Vision Statement

Awakened Hearts, Blue Star Speaks
Walk-In Summit and Godumentary Websites

Updated 9-3-13

Evolution of “The Sword of Truth”

This vision statement is written by Celestial and David,
and is now an integral part of all four of our websites.

“Awakened Hearts, Godumentary, Walk-In Summit and Blue Star Speaks” intent is to encourage people to wield the sword of truth and discernment in all practical matters in life, especially when reading/hearing about world events, the political machinations ongoing on this planet and the esoteric meanings of life.

Individuals need to understand that each one of us in our own right is important and we are to celebrate the meaning of life. If we can teach others about the meaning of life, with the innate understanding that all life has meaning, then we have accomplished some important goals. We wish to plant seeds, not weeds. Each of us who are part of these websites is choosing to be here as part of our own personal quest for continuous evolvement. Also, to achieve a greater understanding of ourselves and our abilities to transcend the programming of the human mind, that is so prevalent on this planet. Remember, as you read, that the truth is always stranger than any fiction.”

We welcome The Veterans of the Earth Star Walk who are the swords of truth. Each one of these men and women is a “sword.” They are the sword of truth and perception, which exemplifies “The Evolution of The Sword of Truth.”

“These swords are created through due process; through the living of life. As all these swords are forged, the definitive factor of how each individual comports themselves defines the strength, the durability, the cutting-edge of the sword. Always and forever, it is what the people do with the swords that determine if they are veterans. The true veterans have forged the evolution of the sword of truth. They wield the sword regardless of the perceptions of others. They use great discernment in their lives as they “live their song.” They know a secret, that truth must always stand on it’s own. They are aware that the swords can be an albatross if you don’t do anything with them.

Veterans are the mongoose that slay the king cobra. The cobra is delusion, apathy, hypocrisy, complacency, deceit and all other manner of mayhem. They understand very well that it is not what you know that can cost you your beliefs, your truths, your freedom, your life. It is what you don’t know. Through many lifetimes, through many trials and tribulations, they have walked their truths, continuing to always learn from them, and live them for their own good, as well as for the greater good. They do not become ensnared in the moral turpitude of the masses. They stand up and are counted. They LIVE their talk.

People, who live their lives believing that “it doesn’t matter where I am going because I don’t know how to get there anyway,” carry the most “baggage” of all. These individuals are the least willing to stand up and be counted politically, Spiritually and practically. They have eyes wide shut, mouths agape and no ears to “hear.” They know that monsters exist but do not believe that they themselves will ever encounter the monsters. They do not exercise good judgment in people, places or things. It is their injudicious use of right thinking that causes them to go where they should not. They do not always care when they enter the monster’s world. They have forgotten that when you enter that world, the monster enters you. They have no regard for the warnings of testings that they receive from others. They fail to realize that the true test of any person is how they handle power.

True veterans KNOW that you cannot teach by example until you become an example yourself. These people know the rules, and rules there are in copious amounts. If you believe that you or someone you know is a true veteran then look closely here: Look at these motivations. What gives you passion? What gives you a zest for life? It is not determined by intent, although intent is important, what gives you the desire to live life fully? Do you have what it takes to live without a safety net? Are you a risk taker? Can you withhold making judgment calls on others? Can you stand naked in front of the world? Are you a “martyr” or a “maker?” Do you believe in a great power or do you believe you are part of a greater power? Are you willing to leave those behind that are unduly influencing you to NOT be all that you can?

These are some of the serious questions that need to be asked by those who think they are ready. It is also some of the reasons why so many people are not yet ready to be veterans. It is all a matter of perspective.

Please note: “People Change!” For this reason we will from time to time add or remove names from this list.


We here and now acknowledge the following men and women who have earned their laurels.

  • We begin with ourselves, Celestial and David.
  • Tina Sutton
  • Smey and Dao
  • Dr. Shamaan Eagle
  • Lana Hale
  • D and C from Texas
  • Carol Tyrell
  • StarKat and her parents
  • Craig Cambobasso
  • Wendy Kennedy
  • Beca Lewis
  • Deborah Lapatina
  • Peter Tongue
  • Carol Pippin
  • Ken Cherry
  • Diana Prant
  • Lelie
  • Norma Hollis
  • Ranoli
  • Mark Kimmel
  • Zarazaiel Yovel (Zaz)
  • Shawn MacPherson
  • Rose Fernandez
  • Cissi Reklau
  • Amanda Letti
  • David Gilmore
  • Redza and Jenny of Malaysia
  • Maria Nieuwenhuysen – The Beautiful Soul who is translating “The God Books” into Dutch
  • Samuel Siqueira – The wonderful Soul who is translating “The Masters” messages into Portuguese
  • Cyrus Etessam
  • Anna Canary

If you feel that you know someone who qualifies, or if you yourself do, please email us. Provide your name, a legitimate email addy, and the reasons you feel that you or another qualifies. Also include at least 4 names and contact info from people who can document the claim. We will research all those sent to us. If however, we feel that they do not fit the veteran criteria, they will not be added.

May your paths always lead you to the Truth, Celest and David

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