Question – Do dark souls evolve?

Question – Do dark souls evolve?

Question – I did not get this in time for Rita to send out to everyone. (This is one of the questions which the Gatherers addressed during one of “The Gatherings” conference calls during the month of March 2017.)

I was rereading “The Code” (Book 4 of “The God Book” series) and came across this statement on page 250.

“Now, a Soul will only find Itself set against a dark entity that is of the same evolutionary level as that Soul Itself. Those Souls who are of 10th grade level will be confronted by entities on that same level, and so forth.”

I did not understand that dark souls evolved as Light Souls do. Therefore how could a dark soul be on the same evolutionary level as a Light Soul that does evolve.

Does anyone have an answer?


Celest and David’s response – First of all we want to congratulate each of you for working so diligently in teaching other people while still relearning yourselves. You are each doing a great job whether you know it or not. Please remember that everything that you think Super-Consciously you are manifesting Consciously.

Cyndi that is a great question, it is one nobody has ever asked before. In the current book in an Epic titled “Higher Standards” God and the other Luminescents go into great detail about the journey of a Soul. We asked God and the Others that when they are explaining something technical to please break it down to more simple language that all people can understand. Well… most of them anyway.

All Souls are birthed in Light. During the Journey of a Soul all Souls are exposed to quantum levels of darkness originating from dark personalities. Depending upon Soul MATURITY levels is a relevant factor to how much, if any, a Soul can be tainted by the personalities of others, or circumstances a Soul may find itself engulfed in. The reference to “10th grade level” was a metaphor. In other words, a Soul may have had 50 lifetime incarnations and achieved only a certain amount of the evolution of maturity equivalent to a level you might equate with a 10th grade. But in reality the journey of a Soul requires slow gradual evolution, although there are some exceptions to this rule. So if a Soul on the 10th grade level for example, has only been tainted slightly that is when it will either congregate with or be confronted by other Souls on that SAME level. It is the “Like goes to Like” factor. When a Soul devolves to a certain level is when Avatars come in and sweep up the tainted Souls, to whatever degree the taint may be, and transports them to The Valley of the Ancients. There in the Valley is where “a time of reckoning begins” as Avatars confront those Souls. That is all we will say about that part for now.

Another aspect which you may not be understanding is that the dark Souls can devolve and thus drop from a 10th grade level … to a fifth or lower grade level of Soul Maturity.

We are being reminded to remind each of you that those who work within the Light have the ability to Create and thus be spontaneous. Those who work within the darkness can only “Plan”, “Strategize” and attempt to insert themselves into a specific location at a predetermined timeline or gridline intersection as a means of destroying, or deterring if destroying is not a possibility, another Soul who is moving forward and maturing. In other words, they can only re-create and are bound by limitations that do NOT exist within the Creation Processing and the ever fluid Organized Chaos structure which is the foundation of eternal life.

In the current book, we are working on, it is spelled out very clearly and sometimes very bluntly the Last Stand a Soul may have in “The Valley of the Ancients” before they reach a termination point and the Souls may be destroyed. Although this extreme instance only occurs in the direst cases when a Soul loses all of Its Light, it does happen.

Now we do understand that some of what we are speaking of you have not been introduced to because you have not read the new book, SO, you can look at this information about the “Avatars” and ”The Valley of the Ancients” as a glimpse into “Tomorrow’s news today.” This should certainly give you something more to think about.

The more a Soul devolves the less chance it will have to be around Souls who are evolving and who are of a higher maturity. It would be like mixing oil and water. Remember the bible teachings of everyone either goes to heaven or hell, we all know that each is a product of the personalities’ making and imagining. Hell is a state of mind which is reflective of Soul contamination. In Nirvana there are many, many different levels where each Soul goes to, that is on their level. You can’t have first graders recuperating from a recent incarnation surrounded by 12th graders in Nirvana.

Remember, it is the like attracts like, where the young people, especially the very young, are lured into catastrophic drug situations and other forms of mayhem. When this occurs the tainting begins and they soon find themselves being drawn to others with similar Soul levels. So it is that as the contamination persists these Souls will be grouped together in Nirvana away from other Souls who did not undergo those addictions.

So essentially dark Souls devolve they do not evolve, unless perchance they can rid themselves of the contamination. Again this depends on the level and depth of the tainting. Some devolving Souls can alter the darkness and bring forth their Light again when exposed to high level Souls who only emit high levels of Light. It is for this reason that there are so many, many Souls incarnating now and are maintaining and stabilizing the Light. The Souls who do this are attracting many others on the same levels, while simultaneously drawing to them those who are not as Light filled to the Light. It is similar to a moth being drawn to a bright light but not being destroyed. This too is part of the “Advocacy Agreement.”

These are some of the answers to the question, we will leave it up to each of you during your next conference call to explore, decipher any other meanings or aspects of this topic of discussion.

Salude … Celest and David


The Code” – Book 4 of “The God Book” series.

“The Advocacy Agreement” is explained in great detail by God in Book 6 of “The God Book” series titled “Advocates for Justice

“Avatars in the Valley of the Ancients” is Book 8 of “The God Book” series which is currently being scribed by Celest and David from God and all the other Luminescents this year (2017).

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