Those Elusive Little Orbs



Part #1

So what is all the big fuss about Orbs these days?

They appear out of no-where and vanish into the stillness of the night. They are in your house, they are outside, they are everywhere you go. Are they following you around? Are they real or are your eyes and/or camera just playing tricks on you? We will let you be the judge of that. Sometimes the truth appears stranger than fiction.

Scientists have known about the orbs for a long time now. So why does your digital camera, your Polaroid pick them up and yet they are unseen by the naked eye most of the time? Simply put, the naked eye does not have the depth perception that the third eye has. For the average person, eyes can only see what they believe consciously exists, such is the limitations of using only the five main senses. Orbs are actually quite visible in the daytime, just as stars are visible in the daylight if one were to look hard enough to see them. It is merely a type of optical allusion that causes people to forget about the basics of light matter. They forget that light, because of its natural illuminative quality, projects so many rays that it "cloaks" not only the stars, the constellations, but the Orbs as well. Many Orbs can be seen shooting forth from the sun in the daytime as well as the moon at night. Various amounts of light filters through them in the daytime, they project themselves from the sun literally riding the suns rays down into the earth. At night, as they travel downward they can be easily seen as their true self, pure energy.

Orbs- "Orbital Revolving System"

Orbs come in all different sizes and colors, yet the one commonality is that they are all round. This is the most efficient design. Being circular in form, they are "free form energy," just as an atom is. They can be translucent, bluish, or even a golden color to name a few, depending upon their personal level of evolvement. Some ancient ones bear the prism of the rainbow. If you look closely enough, many times you will see faces inside the orbs. They come from many different planets, solar systems, galaxies.

Orbs are Entities, Souls, Beings, Starkeepers from everywhere. They are record keepers, information gatherers and many tend to be childlike, because of their innocence. They are highly intelligent beings, performing important functions, much the same as humans do. Learning, teaching, gaining knowledge and wisdom, learning from the lessons we call life. They are here to experience, some just waiting for their next chance to reincarnate into physical form.

As with all life forms, there are good orbs and bad orbs. They are not all of the higher vibration levels or light as some know it. The lower vibration orbs tend to be parasitic, devouring another’s energy field to satisfy their needs or desires, caring not that it drains the host of his/her balance. For everything, there is the dark with the light, the good with the bad, there has to be a balance in all forms of nature.

There are no words in the English language to describe what they physically consist of, orbs are not made of any type of material anyone on earth would be familiar with, yet the closest proximity would be plasma or pure energy. Each carries a lektonic tone that vibrates with each frequency existing in the space time continuum; a vibration that is unique to each, just as your Soul is different than any other persons, yet it is possible for them to share notes and be in harmony with others, while still retaining their individuality. They have a luminous quality to them and usually they travel in teams. Orbs have the ability, using a process much like radar, to seek out others of their Soul Cluster. They are always in motion, yet Earth radar cannot see them and they cannot be captured. Their energy can be felt, much as brush against your arm or leg. If one were to use a very powerful black light, not the typical store type, you would be able to see them more clearly with the naked eye.

They have the ability to transcend matter, to pass through solid objects. They can pass through walls, ceilings etc. as if they were not there. Orbs travel through the solar system using dimensional doorways, portals and such. Orbs flow through the planet to the center of Earth to deposit energy and then come back up to the sun and the moon to recharge themselves, always in constant motion with many traveling downward while others are simultaneously ascending. Orbs will transmit energy not only to the Earth’s core, they also carry it back to other planets to be held in storage units as well as to air ships. Just as we are, they are quite sensitive to radiation. Although this is a contradiction in terms, they themselves store radioactive particles which are housed within each sphere. These particles are present because of the orbs interaction with all planetary objects containing radioactive matter.

So why are they here now? They are an integral part of all planets and they have been here on Earth since its creation. Yet the greatest preponderance of them are here at this time on the Earth Star Planet. Why, the same reason that you are here on the planet at this time, the same reason there are so many "ships" in the sky at night, it is because they are well aware that the "axis of the Earth is shifting." The most pronounced notice of the planetary axis shift is the moon being out of time, the stars are not where they used to be, the constellations have shifted in the night sky and the sun has changed dynamically. They along with other Starkeepers, Spirit Guides and Master Teachers from all over the galaxies are here because of the severity of the problems this planet is facing; the dimensional and planetary shifting now occurring and to help in the convergence from the third dimensional reality into the higher dimensions.

Many of you out there have been wondering if there is a connection between the "Twinklers" you see at night and the presence of orbs. Actually there is, Twinklers are comprised of millions of tiny orbs, orbs that are awaiting their time to come here to Earth or go to another planet. Their movement depends upon the need for energy at any one given time or place. Whether it is the energy depletion on any one planet or the energetic needs of the life forms that inhabit the planet.

The orbs are energy efficient and require no maintenance other than the recharging from energy sources that flow freely throughout the universe. They have the ability to scan water sources for purity, they can tell the approximate lifespan of all plant and animal life. Because a part of their function is that they are record keepers, it is essential that the history of this planet be documented.

Orbs carry with them the memories and knowledge of all their past lives, as well as those of each planet they visit. As we do, they prefer to be around other life forms of similar vibration. Most are attracted to crystalline structures because of the pristine energy crystals emit. At times they have been seen following airships, others attach themselves to the jet stream of a passing jet, it appears to be a game to them to follow in their wake. Much like the other multi-dimensional beings that flow freely upon the planet, they are attracted to the higher vibrations or frequencies, such as those found in music, laughter, a child’s innocence, anywhere were fun and free flowing energy is of abundance. Those humans that have reached a higher level of consciousness or evolvement have an easier time seeing them with the naked eye, for they are also using the third eye in conjunction with the optical nerves. For these individuals, not only can they actually see them, they can feel their presence. The orbs know when people have reached this state and at this time they will come forward, attracted to you as you are to them and even allow themselves to be held in ones hands. Orbs love to be played with, you can hold them or even juggle with them. This is not true of any of the malevolent orbs.

The malevolent orbs are out there planting their seeds of discord and disharmony; they align with life forms that are ready to be reaped.

To date we have collected over 200 photos of orbs. One of the most notable examples of a good atmosphere for orbs was at the fair one day. While photographing the event we found orbs were everywhere the children were playing, the rides, and the games and close to the sources of music. Yet we found they stayed away from the areas that were playing hard music and they didn’t seem to be particularly fond of the carnies themselves.

I have personally been aware of orbs for two years now, my wife has been aware of their presence since 1991. I have become aware of one particular orb, one that calls itself "Minashi." Minashi appears to know more about me than I do, at times being, shall I say, very blunt with some of the answers to my questions, for they see only as things truly are. Orbs operate through telepathy; this is how they along with other life forms communicate.

Orbs right now are a novelty to most people; however, what is being seen at this time is small in comparison to the numbers of them that will soon be appearing on this planet.

As we have said, sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction, these are the facts.

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"The simplicity of the complexity of Orbs,
as we know it"

Coming up we will be adding considerably more information on Orbs.
We will be discussing their origins, why they are attracted to children and certain types of people.
We will also be discussing the "energy streamers" that more and more are becoming aware of.
Rumors are going around from people "who don’t know any better" that orbs are actually ghosts, this is not true.

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