Living within the Soul Matrix part 1


~Living within the Soul Matrix~

Part one

"Light always casts forth the Shadows,

yet the Shadows define the Light."

We are going to have a discussion with you on what light is, what dark is, what the light can do, what the dark can do, how the light casts forth the shadows, and how you can defend yourself from the dark Overlords.

"Light" is an evolved form of energy in motion, it is not static, it is an all-encompassing form of Sacred geometry which can and does assume various guises of matter. All Light particles possess their own level of vibration and frequency. Light in its natural state, is without limit, without constraint. The brilliance of light cannot be diminished in this sense, although it can be altered, enhanced, metamorphosized, projected into other forms of matter for the purpose of illumination and can form an extension of itself existing in tandem with any object. This is predicated upon the ability of that object(s) to maintain the proper light frequency as well as a certain decibel level. "Light," even Light that is just beginning to shine within an individual, is also an extension of energies composed of the Spirit World, Star Keepers and the individual person and reflects back to all others even though it has not fully developed yet. Even though it does not exist in its most pristine form, it still remains a matrix of Creator and God energy. Simply stated, you are an electric-cog within the Creation.

People need to understand that as their individualized level of light increases, then their purpose of Be-ing, that subtle, but critical understanding of "knowing" they are making a difference, even if it is only awareness on a subconscious level will in time raise to a conscious understanding. As the perceptions of each person alters, so does their ascension process. This is an integration of "knowing" and consciously "doing," all that can be done to subjugate the Beast and ultimately destroy it. They may not always be aware that they are in reality transcending to a higher dimension of mind, thought and Spirit while still remaining in the incarnational form. This is part of "walking with one foot in each world as their individualized selves."

This is a learning process; "life" is a learning process, a work in progress. Do not expect to understand it all overnight, do not expect others to do the work for you, and do not expect others to understand what you yourself are just beginning to. They cannot do this just because you believe it is important for them to believe as you do. Each must learn at their own speed, at their own level, that is the way it is. So accept the fact that you cannot "fix" anyone except yourself, always remember to remain passionately detached from things you cannot and should not change. Should you attempt to change things for another person, you may rob someone of a very valuable lesson that they came here to experience and hopefully overcome as part of their original Soul contract.

Are we as Light Weavers achieving continuity in our ascension into the higher frequencies and vibrations? Yes we are. Does this mean that everything is downhill and going to be easy from here on out? Don’t count on it, the Beast is being cornered and with its last dying breaths it is going to lash out, searching for all who have cracks in their psyches. It will be counting coup on everyone that it can. The dark energies are fighting for their own survival and they will take with them as many people as possible. Be prepared, allow no fear, no doubt, no greed or any other ego based issues to enter into your thoughts; your mind, body and Spirit are your own. Treat them accordingly.

If you are wondering how you can make a difference in defeating the congealed mass of darkness that has assailed this planet for so long, first, understand the dark. You cannot defeat that which you do not understand. The "dark" which is another term for the Illuminati, the dark Overlords and all of their minion, are simply energetic forms sans light that are composed of all lower vibrations and frequencies. They are the un-illuminated by choice. They breed to live and live to breed; this type of breeding process is an integration with people which has allowed them to continue as a type of "species." One that is dependent on either gathering people with dark minds, dark hearts and spirits into their fold, or using them sort of a "dark energy by proxy," in order to destroy the newbie Light Weavers and capture the most evolved ones. The dark forces’ best weapons are the weaknesses they perceive in people, whatever a person’s Achilles heel may be. For the dark energetic forms to enter ones life, a person must first open the door even it is only a crack, the crack could be self doubt, fear of success, fear of failure, an overabundance of ego genes or a self-created need for power and the control of other people, places and events.

You need to understand that this dark force cannot and would not exist on this planet without the collusion of many people. The dark forces are "here by invitation," this then brings us to the ongoing battle between the light and the dark which this time around, is for all the marbles. If each person would repel the dark force before that force has an opportunity to invade their lives, there would no longer be any dark on the planet that needed to be consumed by the light. The dark forces are parasitic; they need the light force of others to survive, they cannot sustain themselves without energies to feed upon.

Within each soul lies the potential to remain in the light and thus continually evolve. The "newbies," those who are just beginning to awaken are those who are at the greatest risk of being ensnared. It is the Creator’s wish that by allowing free expression, each individual can be responsible for their own choices. This brings us to" The False Prophets" that are ensnaring the newbies and causing consternation among many evolved Souls. The universal laws dictate that free expression be granted to everyone. We encourage all people to use great discretion when listening/reading/visiting those who proclaim themselves to be Prophets. All younger less evolved Souls should be cared for and nurtured by all true teachers on this planet, without expectations. Remember all souls, even those currently within the dark, have the right to come back into the light. It is their ultimate destiny.

There are many who have in the past been attracted to, or flirted with the dark. These are people who are now returning into the light per their Soul contracts. These ones should not be judged by anyone for the actions they performed while "Under the Influence," and should be wholeheartedly accepted for the contributions they are now making to society. The masses on this planet have been force fed, willingly led, and artfully deceived by those who are the Masters of Illusion. It is now time to remove the veils of deception they have cast in front of so many and start uncovering the truths. In this manner we can learn from the past and never have to repeat this type of history lesson again. It is also time to relearn the ancient teachings, those that should have been learned in early childhood.

Beware of those who are so involved in their own belief systems that they do not accept that others’ beliefs are important as well. Those who attempt to impress you with their knowledge; those whose sense of self-importance overshadows all else, are not acting in humanity’s best interest. Those who try to coerce you to changing your beliefs, those who belittle or demean people who you feel great respect for, should be avoided. Those who attempt to talk you into using drugs to heighten your clarity do not have your best interests at heart. "Never Have Sex with a Psychic Vampire." That’s another story.

When light in shown into the dark, the shadow effect of the dark may surround the light, but the illumination of the light matter will disclose anything moving in its path. Because each person is a Light, the illumination of each can reveal the things that go bump in the night. The stronger the Light within each Soul, the stronger the darkness is defined, yet the size shape and form of the light is actually what the dark reveals. Imagine a flashlight shining into a darkened room, if the beam is focused to a single area, there are shadows everywhere, now imagine that the light has been "turned up" by doubling or tripling the wattage of the bulb, now there is less space in the room for the dark to hide. With each Soul’s ever brightening auras Light, or knowledge of the truth comes into present tense, thus elongating the entire presence of light. When this happens the less places the dark has to hide and/or scurry off to. Those who are still fence sitting are casting forth the largest shadows and they do not even know it. Each and every one of these people are up for grabs at this point. Those of you who are shinning brightly may soon realize that light from other lights is mirrored back to individual lights. This is how light can be enhanced by others’ consciousness. It is only through invasive ways that the dark forces can attempt to cause your light to dim with the hope of extinguishing it completely.

Now on to the easy part, how to defend yourself from invasive attacks. Remember that you are Light, do not allow anyone to tell you that you are not. Be firm in your determination not to succumb to any predator force. Be willing to "stand up" for your beliefs, be willing to part from long time friends and if necessary, relatives who remain steadfast in their heavy, dense, negative mind thought. Decide if you have a desire to communicate with the Sprit world, if you do, be sure that you know how to do so correctly.

One of the tools the dark Overlords use against humanity is fear.

Fear is a "learned response," a "con-ditioned response," one that is not a natural aspect of your Soul Being. This is a manmade self-generated response birthed by lower life forms with hidden agendas. It is an anathema sensation to the Soul and Spirit of a true human being. Fear presents itself in many different forms; whatever fear form you yourself secretly have within your mind is part of an illusionary program designed to break the Spirit of the human race as a whole. Fear cannot exist without your acceptance of it. All phobias are fears, self-doubts, insecurities, even hatred is fear. Think about it. Just as fear cannot exist without your acceptance, neither can those of the dark forces exist without your willing participation in fear. Fear is crippling, debilitating and non-productive. All these are the catalysts that the Illuminati and their brethren encourage, in order to better exercise their dominion over humanity.

The more you believe in fear and fear based issues, the more you live in fear. The more you live in fear the easier it is to ensnare you and hurl you into the Shadow World. It is only when people shuck off the shackles of the dominating force of fear, that they truly find "a life." People always live in fear until they have completely saturated themselves with it. Then and only then, when they believe life is no longer worth living because they are laden with fear, are they willing to leave it behind and seek a different reality. Even then, millions and millions of people fail to vanquish fear because it is a known comfort zone, one that is "familiar" to them; one which has consumed them. They fail to realize that life is an endless array of possibilities and probabilities; all that it requires is for the PERSON to create the changes. Fear is "static energy," it is not "change."

Change is a remarkable energetic form in its own right; it opens the doors of opportunities that are withheld from those who are riddled with fear. Change is a part of questioning and learning, in this manner you are gaining knowledge, without knowledge you are withholding the light. Withholding the light is in opposition to everything that defines your true essence. Working within the energetic flow of the Universe grants us the freedom to ascend above the mundane and we can flourish in a world that graces us with limitless resources and infinite possibilities.

What you can do to bring about change by abolishing fear:

Belief in yourself is first and foremost; believe in others ONLY when they have proven to your satisfaction that they are truly who they say they are, that they have no hidden agendas, nor axes to grind. Seeing fear for what it is-an "Illusionary Myth-Information Schema." Acknowledging that the destruction of fear can only enhance your life, is a major step in your transformation. Teaching others to forego fear is how you can impact on mass consciousness. This means that you must LIVE your truths, regardless of how the dark Overlords attempt to dissuade you.

Be aware though, the moment you take that first tiny step, declaring for all the world(s) to hear, "I am NOT afraid anymore, I refuse fear, I banish fear, I no longer live with fears," those of the un-illuminated will begin to cringe, they will then test your resolve repeatedly, because another one has awakened. As you do this for yourself and teach others to do this for themselves, the Light of ALL Lights grows in strength and sheer numbers within the shadows. The greater the constellation that contains the preponderance of light which shines its combined brilliance into the shadows, the less the dark can exist there. As the Law of Equal Attraction is incurred, the "like attracts like" then embodies and magnifies this Light Event. As this continues to happen in every "now moment," the last vestiges of the dark, malevolent energies will disintegrate or willingly choose to be absorbed into the LIGHT. We are not saying it will be easy, but it is certainly worth the effort. Practice makes perfect. Always keep yourself surrounded in white light and love energies and KNOW that you never walk alone.

Salude..Celest and David

One of the many reasons these pages came into existence
is because of the dream Celest had a few months ago.
There are many more, this is but one example of all that is transpiring

Here is my dream of 7am Tuesday morning Oct. 25.,05….

The Creator called out to me, I was then instantly taken to stand alongside of Him. We stood side by side on air, levitating far, far above the Earth star planet. He pointed to Earth and said "Look My child; see what it is that I have had to do now." I looked at the Earth and suddenly I saw areas all over this world where certain people have been encapsulated within huge crystal domes. He then said "I have had to do this in order to protect those that have yet to come into their destiny and those that have now approached their destiny. I can keep them safe this way. They do not see the domes, they do sense and feel much light, protection and at times, a "floating" sense, much they way the do in their "true home."

He then told me to look at all the other places he was pointing to. All over the Universes that suddenly appeared in front of me, there were worlds totally encapsulated in the domes, one dome for each selected world, as far as I could see. Many worlds were not covered, just as millions of people here on this planet are not encapsulated. I understood.

The Creator was looking quite stern and sad, his wide brow was deeply furrowed yet appeared to furrow even more so right in front of my eyes, as He looked over all those people and worlds that have not ….yet….earned the beauty and safety of the globe. The domes looked just like the type that you see over holidays; when you shake them up the snowflakes slowly move up and down.


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