Blue Star, Commander Theda, 2012

"Perspectives of Blue Star the Pleiadian

and Commander Theda on 2012"

Excerpt from the Dec. 25th, 2007 "Blue Star Transmissions"

Question…What can we do to prepare ourselves for 2012? How can we strengthen ourselves for that time?

Answer…Now, if you need to "prepare yourselves" for each waking day, if you need to "strengthen" yourselves for everything you do, then perhaps 2012 will just pass you by. Get a grip humans! 2012 is a timing, such as 1990, 2007 and so forth. I have written messages and spoken at conferences extensively on this subject and yet millions of you ones are still in a state of "suspended expectation" when thinking of 2012. Has it not occurred to you ones who are still in that unenviable state that your unhappiness with the world of today and your lives of unfulfilled expectations are the real reasons that you are seeking a placebo? 2012 can be considered to be a Universal Hallmark-a Gridline of intersections of the Macrocosmic and the Microcosmic Worlds. It is a Golden moment in time. Those among you ones who have been diligently and with High Expectations of yourselves as unique Souls engaged in the altering of the microcosmic perspectives on this world, will welcome 2012 the way you should welcome a special birthday! Because each birthday should always be special, you ones will see that all the hard work you have done on yourselves and FOR OTHERS will bring you to a higher level of evolution. What? You expected fireworks and the Angelic Realm blowing trumpets on Earth that day? That will not happen.

It bothers me greatly that a timeline that is considered a Sacred passage of Rites, a timeline when "all good Souls who have been responding to "the call" to unite, will be able to see how so much of what they have each done, as well as all the good works that have been done by like-minded groups of peoples, will be of great energetic magnitude to Terra Herself and to each of their individual evolved states. These Sacred facts are being distorted by those besotted ones who think either the world will end or that God will begin His "smoting process," or that the Earth’s peoples will be given humongous sums of monetary wealth. You see, so much of what you are doing by living an ordinary life in a non-ordinary way IS the preparation for this timeline. Think not of it as a time that you will need great strength in order to "survive something dark and unthinkable," THAT is already happening. You have been deep in the vortex of the separation of the dark from the illuminated. It is happening all around you ones, yet so many know it not. Every nano moment of every day and night is a "happening occurrence." Religious leaders and political jackals are continuing to be exposed for what they really are and WHO they really are. Those peoples of little FAITH are slowly being consumed by the madness of the pack running amuck in its final surge for supremacy. The pack will fail. It already has….you just do not know this yet. The battles however will continue to become fiercer as "right defends itself against might."

The economic conditions of this planet will continue to worsen in many areas as we move progressively to the 2012 DEADLINE. Yet it is but the catalyst needed for "the great change." Millions of people who are already "leaving the planet" will continue to do so and those peoples engorged with fear will also leave, in one way or another. The good-hearted Souls will be infused with "strength" and "greater determination" to be all that they can be FOR THE RIGHT REASONS. We have been urging many of these ones to either keep a low profile or to go "underground" to further their personal protection. YES, things will worsen here before they get better. If you ones are not content with your lives now, then CHANGE THEM. While you still can. I caution you ones, ALL of you,,,,do not look at 2012 as the final solution to the wrongs of this world. Instead, look to yourselves, for indeed you are either the solution or the handicap. No one will awaken on the point of 2012 to a "new world" full of "happy, happy, joy, joy." In one way it is a "new calendar time," one that will bring forth the fruits of your good labors. Yet in another way, it will be just another day filled with great possibilities and wondrous probabilities, JUST AS EACH OF YOUR WAKING DAYS SHOULD NOW BE! Think of all you can achieve now in order to be able and READY for "tomorrow." Is that not enough for you ones?

Salude … Blue Star the Pleiadian


Blue Star’s Perspectives on the "timing" year of 2012."

Cyclic momentum and cyclic synchronicity are not understood by the masses. It is the cyclic momentum which is the result of the vibrations and frequencies occurring not only within the Higher Dimensions, but on the earth star planet as well, which give rise to a sympathetic event of heretofore unseen proportions. The cyclic synchronicity of the event, is dependent upon all the key factors being in proper alignment in order to usher in the desired outcome. Now, just as a cycle is but a cycle within a cycle, each mote of the cyclic faction, contains all the "momentum" energies which have been housed within a portion of the cycle that is rebirthing.

As in the timeline of 2012, the frequencies and vibrations which are the Light incurred energies pass along a type of "musical scale," so to speak, so that each of the amassed and incoming energies meld in a harmonious union, a rapture of synthesized imprints of electrified conduits. As this unfolds, beams of light energy that were once but mere pinpricks, will be seen as huge and powerful energetic light forms which shall intersect with a particular planetary alignment at that time, as well as function as a "bridge," swiftly connecting with the spheres of ancient civilizations among the Star Worlds. It shall be as this event occurs, that a grand shuddering of the earth star mother shall be felt. The coalescence of light strengthening light matter is a cooperative venture. It is the earth star herself who has long awaited this "show of shows." Many, many universes little known by the human race, have been anxiously awaiting thus fortuitous conjunction. It is the beginning of the beginning of the healing of this planet. So much was necessary to occur here before fall of 2011, to ensure the success of this juxtaposition. Countless numbers of Souls are even now being forced to look into the mirror of life to better determine their roles in the "upcoming time." I have stated to you ones before, 2005 is a year of great change.

How you define change is up to your individual perspectives. This year shall being forth many "challenges," many tests of your strengths and weaknesses. Without the tests, how would you know if there is something wrong? Without the challenges, how would you know what may be lacking in yourself? Change is Constant. Those that refute this shall be those that refuse any needed changes. If you but remember that "the dark" simply means "the un-illuminated ones," then you shall know to call a spade a spade. If instead, you be of the Light, then let there BE Light. If you be of the dark, then perhaps it is time for you to pick up your marbles and go home. For the dark shall not be able to tolerate the Light. And THAT is the way it is!

It is not the linear date that is the main issue. Those vibrations, of which we speak to you about, are crucial and this time they shall not be denied entrance by the human race. As linear time continues to accelerate at an astonishing rate, know within your hearts and your Souls that this is a good thing! So many of us and of you, have "set the dinner table," and are now awaiting all the guests to arrive to partake in the sumptuous feast of life. Be a gracious host and hostess, allow only those who truly are of the Light and intend to remain that way, to share all which is prepared. Send each one now an RSVP-"Respond to Spiritual Vacancy Please." Please to remember you are part of the beginning of the beginning and that there shall be no end. It was never "build it and they will come," it was "always" BE IT and they will come."

Now, when using the term "change," please to remember that change is a MUST. Changes do indeed occur in every nano second of your lives. Just because you cannot always see them does not mean that they are not present. Have you ever stopped to consider that perhaps you are not always meant to see the obvious changes? Do you ones not think that there are still far too many who would then decide to leave the good works to others to continue, while they themselves cavort in the ale houses, or the betting parlors, or in lust? Changes cannot be contingent upon each and every person willing to create changes only if they are offered something in return. Change must first originate within the heart, with no conditions attached. It is each good heart that is the first contact, the initial sequential step in Creating good and transmuting "good" to "great." THAT is change! For centuries millions of you ones have reincarnated repeatedly, determined to one day take part in the upcoming time. From your heart to God’s ear. Many of you will be active participants, "on the front line." Many more shall be the ones to encourage you to take heart, not to ever give up. Yet, when all is said and done, you shall all realize…"you are here to observe and bear witness."

Now, insomuch as light begets light, but of course the more light that continues to encompass the earth star planet, the more she will regain her once pristine beauty and fruitfulness. As with all things that are not manmade, this shall take time, there are many, many countless numbers of "new" organisms birthing now. These that have been absent on the earth plane for millennia have returned. Insects, birds, marine life and so forth, shall all be playing their roles in the re-establishment of a healthy New World. Areas that are still conduits of negative energy shall begin the transmutation into the positive, positive energy streams. Countries that project density and barrenness shall too regain that which was once theirs. In time some continents will disappear beneath the seas while others continue to rise. This is evolution. Orbs and Energy Streamers shall right now hasten their pace of descent to this planet.

They are invaluable Creators of all that is INFINITE. Those Orbs and Energy Streamers that house Souls shall carry their precious cargo to the destined point of debarkation. Each Orb and Streamer is on a specified timeline that was prearranged long, long ago, it was essential that these ones arrive here and there on this world at the time directly before The Great Awakening. Their life force is astonishing in their ability to repel opposing energies and dispel the lack of negative ions on this planet. These are but a few of their "charms."

It is now in this 2005 year that you ones shall witness the acceleration of the highly charged positive positive energy "Inflowing" to this planet. You shall also witness the collision of the positive positive forces and the negative negative forces. As these two forces impact against the other, the negative negative forces shall begin a more hasty retreat than you are used to seeing. There is a cyclonic effect at work here, once begun it cannot be stopped, for indeed it is unstoppable. The Gaia Spirit who lives within the bowels of the earth mother shall settle for no less than the best. The earth mother herself shall no longer accept the dastardly vehemence of the truncating forms of negative negative energy, nor of the walking dead. It is written in stone, therefore IT IS. Humanity as a whole, shall once again ally with the Fairy Spirits, the "little people," The wolf, the lion and the lamb. Each day shall bring the wonders of God back to the people who have long shunned them. That which has been shattered shall be made whole yet again.

As the vibrations and frequencies increase to a crescendo, those that cannot tolerate the music of the spheres shall leave. The augmentation of this part of the Divine Plan shall not cease, shall not become muted, and shall not waver.

We who are the benevolent brotherhoods shall continue to be of aid to you. We shall be there to guide and support you in your rebuilding efforts. We have many of our bases beneath the seas, strategically placed for quick maneuvering. We are also in continuous contact with the peoples of the middle earth who are delighted that the time draws near for you ones. Please to remember though, there is still much time between now and 2012. Much that needs to be done by you, not by us. A Call to Arms has been sounded, not of war but far greater, a call to PEACE. Do what you can to teach others. Teach them to do what they can to teach still more others. In the end, it will be fine.

Now, just as death is but a miniscule part of life, so it will be that many, many people shall be called home. Please to remember that not all Souls want to remain here for the upcoming experiences. That is fine too. Each Soul must follow it’s destiny. There is no right or wrong in this matter, it is what it is. In time, many millions of the current and former inhabitants of the earth star planet, shall all reconnoiter here yet again, until such time there is no need, on an individual basis, for the Souls to return here. Although none shall have conscious memory, it is when each passes over that they will KNOW a sense of anticipation, one they will experience when considering another return to earth. They will understand that it was well worth all their previous efforts. Many ancient aquatic life forms are returning while other are leaving. All life forms, whether animal, vegetable or mineral must continue to evolve as a species. Therefore, when they have each given as much as they can to this planet, it is but natural that they should leave. There are many, many other planes of dimension that also require the Wisdom of the Ancient Ones.

As the times change, many will grow hydrophyte foodstuffs, but it is not time yet to do so. The physical vehicles must slowly be permitted the options of altering eating habits. Too quickly would cause the body to experience great distress. Many shall return to the old way of using natural herbs for minor illnesses until such time illnesses cease to plague the human race. An occurrence of tremendous proportions shall take place when the Akashic Library becomes "open to the public." Religions shall be unmasked, so to speak. The people will be able to readily see the myths form the truths. Do NOT mistake my meaning here, religions have served a great purpose. It is the experience of exploring religions by choosing them as rules to live by that can assist people in using discernment; to not simply accept man’s word over God’s. So many of those who have faithfully worked within religious institutions, for all the right reasons, have bettered themselves through the experience. I said MANY not ALL! In these upcoming times, humans will see and understand the difference between religion and Spirituality.

Now, before I take my leave, please to remember, you have much work to do as individuals and as like-minded groups. If there are those among you ones, and I know there are, who will choose to merely sit back and wait for the good times to rock and roll, then you are not, and have not, paid correct attention to all that I am saying. There is no free ride here. All that you do, all that you fail to do is known by the Creator Force. "You can RUN, but you can’t HIDE!"

"There is a valley where the Spiritual stands on one side and the Religious stands on the other side. In the middle walks the Creator and the Creation. In time, ALL shall be as ONE. I shall meet you there."
Spoken by Blue Star the Pleiadian


Question and answer about 2012 with Commander Theda

An excerpt from our 5 part interview with Theda which is on our website

Question- "We know you are probably tired of hearing this one, but what about the year 2012?

Answer- Well, I was tired of hearing about it back in 1900, but that’s another story. Since the beginning of the beginning of this planet, it was well known that a specific timeline would need to arrive before the earth would become a progressive, lucid planet. Because "time" is fluid, meaning it all occurs at once, we were at first only able to gauge a decade by the use of systematically correct glimpses into the "future" years of this earth. Much the way the entrapped men of the Philadelphia Experiment did. We at those times ascertained that between 2010 and 2012, the much expected and needed transitions would occur. As Soul after Soul departed this planet eagerly awaiting their next foray to earth, their destinies were revealed to them. We felt very honored that The Great Gestalt had deemed it important for all of us to receive the knowledge of these Souls’ future journeys here and why. After that we simply used our calculations regarding space time continuums and charted the year after year progressions of ancient ones entering this dimension and those that would surely follow.

All things, events, people, planetary changes, both interplanetary and outer planetary are relative in the symmetry of evolving change. All these issues must overlap/be part of the fulcrum. Remember now, all that we know, so do the Illuminati. This is why the closer we are to arriving to the 2012 timeframe; the more desperate is their cause. So much had to take place before the synchronicity of events Created could occur. So much needed change has rested upon frail human shoulders. Change is not a consistency among the human race. Yet when faced with the alternatives of more devastating and outrageous wars arranged by the politicians of this world, "change" became the only viable alternative. Peace Keepers who originally only appeared by the dozens now are appearing by the thousands. Each has an important part, a role, to play in the "Mission 2012" movie. None is more important than the other. Without these individuals as a whole 2012 would be nothing more than another "bad hair day year."

There is a reason that I am not permitted to speak of concerning the why that particular year for this great event. I can only tell you it is part of a wondrous Epiphany. That year marks well the soon-to-be final resolution to the problem of the Illuminati. Do not expect that you shall awaken the first day of that year and see the Earth as a parallel Nirvana, You can be sure however that you will awaken. That should be good enough.

Commander Theda

Information which was received by Celest and David