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More useful information about The Gatherings

The Gatherings 2

More useful information about The Gatherings


The original posting about “The Gatherings” can be found at


Hello, Celest and David here. It has come to our attention some people are desirous and want more direction on what to talk about, what to do and how to do it during their Gatherings so we have come up with a few ideas and suggestions which may be of use.

You can talk about philosophy, love and kindness and acceptance. Talk about personal responsibility and passionate detachment. And discuss things that you as a group can do to accomplish your goals. If you do not have any then toss around ideas and see if you can find that which you feel you have within your power to change or empower. If you have The God Books you may choose to read a passage and then see where the conversation takes you. Talk about life, talk about death, reincarnation and what happens after a person leaves their mortal existence. Share your thoughts on why we are all here and what our collective missions are as well as to help other find and define what their individual missions may be. Talk about current events and help others to see and understand what is occurring, what is in need of change and why. You may choose to keep your Gatherings strictly on a Spiritual level or you may want to diversify your subject matter to help others to build a stronger Spiritual foundation in their everyday practical lives.

Teach people about finding their center and being able to maintain this even as the world around them seems to be spinning out of control. Teach them how striving to find balance in their lives is incorrect and why they should have been focused on finding their center. Think about this for a while and you will see how it makes sense to readjust one’s outlook, one’s perception, one’s beliefs to find their center, rather than to be trying to balance the different aspects of their lives instead of eliminating the balancing act altogether and place everything front and center. The center is much like being in the Eye of The Strom. And as you have all learned from what God and the other Luminescents have shared, is that God IS, the Luminescents ARE the Eye of The Storm. How does one find their center? Can one survive by being whole and complete, not dependent upon others for self approval? Can one live without drama in their lives? Can one be their own best friend first and attend to your own best interests first and not feel guilty about doing so? Teach people about the power of words and thoughts and how to properly focus them to do the most good. You can also discuss how planetary and Universal energies and the collective consciousness affect people. You can also come together and perform PUSH movements. The list goes on and on.

Other suggestions for subject matter may include: Nirvana and Life in the Hereafters. What, why, and who are Advocates for Justice and The Advocacy Program. Indelible fingerprints, Understanding I AM, understanding The Seasons of the Soul.

Teach about often bandied about but not truly understood terms such as Love, Light, Spirituality and the need for people to find their own purpose for being and how there is no need to be mimicking others. In other words, how our unique individualities define and unite us and how collectively we complement and enhance each other.

You can teach people how to quiet their minds, how to find, maintain and strengthen their own sentience and learn how to listen to their Soul Voice and to start trusting their intuition. Explain how their intuition is Soul Voice speaking to them. You may also want to discuss what is happening in the environment. You could teach each other how to grow your own vegetables and how to store them properly. With the unpredictable nature of the world’s economies, the political arenas, the ever-changing weather conditions there are many things to be considered. Teach others to understand their dreams, how to decipher them and how to properly ask for information to be given to them. Think about things you yourself have over time come to understand and share your revelations no matter how small or seemingly insignificant. Everything is important if the information is presented properly. Show people how they may be inadvertently contributing to the disorganized chaos through thoughts and everyday actions which they may not have ever considered before.

There really is no limit to what can be done with your gatherings. Maybe you are into song or art or other forms of expression and can help others to find other means to express themselves. Teach people about their new Light bodies and how it is a naturally occurring event and why they may not need to dwell too much and wonder if they are changing. Conspiracies are great IF you only use them as a catalyst to show others how to see behind the scenes and decipher truth from illusion. Teach them how to understand GOD CODE and how it is not only used by God but by all others in Divinity as well as in the visions everyone has during their dream states.

Your Gatherings can be held in your home IF you feel comfortable doing so. Or you can choose a neutral place to come together. During the sunny days you may want to consider meeting in a park or at a coffee shop. We do suggest you pick a place where others will not be able to overhear your conversations. This could be counterproductive if others do not share your perspectives.

You may also choose to use other types of venues available to you which you either feel comfortable with or those you feel may be the most effective. If you are not able to gather in groups physically you may choose to use alternative means to contact others like yourself. There is Skype to consider and other options like Skype. There are internet conferencing as well as internet radio programs which can also be utilized. We are not a big fan of Facebook or online forums but many others are and use them regularly and they be quite effective IF you monitor the responses, the exchanges and moderate or block the  “unfriendly” or those who are trapped in illusions and dramas and are causing disruption in your sharing, in your Gatherings. If you belong to other groups share with them the new Gatherings you are Creating or belong to. If you have websites or know others who have a website ask them to share the information with others.

And please choose an alternative email address which you can use for your communications, one that is separate from your everyday communications. This is important. There is no need to send information to people who do not understand or believe as you do.

We know that to some of you this is all new and you may be feeling a little bit nervous about stepping forward and taking a Stand and this is ok. Moving into unchartered waters is not always easy. Not everything in life is. We will also remind you that nervousness is another aspect of fear and fear is NOT a natural response or expression of Soul. So we encourage everyone to EXHALE and think, “I am calm, serene and tranquil. I, as the expression of My Soul can  learn anything if my intents are pure and unbiased.” Now, do you feel better?

Whichever directions you choose to go with your gatherings believe in yourself, in your ability to make a difference and in your choice of direction. God is saying “Believe it, feel it… own it! You will do no wrong.”

Let us know if you have any other questions or have comments which may be beneficial to others. We will post your updates and email contact information as you share them with us.

Salude, Celest and David






A Clarion CALL for the GATHERINGS to begin

The Gatherings 2

A Clarion CALL

For the GATHERINGS to begin

Earth Star date 2016

For a very, very long time now we, Celestial and David, and so many others like us have been issuing the clarion call for “All Good Souls to Unite NOW” and for “All Good Souls who are meant to Unite  with us now to do so.” This message has been echoing and reverberating throughout all the Universes. This message has not only been received, it has also been responded to by Divine Beings from all civilizations from All Universes. Those Beings are the ones who are incarnate as well as those who are discarnate. Yes, this includes portions of humanity also. Every timeline, every gridline intersection PREDESTINED is important to the continuously contiguous evolution of all lifeforms and the overall expansion of the Collective Consciousness here on Terra (Earth.)

And so The CALL has been issued… again. We ask you, “is it better to know than not to know?” Do you believe that being forewarned is being forearmed? Are you willing to consider coming out of your comfort zone to work with others of like-mind and teach them and share with them all the kernels of wisdom you have accrued through your own trials and tribulations? Are you each ready to speak of your individual successes and accomplishments as well as your disappointments and failures? Do you understand that each of those events have brought you to the level of understanding you now find yourself STANDing Spiritually and emotionally centered upon? Are you ready to show others how every perceived setback, failure or rejection they too have experienced or borne-witness to may well have been the catalyst which opened their eyes to the Truth which has been hidden behind veiled eyes?

Illusions run rampant here on Earth, this is nothing new. What is new and so exciting is that “the veil is being lifted” and illusions, delusions and everything based on, created by or brought into this world through dark intent or fed by ill-born desire and foisted upon humanity is being revealed in The Light of ALL Lights.” The “ages” humanity has gone through as a learning arc and continuous cyclic patterns are over. Either people have figured it out or they have not. The Creator’s gift of reincarnation has offered every opportunity for humanity both individually as well as collectively to evolve into finer expressions of themselves. There will be no more “ages” here on Earth for everything and everyone who remains will be living in the NOW, the Golden NOW, where everything happens in the moment and The Moment will be cherished for all it has to offer. Nothing will be taken for granted, no one will do without, and no one will be considered as being better than another or considered privileged and beyond or above having to adhere to Universal Laws. So many of those people in the past who have erroneously neglected these Sacred Principles never knew they were doing so. Sadly, it was not until they left their mortality that they remembered what they as Soul had known since their inception.

This is the precipice which many people of today currently find themselves standing on. So many people are struggling to maintain their Spiritual focus now. This is occurring for many, many reasons right now. It is for this reason that the islands of us, the individuals, are in need of reinforcement, of validation that their beliefs are not misconstrued or misguided. They need to understand that being a Spiritual Being is easy, living a physical life more often than not is much more complicated. They need to learn, TO REMEMEBER, that being, living as a Spiritual person is simply understanding “The connectedness of ALL That IS.” ALL That IS, is simply that; everything is connected, everything and everyone is impacted directly or indirectly by everything, every thought, deed or action or inaction of everyone else. It is and always has been the intent for ALL That IS to be a harmonious symphony of expression ensuing in continuous motion.

This is what these gatherings are all about’ to remember, remember, remember what IS and what will be. Understanding what has out of necessity had to have been allowed to transpire up to now to reach this pivotal moment in Earth’s history where re-creation, where lackadaisical recreation and senseless pattern-making will finally cease to be. Pattern-makers will be replaced with pattern-breakers who will permeate and imbue the essence of the fluid-like perpetual, transcendental, uncomplicated, multifaceted, Creative Process within the Crearchy. Each of us who are incarnate now are the catalysts for this to occur. How fast this happens is quite dependent upon the actions and intents of those who choose to take up the gauntlet and issue their own “Clarion Call.”

Everyday more and more StarKeepers, Ascended Masters and other Divine entities, who are Beings from all the Universes are arriving. Many who are here now are here to lend a helping hand in their many varied capacities as a means to smooth humanity’s and Earths transition out of dankness which has penetrated this world for far too long. Transmuting the energies, extracting diseased, dark dank and evil roots and extricating the shadow riders’ tentacles is an awe-inspiring job. No, it will not be done overnight, but with every LIGHT filled thought, every kind word spoken, every outstretched hand to someone in need, alters the vibrations and frequencies just a little bit more.

We have known all along that we could not do it all on our own. We also knew it was NOT our responsibility to try to do so. This however did not stop us from letting God know once in a while that we felt we could be doing more. Yes, He heard us muttering once in a while and reassured us that we WERE doing what we were here to do and often times we were doing much more when it was requested of us. No, we did not balk or question; we knew our time here was limited as all Earthly incarnations are and were determined to do what we could, to be the catalysts for change even when it was not the popular choice or “fashionable” to do so. We do what we do because we can. And so can many others.

So now we ask you, we say to you, does it not feel right, important and timely to take a STAND and unite those of us, those others like us, others who are or were just like you, searching for answers, who are here now? Moral support, comfort, someone to listen to, someone to share our thoughts and inspirations with, lessens the feelings of aloneness, or at times feelings of helplessness while trying to change things which are wrong can be, can feel overwhelming. BEARING WITNESS to events is not always easy, but it IS what we in so many cases are here to do. But we no longer have to do so all alone. Like THE Creator”s GIFT of Free Expression and reincarnation we all cherish so dearly another gift has been bestowed upon all Lightworkers and Lightweavers. The gift is a gridline intersection which has occurred that allows us to unite the once isolated Islands of our Selves.

And yes, to quote from the first posting about these gatherings when Katherine, Cyndi and Dave originally stepped forward and announced they would be willing to start a group in Texas:

“All of this was predestined long, long ago when we all gathered together in the great halls with God and all the other Luminescents, all the Masters and others of Divinity and viewed this current “timeline”  in Earth’s history when all good Souls would be needed to unite once again for just cause and Take a Stand as ONE. It was determined that during this Spatial time of coming together, uniting the islands of ourselves, would be pivotal in swinging the scales of justice in its predestined direction. We all agreed to do our part in fulfilling our personal as well as planetary missions. Starting these gatherings and holding Summits IS what we each agreed to do. Will you do what you can to be part of the solution now when you are needed most? Start your own groups. Start a Spiritual tsunami; the likes of which have never before been seen on this world. It is time for all of our diverse selves to come together and unite as one.”

We have begun to hear from some people who are willing, or interested in hosting some of these gatherings. No, the gatherings do not need to be large, but they can become so. God is now saying to us what HE has said so many time before, “When two or more are GATHERED together in My name.” We guess that about sums it up. For ourselves it has been an honor to be the scribes for His books as well as to have the chance to once again walk upon The Earth Star Planet and sow our indelible fingerprints and footprints into the ever-changing, constantly expanding, glistening and every so real melodious TAPESTRY OF LIFE.

Now, so far we have heard from people in or near Spokane Washington, San Angelo to Dallas Texas, Meridian Idaho, the Philippines, Australia, Janesville Wisconsin, from Rahway NJ north to Plattsburgh NY and east to Boston Mass as well as the Greater Kingston NY area, centered in Rosendale NY. There are those who live in Virginia as well as near Virginia Beach Virginia who would also like to come together.

If you would like to be added to this list or would be interested in meeting others in your area please contact us at”

and we will do our best to connect you with others in your area. You can assist us in this endeavor by using your contact lists, your social medias, or groups you already attend, to bring others together as well. Use your imagination. God and all the other Luminescents certainly gifted all of us with the best of the best of those.

If you live in or near Texas you may contact Dave, Cyndi and Katherine at

And feel free to ask them questions. They have spent considerable amounts of time exploring the possibilities, probabilities and directions their gatherings may, or will, take.

We will continue to post updates as they come in here on this website. We will add your email contact information here as well as you send them to us.

There, we have done our part, now go forward be fruitful and reinforce your personal as well as planetary grids, by uniting your strengths and Co-Creater-nesses. We encourage you to take your roles as Caretakers for The NEW People of The NEW Earth respectfully. You have not now nor will you ever… walk alone.

Salude, we are Celestial Blue Star of the Pleiades and David of Arcturus presently residing on a planet we fondly, reverently and respectfully call HOME!

Journey well.


P.S. If you are considering starting your own Gathering we suggest you create an alternate email account which you will use solely for your gatherings and other types of Spiritual communications. This will alleviate any unnecessary or accidental communications with others who are in your everyday email address books who may not be of like-mind. Everyone has enough to deal with as it is without having to try to explain your beliefs to someone who is NOT READY to understand what you do. In other words it is better if you do not accidentally stir up some unnecessary and quite avoidable dramas from beginning in your life.

The Gatherings /



New Light Messages January 2016


~Celestial Blue Star and Shamaan Eagle~

New Light Messages

January 2016

Yes, greetings, we do join you in this sacred circle. Yes, we would have you know: Although this year does bring, indeed, many challenges, yet the door may open to opportunities unexpected, you see.

This one shall be returned home safely, though much challenged by bombardment of those frequencies destructive to life. There is indeed an awakening, AN AWAKENING in process. A great many more do become aware of the many manipulations of the shadow force and its continuing grip on that which is deemed as their power. It is not power; it is indeed a self-destructive, even suicidal drive, yes, suicidal drive to satisfy wants, to satisfy desire for material gain. This drive does bring a great many into danger. You shall soon see how extreme are the lengths the shadow force is willing to go.

Know this: It is as given: self-destruction is the way of the shadow; as it does proceed it shall be clear that the force of Light does arise, not in opposition to the shadow,  but rather in place, in place of it. It [the Light] shall replace in many areas that which is destructive to life.

You have yet to grasp the power of the image you have been given. It is imperative that you continue to not only hold in vision this image, but to repeat it, to MANIFEST a physical form, whether in drawing, or construction, or paint; you must MANIFEST the image of the tree, the bird (i.e., the dove), the crescent moon and star (of David), and the rose; for more powerful than words is ACTION, action that does arise from the vision of the Soul’s purpose (i.e., hope for peace and healing of karmic patterns between the envisioned elements).

In coming weeks we shall give greater insight into the year that you have entered. Yet know this: Many doors shall open. Be aware and prepared, for those who have come to your world to bring forth a Light will assist all Light-bearers and impede the shadow force that appears to begin to multiply in number by those who have been stirred by the one who embodies anger, fear, indeed /greed/ for power. They [the shadow elements] shall dissipate.

The one who seeks victory with anger and fear shall dissipate and recede back into the shadow, and shall be replaced by the legions of Light who seek the Way of the Heart. While it shall appear improbable, it is so.

We do entreat you once again to bring forth a manifestation of the image given; to learn its power; to learn how such an image can begin to grow in the hearts of those who have no hope, who have fear, and who yet plead for peace, you see. For peace, PEACE, to allow life, life to rise again into heights of consciousness that will spare multitudes. Your ability to be a holder of this image in The Eye of the Storm is crucial, crucial. KNOW THIS and continue to walk the path of the Prince of Peace, as we do walk with you. And so, together, we shall find the Time of the Purple Sun brought into being by those who follow the Way of the Heart.

Though challenges shall do come to each one, know this: We are with you and do assist EACH ONE to overcome the difficulties of physical life that now beset your world. We do assist in ways that you do not recognize; were it not so, your existence would be greatly reduced. We do stand with you in The Eye of the Storm. Be comforted and rejoice, rejoice, we do say.

We do now take our leave. Eloheim, Eloheim, Eloheim – We Are.


Make it a dancing year, he says.

Can’t stay, but it’s okay.

Trust, trust, trust till you bust.

Trust, trust, yes.

He’s saying “Trust, trust, trust till you bust.”

Shamaan saysSomething wants to come through, but I can’t quite get it. Okay, they say they’ll give it to me tonight. Tonight they’ll give it to me. [Note: A message came, of the Earth exploding with multiple disasters, one after another.]

More Messages

DANCE, but more than ONE.

You need to dance the message to have some fun.

Overcome the darkness with laughter and fun.

This year will be a challenge for each and every one, but it’s the joy and laughter that allows the Light to come!

Challenges, big ones will sweep through this year, and you cannot yield your mind to fear.

Remember, remember that which is most dear:

The love in your heart is what will make things clear.

Comfort when it’s needed; laughter and fun will bring your wishes to come, wishes you want to manifest in the world AND in your lives this year.

Move the body through dance.

Laugh, laughter is the balm; and then pray.

Get the mind out of the way!

You will get better results that way.

Pray for Shamaan to get through without any injustices, with inspiration and encouragement to act for those generations to follow this one. Imagine a road to the future … bring a road to the future by praying, hoping, and wishing for the world. What do YOU want for the world?

The next few days you may find yourself more intense, more reactive (due to a solar coronal mass ejection).

Transmissions received by Shamaan Eagle

New Light Messages /


New Light Messages November 2015 #1 & 2

New Light Messages

(2 new messages on this post)

November 1, 2015


Yes, greetings, we do join you in this sacred circle. We shall be brief, you see; yet we would have you know that, indeed, each shall be given opportunity, you see, to alleviate that which you do know as stress, challenge in your path. You do often see these challenges as obstacles, you see. These challenges are not obstacles, but opportunity to attune within, to attune to that which does unfold as growth, as well to attune to that which is timing, as you do say. Yes, timing, for there shall come a time for each, a time of release, of restoration, you see, for all.

Yes, it is as given: The Great Awakener is seen throughout the world, sweeping the world with challenge. There is acceleration ahead of you in this time, increasing fires, floods, earthquakes, mudslides, of the earth collapsing. Yes, it shall come hard to a great many in the coming season, and your prayers, your focused generation of the energy of Light shall be most helpful, most helpful for that which is the acceleration of war within the House of Abraham. The great warbird, Netanyahu, the Angry Bear, and others do seek to stir greater conflict. It shall have grave consequences, we do say, for all. And so you must continue to hold forth in the Eye of the Storm, and we do say to frequently hold the image given to bring peace – the sacred tree, dove, crescent moon and star, and the rose – all must be seen daily, daily; indeed, for the coming season, and it shall be critical, as you do say, critical.

Great storms, great storms will arise that may hamper the plans of the warbirds. The Great Awakener does create in their path opportunity to transmute, you see. All such occurrences present an opportunity for the soul to choose differently. And so we do beseech you to hold forth the image, create within a manifestation of your vision of the image. Share it with others.

We do take our leave, yet do remind; as given, this season of celebration that you do know as Christmas does present great danger, great danger, we do say. It may yet be prevented, deflected, yet shall require prayer and focused attention on the image of transformation. We do take our leave and must say: In each area of your life there are no obstacles, there are indeed opportunities. Use them well.

May you walk with the Prince of Peace, the path that leads to the Way of the Heart, and the Light of One. We shall be beside you each step by step. Blessings of the Holy One pour upon you now and evermore.

Eloheim, Eloheim, Eloheim – We Are.


Dance, dance. More dance, more dance, more dance. Yes, he’s doing the Hula. Singing:

Enjoy yourself,

It’s easier than you think.

Enjoy yourself.

Remember: Things can change in a wink.

Oh, he’s showing me homes growing up like mushrooms. Don’t worry, your home in the mountains will arise. Why? Because …

Magic is all around you

Is all around you,

Just look and see.

Magic is all around you

Is all around you,

And me!

Magic is all around you

Is all around you,

Buckets are too!

Magic is all around you

Is all around you,

And me!

He’s waving goodbye in a hula skirt.

Something serious going on – interference, they dropped me back. [This is the point at which I saw something horrible, but because it could not be prevented, I was ‘dropped back’ into body.]

Note from Celest and David “The two of us understand what Shamaan meant when she stated she was dropped back into her body. Recently we ourselves have been unexpectedly returned to our bodies during excursions we have taken while in our own vision states. This happens for many reasons; the most important reason is for our own safety. This sudden accelerated return can be quite unsettling, especially if one has never experienced it before. This “dropping back in” can leave a person confused and disoriented about where they are physically and what had just occurred. It normally requires a few moments for a person to regain their composure.”


New Light Messages

November 15, 2015


Yes, greetings, we do join you in this sacred circle. There is need to be exceedingly brief, yet we would have you know: There are, indeed, in motion plans that will bring greater sorrow than has been seen. As given, there will be need for daily, daily prayers that the Way of the Heart may be found by those who are lost in the grip of the shadow. There is daily need to ask that grace erase karma, erase and replace it with love, with compassion, with tolerance. These are indeed the times wherein karma does play a very large role in the events you see occurring; yet there is more, more to come.

There is also an awakening. It must spread like Light rising above and throughout your world. It must spread; the great awakening must envelope all. So you do now see the need to remain steady in your commitment to remain in the Eye of the Storm, for you must be a magnet, a magnet that will draw many, many others to join you until the Eye of the Storm expands and engulfs the very storm itself, as the shadow shall engulf itself.

Know this: What does loom over the holiday season you do call Christmas may yet be prevented. Yes, many, many centuries, indeed, many thousands of years have prepared for this time. This moment offers the greatest opportunity for those who serve the Light of One to overcome fear, anger, and indeed ancient wounds that are the wounds of a karmic nature.NOW is the time, yet the moment is brief, and your opportunity narrows. You must indeed remain focused upon that which you have chosen, focused, as you do say; we do say, fully engaged!

We do say that you are joined in your efforts to hold the Light steady in the Eye of the Storm, and others who’ve made the same choice do join you from other worlds. They do come and continue to flow into your world. They bring the Light of peace; they bring hope; most importantly, the essence of the Way of the Heart.

Yield not to fear; yield not to anger nor judgment. Yield not to the shadow. Stand firm and prepare for the changing of seasons. Prepare the solstice, for it shall be pivotal, pivotal, you see. A great deal of opportunity does present itself in the form of challenge.

We must take our leave at this time, yet as always we do say, “We STAND with you; we WALK with you the path of the Prince of Peace. We, too, follow the Way of the Heart and shall aid you at every turn. You have but to ask. Do recall every moment, each moment; each chance is pivotal in this time. The blessings of the Holy One do shower upon you now and evermore. Do not tremble, for you are strongly blessed, as they do say, in the Way of Light. Use it well. Eloheim, Eloheim, Eloheim – We Are.


Not time to stay, even though he’d like to play. No time. Another time he will stay. As often as you can in the next week-and-a-half, eat asparagus.

Asparagus, asparagus …

Lady of Grace

She reminds us: ALL things are changeable; all, all. Pray. Use your power of the Light. Hold in your heart, your mind, images of the world you’d like to see, that needs to be. Heal the children – so wounded, so devastated. Pray, for they carry the seeds of your next world. Yes, my Lady, it will be done. (From cupped hands appears to drink the sacred water; hands then fold over the heart chakra.) Blessings from the sacred heart. Thank you, my Lady.


Did you feel that? Melchizedek, the energy of Melchizedek. It’s beautiful, it’s so peaceful, peaceful. He gives a blessing to all, all who gather to serve the Light, to serve The ONE. He blesses us all and says, “May the sacred fire of love burn brightly within your soul, forevermore.”

Transmissions received by Shamaan from “The Messengers.”

New Light Messages /


A Special Gift

The Gifts of Experience

A Special Gift

Message #9

(Note: Phil and his wife are such beautiful Souls and have so much to share that we asked them to start writing down some of their vast experiences so that others may learn from them… Enjoy!! Celest and David)

My wife and I had traveled some distance to be with our daughter for the birth of our first granddaughter.  Today was the day that the doctors had determined should be far enough in advance of the due date to eliminate the possibility of an emergency birth.  You see the doctors had already determined that our granddaughter had a hole in her heart and that the birth could be very difficult.  They knew to look for a defect because early on in the pregnancy they had found that our granddaughter would be a Down syndrome baby.

 Of course the doctors had discussed the options available to our daughter and her husband regarding carrying a baby that would suffer from Down syndrome.  There was the option to terminate the pregnancy, but that choice never figured into the decision by her parents.  So there we were waiting for the doctor to start the birth process by inducing labor.  The NICU was prepped and ready.  The actual birth was by all standards an easy birth and the little girl was rushed to the NICU.

Considering her medical condition, her stay in NICU wasn’t really that long.  After two-three days in the hospital, the doctors decided to let her go home.  Immediately the little girl had a very difficult struggle to gain weight.  Because the heart had the defect she had to work very hard to get 4 ounces of milk into her stomach.  It took her about 15-20 minutes to drink that much milk.  And at the end of that time she was exhausted.  The doctors had told us that they wanted to wait at least nine months and that she needed to weigh at least 12 pounds prior to performing the operation to close the hole in her heart.  However, the little girl couldn’t wait that long.

At five months we made the trip back to the same hospital where she was born to be with our daughter and her husband during the operation that would close the hole in her heart.  Ever wonder how often miracles happen?  Or better yet ever wonder when it is that you see the Universe in action?  Between the birth of our granddaughter and the decision to operate on her heart, a new surgeon skilled in congenital heart surgery had come to town and he would perform the surgery.  Now just think about what he had to do.  He had to close a hole in her heart and her heart was about the size of a walnut!

I don’t recall how long the surgery took because this occurred over 12 years ago.  But I do remember vividly visiting the recovery room and how our granddaughter looked laying on that hospital bed.  Her body took up about 20% of the space on the bed and the machines and tubes and other paraphernalia took up the rest of the bed.  What a site!  There were nurses and respiratory therapists around the bed constantly checking to see that everything was going well.  Subsequent tests reflected that the surgeon had not been able to completely close the hole, but over the next few years the hole did close up.

 After recovery from the surgery, she immediately started to grow and improve.  She could zip down 4 ounces of milk in nothing flat and she began to gain weight and she seemed to make up for lost time.

Some may be wondering when reading this far, why did he title this piece, “A Special Gift”.  After all raising a special needs child can present a multitude of challenges.  I can only answer this with my own feelings.  If I didn’t fully understand it before, my granddaughter has taught me about the concept of “Unconditional Love”.  Very quickly she and I have forged a special bond that I don’t have with any other of my grandchildren and I know that it will last forever.  Many times when I was holding her as a baby and when she was sleeping, I would try to will my body to send her the healing power that would make everything right for her.  Did it do any good?  No one knows, but it did help me to believe that I was doing all that I could for her.  Now it is absolutely wonderful when she frequently comes up to me and says: “I love you grandpa”.  She doesn’t have any hidden agenda for saying this to me; she just does so from time to time.

As she grew older, we found that she had a definite speech issue that may be difficult to improve or overcome.  It is this issue that causes her to be quiet and shy.  However she can hold her own when dealing with her siblings at home.  She also struggled in school in the early years because the family lived in a state that did not provide adequate resources dedicated to special needs children.  She had been mainstreamed in school with little or no assistance provided to the teacher which could have given our granddaughter much needed one-on-one help.  A career move to another state changed all of that.  Our granddaughter is able to attend a private school for special needs children and she has blossomed in this program.   Although we do not live close enough to know all that she goes through, we believe she has a number of friends who treat her just like any other teen.  On a very recent 13th birthday she received over 120 birthday wishes on her parent’s face-book page.

There are physical characteristics that reflect that she is a Down syndrome child, but they are not prominent in nature and at times are not apparent.  But even if she develops more pronounced physical characteristics as she grows older, would that make a difference to me?  No!  Because I know that she is a Soul who is having a physical incarnation as a Down syndrome person.  Her Soul is as perfect as any other Soul in the Universe.

When she and all who are related to her were building their pre-birth agreements, she was the Soul who agreed to this physical life as a Down syndrome person.  Why?  So that she and all of the others could have the experience of such a life.  THAT IS WHY THIS IS A SPECIAL GIFT!!  The Soul of my granddaughter gave away the option to have a “normal life” in order to experience a life as a Down syndrome person so that the rest of us could have the experience of being with her through this lifetime.  I am extremely fortunate to have her in my life.

Now let me go back to the mention of the options that the doctor gave to her parents when it was determined that the baby would be a Down syndrome baby.  They could terminate the pregnancy or they could go ahead like they did and give birth to the baby.  Now some may say that abortion would not be right and others would say that a Down syndrome diagnosis would be a valid reason for abortion from an ethical standpoint.  But it really doesn’t make any difference what everyone else thinks or believes; it only matters what was agreed upon in the pre-birth agreements by all the Souls involved.  Either route the parents selected to either terminate the pregnancy or give birth would provide the experiences that all Souls had agreed to and that is the only thing that is important!

Since the timeframe of our granddaughter’s birth, I now have a better understanding about pre-birth agreements and I view special needs people in a different light.  I now know that they are all Special Gifts to all they come in contact with.  All are perfect Souls who are going through a physical life to experience a lifetime as a special needs person.   What all Souls are experiencing IS what our Souls agreed to prior to any physical lifetime.

Until next time, Phil

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