Health Remedies Page #1

“Health Remedies” Page #1

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We are going to be dealing with various types of health issues and remedies on this webpage. This is the practical part of ourselves. We decided that now, more so than at any previous time in the Earth Star’s history, people need to find not only inexpensive ways of taking care of health problems, but also preventive measures they can take to forestall upcoming ones. Obviously we believe there are ways of doing so that are the most beneficial to a simple health issue and we know of many easy items people can procure. The remedies we are providing do cover a range of ailments. At this writing, you should be able to still locate any of the ingredients you will need. Obviously if you are allergic to any of these things do NOT use them; find a similar substance to whatever you may be allergic to.

A caution about chewing “roots;” many herbs are available in root form as well as liquid and capsule. NEVER chew the roots! For example: marshmallow root, yucca root and all other roots-to chew them is a no-no. What happens is that the roots can cause irritation to the teeth, gums and tongue. In severe cases they can scrape off the taste-buds on your tongue, so PLEASE do not do this. As you read our suggestions here, bear in mind that we ourselves use many of these remedies. In some cases we may suggest certain websites to you, that is because they are the ones that have proven to be the best from our longtime experiences with them.

Below are some of the “Health remedies and things to be aware of”

The Concoction

One of the simplest and most effective immune booster we know of is an ancient method of combining different spices. This is also the one Emiel mentioned in one of his writings about taking this during massive chemtrails spray days. In a glass bowl combine all the following ingredients-½ tsp. chopped rosemary, 1-2 yucca in caps (be SURE to pour the yucca out of the caps and into the bowl and then discard the caps), 1/3 tsp. cayenne pepper powder, ¼ tsp. garlic powder (NOT garlic salt), 400 mg. of vitamin E (pierce the capsule and pour the oil into the bowl) and ¼ tsp. black pepper. Use a fork and mix them all together. The E may make the mixing difficult but do the best you can. Have a small can (6 or 61/2 ounce) of tomato juice ready and pour about half into a glass. NOT plastic. Then add all the dry mixture to the tomato juice and stir as well as you can. Drink it. The spices usually try to settle to the bottom of the glass so stir away as much as you need to. Finish the rest of the juice in the can after you have finished the glass of the concoction. Be prepared, this is highly potent and will open your entire sinus etc. almost immediately. The tomato juice will coat your stomach making digestion much easier. Use it immediately with an onset of a cold, flu, chemtrails and chest coughs. Usually taking this for 3 days, ALWAYS first thing in the morning though, will be enough. For preventative maintenance, take once a week. It also purifies the blood and keeps the digestive tract open.


One of the greatest myths to land in the food market is about garlic. Yes, garlic enhances the flavor of meals and provides a minute amount of healing properties, but NO; eating garlic does not give you the main ingredient that is the fantastic healing and cleansing ability of Allicin. Somehow or other, the true information about garlic and Allicin has been lost to people and people do not know the truth. Here is what you need to know: Stomach acid destroys the allicin as soon as it comes in contact with it. Allicin is absorbed through the membranes within one’s mouth. You can buy, as we do, Allicin capsules. The capsules are a hard shell. We cut off each end of the capsule and suck the allicin into our mouth UNDER the tongue. It begins to be absorbed by the body and travels to the blood stream almost immediately. Also, 5-10 milligrams of allicin is the equivalent to 75-150 units of penicillin. This means that if someone is becoming ill, grab the allison, do the calculations to equate to 500 units of penicillin and take the allicin. A word or two here about garlic capsules: Encapsulated (gel caps) garlic is NOT effective. In order for garlic to be effective it must come in contact with saliva. through the mouth, sublingually. If you must take garlic in pill form, get the oil. Again, do not swallow the capsule. Instead puncture it and squeeze the oil into the mouth so that it can interact with saliva and be absorbed into the blood stream. Gradually one becomes accustomed to the taste of it. If you prefer garlic capsules buy products that have standardized allicin content that provide 5-10 milligrams of allicin. (equivalent to 75-150 units of penicillin.) Read the labels carefully. Search the internet.

Osha Ligusticum Porteri

One of the most ancient remedies indigenous people have been using for centuries for colds, cough and bronchial inflammations is Osha. This is an herbal LIQUID without compare to anything else we have used. We have been using it when needed, since 1994. The liquid is in a small 1 ounce amber glass bottle with a medicine dropper included. Put 10-15 drops in a small amount of WARM water then drink it. It tastes just awful so have a “water chaser” ready. Use your own discretion about how often to take it, although the directions state, “1-3 times a day.” As far as we know it is still available at www.

Peppermint Oil

One of the most overlooked remedies for headaches, both occasional and migraine, is pure peppermint oil. Any GOOD brand will suffice. It will be in a small, usually amber colored bottle. Put a TEENY dab of the oil on both temples and right below your nostrils. Some people are now putting a TEENY dab on the back of their necks as well. We cannot tell you why it works but we know that it does. It may take a few minutes to adjust to the pungent aroma but it should help the headache problem and the neck ache problem shortly after it is absorbed into the skin.

Cold pressed Castor Oil

Healers from many ancient cultures have used castor oil for over 3000 years. In fact in old herbal texts, it is called “Palma Christi,” Latin for the palm of Christ. The cold pressed version is absolutely extraordinary. We use the 16 ounce bottle and it has lasted for many years. Pour a very small amount of cold pressed castor oil on a square of wool flannel; place the flannel on whatever part of your body that is suffering from bruised or sore muscles, aching joints, tendonitis, sprains and backaches. Use a MOIST heating pad over the back of the flannel and just sit there with it for at least ½ hour. You can do this as many times a day as you need to. The oil is absorbed into the skin through the pores aided by the warm moist heat. After the initial treatment, you can put the flannel inside a Ziploc bag until you need it again. Usually, after 3 treatments you only need to add more of the oil occasionally because the wool flannel holds the oil. Some herbal stores carry it, but charge more than we think they should. We buy ours at

Sea Salt

From the mid-west of the U.S. and all through the western and southern states, sea salt can be purchased at grocery stores or any Wal-Mart right in their salt aisle. The other portions of the country are not as fortunate. People have to either buy it at herb stores at inflated prices or buy it on-line. Actually the price for it should be comparable to ordinary table salt. Sea salt is poorly understood by people; it is a pure substance that aids in circulation, digestion and assists in moving the electrical currants that exist within the body through the body at a more accelerated pace. It is by far the best salt to use in cooking as well.

For Recluse and Black Widow bites

These spiders can be found all over the planet, although many people do not know this. Here is a quick and simple remedy for the spider bites: 1 TBSP. pure or natural vinegar, 1 TBSP. honey, mix together and put 1 teaspoon of the mixture on the bite 3 times a day until the redness and soreness abates.

For Diarrhea

Oftentimes diarrhea is caused by parasites. This is a remedy that a doctor who is a friend of ours thought people should know about. First mix 1- 8 oz. glass of the following: step 1– glass of fruit juice plus ½ tsp. honey with a pinch of sea salt or corn syrup mixed in the juice. Step 2—Mix 1- 8 ounce glass of BOILED water with 1/4th. Tsp. of baking soda mixed in it. Then, simply alternate drinking from both glasses. Repeat for the next few days.


Tendonitis can be an inflammation in the joints and/or in the bones. Regardless of which area, it is a very painful problem. The use of ice packs helps with the onset of tendonitis. Here is something else you can do as well. To an 8 ounce glass of tomato or vegetable juice add: 2 or 3 dashes of soy sauce, 1 or 2 dashes of cayenne pepper powder, 1 dash of Balsamic Vinegar (the 10 year old is the best,) and take a blue-green algae supplement with the tonic. Use as needed.


We make this every few years; one portion is enough for us to use for ourselves and we give away a great deal of it to our friends. Here is what you will need, either some small jars to pour it into or some of the small to medium size plastic bottles with flip top lids. The last time we looked Wal-Mart was still carrying the bottles. The ingredients are: 6 ozs. peanut oil, 2 ozs. Olive oil, 2 ozs. Vitamin E, 1 TBSP. lanolin (dissolved) and 1-2 ozs. Eucalyptus oil. Mix all these ingredients together with a PLASTIC spoon. We prefer buying the liquid lanolin because the other lanolin must be dissolved and then of course hardens the mixture after it is set. You can do this either way, but we like the liquid decongestant best. When it is all mixed together pour it into the jars or bottles. Then when you need to use it take a cotton ball and apply a very small amount to the affected chest or throat area. A little bit of this goes a very long way, the mixture when it is in liquid form will be thin and has very little odor. It works fast!


Chicory is another long overlooked ingredient. Ideally, you should have a small amount of chicory every day. Although there are still a few brands of coffee that also have chicory in them, these coffees are becoming hard to buy because of the price increases. Chicory assists in cleansing the blood and keeping inestimable tracts free of problems. The alternative id to call your local herb shop and ask if they carry it GROUND in bulk. Many do. Then add a ¼ of a tsp. to your coffee in your coffee pot. You can add more if you want a stronger taste.

Marshmallow Root

This is absolutely great for the upper G.I. and for respiratory ailments; it does assist in clearing the esophagus of phlegm and mucus thus promoting easier breathing. It also coats the bronchial tubes and aids in settling the stomach. The best way to take this is the marshmallow root capsules. You only take 1-3 per day as needed.

Sea Salt baths and rinses

Sea salt added to your bath water aids in relaxing muscles and joints; it enters through the pores of the body to alleviate soreness, stiffness and much pain. Sea salt rinses-just adding some to some warm tap water and rinsing out your mouth may kill bacteria and assist in the healing of sore gums.

Two Old Goats

A woman we know has a terrible time with carpal tunnel. She is a quilter so obviously she could not quilt when she was experiencing such excruciating pain. For a couple of years she tried using everything on the market that stated the product would help the pain and cure the problem. She finally gave up in disgust and decided to see if she could Create something that actually worked. It took her 7 years, but she did Create the most ingenious lotion we have ever seen. She calls her product, “Two Old Goats” because she uses goats’ milk as a base for the lotion. We use it ourselves when needed for sore muscles and joints and we have given 10 bottles of the lotion away to friends. One woman uses it on the back of her neck at the onset of a migraine. The lotion is made with 6 natural anti-inflammatory essential oils. It is available in the original lotion as well as heaver versions for arthritis. No, it is not available in the stores. You can read more about it and order it directly from the producer at

Juice water

Many times the body is depleted of the alkaline content it needs. A simple way to ensure that you are receiving enough alkaline is to add a small amount of either lemon juice concentrate or lime concentrate to a glass of water. Both of these juices also aid in detoxifying the body from dust, pollen and bacteria. It is a healthy way to maintain your good heath.

Health Notes: Things to be aware of.

One of the easiest ways to contract bacterial problems is through your breadboards. Don’t use the plastic boards, they hold the bacteria rather than release it. Thorough washing of the wooden boards is a necessity. Watch where you keep them after they are dry. If possible keep them well covered until the next use. This is true of rolling pins as well. If you develop the habit of changing your hand towels and kitchen sponges every 2 days, you can at least be assured that you are ridding yourself of a potential problem. When washing fruits and vegetables wash them in the cleanest water you have available, preferably not tap water. A friend who is a microbiologist has many times voiced her concerns to us about the state of peoples’ kitchens. She rates kitchens as the #1 health hazard and the bathroom as the #2 problem area. No matter how tired or anxiety-ridden you may feel, please pay special attention to those areas. Its worth your heath to do it.

Water and oxygen topics

We are well aware of the fact that there is and will continue to be major problems with water supplies all over the world. Much of this has to do with the considerable contamination of the ground water systems. This problem is worldwide and something that we all need to address in order to correct this escalating problem. This is happening for many different reasons including water runoffs from mining operations, pollutants in our air supplies and one that many never consider is the “feral hogs.” Feral hogs, which run freely all over America, are contributors to ground water contamination. For more information on the feral hog/ground water problems do a “google search on the internet.”

It is recommended that drinking water should be checked regularly by a qualified water testing facility. There are some simple things you should always keep in mind. Water which is cleaned with chlorine or that has fluoride added to it is very bad for the body. Far too many cities are using this technique. There are ways to filter the chlorine out of water and one is the “Adya minerals water filtration system.” The water filter system is gravity fed so no electricity is required and it incorporates mineral supplementation additive(s) which adds back into the water most all the minerals that are missing and needed by the body. It removes almost entirely all the chlorine as well as most of the fluoride that may be present in the water. A note from the man who works at the corporate office stated, “It removes 100% of the free chlorine in less then 5 minutes by adding the mineral solution. Fluoride reduces to calcium fluoride, which is the inert form of fluoride and the same fluoride in our bones and teeth. Also the mineral solution will eliminate harmful bacteria.”

The best price we found for this system is at

Rather than use the mineral additive suggested with this filtration system we recomend using the Elete Liquid… (listed on this page)  has all the minerals and the best Electrolytes we have found.

A less expensive way to clean most of the chlorine from the water is by using “Prill beads” in your drinking water. The prill beads will remove most of the toxins and the chlorine as well as re-oxygenating the water. To our knowledge it does nothing to help with fluoride problems. We ourselves have been using the Prill beads for over 10 years with great success and yes, they are the same ones we used to sell on our website. The prill beads last for many, many years before needing to be replaced. We use a combination of both systems, the water is absolutely excellent tasting. It tastes the way water should taste. By using these systems you will find that you no longer will be in need of buying bottled water anymore.

We have also been cautioned by “people in the know” that you should stay away from (be cautious of) any well water when the well is over 200 feet deep. Just because you have a well does not mean that it is not contaminated, the water aquifers run for many a mile underground. Please, do not forget your “Pets” in your personal quest of keeping yourself healthy, their drinking water is every bit as important as is yours.

One other item of interest is the depletion of hydrogen peroxide from our atmosphere. Hydrogen peroxide is a natural occurrence which balances out the soils of our planet. Our research has led us to understand that by adding this element back into the soil crops will grow hardier and with more of their originally intended qualities intact. We absolutely do not recommend anyone take this internally, it is not good for you. If you choose to pursue replenishing your gardens with the hydrogen peroxide, you will need to use only the “food grade hydrogen peroxide.” You will find all the information necessary on the internet to find the correct mixtures of what to use as well as where to order it from.

We all know about the depleted oxygen levels in our atmosphere, oxygen supplement capsules are one solution to this problem. We use these and have been recommending these to our friends for years now. Better still is the “Liquid Stabilized Oxygen” listed on this page. Scroll down to find out more.

Electrolyte tablets

Tablets are balanced electrolyte tablets providing potassium, sodium, magnesium, calcium, chloride, phosphorus, sulfate, carbonate, and citrate. These electrolytes also help prevent muscle cramps, conduct energy, regulate pH, control fluid balance, transport nutrients and help convert calories into active energy. Whenever the body loses or expends fluids, the body also loses critical electrolytes. Tablets provide an easy way to replace the full balance of electrolytes. Tablets are great for electrolyte loading and replenishment either before or after activity. Uses are – energy metabolism heat tolerance, proper muscle function, hydration, bone strength, nerve conduction, heart function, enzyme activation, protein metabolism, endurance.

We started using these electrolyte tablets a short while ago, we noticed that almost immediately upon taking them that our energy levels raised dramatically and we feel much more awake, alert and can think much clearer. We know that they are also assisting our bodies in assimilating and absorbing the water that we drank and we know that it is greatly improving the absorption rate of the other vitamins and supplements that we take. One other noticeable trait we have noticed is that we can drink as much water as we like without feeling bloated or full.

Tooth and gum care

We have been told that making a paste of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide will help to heal gums and remove plaque from your teeth. We ourselves use a vinegar water rinse to help keep the teeth clean and the gum lines from becoming infected. It is becoming well known that fluoride is bad for the body so we do recommend using toothpaste that is made of more natural products. Toms toothpaste is excellent, read the box though as they do make fluoride toothpastes as well.

Olive Oil

One item that so many of us overlook is the use of “Olive Oil.” Pure virgin olive oil is the best that we have found. Uses for this are plenty. Use this for all your cooking needs instead of other types of oil. It is natural to the body. One overlooked use for olive oil is its ability to take care of your bones and cartilages. We have found that by taking one 1/4th. teaspoon of olive oil (internally) twice a day will help to keep the joints, knees, elbows, and hips etc., lubricated. Nature intended to give us all the help (cures) that we need to stay healthy and this is one that works very well indeed.


Another one of nature’s little treasures is vinegar. The uses for this amazing product are unlimited. Vinegar is a natural antiseptic. Some practical uses are for mosquito and bee stings. Take and apply some white vinegar to a sting and then cover it with a Band-Aid, you will find that it has the ability to pull the venom out of the sting and the venom then gets absorbed into the Band-Aid instead. White vinegar is great for keeping drains from clogging as well. We use a solution of white vinegar to clean our crystals and stones as well as removing buildups on other items like the calcium buildups in water jars, coffee pots etc. If you have a stale odor cause from moisture or pets, or mildew in your basements etc. – try putting a small container with red vinegar (apple cider) in the room where the odor is. You will find that it somehow either absorbs or neutralizes the odors. Some people take it (very diluted) for an upset stomach, others use it in their gardens (it is supposed to release iron into the soil), cleaning flower pots etc. Other people are cleaning their laundry with a solution of vinegar. The uses are endless and vinegar is widely overlooked as a solution to many problems. Search the internet as well for other uses.

Medicine plant

The medicine plant is from the cactus variety. You will find them growing all over the deserts. If you cannot find one the closest thing to it is the Aloe Vera plant. You can cut off part of the plant; you will find a moist substance inside of it. This can be spread on burns, sunburns; cuts etc and it will help to heal you. It has an amazing way of relieving the burn or sting from an injury. We have used it and also have recommended to people who have had surgeries and other injuries. The plant speeds up the healing process of the wound area. They will grow inside the house or outside when it is warm, the extreme colds are damaging to the plants. You will find that they have many babies so you will have an everlasting supply of plants once you start growing them.

Eye care

As you know the intensity of sun is changing so taking extra precautions about the care of your eyes. This is important. Please do not become alarmed if your eyesight is changing from day to day, this is a natural occurrence. We do recommend wearing polarized sunglasses as the intensity of the light can affect your eyesight.

Not all eye drops are good for you. We use the “Natural tears” brand because it is easy on the eyes. Other types of eye drops have been proven to cause hemorrhaging inside the eye.

Click on pictures below to find out more about these products



Chocolate, in small amounts can help the body with a many things. A small amount can: (1) Help you to go to sleep at night. (2) Warm you up if you are cold. Also, Chaco in 80-95 percent pure, available in candy bars, can help to keep your heart strong. The same goes for a small amount of Red Wine or 12 year old Scotch whiskey.


Oxygen is much needed by the body. With the depletion of oxygen in the atmosphere more and more people are finding that a oxygen supplement is most beneficial. We ourselves have been using it for the last 7-8 years. It is also a natural antibiotic and so much more, do some research and you will see what we mean.

One source for a very good oxygen supplement, (the one we use), is You will find that Dale (the owner) is most knowledgeable and he does have a downloadable “Water Storage” document that we highly recommend everyone read.


The body needs them. They, as will oxygen, help to raise your energy levels from being depleted. They are truly a blessing in the current times we are living in. The Electrolytes are available in tablet form as well as liquid form, we use both. The best source we have found is at You do not have to be physically active for these to benefit you.

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