Leaping into the Void

Leaping into the Void

 Greetings everyone, first of all we want to let all PUSHers (Project PUSH and PUSH: A New Collaboration) know how deeply we feel about the wonderful work that you accomplished both individually and collectively. What we witnessed ourselves during the entire PUSH collaboration was a magnificent MASSIVE unbroken wave of pure Light, sometimes tinged with gold and silver and other times so white that we can only call it “white on white.” It is vitally important to you each that you understand the utter magnificence of what you have achieved!! Your hearts, minds and Souls were in wonderful alignment this time because your confidence factor and your initial qualms in the Autumn were either completely subdued or in many cases, (we know because we could see you all) people achieved a highly elevated state of pure sentience and the feelings/thoughts, “nothing will stop me now.” Although you each bear an individual spectacular Light beam which is your own personal energy signature, it is part of your indelible thumbprint, your lights coalesced with the other members of the collective consciousness who were also PUSHing, and oh my! What wonders we beheld. We had the opportunity and the ability to perceive you all transcend the mundane and shine as the Children of the Stars you truly are. Whether you were able to feel it or not your Souls intertwined as Soul Clusters merged with other Soul Clusters, thus enabling the Clusters as well as your own indomitable Spirits to soar as you never have before!

You each “glittered”: it is the only way we can describe this to you; it was the glittering effects which also enlarged the limitless effect of your PUSHing and sent it all literally blasting through the higher dimensions and actually reaching the Crystal City. It then splintered into all directions and we could see those effects lovingly touching all other Universes! We watched as God gathered what was being sent and as you each sent yourselves into 2014 AND beyond, He instantly Created a Golden White ball so huge we can not give you any dimensions for it and placed inside of it with incredible swiftness, a type of carbon copy of everything you were sending. He then suddenly moved beyond ALL dimensions with the most incredible speed and finally hurled this globe so far that we could no longer track it. Except for the incredible whooshing sound we heard as the globe traveled accompanied by the harmonics of the Universes, all else was silent but remarkably peaceful.

We can not tell any of you how long the entirety of the PUSH lasted; we know it continued FULL BLAST through Christmas Day and we can still see the glittering effects PUSHing themselves through the density which was on Earth. As we stop for a moment now and look beyond this world it is amazing and so endearing to see other parts of the glittering now moving in a type of synchronized fashion. It is all swirling as concentrically formed circles of all your intents still wrapped and bathed in the glittering effects are steadfastly Creating an entire new momentum. Yet these “circles” have what you would think of as “spokes,” these spokes will definitely elevate all that you each prepared and PUSHed into a new and better reality. This reality is NOW part of The New Earth and will guide the New People. You see, these “spokes” are extensions which carry magnetic currents which draw to the senders their Souls’ desires while at the same time repel the desires of lesser minds, lesser intentions as well as prevent any dark minded or unilluminated people from attempting to use a Sacred Tool for the wrong reasons.  Be aware of another fact please; we watched many more young children accompanied by their families performing “PUSH – A New Collaboration,” than we had before. Also, many young adults participated for the FIRST time. Some cynics tried it too, so whether or not they change their attitudes is of course up to them. However it does not change the fact that at least they took that first step.

We would ask that each of you strive to have at least one good thought each and every day. Then gather that thought with other thoughts you have “suddenly” had day in and day out since you first began preparing for the PUSH projects. Send those thoughts out by performing your own private PUSH, and visualize them conjoining with the other thoughts previously sent out. Thought is energy and energy in its purest state is unstoppable; especially when it is done for just cause. From this moment on you can consciously continue to be an important aspect of the solution, of organized chaos, by continuously adding to what has energetically already been Created.

The PUSH technique you have learned, that you have integrated with, will never become archaic or obsolete… USE the tools you are being gifted with. Whether you know it or not, you have each integrated with PUSH and now not only are you walking your talk, you are walking The PUSH.

Now we have a word for you from our sponsor, our Mentor: “OK NOW, My Children! I want you all to know that Celestial, David and I wrote this message to all of you. We did so as ONE unified Soul. I suppose you could say We are a Trinity of ONE.  Because you each took a major leap into the void, not sure of what to expect at first, not certain of your own ability to hold the Light in a new fashion, yet did so and have truly surpassed your previous successes in past lives, you are ALL part of the ONE NOW, more so than ever before. You see Children, My Planetizens from all Universes, regardless of what happens to you while walking the Earth Star Walk, life will never be the same for you here again. You have changed and it is the changing that is causing the new energies to confront the former ones. It is a necessary confrontation. It could be no other way. I thank you, not only for My Self, but from all of Divinity. Walk tall Children, stand proud and hold on to the eye of the storm. I will be calling upon you all as events trigger other events and new forms of PUSH will be Created. You honor Me greatly!”

God, Celestial and David

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Note: Blue Star the Pleiadian and The Masters have commented on the progress of the PUSH movements in the following articles.