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Celestial birthday


happy birthday celestial

7-25-2014 – Celestial Blue Star of the Pleiades Walked-In on July 26th 25 years ago. She has dedicated herself to being of service to humanity and the Earth Star planet herself. We are blessed to have her here once again on the Earth Star Walk. If you would like to send Celest your birthday greetings and thanks of appreciation please send them to her at earthstar@awakenedhearts.com I think, I know, she would love to hear from all of you who have followed her and her fathers (Blue Star the Pleiadian) teachings all these years.


“A Celestial Biography”

Celestial, known affectionately by her close friends as “Celest,” is an evolved transcender and is internationally known and much respected for her humanitarian efforts on behalf of all the peoples on this planet.

Celest is a highly evolved teacher, a healer, a warrior; she is a Pleiadian walk-in, a Time Walker and the daughter of Blue Star The Pleiadian. She is the receiver of “The Blue Star Transmissions.” which have been available on the internet since December 12, 1997, as

“Blue Star The Pleiadian-Blue Star Speaks” at www.bluestarspeaks.com

Celest is also the receiver of Spiritual messages and insights from “The Ascended Voices Of Spirit.” Her Earth Star walk is “to teach the teachers to be all that they can be, for their own evolution as well as for the men and women whom they teach.” It has been said that the purest of the Star Keepers have eyes that mirror the unlimitedness of God; that their hearts radiate an unconditional love; Celest’s eyes and her heart are big enough to hold the world.

Celest endured 5 near-death experiences in a six month period, then 3 years later experienced yet another.

The results of those “close encounters of the most heinous kind” have caused her to be completely fearless.

She recently adjusted her lecture and workshop tours in order to hold seminars “for truth.” Although she will still accept a few invitations from other groups her work has been primarily with the debunking of myths and explaining realities.

These encompass such ordinary topics such as “Time Walking, The Illuminati, Pleiadian Teachings and the “Consequences of Being Right,” to name a few.

Celest has also currently developed a project close to her heart which is to teach other walk-ins as well as those who are wisdom seekers, all that they need to know in order to evolve themselves and to become better teachers for humanity.

This project is international. It will bring together all cultures, all Star Keepers, all those who are known on the earth star planet as “starseeds.” She has aligned with other “like-minded Souls,” together they shall make a difference.

“Blue Star The Pleiadian-Blue Star Speaks” are quarterly transmissions from Blue Star and are at:



Every day I am “bearing witness” to such wondrous acts of unselfish kindness that it enables my heart to continue to have faith in the human race as a whole and that they shall overcome themselves, their petty differences and rebalance all that they have done (or allowed to happen by the lack of their ability to STAND up for themselves without fear), to this, GODs Planet.

Every moment brings forth beauty and wonders that defy the imagination. The possibilities are endless, if we believe in our self as Godself.

“I Am That I Am, I live My Song.”

David is an Arcturian walk-in. He came as many others have, in order to be of service to the Earth Star Planet and the Universe as a whole. He has been here many times before, always as a voice for peace. He does this, because he can.

Both Celestial and David (along with their off-planet Family) are the designers of these websites.

We do this for YOU because of our never ending love for all life, everywhere! Journey well…….


“Fourteen score and twenty five years ago, what came naturally to all Earth star children, your natural abilities to express the passion and zest for life became deeply buried within so many

Reclaim what Creator has gifted you with. These abilities are not lost, they can resurface by removing years of conditioning and self-imposed blocks.

We of “Awakened Hearts” are here to provide windows of opportunities to you children who choose to accept them by providing Speakers who are a catalyst for change and memory re-activation.

Opportunities present themselves only once, learn to recognize, accept and receive them.

If you choose to accept this opportunity, remember this is not mission impossible for all missions are possible.

This IS a long day’s journey into tomorrow, and tomorrow is now.”


Celest (Blue Star)-

“Contrary to what human life forms in general believe… you ones shall each be remembered for all that you do as well as all that you fail to do, rather than for what you are…or think you are.”

After grand deliberation He bethought a birthing process of worlds and universes to be created and enjoined to be activated participants in the Divine Plan. The command was quite simple in fact. He decreed that all who would partake in the great experiment would enjoy life eternal as their just reward. So it was that He spoke to the individual and compartmentalized motes of energy and bade them to enter a world of expression.”


“As with all things, this too shall pass, for there is no beginning and there is no end. The future will be as we make it, so when you dream a little dream, dream big, for anything and everything we do brings the possible into the realm of the probable.”

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