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“Websites we recommend”

Updated 5-31-2020 (We just added a few websites of some wonderful Souls and have had to remove a number of them… for many reasons.)

When Celest and David were “inspired” to begin a gathering of like-minded websites that epitomize the men and women who are truly exhibiting great wisdom and discernment in their selections of non-illusional truths, we were well aware that it would require much discrimination on our parts. So much that is available for viewing on the Internet is erroneous; so many websites are a quagmire of darn right lies. We elected to be very selective and gather to our page only those who really are what they say they are. We did not want the usual maze of impossibly hard to find links; we did not feel that we needed to accept anyone just because they wanted to link to us. That is not a good reason. So late in 2004, we Created this “Linking of Honorable People.” Here you can read of the different people who are performing honest, valid works relative to everyone’s education and peace of mind. This page is the foundation of “like attracts like.” Enjoy!

“We can be “alone alone,” or “alone together.” We have entered into new dimensions, consequently we are sharing a merging of advanced life force through meditation and telepathy, whether in conscious or unconscious manner. Now more than ever It is time to walk together to promote each other and each others good works, without bigotry, “no competition allowed.”

We each know that somewhere out there in the world wide web there is someone that we can help. Sometimes it may simply be by providing knowledge and information that is sought of a personal nature; other times those who “stumble” across our sites will find the writings or products they have been seeking. Oftentimes, it may simply be for a co-joining with other people who have faced similar life situations and have learned how to overcome issues that at one time may have seemed insurmountable. The reasons do not really matter, they are what they are.”

We will list under “Starborn Wisdom Keepers” all those sites that have made “first contact” with us, these will be the ones that meet our criteria. If you feel that your site qualifies, or one that you know of does, then please contact us with your website data, be sure to include a valid email address. If you qualify please be sure to send your website url where you will list our website.

You may also contact us through Spiritmail, or telepathy.
(Just kidding about the telepathy… at least for most people…. for now.)

“Now is the time to Sing yourSelf into Spirit and Dance yourSelf awake.”

if you have a website you would like to recommend please email us at

Norma T. Hollis

Authority on Authenticity and Self-Awareness,
Authentic Leadership and Authentic Communication

The Autobiography of an ExtraTerrestrial Saga: I Am Thyron

Craig Campobasso

Stranger at the Pentagon

Chako Priest   

“Alfred Lambremont Webre and Dr. Michael Salla”

“Harold Becker” – The Love Foundation