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Cyndi and I just returned from another trip to visit with family and to meet like-minded people who indicated an interest in meeting with us as we traveled to the locations of our family members.  We traveled east this time and visited with individuals in Virginia, New Jersey, New York and Wisconsin.  In total we met with six people and we are grateful for all who took the time to visit with us.  We now feel that we have added to our friendships in the Eastern part of the U.S.  Now a part of this article is to let all who read these articles get an idea of what Cyndi and I went through as we met the six people on the trip.  Another part of this article is to let readers know how the participants in one such Gathering group feel about the time spent in the conference call method that they use in their Gathering times.

First off we will talk about our travel to the east.  It is true that we had some knowledge about each of the persons that we met with but we had never met them before this trip and one always wonders before the first visit what the meeting will be like.  It is maybe like many of the readers of this article might feel about taking a chance and emailing one of the contact people for the Gatherings that are on the Awakened Hearts website who may be in the general proximity to where the reader lives.  The reader may be hesitant to do just that and contact the person on the contact list because they just don’t know how things will work out.

Well you just sort of reserve judgement before the meeting and have a feeling in the back of your mind that you will hope for the best.  No one should be concerned about meeting or emailing another because in our experience on this trip we found that each meeting became one of the “best” as each meeting was far greater than anything we could have hoped for.  The visits were wonderful!!  Just like the trip we took last year in August to the Northwest. It was like meeting with a longtime friend that we haven’t seen in a while.  Most of the visits lasted six hours or more!  And in many instances the Gathering visits could have lasted for a longer period but we just ran out of time.

Now as I just mentioned earlier I believe that some reading this article might be having a feeling of hesitation about responding to someone on the “Gathering contact list” that is on the Awakened Hearts website because they just don’t feel that they can take the initiative to do so.  (The Gathering contact list is on the Awakened Hearts website for those who may have missed reading it.)  In other words the reader might be hesitant to make such a contact because of a variety of reasons.

My recommendation is to not be hesitant because if you do you could be missing out on the beginning of a wonderful experience.  Almost every person who reads this website is generally walking a path that is similar to the rest of us who visit the website.  And we are almost all “alone” in our beliefs because we really can’t discuss any spiritual issue that we want to learn more about with any others that we come in contact with.  It is hard to find like-minded people to get to know.  So I say don’t be “alone” anymore and take the opportunity to expand your association with like-minded people by going to the “contact list” and finding the contact that may be closest to your location.

An easy way to join with others that has come out of a process that was originally developed by the three person group that is known as the Pacific Northwest Pipeline over a year ago.  They developed a conference call Gathering model that now has mushroomed into a Gathering group of eight to ten individuals that participate on a bi-weekly basis.  Cyndi and I were invited to participate after the trip we took west last August.  We have been able to join in on most of the calls and those that we missed were because we had conflicting schedules.

So what do we talk about on these calls?  Generally when we begin the call, someone asks the question, what should we talk about?  Someone may bring up a subject that they might like the group to comment on and then the call is off and running.  Before you know it an hour and most times two hours have passed before we run out of topics or more specifically we all have other things that we have scheduled and must leave the call.

The dynamics of the group varies as some participants from time to time are more hesitant to speak and would just like to listen.  And that is perfectly okay for anyone to do so.  And then at other times these same persons will speak of subjects that are of interest to them and the following discussion provides new knowledge to the rest of the group that the group did not have before that call.  We like to say that at times we are the student and at other times we are the teacher.  It all balances out.  And it is a given that at the end of the call, everyone makes a comment that this was a wonderful Gathering call and the feeling of comradery is evident in every participant’s voice as they say goodbye.Telephone friendships are developed over time to the extent that some in the group are willing to meet in person to expand the friendships developed on the calls.

Another interesting thing about the group is that the group now spans four time zones during the calls.  That takes a little bit of coordination and may not be possible for other groups to accomplish.  This group is mostly made up of people who are retired or semi-retired or who have the ability to schedule their workload to participate on the call.

From time to time Celest and David will join in on the calls and cover topics when they feel the participants will benefit from the knowledge that they wish to share with the group.  Sometimes the group will know in advance of the call when Celest and David wish to participate and sometimes Celest and David will just pop in and join in the call after the call has been going on for a period of time.

The group has a couple of people who will act as facilitators by sending out an email to remind the group that a call is coming up and to send the facilitator any questions or subjects that they wish for the group to discuss.  However more commonly there isn’t an agenda with any subjects or material that is planned.  This may seem an odd way to organize the calls, but we have found that there is great value in participating in a Gathering call without any events or subjects planned.  It is at these times that the subjects just seem to come up that all the participants have found are of value to them and their learning.  Or as the case may be the information that comes out of the Gathering is a reminder of something the participant may have lost in their memory banks and was something that they needed to be reminded of at the time.  All good things happen for a reason and I believe the group has found this to be the case in many of the calls that they have participated in.

People reading this article may be interested in a comment that was recently made to the writer regarding the participation in the Gathering calls.  The person said that they greatly valued the time that they spent on the calls because they felt that they had finally found a “family” to be a part of.  Does that sound strange to you?  Well maybe it shouldn’t when you consider that spiritual people are almost always “alone” and by themselves when they wish to talk to someone about what they believe in.  The person said that they could never talk to a family member or to friends the way they can talk to the other participants on the Gathering calls.  Now they have the “family” that has developed and come to them through the Gathering calls.  And that is very nice!!

After writing the initial draft of this article I decided to expand on the comments of the preceding paragraph and I asked a couple of participants today to give me their thoughts about the dynamics of the conference calls.  Participants said that being on the calls was like “coming home” with a feeling of connectedness that they have not found in their general day to day activities with others who are not like-minded individuals.  They had a real sense of never having to explain themselves on the calls because all people on the calls are of like-mind.  They never had to worry about embarrassing themselves by mentioning a particular spiritual concept to the rest of the group.  This could happen at times when participating with people who were not like-minded.  And to a person they all said that they really looked forward to the next call because it was interaction that they needed in their spiritual lives.

I believe that there are many readers of this website that feel that they are “alone” and I believe that they could benefit from participating in Gathering conference calls.  You just have to venture out of the shell that the reader may be in.  It is entirely up to the reader to take the initiative.  It is only an email to one of the contacts on the website to begin an adventure that could become somewhat of another focal point in this lifetime.  If the email contact doesn’t resonate with you there is nothing lost.  People who have joined the conference call Gatherings are those who visit the Awakened Hearts website and have read many of the God Books scribed by Celest and David and the Blue Star Transmissions that were received by Celest.

Spanning four time zones does limit when calls can be made.  It is almost impossible to select a time for a one to two hour phone conversation unless it is in the middle of the day and on a weekday.  That does limit it for working people or those who can’t adjust work schedules.  However if a group begins in just one or two time zones then there is more flexibility that can be had, even with an early evening call.  Again because of many people’s schedules we have found that the weekends don’t seem to work as well but that doesn’t mean an aspiring group wouldn’t be able to make it work.  You just have to be willing to work with others toward a solution that will work for most of the group most of the time.

I feel that I can speak for the group that Cyndi and I belong to when I say that we all greatly value the friendships that have developed within our group and that all of us would greatly encourage others to venture out and become part of a dynamic Gathering group using the conference call model.

When you feel that you are ready to set up a conference call Gathering, we would be glad to help you with the initial set up and we will participate in the first Gathering calls.  It makes no difference if we are few in number at the outset, just that we get your conference call Gathering off to a good start.  Those who are interested in assistance in setting up a conference call Gathering can email us at

Until next time, Dave, aka Phil

(Note from Celest and David) – As Dave said, we ourselves join in on some of these calls, many times just to say hi and replenish our own Spiritual batteries. Other times God or some other Deity will have a matter which needs to be addressed at that time. And other times one of the Luminescents or all of them will have a particular message they want us to pass on to the Gathering Group. Whatever the reason each and every one should contact others and begin the process of connecting with the others within the Gatherings, or start your own group, you never know where that may lead. We can tell you from our own personal experience that “time” and “distance” have no meaning in these Gatherings, some of our closest friends live all over the world and we know we will never meet them in the physical during this lifetime. That does not mean they are any less important to us than those who we are able to physically connect with.  Salude… Celestial and David

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