The simplicity of the complexity of Orbs Part 2

~ The simplicity of the complexity of Orbs ~
"As we know it"

Part #2

The intelligence of Orbs
We will be speaking only on the beneficial Orbs in part 1 of this article.
Part 2 shall offer the revelations concerning the malevolent Orbs.

Orbs interact with human beings and those who are not, who possess and vibrate with the same frequencies as the Orbs themselves. As Universal law states, "like attracts like." Basically there are three types of orbs; there are the completely matured adult orbs, those in puberty, and the infants, the teeny ones. Orbs "birth" other orbs, the orbs are self propagating, they emit the tiny orbs at specific timelines when the adult orbs have absorbed all the data on this planet they came here to analyze. When they emit the new orbs, each new orb carries a type of genetic encoding. This means that all the qualities perfections, imperfection, wisdom, love etc. that orb number one possess, undergoes a "form of transference" by the newly emerging orb. Because they possess "infinite knowledge," their own magnetic force field expands like a direct ray of light. They are then in alignment, in "geometric correlation," to all other orbs sharing the same commonalities. This has the effect of attracting each to the other, while at the same time passing on the knowledge and wisdom the individual orbs have gathered in their travels. However, they also possess infinite understanding of the conundrums which the human race as a whole exemplifies. Orbs do not enter states of confusion, they are purified energy. Yet because of their origins, they acknowledge with compassionate detachment the foibles of the human race. In other words, they are not here to pick up any human’s bad habits.

The orbs’ understanding and their energetic knowledge of higher dimensions, is what they utilize to give to earth. The biggest question we have been asked is, "why are they here?" There are myriad reasons; we will share some of them with you now:

This part is considered to be on a need to know basis. Now you have a need to know.

Every time the earth star planet has begun a shift, throughout the entire history of the planet, orbs descend to also assist in the stabilization of the grid, there by stabilizing the earth star system herself. Take this for what its worth, for it is worth its weight in gold.
Orbs are here to observe. They are here to offer assistance to those beings, human and otherwise, who have been awaiting their guidance. They are also record keepers. Think of them as your own personal diary, they know everything you do, to do. They have the ability to see everything in simultaneous fashion; they do not honor linear time, for they know it does not exist. They honor the reality of linear time as a purely human belief. As we have previously stated, earth is the only place in any universe where linear time exists.

Here is a special message from one of David’s primary orbs. He has granted permission for us to give you this message.

His name is Minashi:

"We travel at times of "least resistance," i.e. when the conditions are right. We also interact only with those who possess the purest of intent and the desire for expanding upon the true essence of All That Is. So to speak, we are true sentient beings. In times past, many amongst us were as you are today, floundering around in search of the meaning of life. From infancy to adulthood (as most humans can perceive life) we are expanding, growing and harmonizing with All That Is. To be any different would suppress the Creative process of the universe. Time and time again, we have come to complete manifestation on the earth star planet for the Soul purpose of our own personal evolvement. Our previous lifetimes were for the experience of living a human life, yes we have also been Walk-Ins in prior times, but not always. Many of us who you have seen in fragments of your peripheral vision are merely traversing through dimensions capturing the essence of the moment. Remember, we are explorers as well as record keepers."

They see everything, they hear everything. They possess the same ability to transmit information that the enigma stones do. What one enigma stone observes, it immediately transmits to all other enigmas. In this manner orbs encode what they see throughout their entire orb clusters, much as the individual Soul groups on this planet do. You need to understand, many of these Orbs have lived many previous lifetimes on this planet in human form, as well as in other forms.

There are veiled references in the bible that allude to Souls and Incarnation. When the Soul leaves the human body, in micro seconds before physical death, Soul then begins an individualized "Soul Journey." At a specified span of "now," Soul has the opportunity to traverse galaxies as orbs. Sorry to rock the proverbial biblical boat here, but THAT is the way it is. It is all part of the learning process, of the Evolution of the Soul and of Godhead expressing HimSelf as a Vessel.

Orbs also have the ability to travel through portals and wormholes without incurring any damage, this due to their molecular structure and their efficient design; they possess the ability to travel at incredible speeds. They are intelligent, free flowing plasma. Their circular shape encapsulates their energetic forms. Orbs also have their own protective shields which can withstand extremes of heat and cold. They align and react to the same energy molecules which they themselves possess, in all life forms. The normal travel pattern for Orbs is to descend in vertical fashion. We have stated before, the orbs travel path consists of passing down through the atmosphere, entering the earth, passing straight through the earth’s core and returning in a vertical fashion back to the third dimensional reality, where they can continue to observe and make contact with specific individuals. They are always in continuous motion, they are not static. If they were human, they would be strictly left brain individuals

Remember, they are pure sentience. We cannot stress this enough. Orbs understand everything you say and do, because they are formed of all the sentiments. In other words, what is known on the earth star planet as clairvoyance, (to see clearly) clairaudience, (to hear clearly) clairsentience, (to feel and sense clearly), is the ultimate description, of the Absolute geocentric Orbital Revolving System. They test the theories of this universe and find them lacking in truth and Absolute reality. They are at times, also geomorphic. They have their own language. Orbs use the language of light, and other geometric forms to communicate, i.e. form energy. They can feel danger, evil and malcontent in anyone’s mind and all other imminent earth changes. Orbs then react accordingly.

They respond to high frequencies generated by flute, different musical scales, octaves, singing and dancing. They are especially fond of music because they resonate with the music of the spheres in the higher dimensions. By the way, there is no heavy metal or Rapp music in that sphere. If you have any Pleiadian, Arcturian, Andromedian, Syrian or Native American music, you will find they have an instant attraction to that. Also if you have any of the astrological charts geometry music they will respond to that.

Vibrationally, orbs align with joyous laugher; with the personification of evolved Souls who are in contact with Higher Forms of Wisdom, we speak of those who are not of this earth. Orbs can reflect the prism of the rainbow in color, harmonizing with all that exemplifies the true beauty of the Creation. The benevolent ones are of the Highest Form of Divinity; they cannot tolerate anything that is not. To them any type of swear word is a form of bastardization of energy. Orbs are innately suspicious of the irrational reactions of human beings.

Some have been heard to say, "been there, done that."

They have the ability to change their colors, they can be pink one moment, blue the next. There are good reasons why they can be visible to some, or invisible to others. Their visibility to us is dependent upon the intentions of the individual(s). They can also immediately "cloak" themselves when they do not want to be seen.

You can ask them to be held in your hands, you can juggle with them, remember like all universal beings, they have a great sense of humor.

They are extremely astute; their intelligence factor is not from this earth; they are older than this planet, they have been here since the original Creation of the earth planet. Orbs are as old as the Creator and the Creation. Long, long ago, ancient evolved civilizations revered the presence of the Orbs. They called them, "the stars that fall from the heavens." Cultures that were the primitive ones were highly superstitious of the Orbs presence, that is, when they were permitted to see them. Unfortunately, those cultures equated the Orbs with "evil omens." Just as humans evolve and learn from their experiences, so do orbs.

Also, they respond most joyously to the visible presence of UFO’s, this is because they align themselves with the benevolent Star Keepers. They share a common heritage.

They are part of all realms including the angelic realm. Yet they are not ghosts, contrary to what has been reported by the Sci-fi channel. These are fear tactics that are going to scare people and create terrible repercussions. Please Do Not fall into this media hype.

We have noticed during our interactions with the orbs that they are particularly attracted to the different frequencies produced by our Pleiadian flagship star crystals, (we have several in the house.) We have also noticed an increased activity of orb presence while we are "playing" with the Atlantean wands and walking sticks, and during times of meditation. We have received letters from others who have had the same experience. We are presently attempting to record and photograph the results being seen and heard.

The other presences which many of you are witnessing are Energy Streamers. In part two of this article we will explain the difference between energy streamers and orbs.

Now for those of you who are "prophecy buffs," somewhere in the text above we have shared with you a REVELATION, (and yes, it is in the book of Revelations) a secret. As most know, only certain parts of the Holy Writ, the Bible, have recently been decoded, this due to the timing necessary for certain events to unfold. The secret key which was known by ancient civilizations now is available to you to unlock what is now known as "the future."

It is in here, go my children, seek and find it.

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