The Gatherings – Manifesting in The Golden NOW

The Gatherings 2

“One World ~ One People” Let the Gatherings begin

This phrase we used means that all people should be treated equally and no longer divided.  As one “Advocate” has suggested we could have termed this Luminescent inspired endeavor “New Earth  ~ New People,” a term God and all the other Luminescents of each Universe use quite frequently. In all likelihood these Gatherings each of you are facilitating or participating in will evolve and incorporate both and so, so, so very much more. Think abundance, imagine limitless, dream and envision the infinite and eternal. And let’s skip right over and beyond the possible and visualize probable.

“The Gatherings”

Manifesting in The Golden NOW

Additional information #2

We have been hearing from some people who feel there may not be anyone in their area to connect with physically, or that the distance prevents them from taking part in a “Gathering” event, as well as those people who feel they are not sure they are ready to be facilitators of these Gatherings. We want you to know that even if you are not gathering in the physical you are still Gathering all the same. Also, if you are now involved in a group and you take that information and share it with others through other avenues during the course of your travels, you are still in essence taking part in these Gatherings.

We will send everyone who signs up or gives us notice of their interest to be the facilitators of The Gatherings a list of email contacts. These are people who expressed interest. Please, if you start communicating with others as your contribution to The Gatherings and you do so through email; do not start sending “forwards” to people, especially not now. There are so many computer viruses being transmitted through these forwards and it is not in anyone’s best interest to be contributing to the problem when they are innocently trying to be a part of the solution. We ourselves will not open a forwarded email, we delete them. And we will not open an attached file without knowing the reason for doing so. So we encourage you to find another way to do so. If you have a message you found somewhere, or decide to use an excerpt from something, say for example a passage from one of “The God Books,” which you wish to use while emphasizing your point then copy and paste it into an email.

Now, we know that many people out there in the world are not sure how to assist in raising consciousness. They are not sure how to do this or even if they are ready to. Remember, each of us has done this from time to time, some more than others granted, but no contribution to the process of raising the mass- Consciousness of this world is done in vain, or should ever be considered small or insignificant. We understand peoples’ reservations; HOWEVER we would like to point out an important aspect of this energetic tsunami we are all contributing to. First of all, Gatherings can be one on one or they can be in larger groups. Think of it this way, IF you spend any time discussing with another person your thoughts, your beliefs, your truths and when there is any dialogue present you are participating in these Gatherings. Each thought-form connects with similar thought-forms and the combined unison of these thoughts are being the catalysts to Create this practical as well as Spiritual tsunami. Someone from Japan for example could connect with someone from the USA or anywhere else in the world through the phone, through the internet or through TELEPATHY if they are so inclined and BE a FACILITATOR of The Gatherings. You see?

And yes we know that at times there appears to be so much rage and uncertainty emanating from people of this world. It is almost as if so many people feel they are being penalized for being here, which is far from the truth. The Gift of Life, which is  having life while wearing a physical body, especially and particularly this one you now have, is one to be cherished honored and respected. So we encourage everyone to step forward and be counted in whatever capacity they may feel inspired to do so in this moment.

The Gatherings are about sharing your thoughts, your ideas with someone else. You do not need to make this difficult or complicated. Simple is always best. And yes, these interactions will inevitably be emotional, as well as physical and ultimately Spiritual.

The difference which we would like to state quite strongly at this point is that before now all of this was done on an individual or small group effort. With the help of the Luminescents as well as so many others of Divinity each thought, each sharing of love in a compassionate nature is being harnessed and lovingly amplified. And these energetic waves are washing over this world like a warm comforting breeze. These waves which are intertwining with all similar energies are then rapidly dispersing the energies and finally and ultimately, transmuting all the negative thought-forms into highly refined particles of energetically charged monads of pure sentience of quantifiable amounts of Unconditional Love. This then transforms itself as LIGHT. Do you see? AND this time around, during this special gridline intersection of contiguous NOW moments, you are participating with purpose and intent. You are taking a STAND and are doing so for just cause and if it makes you feel better, and it should, you are doing so BECAUSE YOU CAN!

Now, if that doesn’t inspire you to think, to believe that you too can make a difference then we will offer you this thought: “If the Gods and Goddesses who are The Luminescents of each Universe, can reach out and talk to ALL people ALL the time SIMULTANEOUSLY, how can people believe “distance” matters?

We want to compliment each of you arriving at the realizations “that you can get here from there,” as Blue Star the Pleiadian was recently heard saying in his February 2016 transmission “”Voices of Reason and the 40 Year Arc.” But in this case YOU, WE can all be getting “There from Here” and we do not need to wait another 40 years to realize we have a need to begin making a difference.

Now, if you want to be connected to others around the world through email, Facebook, twitter or another venue, send us your contact information, your first name and approximate location. We will post it on the website with your approval of course, for others as well as you, to connect with your brothers and sisters who have until now been acknowledged from a distance. Time, space, distance have no meaning in the continuums of The Golden NOW. Again, we suggest you create an alternate email address if you choose to go in this direction so you can keep these interactions separate from your everyday communications.

If you have other thoughts or ideas, OR other off-world epiphanies, please let us know and we will share them with others.

Now, since we are firm believers that too much information can be counterproductive and that we can not, nor should we feel we have to do it all ourselves, we will sign off now and turn the Inter-Galactic, Omni-Dimensional Megaphone over to you now.

Salude and by all means… JOURNEY WELL.

A life well lived is its own reward.

Celest and David

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