Celest and David’s Support Group


"Our Sponsors, Our Teachers, Our Friends, Our Family."


All you do and all we do, is for the betterment of humanity.

As the clock strikes the midnight hour,
the more that are prepared,
the better.
All you need to do is seek council with
your family members.

They are waiting for your "CALL".

"These We Are Honored To Have As Our Support Group"

The Creator/ God/ The God’s of all Universes (The Luminescents) / The Angelic Realm/ Those of the Spirit World/ All Star Keepers /Our Master Teachers/ our Guides/ The Devic Kingdom /Middle Earth-ers / The Sasquatch community/ Star Angel / The Pleiadians /The Arcturians / Rainbow Warriors / Brotherhood of the White Rose / Arcturian Command / Constant / Constance / Christis / Kahootamani / Melena / Tomas / Tobias / Paraneese / Dimitri (Ruby) / Grey Dancer / Grandfather Strong Wolf / Merlin / Kaheeta / Kanishka / Natashka / Atta War / The Masters / Master Kato
Atta War Two / Jesus / Sananda / Buddah / Minashi / The Ancient one / Our friend from the Lord of the Rings / Angelic Realm / Our Totems / Thor / Warrior King / Derek / Greg and Sheila / Anubis / Fetatame / Teddy / Hatheus / Piocese / Wally / Wolves / Dolphins / Whales / Singing Crystal / Monkeys / Red King / Socrates / Christmas / Kahoona / Fang / Julie / Crystal Sword / Starburst / Loni / valley of the Ancients / Anasazi / White Buffalo / Our Soul Clusters / New Jerusalem / The Gatekeeper / The Stone People / Ghost Walker / Grandmothers / Timothy / Blue Star Kachina / Blue Star / Seth / Orin / Emiel / Droga / Tee-Pee (Tall People) / The Sentinels / Grandfather Wallace / Clarence / The Wind / The Droga / The Pleiadians / The Arcturians / The Lemurians / The Andromedans / Theodore / Felicea / Time Walker / White Tigers / Panthers / Cheetah / Elephants / Bear / Pegasus / Santa / Enigmas / Rose Star Quartz / Mammoth / Crystal City / The Pod / Marcus and Silvia / Thunder Beings / Orbs / Harmony / Bird Tribes / The Drum / Pyramids / Cross Of God / Medicine Man / Mother Teresa / Owls / Sword of Truth / Magic / Fairies / Mother Earth / Palpae / Chief Chakta / Golden Goose / Antares / Spirit Bear / The Droga / The Syrians / Chrysan’the’mum’mumm’minia / Goliath / Blue Star Warriors / The Ancient Ones / Leopold / Cleaver (The Gatekeeper) / Commander Theda / Michael / The Eagles / The Sun / The Wise Ones / Anglica / Rufus / Matilda /Toby /True Blue /Leona /Rock-o /Goliath / Star Angel/ Rainbow Angels/ Golden Angel/ Fang/ Haibar/ Cheyenne/ Emiel/ Damascus /Big Daddy/ Vision/ Hatonn/ Thunder Beings/ Wisdom/ Harmony/ Yoda/ White Buffalo/ Lady Quan/ Ithica/ Derrek, Overseer of the Realm/ Matthew/ Antares / Ellie / The Pleiadian and Arcturian Peacekeeping Forces /The Group /The Guys /Mercy /Time Traveler /The Orbs
The "WE" team, Mary and Mary, Joseph, St Germaine, Maraya-Teen Angel, The Winter People, All Incarnate and Discarnate Ascended Masters, The Sasquatch, Duncan of the Pleiades and Cammeron of Arcturus, Shamaara, The "Gold Berets" Team, Samuel (One of the Gatekeepers), The Star Tones, Tobias, Maraya, Horris, Harmony, Joshua, The Universe, All of our Relations / All of our Brethren / Aloysius /Ourselves

Our viewership for our websites, books and other teaching come from literally every country on this planet. To all of you…We DO consider you as part of our Support Group and we thank you for taking the time to listen to what we have to say.

To those we have not yet listed here,

From Us To You,
Our Thanks And Our Love,

For Granting Us A Ph.D. In Life.


The following countries etc. are
some of our "Biggest Fans."

US Military / US Educational/ US Government/ NASA/ The White House/
Directorate of Information Management

Argentina / Arizona congress /Aruba /Australia / Austria / Bahamas / Belize /Belgium / Benin /Bermuda /Bosnia/ Brazil /Bulgaria/ Chile / Cocos (Keeling) Islands /Colombia /Costa Rica/ Croatia (Hrvatska)/Cuba/ Cyprus / Czech Republic / Denmark / Dominican Republic /Egypt / Ethiopia /Ecuador /Estonia / Fiji/ France/ Finland/ Germany/ Ghana /Greece/ Greenland/ Guatemala/ Hong Kong/ Hungary/ Iceland/ India /Indonesia / Iraq/ Iran/ Ireland/ Israel/ Italy/ Japan/ Jordan/ Korea (South)/ North Korean Military/ Latvia/ Lebanon/ Lithuania/ Luxembourg/ Malaysia / Malta/ Mauritius /Mexico/ Namibia / Nepal/ Netherlands/ New Zealand /Norway/ Old style Arpanet/ Pakistan/ Panama/ Paraguay/ Peru /Philippines/ Poland/ Portugal/ Qatar/ Romania/ Russian Federation/ Samoa/ Saudi Arabia/ Seychelles/ Singapore/ Slovak Republic / Slovenia/ South Africa/ Spain/ Sri Lanka/ Sweden/ Switzerland/ Taiwan/ Thailand/ Tobago/ Trinidad/ Turkey/ United Arab Emetries/ United Kingdom/ United States/ Uruguay/ Venezuela/ Viet Nam/ all over the Middle East/ China

And many other new countries we have not yet had time to post