Why the governments of the world are reading and researching Spiritual and extraterrestrial (Star Keepers) websites

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Why the governments of the world are reading and researching Spiritual and extraterrestrial (Star Keepers) websites

By Celest and David

At the earliest of the beginnings, before linear time began here on the Earth, the first people of every landmass knew of the existence of Star Keeper races from other planets. After linear time was anchored here it was important to rulers to be seen as absolute powers thereby negating the reality of the existence of the true founding fathers of the Earth Star planet. Throughout all the millennia of the past, since those early beginning times, people have been repeatedly conditioned to continue to either not believe in the inhabitants of other worlds, or even worse, to believe that they are all malevolent. This brings us into the times of today. The true founding fathers that were here then are still here now.

The governments of today, more so than ever before, are afraid that the people they have been controlling in every country are learning to see through the veils of illusions and are in contact with Star Keeper races. Also they are afraid that these people themselves are Star keepers walking this planet. As a retaliatory means the governments have designed their own websites mirroring misinformation that they are intent on projecting to the Earth people about the reality of other life forms. What better way to continue their control than to cast the illusion of nonexistence of intelligent life existing on other worlds. The government continues to take credit for technology that is very beneficial, yet it is the Star Keepers of other worlds that have brought it here. Look if you will at the technological breakthrough of the past century. The invention of the computer, the microwave etc. To think that human beings could have been solely responsible for creating these devices is ludicrous. If the people of this world were to learn of those other existences then the governments would loose their control over the people. If that happened the people would realize that they could exist without the governments. The infrastructure that has long existed would collapse. We are speaking of religious, pharmaceutical, banking etc., as well as governmental.

Star Keepers know that people who rely on monetary resources as a means of establishing a better life can become an extinct species. And people have been trained to believe that money and power are everything. Money has always been seen as the one true power here on Earth. It is through the process of scrutinizing websites that the governments learn who knows the truth and who does not, that they are better able to keep abreast of the numbers of people who are part of the collective consciousness in every corner of this world. Also they themselves are keeping better informed as to upcoming events. Take for example the emergence of the mother ship in October of 2007; the Star Keepers’ Contactees here on Earth were made aware of her emergence well in advance. The powers that be used that information to tighten their security grid. They didn’t keep this event from taking place, the ship simply remained cloaked.

Many avenues have been tried politically to coerce people into not being participants of truth. Why else would the constitution of the United States have a rider attached to it clearly stating that any man or woman who is in contact with aliens is subject to immediate imprisonment? The U.S. is not the only country with stipulations of this sort.

The more people turn away from religions and embrace, explore and understand Spirituality, the more of a threat they are perceived to be by the governments. It is only with the immersion of a person into their Spiritual nature that truths can be revealed to them. In their own way, these people are being the separation of the wheat from the chaff and becoming their own wheat, where once they had been chaff.

Knowledge is not in this sense a dangerous venue for freedom; it is however a catalyst for change.

Yes, the governments are aware of the Star Keepers’ existence; ultimately the Star Keepers will win the battle for the peoples’ freedom and peace. The governments all know that this battle is being fought through the mind, but it is for the mind. In other words you are currently in the middle of world war three. If the people in this world had not always been so submissive to all that world governments had told them and had instead used their own intuition to learn what is truth and what isn’t, this world wouldn’t be in the mess it is today. Of course, that would require self-work and dedication.

So, what governments are researching these types of websites? Most of them. There are think tanks, secret governments behind the governments, scientists and others that are dedicated to this task alone. They do it in an effort to find any weak spots, any information being revealed to the public that is in direct contradiction to what the governments want the people to believe. When governments first started researching these websites years ago there was an air of arrogance, an air of impunity about their browsing the websites, almost as if it was a bad joke. Today there is a distinct air of desperation that permeates these men and women while they are intent in their quest of scrutinizing these information sites. They have discovered that they cannot hurl false accusations against these peoples’ websites; they cannot ridicule, badger or destroy these peoples’ truths because the people just keep going and going and refuse to give up. In a Spiritual sense, these same Souls who have been reincarnating here over and over again trying to make a difference are no longer standing alone. It is a cumulative effort that is part of the collective consciousness that is defeating the beast at its own game.

Governments also are aware of the plethora of ships in the air, especially those ships that are intentionally allowing themselves to be seen. World leaders are more afraid than ever before about what will happen to they, themselves, once the ships actually land and begin the process of reformatting a new infrastructure on this planet with the true people of the planet. At that time there will be no room left, no place to hide, where the dark rulers will not be found. So the governments keep on reading and researching. There is irony here though, so many men and women assigned to this investigation are in turn realizing the truth and sharing what they know. At this time they are doing so in secret; only speaking with others who will listen. Many of these people we are speaking about who are learning the truth in their investigations are now fighting the battle from the inside.

All governments keep stats on people who are aware, who are ready and willing to break the backbone of deceit. So who are the clear channels of information? The governments? Religious leaders? No. Most of those in politics and religion are as deluded today as the original progenitors of the Illuminati wanted them to be. In attempts to continue debunking air ship sightings etc., they scan websites to learn more about public sentiment concerning these events, because their tried and true methodology is to seek out the people who follow the path of least resistance. These people have always been the easiest marks for governmental bodies to control. This will not last much longer; the people are coming to their senses.

The incongruity here is that those who were peering out through the looking glass at the people are now having the tables turned on them. The people are looking back.

Salude… Celest and David

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