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The Watchers

The Watchers

Celest and I spend considerable time communicating with those who monitor this world. They keep us abreast of current and coming events that we have a need to know about. We talk privately about how all these beings from worlds much more advanced than this one currently is, must feel when they look upon the antics of the human race. Do they consider this to be some form of punishment? Are they involved in some type of masochism? Have they nothing better to do? I believe they would answer “NO,” to all the questions above. We should all feel blessed that they have the dedication to involve themselves in humanity’s societies.

Celest and I have been appalled by the actions of many of God’s Children here on this planet. How must the watchers feel having to bear witness to the unconscionable rape and incest, the death and destruction, the corruption, greed and quest for power that prevails here and leaves a dank stench upon the rest of humanity? Oh how primitive and barbaric the people of Earth must seem to them.

Imagine if you will, just for a moment, how it must feel to be them and to look upon this world that they once took such great pride and satisfaction in. They worked to Create the perfect world, paying attention to every little detail. Imagine the care they put forth to Create the perfect body, one that would do everything that the Soul occupying it would need it to do, one that could quite naturally fend off any illness and be constantly healing itself and making itself stronger and more nimble. Imagine the pride they must have felt in knowing that they had placed every type of life form in the perfectly designed environment for them to survive and thrive. Imagine how the Creator and the God of this Universe must have felt when their dream, their vision for this world and the human race was finally taken from the early manifestation stage and brought into everyday reality. What a joy that must have been, the parental pride must have shown right through as such an awe inspiring accomplishment began.

Now fast-forward to this world as it is today. Wars and conflicts erupting everywhere you look, people fighting over who owns the rights to some obscure patch of oil, while drought and famine threaten to wipe out entire cultures of people and other life forms. If you were the watchers, would you not feel shocked, dismayed and eventually even angry? Imagine returning and finding the world you had helped to Create that was so beautiful, and finding it in shatters with the remains putrid from abuse and neglect, essentially decomposing from the outside in… by those that you had entrusted to be the caretakers. How sad that must be. Was it unexpected? Once those of the Illuminati and their ilk infiltrated this world, no, it was not. You see, they used ego and greed, fear and insecurity, diversion and illusion to control humanity. They used their knowledge of the Universal Laws that govern all life forms everywhere against the human race because the people no longer abided by these rules. Inevitably they quite successfully manipulated the human race into believing that its different sects must always, always, remain, segregated, indecisive and completely at odds with itself. This the Illuminati did quite masterfully. There were a few things standing in their way; the Creation and the Creation Process and the individual Soul’s desire to break free from the bondage that it was enduring. Thanks to the due diligence of the watchers who so patiently attended to the needs of all Souls everywhere by accurately recording and relaying information, did the Illuminati plans for continual world domination begin to fail. (God is now saying that He has something He wishes to add.)

God… "My Children, please be aware that those who are the watchers are not only watching over this world. Their reach spans the cosmos and in this manner they are able to correctly determine when and where any life form may be about to rise above their current level of enlightenment. This in turn entitles those people to receive more immediate personal care from the others. Those others will soon present themselves to assist the newly awakened in finding new/better ways to raise the overall mass consciousness of their civilizations. You are at this critical juncture right now. Please do not waste this opportunity. Within your grasp is everything you ever dreamed of for yourself and the reunification of your races. I spoke in some detail about this in My latest books which My scribes Celestial and David just finished. (And Then God Said… Then I Said… Then He Said.. Volume Two and The Code) Please take the time to read and understand all I have to say, it will help you to better learn how you as a race, arrived at this turning point and where it is you must strive to go from here. Your civilization is not the first to go through this transition. The growing pains associated with any great leap in evolution are apparent to Us. Trust your instincts, be open and receptive, the watchers learn from your triumphs as well as your failures. That is all I wish to say, David, carry on now."

Just who are the watchers? They are the Earth Monitors who reside in Nirvana, they are the Spirit Guides of all incarnate Souls and Star Keepers from every Universe. They are from the Spirit and Angelic realms. They are the Masters, the Avatars, they are the fleets overhead in our skies. They are everywhere monitoring each of us, monitoring every event or non-event, they are aware of everything at all times. The saying “you can run but you can not hide” may now be coming to the minds of the paranoid, delusional or conspiracy minded. Hopefully this is not you.

The watchers are just that, they are here to gauge the changes in all of us. Yes, contrary to some people’s beliefs, they do grade our performances. After all this has always been a schoolhouse planet. By doing so they can filter information to us through our dream state or other venues so that we can know what areas it is that we need to work on. They also know which of us they can count on to assist them in reaching out to others. You see, they, unlike most of us, know ALL about us as individuals, they know our strengths as well as our weaknesses. They know what we are here to do, what we agreed to do, what we are capable of doing, what our goals and aspirations, and/or delusions may be at any given moment. They monitor our physical health, our mental state, our progress, our experiences and our accomplishments. They do so in order to share this information with other beings who may have need of this information. Such as those who are about to begin their Earth Star walks, as well as those Guides who have their own charges already here on Earth. The data they collect benefits untold millions of other Souls who will be assuming their roles here on Earth presently, or in the near future. Through the accumulation of this knowledge, these inbound Souls, their tutors and protectors will in turn be better prepared to deal with the realities of having a physical incarnation on this world, or any world for that matter.

Both Celest and I know that life here is not always easy and that the actions of others can impact upon our physical and Spiritual wellbeing if we are not properly taking care of ourselves on all levels. We have the utmost admiration and compassion for those who choose to be here now to help all of us who are incarnate. The watchers’ realities are much more different than those of this world. Entrance into this realm must be harsh for them. To their credit, they are here to stay for the duration. They will be here long after the rest of us have left this world. Assist them by sharing with them your insights, your impressions of what has been and what you feel is in need of some attention. You are after all the one who is experiencing life…. in the flesh. If you do not have anything to say, if you have no opinions, then maybe you are in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Cammeron of Arcturus is now saying to me “you can not twitter your way into heaven. Sometimes you need to come down from your ivory tower and get down, way down, into the trenches and heaven forbid get a little dirty to make a difference. If you make this your choice, then we will be the first ones down in the trenches with you.”

I Am David of Arcturus, I Am doing my part and I Am proud of it.

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