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I read your article with delight and would like to share my remedies. This is a wonderful way to be of service to humanity.
Helen of Smyrna GA

Fever blisters

I used to get quite a few fever blisters until I recalled what the ‘old timers’ did when I was a kid. Wet your lip with saliva (from your tongue) and pack on baking soda. I suggest Red Mill brand because it is aluminum free. In a short time, the blister will be gone. Repeat for those blisters which are there for a length of time, or are a repeated fact of life.


This may seem like a fairy tale, but from one who has a life record of continual colds through the year to being totally free of cold symptoms for over 30 years, I would say this works. After reading Alice Steadman’s book "Who’s the matter with me?" I tested her suggestion with much success. Whenever I felt a cold or sniffles I immediately placed my attention on myself and what I was doing. I cannot find the place now that said we get colds when our attention is everywhere else but on ourselves and our own life. Not only did this work for me, but I used this method on a gentleman visitor who visited with his own paper bag ready for used kleenex. His red nose told me the rest. In talking to him and having him concentrate on him ‘self’, he no longer used the kleenex and all drainage had stopped.

We want to share something we discovered that works very well for flu symptoms. You can add it to the health section of your website if you wish.

OregaRESP P73 is a highly potent extract of wild oregano and other herbs that is excellent support for any kind of respiratory stress or illness such as flu. We find it most effective taken at the onset of symptoms. In our experience it stops the symptoms almost immediately. We find it is best to take with some food. It is available several places online. We have purchased it from
We Love You, Dan and Kathleen

A while ago one of our faithful readers sent us a link to which is a very good, low priced place from which to purchase vitamins and other items. We apologize to him, we have lost his original email. Thank you for sending this link to us so that we could share it with others.

Hi David and Celest,

I know it’s not well known, but for in taking vinegar ones needs to use "organic" vinegar. The reason I mention this is most commercial vinegar is now made with GMO mother. I personally take 2 tsp’s mornings with 8 oz. of water and make my farm cheese with the same vinegar (Bragg’s is what I use).

Have a happy, loving and Tree…mendous day! ) Pat


Thank you for those health remedies that you have posted. I am so glad to see it!!!

I used this remedy to rid myself of toxins.

Many people are exposed to the Varicella Virus, Epstien-Bar, and Viruses that cause cold sores. Those viruses sap your energy, live dormant along the nervous system, and cause all kinds of inflammation, blocking energy pathways. To rid my body of those type of toxins, took.

Red Marine Algae 4 500mg capsules 2x a day with 100 mg Co Q10, 2000 IU of Natural Vitamin E, 1000mg Flax Seed Oil, 1000 Mg Lysine, 2mg copper and a vitamin B Supplement…It really boosted my energy levels and I felt better in 2 months than I had felt in the last 2 years.

When the Ascension symptoms really had me tired, I added an adrenal support and began the vitamin B supplements again. That with Sea Salt baths helped tremendously.

I really enjoy your website and will continue to view it. I appreciate the articles, the channelings and I have really come to like Blue Star. I appreciate that he talks to us as adults and does not mince words. My kind of being!

Thank you for the service that you provide.
Blessings and Light!

I really enjoy your website. I have a website on which I sell bath and body products. All of the products are scented with Essential Oils/Essential Oil Blends. No Chemical Fragrance. I have a line that is entirely Goat’s Milk with soaps, lotions, and 100% Sea Salt Bath Salts. Coincidently, I am thinking of starting a line of products called "Purple Sun" which would consist of Ascension Support Products.


Note from Celest and David – We have tried two of her wonderful products, the "Goats Milk Lotion" is excellent, smooth, non oily lotion which goes a long way. The "Sea Salt Bath Salts" are also excellent, beautiful scents, not overpowering and the advantages to Sea Salt we have already spoken about. Try them, you will not be disappointed.


Very good website. Must add though, in your water section, you did not mention about distilled water. Steam distilled water is the purest form of water, though 99% of all things are removed from it including fluoride and chlorine. The muck that is left over in the bottom of the container after the water has been distilled is enough to make you sick, knowing that that has been going inside your body for years. To have your daily dose of minerals just add half a teaspoon of Himalayan crystal salt – this salt has 80plus minerals and enzymes the ones that are encoded in the body. Himalayan pink crystal salt is hand mined from rocks around the Himalayas that have been around for millions of years.

Thanks, Chris (London UK)