that 7:00 P.M. time, simply go to the restroom or some other quiet place and PUSH from there. One enterprising woman had her adult children and her grandchildren at her home during the initial PUSH so she closed herself in the bathroom and PUSH-ed. Be Creative!!!

While we were pulling together the information for this new project God and the Star Keepers began sending us the following song. After looking up the exact lyrics we see why it conforms to the purpose we are all coming together for. (Lyrics below)

To view the original Project PUSH info and video go to

Salude… Celest, David and all of Divinity

PUSH: A New Collaboration


Creedence Clearwater Revival “Up Around The Bend” Song Lyrics

There’s a place up ahead and I’m goin’ Just as fast as my feet can fly Come away, come away if you’re goin’, Leave the sinkin’ ship behind. CHORUS: Come on the risin’ wind, We’re goin’ up around the bend.

Bring a song and a smile for the banjo, Better get while the gettin’s good, Hitch a ride to the end of the highway Where the neons turn to wood. You can ponder perpetual motion, Fix your mind on a crystal day, Always time for a good conversation, There’s an ear for what you say.

Catch a ride to the end of the highway And we’ll meet by the big red tree, There’s a place up ahead and I’m goin’ Come along, come along with me.


Irrational Sects

Blue Star Transmissions


~Blue Star the Pleiadian~

Irrational Sects


Greetings Earthizens, well now, before long you will be hurtling into 2013, then what? How many of you ones will take the time today or even sometime this current year to see if you have learned anything about this year? So, there are millions of peoples all over this world seeking condolences and wanting to be commiserated with because they truly believe that all that they THOUGHT would come to pass this Year of Grand Events did not happen. Little do those ones know or want to realize that more has happened this year and will continue to, then they have any idea of. Peoples, I ask that you pay close attention to my words this day. I have been granted permission by the God of this Universe to speak very frankly with you ones about your "current affair trends." This year has seen more peoples awakening here than have in many centuries. Although it would have been far better and much easier if that had taken place with less pain and loss, each person on this planet has made it this way. You see Earthizens, 2012 and beyond for 100 years, are the times of the greatest changes. The next several years are the critical junctures of when the clean and the unclean clash, collide, come together in some instances and divide in others. The clashing and colliding will ease up a bit around 2015-2017; however there will still be renegade groups intent on their "service to self" agendas. This will however in a strange and beautiful way strengthen the determination and the Spiritual aspect of each TRUE Light Worker.

You ones have all been so busy thinking about how much you wanted things here to be a certain way, that most of you have lost sight of two key parts of the populations of all races here that must turn themselves around, or continue to fall and become part of the vast numbers of nonfunctional human beings. These two key elements here are – the sects and the children of this world. Too many peoples have been living in fear, but not only for their very lives. A huge proportion of the ones in fear are in this condition because of all they believed they have lost. Why is it not understood that if you believe you have lost something then you never really had it in the first place. I suggest you think that over please. All faith is being tested mightily now as well as the beliefs of all those who say they believe in nothing at all. Now, if I were to approach those who say they believe in nothing at all, who say they have NO beliefs and if I told them the fact that they BELIEVE in nothing is a belief, they would be totally baffled by my comment. Yet, it is what it is. All right cousins, it is time for you ones to address your OWN beliefs now: what have you learned this year? What are you learning about yourself and the totality of your own belief systems?

Have you yet learned how much you are willing to let go of, how much you are willing to give up for your beliefs? Have you learned how much you refuse to give up for your beliefs? Have you yet understood the depths of despair that humanity overall is experiencing and why they are? How many of you ones remember what God said in one of His books about the fact that He and others of Divinity, including myself of course, are looking beneath every rock, every stone to see what else comes slithering out? Cousins, because 2012 has been earmarked for the great changes to BEGIN and the beginning of a new world…among other things…how is it possible that so many among you ones still believe that an illusionary star ship will descend here and "rescue people from themselves?" Why do you ones think that religions are now THIS YEAR hammering away much harder and harder on people about their congregations’ need to bond even more tightly with their church’s beliefs? One would think that the stranglehold religions already have on people here would be enough! Although many peoples here began to clearly exhibit signs of even more moral decay and emotional irascibility shortly before the clock struck midnight on New Year’s Eve, 2011, those whose petulant natures were already accelerating to new and previously untried heights of irrationality, had a serious detrimental affect on all people regardless of what their beliefs were. We had been expecting this "parlay of the worst kind." So of course we were not surprised, but a bit disappointed that so many Earthizens here failed to understand that all energies whether they are benevolent or malignant DO in fact impact on every person in one way or another. One of the main problems caused by thinking too much is that you lose both sense and sensibility. Your failure to understand all which began on the last fateful New Year’s Eve is haunting you whether you are aware of this or not.

Because each of your natures is so diverse and so used to exploring only certain avenues in life, it has held you back from realizing why the tumultuous nature of the events happening right under your noses was taking place. So much for being able to see the forest and the trees! Energy, although simply terribly misunderstood here, is something in the most tangible sense that you each Create on many different levels at all times. Therefore the closer you came to 2012 the more energetic matter you ones each released that barreled through this planet like a bullet out of control. The usual "normal" stupid actions of celebrating New Year’s Eve took a major turn for the worst. Although I personally find it hard to believe that so many among you ones can manage to consume such huge amounts of alcohol and illicit drugs in such a short span of time, millions and millions of people here did indeed break their own previously held records.

This was NOT the way to greet the stately graceful continuation of the Golden NOW Child, NESARA and the Jesus THE Christ Consciousness! Foolish humans. As if none of us would notice. As if the God of this Universe did not see!

Well before the midnight hour there were certain sects here both religious ones as well as other hardcore dangerous ones whose plans were busily being implemented for not only further world domination, but also to more craftily establish even more outrageous falsified reports on the world stock markets. In this manner they intended to count even more coup than they have been. Even now, in this final quarter of the year, stock markets, banks etc., are being "propped up" to display far more equity, monies and so forth than really exist! In great measure it is all tied in with the upcoming Presidential race in America as well as in other countries. After all, what better way to attack people WHO ARE IN FEAR, than to do so when the overriding fear factor needs some illusionary "facts" to hold on to. We overheard all the conversations that had taken place with these dark Souls; many, MANY of them belong to the infamous Bilderberg group. You see cousins, they along with the rest of those dark agenda riders, were the ones who caused the original fear here so many, many years ago. All they did for 2012 was simply enlarge on the fears that they created with full knowledge that you ones have also self-created other fears that match the ones they created. Do you see? Then of course there was the non-publicized agreements between the war-birds who have been calling in their markers of late.

No, there is nothing at all rational about those particular sects either. But even they have fallen prey to their own predator selves. They became so used to playing the horrid games of war, "you threaten this country, we will threaten the adjoining country and we will add more fortunes to our coffers." Now, although the Middle East was already intentionally inflamed by their own clerics and their own war-birds, even the peoples of those lands foresaw 2012 as "the year that ends the infidels." None on this planet have any understanding that there are many more meanings to the term, "infidel." Each sect of this world MUST believe that theirs and only theirs is the correct one. They must believe this; otherwise they would have to confront the consequences of their actions and their non-actions if they accepted the truths of these situations. THIS they can not do. It would mean their entire lives have been lived as lies. Earthizens, it was an easy matter for "planted" instigators to be placed in your midst. These are the men, women and sadly enough the very young adults and children who have been causing even more unrest among all races of peoples here.

This is what "intentional energy onslaughts" is all about. These peoples of all ages always look for the other peoples who have been known to be very unhappy, envious, have very low self-esteem issues etc. At that point it is a very simple matter to aggravate the situations even more. The preponderance of drug induced peoples here do not have the sense and sensibility to know that they are merely being used because they are considered to be "bottom feeders." However, once those addictions are in full sway, there is nothing and I do mean NOTHING, that they will not engage in to feed their habit! Addicts need other addicts to give "meaning" to their lives, just as thieves need other thieves "in order to learn more terrible ways to steal." The energies each of these types of sects emit is so dark, so dank, that it repels the goodhearted peoples, but is a MAGNET for the like-minded ones. This year has seen many false prophets rise through the ranks and ensnare those whose fears are palpable. Now, it is the good peoples here that are aghast and yes, although some of them are afraid too, they are not succumbing to the prevalent fear that has been sweeping over this world. Most of these ones fears now are because their sense and sensibility and their Soul voices are cautioning them to be on alert, be wary of those who are promoting violence and are overtaken by reasonless hate. Understand please ALL hate is reasonless!

To actually hate another person, or place or issue, is to lose all sentience, to lose the ability to hear Soul voice, it is to join the ranks of the insane. It results in losing your God connection. Sects do not feel this way. The religious sects believe that they are honoring their God; they believe that they MUST suffer for their sins – but ironically they certainly do know how to party hearty! Those are highly illogical actions.

Now, a main concern of ours is THE CHILDREN. They lack the maturity, let alone having the understanding that they each must live lives of self-contentment. That they each must live lives independent of the desires of their peers. The more they are given by well-meaning families and friends, the more they want. This is not right! There are very few of them in actual numbers who are able to withstand familial or peer pressure. They become the very thing they would oppose if they knew better because they are too immature to know any better. Until it is too late, that is. They, just as their adult counterparts do, attract the very same types of peoples that they are growing into becoming. Now, try to take a detached look at the children of today please. How many of them would you trust with your life when most of them can not be trusted to drive a car? How many of them can you honestly say are role models for other children or for adults? Do you ones understand what is happening here? The children are themselves forming their own sects; most children of today despise the very foundations that their families adhere to, that their families established for themselves, yet the children’s’ own foundations are rooted in diseased ways of thinking and an insatiable need to rely on entertainment idols and various deplorable internet activities as a means of feeling that they are "normal."

For the last 200 years, the children of this planet from all parts of this world have been the first ones to be overtaken by dark thoughts and darker actions. These are the children who then grow into adulthood as mental cripples. Then of course throughout their formative years they experienced new and more murderous ways to harm other children. They always harm those others who did not capitulate. They continue to do so even later in life when these ones became adults. There is nary a country on this planet that has not been assaulted by the children who later become deranged adults. As with all other sects, these ones ALWAYS attract others who are just like them. Sects are large groups of people of any age who become divided against one or more groups based on religious convictions, political alliances and peer pressure. Each family now lives in "a house divided." Although you ones may not be privy to this information until now of course, I can tell you that the Neo-Nazis, the KKK and the other lunatic fringes of the suicidal fundamentalists movements are growing – they are all alive and living all over this world.

Those who do not understand the abilities of the dark do not truly understand the abilities of the Light either. Light exists in and as a quantification of an energy which produces a spatial brightness that lives of and as itself as an infinite energy source, an energy power which is and always has been unlimited. How each person views the Light however, is predicated upon the individual’s innate understanding of Light and all that Light embodies. Although Light to one degree or another can be viewed by the human eye, the eye can only behold a certain amount of the energy of Light. The eye sees and senses the electromagnetic range of the angstroms.

The dark is energy without the illumination; yet it is a conglomerate of molecules of energy that are unlit, yet do project. Although it projects the absence of visible light, it is because it is devoid of the Light molecules necessary to sustain life. It can not reflect Light, it can not receive Light, but it CAN transmit the dark energy that comprises it just as Light can transmit the Light energies. The dark is the flipside of Light energy; yet just as Light does, the unilluminated spatial lack of Light can and does influence all parts of the human mind.

In great part those peoples here and yes that does of course include children, who bask within the Light by allowing it to filter into their hearts and minds causes Light to enhance all thoughts and Creative ventures and to expand the love connection. The dark stimulates the human mind, the very psyche itself, through the instilling of gross thoughts resulting in perverted actions. Yet the dark is charismatic in a deranged way. It seeks the ego and calibrates how much damage dark can inflict there. Dark is not a sect but it can aid in creating them.

Now, think for a moment about decisions you have made and ones you may be considering now. It would behoove you ones to understand WHY you make a decision BEFORE you make it! What is the catalyst? If you are reacting to something or someone out of fear then you are unconsciously joining the fear sects. If you are reacting to something or someone out of love then you are unconsciously for some of you ones, living as a true human being. Even if only for a moment. The minds of irrational sects are bound by the parameters of dysfunction. Dysfunction of the mind is caused by the mind being unable to expand itself. So it is that the dark influences the minds that are "in constraint" and the Light influences the minds that are "in freedom." The dark feeds on peoples’ "fields of broken dreams." This is what all sects do. No, I do no compare those living in the Light to a sect. They are living "the fields of dreams of the Divine." How did all this continue even yet today? How did it go on without any necessary cessation to the inflammation of the dark minds touching, grappling, groping and attaching itself to the mind and putting into bondage people who would have been good peoples? It is so because you ones have made it this way.

First understand what dark can do to not only young nubile minds, but to adult, mature minds as well. Understanding this is a preventative tool for you to use to protect yourself and all those you love. Now before I take my leave this day, I do want to caution you all that many, MANY irrational minds will become even more so. The sects are out in force now. Please, please, be careful of all that you do and say to others. Minds are snapping very easily now. You are each here now to stabilize your OWN minds whenever necessary and to bring calmness into situations simply by remaining calm. You see cousins; in this manner you will be using energy to combat energy and no one will be the wiser. From now on part of your mission is of course to continue to teach others while garnering wisdom for yourselves, but also to be perceived as a pillar of tranquility…..even though you may be shaking in your socks! Having qualms is perfectly normal but qualms can be understood by the mind if you deal with your emotions first.

This Earthizens is part of what "understanding" is. Assess the situation whenever possible, then follow through and project your "serenity self" and then even if you truly do not believe that you are serene, your mind will seize on the feeling and become part of it. You need not be concerned about the irrational sects attempting to commandeer your own mind as long as you know what you want in life and are not trying to vie for unholy attention from others. As for your friends and family members who refuse to break free of their sects, whatever they may be, you can do nothing except teach them how to live by setting a good example for them. No, not all of them will respect that for their minds are stunted and they refuse to acknowledge anything except what they WANT to. You must learn to love them enough to let them go. On a final note my Celestial daughter will soon be sharing information with all peoples about the now emerging race of "new children" being born on this planet. She will explain in detail why these extraordinary children are the heralds of "THE NEW PEOPLE." Now, Earthizens I leave you ones with a question: have I been frank enough with you this day? I am signing off now.

Salude…Blue Star

“There is a valley where that which is Spiritual stands on one side and that which is religious stands on the other side. In the middle walks the Creator and the Creation. In time, all shall be as one… I shall meet you there.”

Blue Star the Pleiadian……

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The Watchers

Arcturian Perspectives

The Watchers

The Watchers

Celest and I spend considerable time communicating with those who monitor this world. They keep us abreast of current and coming events that we have a need to know about. We talk privately about how all these beings from worlds much more advanced than this one currently is, must feel when they look upon the antics of the human race. Do they consider this to be some form of punishment? Are they involved in some type of masochism? Have they nothing better to do? I believe they would answer “NO,” to all the questions above. We should all feel blessed that they have the dedication to involve themselves in humanity’s societies.

Celest and I have been appalled by the actions of many of God’s Children here on this planet. How must the watchers feel having to bear witness to the unconscionable rape and incest, the death and destruction, the corruption, greed and quest for power that prevails here and leaves a dank stench upon the rest of humanity? Oh how primitive and barbaric the people of Earth must seem to them.

Imagine if you will, just for a moment, how it must feel to be them and to look upon this world that they once took such great pride and satisfaction in. They worked to Create the perfect world, paying attention to every little detail. Imagine the care they put forth to Create the perfect body, one that would do everything that the Soul occupying it would need it to do, one that could quite naturally fend off any illness and be constantly healing itself and making itself stronger and more nimble. Imagine the pride they must have felt in knowing that they had placed every type of life form in the perfectly designed environment for them to survive and thrive. Imagine how the Creator and the God of this Universe must have felt when their dream, their vision for this world and the human race was finally taken from the early manifestation stage and brought into everyday reality. What a joy that must have been, the parental pride must have shown right through as such an awe inspiring accomplishment began.

Now fast-forward to this world as it is today. Wars and conflicts erupting everywhere you look, people fighting over who owns the rights to some obscure patch of oil, while drought and famine threaten to wipe out entire cultures of people and other life forms. If you were the watchers, would you not feel shocked, dismayed and eventually even angry? Imagine returning and finding the world you had helped to Create that was so beautiful, and finding it in shatters with the remains putrid from abuse and neglect, essentially decomposing from the outside in… by those that you had entrusted to be the caretakers. How sad that must be. Was it unexpected? Once those of the Illuminati and their ilk infiltrated this world, no, it was not. You see, they used ego and greed, fear and insecurity, diversion and illusion to control humanity. They used their knowledge of the Universal Laws that govern all life forms everywhere against the human race because the people no longer abided by these rules. Inevitably they quite successfully manipulated the human race into believing that its different sects must always, always, remain, segregated, indecisive and completely at odds with itself. This the Illuminati did quite masterfully. There were a few things standing in their way; the Creation and the Creation Process and the individual Soul’s desire to break free from the bondage that it was enduring. Thanks to the due diligence of the watchers who so patiently attended to the needs of all Souls everywhere by accurately recording and relaying information, did the Illuminati plans for continual world domination begin to fail. (God is now saying that He has something He wishes to add.)

God… "My Children, please be aware that those who are the watchers are not only watching over this world. Their reach spans the cosmos and in this manner they are able to correctly determine when and where any life form may be about to rise above their current level of enlightenment. This in turn entitles those people to receive more immediate personal care from the others. Those others will soon present themselves to assist the newly awakened in finding new/better ways to raise the overall mass consciousness of their civilizations. You are at this critical juncture right now. Please do not waste this opportunity. Within your grasp is everything you ever dreamed of for yourself and the reunification of your races. I spoke in some detail about this in My latest books which My scribes Celestial and David just finished. (And Then God Said… Then I Said… Then He Said.. Volume Two and The Code) Please take the time to read and understand all I have to say, it will help you to better learn how you as a race, arrived at this turning point and where it is you must strive to go from here. Your civilization is not the first to go through this transition. The growing pains associated with any great leap in evolution are apparent to Us. Trust your instincts, be open and receptive, the watchers learn from your triumphs as well as your failures. That is all I wish to say, David, carry on now."

Just who are the watchers? They are the Earth Monitors who reside in Nirvana, they are the Spirit Guides of all incarnate Souls and Star Keepers from every Universe. They are from the Spirit and Angelic realms. They are the Masters, the Avatars, they are the fleets overhead in our skies. They are everywhere monitoring each of us, monitoring every event or non-event, they are aware of everything at all times. The saying “you can run but you can not hide” may now be coming to the minds of the paranoid, delusional or conspiracy minded. Hopefully this is not you.

The watchers are just that, they are here to gauge the changes in all of us. Yes, contrary to some people’s beliefs, they do grade our performances. After all this has always been a schoolhouse planet. By doing so they can filter information to us through our dream state or other venues so that we can know what areas it is that we need to work on. They also know which of us they can count on to assist them in reaching out to others. You see, they, unlike most of us, know ALL about us as individuals, they know our strengths as well as our weaknesses. They know what we are here to do, what we agreed to do, what we are capable of doing, what our goals and aspirations, and/or delusions may be at any given moment. They monitor our physical health, our mental state, our progress, our experiences and our accomplishments. They do so in order to share this information with other beings who may have need of this information. Such as those who are about to begin their Earth Star walks, as well as those Guides who have their own charges already here on Earth. The data they collect benefits untold millions of other Souls who will be assuming their roles here on Earth presently, or in the near future. Through the accumulation of this knowledge, these inbound Souls, their tutors and protectors will in turn be better prepared to deal with the realities of having a physical incarnation on this world, or any world for that matter.

Both Celest and I know that life here is not always easy and that the actions of others can impact upon our physical and Spiritual wellbeing if we are not properly taking care of ourselves on all levels. We have the utmost admiration and compassion for those who choose to be here now to help all of us who are incarnate. The watchers’ realities are much more different than those of this world. Entrance into this realm must be harsh for them. To their credit, they are here to stay for the duration. They will be here long after the rest of us have left this world. Assist them by sharing with them your insights, your impressions of what has been and what you feel is in need of some attention. You are after all the one who is experiencing life…. in the flesh. If you do not have anything to say, if you have no opinions, then maybe you are in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Cammeron of Arcturus is now saying to me “you can not twitter your way into heaven. Sometimes you need to come down from your ivory tower and get down, way down, into the trenches and heaven forbid get a little dirty to make a difference. If you make this your choice, then we will be the first ones down in the trenches with you.”

I Am David of Arcturus, I Am doing my part and I Am proud of it.

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