The Relativity of it All

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The Relativity of it All

It is of great interest watching all of you, specifically how you are all reacting to the news of the day. We are particularly interested in how you as Light Workers are faring with the upcoming anticipation of the end of this year. Many of you are still becoming complacent about your work, your teachings and most importantly how you are sharing what you each now know with others. Some are gleefully moving through life sharing their newfound old wisdom with others and sadly far too many of you are hiding your light under a bushel so to speak. Too afraid to come out of the closet and declare your independence from the moral decay suffered by many of your closest friends. This is much to our dismay. Let me remind you here: each of you chose or were chosen to be amongst the proud stouthearted Souls to venture fearlessly into this timeline awaiting this Universally important gridline intersection. You have received the teaching of the Masters of old, you have been privy to information that most of humanity sadly has ignored. Sadly some of you still are questioning yourselves, you question your level of knowledge and abilities. Some of you are wondering if you are good enough or even ready to step forward and take a stand for what you know to be right. Many others are reverting back into the fear mode, questioning and doubting what they have been taught, or more aptly put, been reminded of. They do so simply because the changes they are desirous of seeing manifest are taking longer than they think they should.

If everything in life revolved solely around just you maybe, just maybe, the world at large would have been shinny and vibrantly new by now. Take a deep breath now, some things you have within your power to change at will, others you do not. Become comfortable with that fact. You have within your grasp the ability to change your personal world for the better in every moment. You are in charge of your little sphere which is your sensory spectrum of how you view reality. Most of you have by now no doubt realized that you cannot even alter your spouse’s perspectives on life, nor should you. Interfering with another’s choices is not why you signed on to be here. You did however sign up to be A Beacon of Light, a shiny example of a God-Walker in full activation. You do remember the words “I AM” do you not? You do know what that means; I mean really means do you not? Take a stand, if the dust has been settling around and on you then shake yourself off and give LIFE another chance. You may be surprised at what you may feel and sense about all that you are capable of achieving.

This world is an interesting place, so small and yet for those who live here and call this place home this planet appears to be humongous. Nice word, I like that. To put things in perspective, this world, this galaxy is one small, and yes, very important aspect of the entire Creative Process. This Universe expands at will to service the ever-changing needs of the Divine Being that oversees her. Yet with all this power and very keen insight even this Being can not interfere for the most part, in the free expression of the children of Earth. There are codes we all live by, some our own, others Divinely decreed. You yourself have through the duration of your existence set up guidelines for yourself, what you consider to be acceptable behavior and certain thought patterns and what you consider to be moral/conscionable lines never to be crossed. This is your right, this is your duty. You may not like what you see others doing but you have to respect their freedom of choice to make their own decisions, no matter whether they are correct or not from your perspective. Many karmic roles are being played out right now and as such what you may perceive as unjust or inhumane may just be what those other Souls required to free themselves from the baggage of their past. They may well be the catalyst for the changes you know are coming, but this may not be abundantly apparent when you looking at the macrocosmic view of the larger picture.

If you want to change your views then WE have a suggestion for each of you. We have taught you to take one step at a time in your never-ending pursuit of your own personal evolution. We have taught you to always strive to look at the larger picture; many of you have done this quite satisfactorily. You have learned that there are many different meanings and perspectives to every event, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant. Now it is time to raise yourself up to the next level. Start examining how you present yourself. Look closely at the words you choose as the means to express yourself, either audibly or silently, telepathically, through your own mind thoughts. The phrase larger picture is the old way of viewing the grand scheme of the Creation Process. It is time to expand your consciousness and begin anew by altering the use of larger picture to the non-ending picture. Another fine example of what we are speaking about is the flagrant use of the term “The Golden Age.” Using the term age infers that this too shall pass. When in truth the more accurate way to portray what is and what will continue to be throughout all time from here on forward is to refer to these NOW moments as the beginning of “The Golden Now.” “Now” is forever, ages come and go. Words like thoughts carry a unique energy signature with them both audibly as well as energetically and does not depend on how they are used. Everything and I repeat everything is energy. Energies fluctuate and vibrate at different frequencies. You should try to listen to the harmonics of the Creation Process from time to time. The ensuing music will quite literally take your breath away. If you think images of “space” are inspiring, wait until you here them sing to you. Every fiber of your being will be instantaneously stimulated.

We encourage you to refrain from putting limitations on what is unlimited and yes this include what you as an immortal Soul are capable of achieving. For example: the word “galaxy” is quite limiting, thus implying that it has a beginning and an end. When in truth it expands and contracts as required, just as the Crystal City and the Akashic Records continuously do. Try rolling the word STELLAR off the end of your tongue. Notice how much smoother it flows and how much sweeter it tastes than the old boxy sound of galaxy. Humanity has a knack for putting labels on everything in an attempt to describe the indescribable. In time each of you will learn to express what you are trying to describe by the color, shape, tonal quality and geometric symbols the object or essence emanates. Reincarnation is a fabulously fluid term. As it implies, there is never an end. The same applies to all forms of energy, when an energy need ceases such as something that has run its practical course, it is merely transformed or transmuted. Nothing is ever wasted, no thought, no effort, nothing that is ever Created. Remember, remember your lessons. I ask you, can you tell me what is the difference between human and Hu-Man? Do you remember or have you not given it much thought? If you have not then I ask you, how do you know which best depicts you as you are here in this present NOW moment?

One of humanity’s favorite terms is that “history tends to repeat itself.” It appears to do so because so many still would rather live in the past then face an unknown future. The God of this Universe once suggested that you to look at yourself in the mirror and then step away and come back and take another look. Each time you do your perceptions will alter and the mirror holding the image of yourself will alter the reflection returning to you. The same applies to All That IS. Every time you look at something, anything, you are infusing it with new energies. This applies to both thought and matter. Do you really think that in every moment of your existence you are not evolving or de-evolving whichever the case may be? Human lifetimes are extremely brief. They are but a blink in your immortal Soul’s existence. When you rise out of bed each morning and look in the mirror and the same person continues to look back at you then you may want to alter what you feel or think about that image mimicking your every move. Put on your best smile, change your expression; shake off the doldrums that mortal life can impose upon even the most stouthearted. Try seeing, visualizing every tiny little aspect of life all around you in new ways. You clean the windshield on your cars to be able to see more clearly do you not? Then why should you not from time to time blink your eyes and offer  yourself the chance to see everything as it truly is in that moment. Life is about being busy doing nothing or everything all at the same time. We watch as those who are embracing life are being busy bustling about with bated breath in anticipation of stimulating enticements. Each time you look through the looking glass which is those eyes God blessed you with, All That IS is shape shifting and morphing right in front of your very eyes. This occurs in every moment because you took the time see a glimpse of All That IS as something shiny, translucent, luminescently effervescent and astoundingly new.

You are all Stellar Explorers on safari, on an exploration in search of and for the non-ending expansion of your immortal Souls. Free your mind, try listening to, or better yet, become one with your Soul Voice. Just quiet your mind, Soul will know what to do next. You want to change the world around you, then change yourself. One by one God’s work will be done. Be a pattern breaker rather than mildewing away in the dismally bleak depths of repetitious pattern making. Shock yourself awake by daring to have a new thought and then explore the possibility to that idea. New doors are opened by closing other ones. Possibilities abound for those who choose to live outside the box.

Let the Christ Consciousness, the Jesus The Christ Consciousness, permeate every cell of your being. Let the Light of All Lights be your Guiding Light so you yourself may become a Beacon of Light and inspiration for others to aspire to become. Find a way to be at peace with the choices others are continuing to make for themselves. The Earth changes will continue to unfold, people of all nations will continue to die for their beliefs until they have had enough of the experience. It is the way it is. Those among you who are the true way-showers know what these others have yet to learn, it is better to LIVE for your beliefs than die for them. Martyrs do not get extra credit here on this schoolhouse planet. That is a lesson unlearned. The children of the future will epitomize the true essence of the Divine consciousness, they are incarnating even now as we speak.  We encourage you to help us help you. The untold numbers of Star Keepers and those of the Angelic and Spiritual Realms are here, they are ready willing and able to help end this cycle of madness and self destruction the masses allowed to be set into motion so very, very long ago. Help us by being committed now to the thought that you will no longer feed the beast what it needs to survive here…. FEAR. Think, visualize, epitomize, become LOVE. Show others the way home, help us to help them.

There, that is our pep talk for the day. Do with it as you see fit. We will not lose any sleep this night if you choose to think us daft or insane. We know who we are and why we are here. We are an aspect of the greater I AM. We remember, we practice what we have been taught, what we know. We will still be here fighting the good fight when so many others have returned to where they came from.

Respectively, We are Cammeron and David, both of Arcturus.

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