Category: Arcturian Perspectives

  • Full Spectrum House Cleaning Time

    Arcturian Perspectives Full Spectrum House Cleaning Time Planting seeds, eradicating weeds Welcome to the New Year, linearly speaking that is. I AM Cammeron of Arcturus gathered together with many other kindred Spirits both incarnate, physically standing here with all of you, as well as many who are off-world doing what they do best… looking after […]

  • The Relativity of it All

    Arcturian Perspectives The Relativity of it All It is of great interest watching all of you, specifically how you are all reacting to the news of the day. We are particularly interested in how you as Light Workers are faring with the upcoming anticipation of the end of this year. Many of you are still […]

  • What is it Worth?

    Arcturian Perspectives What is it worth? As the minutes tick away into hours and the hours lull their way into days, months and even years, one looming truth becomes readily apparent. It is that your visit to Earth this time around will inevitably come to an end. What you do with the time you have […]

  • The Watchers

    Arcturian Perspectives The Watchers Celest and I spend considerable time communicating with those who monitor this world. They keep us abreast of current and coming events that we have a need to know about. We talk privately about how all these beings from worlds much more advanced than this one currently is, must feel when […]

  • Archangel Michael – On a serious note

    Arcturian Perspectives Archangel Michael On a serious note I come to you today to speak my mind about some events that are troubling to not only me, but to others whom I consider to be my brothers and sisters. I am, we are, pleased that so many of you are beginning to renew your telepathic […]