Project PUSH June 25th 2014

6-14-14 Special information on the upcoming PUSH: Please scroll down to find some important updates we have added to our original message.

Greeting everyone, we have been asked by God to initiate yet another Project PUSH. This time it is to be one of the most massive efforts that the “collective” is being called upon to participate in. Please understand that this PUSH of all the PUSHes to date is the most important. This will affect the present and the future. Also it will assist in the return of true human qualities to humanity and have major influences on all generations of young people today and all those who are yet to be born or Walk-In to this world. What we have been told is that specific configurations will occur with this upcoming PUSH. Configurations that will help to align Terra’s magnetic core with the new higher frequencies and the ever changing vibrations necessary to aid, maintain and stabilize life on this planet. All good Souls here will be affected. Obviously we can only speak for the good Souls who are staying their course. Those others who are caught up in the eccentric world of materiality and illusions can not benefit because they do not believe. This matter is to be taken very seriously, yet we ask you each to have FUN with this PUSH and be relaxed but focused when PUSHing.

The magnetics of the PUSH this time will be among the highpoints of your life, far more intense and Light filled than the ones you previously experienced. You see, as you are performing this version of PUSH you will be reclaiming your birthright and the magnetics you need to assist you in this venture will be sent to you to help solidify this PUSH in a more massive manner than before. This time all magnetics will be felt shifting across this world. This will impact upon the hearts, the minds and the Souls of all good people everywhere on this world. All lifeforms, flora, fauna, animals, even a simple blade of grass will benefit because the magnetics will help lessen so much of the toxicity affecting them all.

Two days after PUSH there will be a New Moon; all that we accomplish with PUSH will be amplified by the incoming energetics of the New Moon conjoining with the PUSH momentum. Every time Moon changes her phase, before the new phase is visible to you, she begins to affect this world 3 days prior to her new phase. New Moon is always symbolic yet actual of new beginnings.  Typically what is Created during the New Moon phase cycle is carried forth and amplified by the next Full moon which then carries the energies into the next phases of Moon. People everywhere should understand how the magnetics of the Moon affect the tides of the oceans as well as peoples’ mental states. Moon is also very instrumental in influencing your dream states. She is far more than just a beautiful entity; she has many functions most people know nothing about. Celest’s father Blue Star spoke in great detail about the affects the Moon has upon this world as well as the dreams each of us receive each night. Perhaps you should consider rereading this when you have time. It is in one of his books “Blue Star the Pleiadian – My Teachings through Transmissions” We have been told that these magnetic exchanges will assist in tempering the volatility of some of the planet’s restructuring going on at this time. This is vitally important to all life.

We recently found out that during the December 2013 Project PUSH there were over 5000 Japanese people living in Japan who came together and PUSHed right along with everyone else. They are to be commended for such a massive outpouring of Love, Light and PUSHing for the right reasons, they too PUSHed for just cause. Now we have found out that Project PUSH – Japan will take place on June 26th, 2014. We are asking everyone in the United States as well as all other countries to help us combine all of our energies and assist Japan and the Japanese people with our intention of restoring balance to this world and to all other good Souls.

Here is what we have been asked to do: on June 25th 2014, regardless of what your time zone is, at 7:00 P.M. we are having the most magnanimous, the most illuminating PUSH movement to date. There are a few differences with this particular PUSH. God has suggested that we work very seriously with the magnetics of this world. He and all other Luminescents will work with these magnetics at the same time as all of us will on the 25th in every country. Japan’s Project PUSH will have a culminating effect. This is because all the other countries’ PUSH magnetics will immediately be swept to the Japanese who will continue to do as all of us have done to sweep it across the world in an unbelievably massive wave.

Will YOU join US? Will you send out notices through social media, your email addresses, your websites, and contact others any way you can? We ask that you copy this message and send it out so there is no misunderstanding of what is taking place.

10 minutes prior to the designated time we ask that each of you put a tiny pinch of Sea Salt under your tongue. 5 minutes prior to the designated time of 7:00 P.M. before you begin PUSH,  please stand up straight with feet slightly apart, extend your arms directly out in front of you with fingers splayed apart slightly. Make sure your mind is clear and then focus on the figure “8” (eight). Do this for a few seconds and then swing your arms straight out to both sides of your body, like wings on a plane. And then slowly lower your arms down to the sides of your body and then try to balance forward a bit on the balls of your feet, but only do so for a few seconds and then return to your normal upright position. Now, inhale and exhale slowly three times.

Now, relax for a minute and focus your mind on the figure “8.” Now begin your normal Project PUSH movements. The difference this time around is that we ask that each of you during the circular motions of your arms, when you are collecting the energies together, to do your circular motions more than three times this time. How many circular motions you perform depends on how many more you feel you should do. This will increase the velocity of the magnetics you will be bringing into Project PUSH, individually as well as collectively. Also, try to extend your arms out wider in your efforts to pull together your magnetic energies you are about to PUSH with. While doing this think to yourself at least 3 times, “8,” “8,” “8.” Remember the number “8” (eight). Picture it, see that it is a perfect shape that intertwines upon itself and it is the mark of infinity. It is the comprehensive and all inclusive energies of all the good Souls on this world and off-world. Remember you are collecting energy that is being magnified, being amplified in a greater fashion now.

Please remember, you can go onto the website and watch the PUSH movement video again if you need a refresher on how to PUSH.

Salude… we will see you on the 25th, wherever you are. Celestial and David  

Note, Blue Star will be speaking more about this PUSH movement in his upcoming transmission which we will post on the 23rd of June instead of the 25th .on the website.

The original text describing how to do the PUSH technique can be found by going to  

6-14-14 Special information on the upcoming PUSH: For clarification purposes we want to address a few questions some of you have had about this particular PUSH movement. The main idea is to amplify your intentions, to magnify the magnetic energies you are collecting and then PUSHing all these energies in a broader upward and outward fashion during the actual PUSH project. You will be giving a new meaning to “as above, so below.”  That phrase is but part of a Universal Law describing what we call, “Karmic Vibrations.” You will be releasing old Karmic issues this way also and yet bringing in newer versions of Universal Karma which will assist humanity as a whole, but will especially assist our beloved Terra. The first part of your actual arm movements is separate yet remains a combined collective effort in reinforcing All That You Are with the rest of the PUSH movements which will follow. If it helps, we ask that when you are stretching your arms out further to gather more energies, please visualize your arms becoming longer, more elastic, capable of reaching out further and further. Some of you will be able to sense that you are in no way restricted to only reaching as far as your body is physically able to; more so you will be able to visualize yourself stretching out into infinity with no limitations imposed. You are after all eternal Beings, you are Gods and Goddesses in your own right. Use your Creative abilities and simply visualize the elongation of your arms.

Secondly, when you are performing the actual PUSH, when you are circling your arms around so that you are collecting energies, you may circle your arms around as many times as you feel comfortable with. Many of you will discover that the more you swing your arms in the circular motion, the more you will feel the awesome power of the motions bringing the energies into a focused point. We ourselves feel we have gained “full momentum” with around 3-6 rotations. For some of you it may be different and that is ok. DO what feels natural to you, you can do no wrong. Your intents and desires to BE of service is what matters the most. We further suggest that you give serious thought to sending magnetic currents to ALL the Luminescents and to all Universes. God has just said “that there will be a core of magnetic exchanges which will take place between all of these Divine Beings and all PUSHers.” This literally means that we all will be giving and receiving extremely high energy to one another!! He just suggested that everyone should practice all their intents a few hours before PUSH. You do this by simply thinking of what you want to be changed. THEN in PUSH, when we actually perform the movements, all we have to say is, “we do this for the illumination of all humanity and the lumination of the Earth Star planet.”

We are so proud of each of you, you who truly are our brothers and sisters. If you have any other questions or comments feel free to email us at earthstar (at)

In service of Eternal Love and THE Light of All Lights, Celestial and David