What is it Worth?

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What is it worth?

As the minutes tick away into hours and the hours lull their way into days, months and even years, one looming truth becomes readily apparent. It is that your visit to Earth this time around will inevitably come to an end. What you do with the time you have been gifted with is and always has been, up to you. Many years past I myself squandered away precious moments doing nothing beneficial for myself, much less for others. Why wouldn’t I? Nobody had ever taught me what I really needed to know about living life to the fullest. No one ever taught me that life had meaning. No one ever bothered to inform me that there was more to life than, turning 18 so I could legally live my life as I saw fit. I thought that meant I could serve my country best by enlisting (which I resisted), that standing up and being counted meant that I should vote and that being responsible meant that I should start paying taxes, get a mortgage and enter the system by enrolling in some form of health insurance program, get credit cards, go into debt and live the American dream. I thought true freedom came from being able to choose when I was going to take my vacation, what time I would go to bed, when and who I would fall in love with, and the final end all when all my philandering was done… settling down, raising a family, saving for retirement and then, finally, being able to decide what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. How absurd.

The choice was always mine to make on every issue. Some, but certainly not all, of what I wish someone would have told me way back then is:

Reincarnation is real. If I had known that consciously back then, I wouldn’t have wasted so darn much time trying to cram it all into one lifetime. I was taught that when my time came I would either become worm food or if I was good, or bad enough whichever the case may be, that I would either earn my wings and go to heaven or someone would hand me my pitchfork and send me down-under to forevermore entice new recruits.

We are not alone in the Universe. Imagine the time the people of this world have wasted on hatred, bigotry, indifference, intolerance, deceit and abuse, to name but a few misdeeds. IF we had known that we have relatives from outside this physical realm, that most of them were benevolent and sincerely wished us all nothing but the best, then maybe, just maybe, we would not have been so utterly cruel and inhumane to one another. I don’t know about you, but the more I remember why I am here and about life other than here, the more I look forward to this final severance of inhuman behavior that the human race has been enduring and condoning for far too long. I look forward to expanding my consciousness, refocusing and relearning to be in tune with all forms/aspects of life and knowing why I should do this. I talk with my off-world “family” and God about this and so much more, very often and yes, these are two-way conversations, so please do not tell me I am delusional. One of my blessings for this lifetime is reacquainting myself with the ability to “see” and “hear” what most have chosen to forget. They have forgotten that they are able to do this too, or they choose to ignore this most natural way of Universal communication.

Then there was, "shhhhhh, God IS listening." Enough said on that, either you understand the full implications of this or you do not.

That learning about anything, from the trivial all the way to the monumental "ah ha," is something I should strive to do in every moment. I really wish someone would have taught me that the more I learned, and understood would show me that all of this newfound knowledge would not end up being wasted when this session of David experiencing yet another physical life ended. You see, what few seem to realize, is that everything you learn in this lifetime, whether you consciously remember it or not, you take with you into your next lifetime, for it becomes a permanent part of your eternal, yes, I did say "ETERNAL," Soul. Wow, talk about a revelation! Ever since I have awakened from my self-induced sleep walk I have read, I have listened, assimilated and understood whatever information I may have been learning about. No, I do not agree with everything I have heard and some of the beliefs that I used to have are now replaced with my new truths. This comes from utilizing my cognizant attributes by using personal discernment, something I know many Earthizens detest having to do. No, I do not remember everything. I have been informed repeatedly by God and my Spirit Guides and my off world Family that I do not need to, because it is all stored on my Soul’s hard drive. They keep encouraging me to absorb information and put into practice all that have learned and all I am privy to, NOW, know.

Another small fact that many have yet to realize is that when we, with our intent, consciously integrate into the timelessness of the NOW, that we are then living in the present. What this means is, what happened, yesterday, last year or many years ago, has already been. There is no need to revisit it, for it is over and done with. What really matters is what we do with the current Now moment we are embracing, for that is all there is. What we do with this moment gives birth to our next moment. And these moments are so precious, who has time (non-time) to loose?

God speaking… What saddens Me is people who in this lifetime will not reach their potential simply because they never tried. Ignorance is no excuse, the signs are all around you begging you to reach beyond your personal ambitions and make a contribution, one that is worthy of mention, to the rest of humanity at this time when it is needed most. Forget about the hunger problem for a moment, look at the larger picture. The people of planet Earth are starving for Spiritual tutoring. You have what it takes, it is up to you whether you deem yourself worthy of uttering the voice of sanity in a world that is devoid of it. My Children, you do not know what you know until you have put forth the effort to extract that information from your Soul’s archive, by opening your SELF up, rather than closing yourself off. 

David continues… I remember well the first time I spoke publically in the venue which I now consider, I now know, to be my true mission for this lifetime. Commander Theda later commented that she thought she was going to have to whisk down from her ship and resuscitate me. The difference is, I at least put forth the effort. Yes I am still here, I was not consumed by the infernal flames of fear, although I do recall sweat breaking out on my brow. I think often about all those good Souls out there who have so much to offer and for so many of them, even the mere thought of venturing outside their known comfort zone ultimately paralyzes them. So what if what your perceptions of what you say or the way you say it is somehow wrong or not as well verbalized as someone else might have spoken. If we all wait patiently for someone else to say what is inherently on our minds we might all die prematurely from anticipation. If asked a question and you do not know the answer… just say that you do not know. There is no shame in that. My guess is though, that the next time you are asked the same question you will know the answer, for it will forever be lingering in the back of your mind until you find it.  

Looking back, there are so many things I wish someone who knew had taken the time to tell me. For example, if you take, take, take and never give, soon you will find the receiving well has dried up. If I had known what a delicate balance there is to nature, then maybe I would have thought about how my indelible imprint impacts upon this world and everything in it. Imagine if you will the positive impact you and I could have implemented on behalf of this world. Maybe we could have lessened the suffering this world has undergone waiting for all of us to mature; maybe we could have changed it just a little. We cannot change other people, that is up to them, we can however change ourselves for the better. That alone should be worth the effort. Who knows, inadvertently by doing so we may have saved someone else some unnecessary suffering and hardship by our willingness to teach by example.

So, I am venturing a guess that if you are reading this now you have figured out a few things that others have not yet realized. I ask you, what is it worth to you to do everything within your power to be an active participant in Creating solutions to what ails this world and stop turning a blind eye and contributing to the decadence, the malfeasance of Spirit? What is it worth to you get off the proverbial merry-go-round of a life in stasis and proactively move another step closer to GRADUATING from the Earth Star Walk? You cannot accomplish this by remaining shuttered in your cocoon. There is more to the saying “nothing ventured, nothing gained” than you may realize. It amazes me how many doctors there are on this planet, Dr. of this, Dr. of that. Would it not behoove you personally to strive for something just a little more lofty, say like a Universal doctorate proclaiming that you have earned a PHD in Life?

Are you willing to give up what is considered to be the acceptable norm? What I am referring to here is “life as you have come to accept it.” Take for example the monetary system as it is or the political infrastructure as it is. Are you willing to accept that the human being is not the dominate species overseeing this world? That statement should twist a few brain cells. Are you willing to accept the possibility that there is no separation between you and the God of this Universe? For that matter, is it not possible that there is a common bond between all of us that is greater than the simple fact that we are all human? If this is so would this change your perceptions of anyone/everyone you know or have never met? Bette Midler once said, “From a distance you look just like my friend.” What would it take to bring this thought into the hearts and minds of everyone, to bring it up close and make it personal?

What would it take for a person to retrain their thought patterns and what would it be worth to them? For example: the average human being assumes that almost everything on this world is here for them to do with as they please, why else would it be here? What would it take for people to stop assuming, to first consider the implications of their actions, and consider that the proper thing to do first is ask permission? This world is not ours to do with as we please. We all should know by now that it was this mentality that has currently brought the human race teetering on the brink of extinction.

We meet or hear from, so many people who want to know more about their new Light bodies. They want to know what this means to them and what it will take for them to integrate with the bodies. Light is noninvasive, it must be invited in. How do you invite it in? By living your life with eyes, heart, mind and Soul wide open. Yes, this in some ways leaves you vulnerable to hurt, disappointment and so on. Almost everyone who has ever worn the guise of a human being has lived with their mind, intellect and heart in protected mode to keep themselves from being hurt, rejected or belittled. Would it not be a good thing to stop giving our power over to others and assume our proper place at the table of life and reclaim our God-given rights? Until your heart is pure and your thoughts and your priorities are focused on All That IS, on the greater good, until you can accept that you are indeed Spiritual beings having a physical lifetime instead of physical beings in search of a Spiritual connection, it is unlikely that your body will be able to absorb enough Light into your cells to sustain itself in the higher frequencies, which is where Earth is heading. 

What is it worth to you to maintain your Spiritual equilibrium and ultimately ascend with our Beloved Earth? Procrastinating at this critical juncture in your life may just mean your being sent to a world where you will have to work even harder than you do here. Here, many people are trying to earn their parole; however on other planets, there may not be any parole venue available. I understand what many have yet to realize, all of us have spent many lifetimes preparing, training, and honing our skills to be ready for this one lifetime where the pinnacle of our existence, all our hopes and dreams culminate and serendipitously falls into perfect alignment with the Universal transcendence to restore this world.    

So again I ask you, what does having it all mean to you and what is it worth to you, to this world, to this Universe, for you to strive to attain it? I will let you define what having it all means to you. How you answer this will determine your current station in life and the evolutionary path you have embarked upon.

When life becomes difficult… remember to breathe.

Au revoir … David

Celestial Blue Star once said, “In times of desperation people believe in what they want to believe in”

David…. To those who let fear and desperation guide their every move… so be it. There is always next time around. Ask yourself, are your beliefs focused/centered in Soul Voice, or is this your intellect’s way of protecting you from yourself, in an act of desperation to preserve the illusion you have created for yourself?

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