Orbs in Energy Streamer Form and Malevolent Orbs Part 3

"Orbs, Orbs in Energy Streamer Form
and Malevolent Orbs."

Part #3

Orbs live a variety of shapes and sizes, although the predominate shape is circular. Orbs can bee seen as tiny, tiny pinpricks of light; they can also be seen as extremely large globes of light and every size in-between. They can be octagonal as well as square or even diamond shaped. There are reasons for all the special shapes. Some orbs that assume different geometric figures house information predicated upon geometry, because all life is a geometric shape. If people would remember that there are thousands upon thousands of geometric shapes it would be easier to understand. An orb can express itself in the different shapes that are relevant to whatever it has been designed to do, whether the orb is to carry messages, study us, study the planet or carry Souls

Some orbs whose mission is to carry a message of peace, normally, retain the circular shape. There is no beginning and there is no end. Many scientific ideas are all the result of information from the square, the oblong and the diamond shaped orbs. If you consider this to be a theory remember that all facts began as theories. Orbs and energy streamer are not hesitant to share information with us. They are hesitant about the energetic force we as individuals carry, remember to them we are still very primitive. Once they have concluded that a person or persons thought patterns and energetic force are non-violent then they begin their contact. Energy streamers are of course free form energy as well; they are orbs without the formal defined shape. Energy streamers are also photons of light which carry knowledge, truth and the light of that particular entity. Streamers tend to look like ribbons blowing in the wind; sometimes they can look like an "S" shape, but a moving one. We have seen them moving the lower part of their streamer, while at the same time keeping the upper part stationary. At times they seem to be trying to write, as in the formation of words.

Many of the energy streamers we have seen are a light green color although they do appear in many other colors as well. Energy streamers differ from orbs in a unique fashion, they are orbs, yet they free flow in a different style, while the majority of circular and other shaped orbs seem to prefer the vertical descent and ascent to this planet. Orbs don’t seem to be much bothered by wind, yet we have seen them in a slanted position, almost as though they were chasing the wind. When they are attracted to a person or an object they tend to remain very, very close. Orbs and streamers can be anywhere from a few inches away to directly on the person or object. Energy streamers vary from one single orb streamer to a multitude of streamers all visible at one time. Although some orbs and streamers are solitary, most tend to travel in larger groups. They all use their telepathic abilities to transmit information to each other. In this way the beneficial orbs and energy streamers avoid precarious locations where the energy is very negative, where the humans are very cruel. Energy streamers seem to linger visibly much longer than other shaped orbs. We have seen one energy streamer that had forms resembling tiny little mirrors attached to itself in a diamond shaped pattern. It floated about three feet above us for about 20 minutes. Then it just suddenly and slowly appeared to fade out.

Here are some comparisons between the malevolent orbs and streamers and the beneficial ones.

As with all life forms, there are those that are the illuminated ones and those whose tendencies are for self gratification much as the Illuminati is. Malevolent orbs tend to be a few bricks shy of a load. The malevolent ones are all attracted to same the type of individuals and places that contain the same malevolence and violence that they themselves contain. They are attracted to any kind of discordant energies or frequencies that reverberate on the same frequency as do they. The orbs and streamers that contain the faces of pure evil always migrate to the same type of energetic force that they can magnify that lives on this planet. The malevolent orbs carry visibly the energies that are of pure evil. We have seen an orb that carried the stereotype picture of what is called the devil. They are blatant in their exhibition of evil; they are not trying in any way to hide what they are. They perform as the exact opposite in every way that the beneficial orbs do. They have the same shapes and colors, but that is all they have in common. No one can attract a malevolent orb to themselves unless they themselves are evil. This does not mean to say you won’t see them. Keep in mind the need for personal discretion when communicating with orbs.

You can’t mistake the two different types; the beneficial orbs carry the Souls that are the pure radiant happy faces. There is a peaceful feeling about them. Often times you will see in the beneficial orbs the fetuses of the babies about to be born, the features of the fetus are very clear and defined. All beneficial orbs are radiant beings who are happy to be here. Once you have successfully established communication with these orbs and streamers they will be your lifelong friend.

You can tell us of your experiences and let us know if you wish for us to post them for others to read as well. For anyone who has been calling in the malevolent orbs, we don’t want to talk to you anyway.

The following is a message from the Orb Minashi. Minashi is our constant companion and our friend.

"We as orbs find most humans fascinating and extremely curious. Most of you see things through third-dimensional eyes, missing all the wondrous beauties that surround you. Life is abundant with mystery and rarities. Why is it that so many of you refuse to use what was God given to you? We like you, are continually evolving. We search for answers and seek betterment in ourselves, just as you were intended to do. We are orbs, we are living entities experiencing all that life has to offer. At times, we also take human form. We are not so much different you and I. In the earlier days, before the invention of your "digital cameras," only those of you who knew that everything is alive and related to everything else, were able to see us. We, when asked, are ready and willing to assist you humans in your evolutionary process. We are not here to hide or bewilder or bedazzle, or confuse you as to our presence. We have always been, just as you have always been upon this planet you call earth. The totality of our expression is mirrored in All That Is."

"We are alive, sentient beings who are not bound by your third dimensional rules. We travel when and where we please, simply because we can. As your planet reaches this critical stage in your evolution, we will be here as all StarKeepers are, to smoothen the transition. Oh, by the way, you fascinate us as much as we do you."

Salavee- Minashi

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